10 Amsterdam Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Amsterdam Travel Tips

Are you Looking forward to making your Amsterdam trip an unforgettable one? Well, in this post, I’m here again to help you plan a Thrilling Amsterdam Travel Tips for first-time travelers.

Amsterdam, Netherland is a beautiful city with numerous things to do. But you will need to consider many things before that getaway to Amsterdam, which is especially true for first-timers!

This article offers Amsterdam travel tips on accommodations, things to do, places to see, and how best to explore this fascinating country.

So, let’s delve right in.

10 Amsterdam Travel Tips for First-timers

1: Book Accommodation In Advance

We all know that Amsterdam is a gorgeous city which is why you’re visiting there in the first place.

Few cities can hardly deal with large tourist numbers in the peak season, but many of the best natural landmarks are located in smaller centers with limited hotel rooms. Amsterdam is one of these cities.

So, you must book Your accommodation on time if you want to get the best offer at cheaper rates! You can use the help of travel experts to get the best accommodation offers for that Amsterdam trip.

Conduct a personal search for the best places at the best prices through online sources.

2: Bring Debit/Credit cards

For your Amsterdam travel tips, you’d need international credit and debit cards for paying for things and services while on your vacation.

You’ll find ATMs all around the country, even in shops, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. This is to curb the issue of being stranded during your tour.

Also, remember to bring some cash. It can be very frustrating to be in a foreign country with no money or a means to access money.

Also, do not forget to inform your local bank branch of your travel plans so that they do not deactivate your account.

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3: Bring Important Travel Documents

This advice is the same for all travels but particularly useful to first-time backpackers and travelers.

You don’t want to arrive at the airport to discover moments later that you had forgotten your essential documents.

For all your travels, ensure to bring all the original copies of your passport, flight tickets, and your travel agent’s contact. For visa documentation at the airport, don’t forget to bring two passport photographs with clear pictures upon your arrival.

Endeavor your passport is valid for the last six months with blank pages for signature and stamps. With these achieved, it will ensure a stress-free vacation.

4: Shop Smart

Once you are in Amsterdam, you will indeed find beautiful things and magnificent places to shop. Amsterdam, Netherland offers a variety of goods and shopping places.

Many department stores here have price tags visibly pasted on items, which means they have fixed prices, and the attendants cannot discount.

On the flip side, if you don’t find price tags visibly pasted on items, you can haggle a little for the best price. Therefore, planning for shopping in Amsterdam should be as bright as preventing money shortage or getting unnecessary things.

Happy shopping!

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5: Get Your Amsterdam OV Chipkaart

Amsterdam has one of the highly advanced transport networks in the world, both public and private transport.

As a visitor, there are so many options around Amsterdam to choose from. Registering and getting an Amsterdam OV chipkaart is the best option for touring around Amsterdam.

The OV chipkaart is a maximum handy manner to pay for all your travel expenses in Amsterdam.

6: Explore The Food

Amsterdam is home to tons of restaurants and canteens specialized in delicious cuisines. I can’t imagine a vacation without a taste of their meals.

While there may be several other dining options for you, here, you will find some minor differences that make the place seem a little foreign to you.

It’s all part of the Dutch thrill!

Eat and drink to your heart’s feelings here!

7: Keep Your ID’s Safe

While Amsterdam is one of the safest places globally, visitors should exercise caution and keep their stuff safe. Be aware of your environment while walking the streets of Amsterdam.

Be alert and keep an eye out for con artists and scammers.

Foreigners, by extension tourists, are most likely to be conned during vacation trips; in order words, Amsterdam is not crime-free, carefulness is required at every point.

When carrying a wallet, ensure to keep your IDs separately so that you don’t lose them during your tour course.

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8: Use Car Rental Services

If you are in Amsterdam and want to get around with ease, you should use rented cars. There are taxies also in Amsterdam but using them for tours might incur a lot of expenses while rented cars will save some money.

Car rental services are an efficient way to tour Amsterdam.

The good thing is that you can go on solo tours and travel the off-beaten paths!

9: Do not Patronize Bike Crackers

While in Amsterdam, beware of crackers willing to sell stolen bikes to you.

Do not patronize them, as doing so means you’re encouraging stealing.

Plus, you could get caught by the police and prosecuted accordingly.

10: Smoking Weed Is Illegal Here

While smoking weed in Amsterdam is no big deal, it is illegal.

You will find drug peddlers around the Red Light District of the city, trying to sell you drugs. The truth is, many tourists have died from complications if using those drugs. So, don’t!

And if you have to smoke, there are designated areas in coffee shops where you can do that without upsetting others in public places.

Plan Your Next Trip Now To Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit because of its many attractions that explore parks, museums, and trails.

You can plan a vacation or a business trip to Amsterdam by exploring the attractions and activities.

These Amsterdam travel tips will help you plan your trip, especially if it’s your first time.

Happy travel!

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