The Ultimate 12 Travel Tips For Ireland In 2021

travel tips for ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with a unique natural landscape that is different from the rest of Europe. It is also a culturally diverse country with some fascinating history and traditions that make it even more enjoyable.

 While in Ireland, there are many things to experience the best of what it has to offer.

To help you stay focused and give you the essentials on your self-guided tour. Vast Tourist have compiled our Ultimate 12 Travel Tips for Ireland, and you’ll learn about the must-see attractions, get insider tips on how to save money, and find out how to get around the Emerald Isle.

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The Ultimate 12 Travel Tips For Ireland

Tip 1: Spend All Your Time in Dublin Ireland

travel tips for ireland
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Ireland is one of the most popular places for international students to study in Europe, and Dublin is one of the most popular destinations.

Dublin has an amazing nightlife, providing students with a chance to socialize with friends and explore new cultures.

The city also boasts a beautiful coastline and breathtaking views that will make you want to stay in Ireland forever!

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, has many attractions that are enjoyed by visitors from both Ireland and worldwide. One of the most popular attractions is Trinity College, a school for higher education founded in 1592.

The academic grounds are home to St. Stephen’s Green Park which is visited daily by hundreds of people who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and lush greenery. Dublin also has nightlife and pubs that make it a unique city to explore

Tip 2: You May Need Euros and Pounds in ireland

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Ireland is a country in Europe that has been experiencing a lot of financial hardship lately. As such, you should be prepared for the possibility of not finding currency exchange services in Ireland.

Some places use Euro as their currency while other countries prefer to use Pounds Sterling, such as the UK and Northern Ireland. You can find out more information about which currencies are accepted at the currency converter.

Money can sometimes be a hassle to deal with – especially when travelling overseas. To avoid any confusion or hassle, you should always check what type of currency is used in the country that you are visiting before heading out to earn some extra money while you’re there!

Tip 3: Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Covering Ireland

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When you are travelling to Ireland, you must know the best travel insurance for your trip.

You can only be sure you are protected by purchasing travel insurance from a trusted company.

This is when you will want to get in touch with an online firm that offers the most competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.

Tip 4: Ireland is perfect for a weekend trip!

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Ireland is an awesome country that has endless adventures and stories about its history. It might not be perfect, but it’s worth spending your time on a trip here at any time.

Ireland is a beautiful country and has a lot of things that tourists can do. However, the country is small and so the resources are limited. You can’t really go too much wrong with your trip but you might want to make sure that you don’t spend too much time in Dublin or Belfast.

Ireland has many attractions, but some are more popular than others with tourists. Dublin is one of the most popular cities in Ireland for its nightlife and culture while Belfast is most popular for its architecture and history.

Some other attractive places are Killarney National Park, the Cliffs of Moher, the Wicklow Mountains, West Cork’s Ancient abbeys, Aran Islands, Ancient fields of gold in County Carlow and many more attractions which will not be ruined by over visiting them

Tip 5: If you are up for an authentic Irish stout, try Murphy’s.

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Murphy’s is Ireland’s most popular and well-known beer. The brewery produces the stout annually on a limited and local scale, which makes its availability limited. Murphy’s is often described as earthy, malty, chocolate, and roasted with a mild bitterness.

To help you try this famous Irish beer outside of Ireland, we asked some fellow beer connoisseurs to share their thoughts on what they think of Murphy’s Stout.

This introduction will give an overview of the topic before introducing the opinions of people who have tried it.

Tip 6: Head to the cliffs of Moher in this stunning and scenic country

travel tips for ireland
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Tourists often enjoy the stunning sight of the Cliffs of Moher. They are located along the direction of the Shannon River and can be seen from afar.

The cliffs are accessible via a toll road which costs around $8 per car or bicycle but you can also pay up-front for the whole day pass to access them without any extra fees.

Tip 7: Know that Tourism in Ireland is Highly Seasonal

travel tips for ireland
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Ireland is full of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. The tourism industry in Ireland is one of the most important sectors in the country, with visitors spending €5.3 billion a year on attractions, accommodation, and food.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to visit all these wonderful places during the year. The tourism industry in Ireland is highly seasonal which makes it difficult for tourists to plan their trips well ahead of time.

The government has been trying to solve this problem by introducing more incentives for travellers who are willing to stay longer than one week or pay more money for a tour package that includes multiple destinations.

Tip 8: Explore ireland international airport

Travel tips for ireland
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Dublin Airport is the second busiest airport in the country and it continues to grow every year.

Dublin Airport has been constantly growing since its establishment. It now employs over 4500 people and has a turnover of over €500 million.

Ireland International Airport opened in 1998 on an area of 7.5 million square feet and the airport’s expansion plan includes the construction of two new terminal buildings, which will add more capacity for passengers and aircraft movements.

The airport’s recent expansion plans have increased Dublin’s status as a leading global city with international connections to all major global cities, across Europe and throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Tip 9: Learn other Language in Ireland

Travel tips for ireland
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Ireland is a country with many languages and dialects. It is one of the few countries in Europe that has a language other than English as its official language.

The Irish language- Gaeilge- has ancient origins, and still is the national language of Ireland – despite being under threat from English since the 1950s. The Irish Language Act of 2003 gives official status to the Irish within the state and recognises it as a living and developing language with equal rights to English.

Despite its decline over recent decades, the Irish continue to have an impact on spoken English in Ireland (and England too). It also continues to influence Gaelic culture, especially in Gaeltacht areas where most people still speak Irish outside their homes.

Ireland has been successful at raising awareness about its culture by promoting.

Tip 10: Explore The Ship Of Dreams in Ireland

Travel tips for ireland
Photo by Mirna Nora on Unsplash

The Ship of Dreams in Ireland is the spectacular houseboat on Lough Dan. It can accommodate up to 22 guests who will enjoy an unforgettable experience. It is just one example of why Ireland is a unique place for honeymoons and wedding celebrations.

Tip 11: You can travel to Ireland on a budget.

travel trips for ireland
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When you travel to Ireland on a budget, you can expect to find good accommodation for cheap rates.

Dublin is one of the most expensive city in Ireland. Hostels are the most affordable accommodation option. However, there are many other options that offer more comfort and are less expensive.

Ireland has a long history of great food and drink culture. If you don’t want to stay in a large hotel, it might be worth looking into an Irish cottage or farmhouse.

Tip 12: Get A Heritage Card in Ireland

Ireland’s mission is to preserve and promote its unique heritage. To get a Heritage card you must have been a resident for three years or more in the country and can spend a certain amount of money on the museum each year.

To make sure that the museum is staffed with competent curators, the government has set up a Heritage Council.

The Heritage Council is responsible for approving new curators and ensuring that they are qualified for their position.

Common Questions About Travel to Ireland

What is the best month to travel in Ireland?

The best month to travel in Ireland is January. According to Irish tourism experts, this is the time when they are most likely to get a sale.

The weather is not too cold this time of year and the famous “St. Patrick Day” celebrations usually last from March into April.

Ireland’s climate changes little throughout the year, so the weather remains mild for most of the country’s nine months. The rainy season lasts from October through February, but “St. Patrick Day” celebrations take place in March and April when it can be dryer due to less precipitation at that time of year, and conditions are particularly good for outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, cycling or horseback riding.

What should I avoid in Ireland?

In Ireland, we have a lot of natural beauty. It’s the perfect place to explore. The dunes are an iconic part of the country that has been here for centuries- but there’s one thing you need to watch out for: the high rate of drink driving.

Driving under the influence is illegal in all countries, but Ireland has one of the highest rates in Europe and drinks are readily available on tap. Be sure to stay safe and be aware when visiting Ireland!

The beautiful country that is Ireland has many great things about it. One notable thing that should be avoided is drunk drivers. In fact, this country has one of the highest rates in Europe due to how readily available drinks are and because it is illegal for motorists to drink and drive in every country but Ireland.

Can you drink the tap water in Ireland?

Drinking tap water is considered a healthy and safe thing to do in Ireland. However, despite the quality of the water, some people are still hesitant because they are concerned about contaminants in the water. To put their minds at ease, here is a list of what you should know about drinking tap water in Ireland.

Tap Water: The quality of water used to make up a considerable part of what defines Irish culture. But with advancements in technology and industry have come pollutants that impact the country’s natural resources including its access to clean drinking water. Despite this, it’s important not to assume that Irish tap water is not safe for consumption. A growing number of people are turning towards the safety in drinking from the tap as opposed to bottled or filtered drinks and it has been proven that there is no difference between Irish

Is Ireland expensive to visit?

Ireland is a small country and has a lot of natural amenities. In addition, Irish people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. However, Ireland is not the cheapest country in Europe to visit.

In general, it’s expensive to visit Ireland as you will be spending more money on accommodation and food than you would in most other places. But if you know what places to visit, there are a few places in the country that won’t break your bank account. For example, the Cliffs of Moher offer great views of the coastline and cost around $30 for an adult ticket or $15 for children under 16 years old.

Ireland is certainly not the cheapest place to visit with expensive rental accommodation and high priced restaurants but if you know where to go then it’s manageable.


Ireland is a country that has captivated travellers of all kinds for centuries. With a rich history and culture, emerald green landscapes, and quaint cottages, it’s easy to see why so many people want to visit the Emerald Isle.

Am sure this travel tips for Ireland will put you through your vacation

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