Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ

Searching for a delicious dinner while discovering Winslow, Arizona’s wonders? Finding the ideal restaurant can be difficult, although this quaint town is well renowned for its historical Route 66 sites and scenic surroundings. With so many options, it’s simple to get overwhelmed and pass up some of the best culinary experiences in the area. But don’t worry! No matter what you’re craving, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the best restaurants in Winslow, Arizona, to make it easier for you to discover them. With the most comprehensive guide to eating in Winslow, Arizona, we have you covered everything from traditional American foods to Mexican specialties and specialty beers. So, unwind, relax, and let us provide you with this thorough restaurant guide to help you with your restaurant-related problems.

Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ

1. China Feast

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

The first top restaurant on our list is the China Feast restaurant. This restaurant is here for its amazing food and excellent service. The restaurant offers some of the best Chinese dishes in town. Their menu is so wide even a picker eater can find a good meal. This wide menu makes them different from other Chinese restaurants in Winslow, AZ. With over 100 dishes to choose from, you can easily you’re your best meal. The portions are really satisfying, and the food price is affordable. The menu features classics like kung pao chicken, beef and broccoli, and sweet-sour pork. There are also unique dishes available, like the sizzling rice soup. They maintain high-quality food as they always prepare their dishes with quality ingredients. They offer to dine in, takeaway with no delivery option. The dine-in space is however great. The place is cozy and has a relaxing ambiance.

2. Bojo’s Grill and Sports Club

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Bojo’s Grill and Sports Bar is a laid-back sports bar offering delicious food, a great atmosphere and drinks. The place is known for the many televisions showing the latest sports games. This makes it the most popular amongst sports fans. The menu at Bojo’s restaurant is diverse with something unique for everyone. Guests can choose from classic pub fares like burgers and Mexican picks like tacos and burritos. One of the popular dishes is the Green Chile cheeseburger. This dish features a juicy patty topped with roasted green chilies and melted cheese.

What’s more? A full bar at Bojo Grills features fully stocked beers, wines and cocktails. They also have special drinks and food, making it an affordable option for those on a budget.

3. Denny’s restaurant

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Next on the list is the Denny’s Restaurant. This popular chain restaurant is known for its classic American diner food and is open 24/7. They offer a regular menu with a wide range of dishes. They serve breakfast treats like pancakes, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches. For lunch, they also serve burgers, sandwiches and salads. In addition to their regular menu, they serve seasonal specials and feature creative dishes like pumpkin cakes and others. The atmosphere at Denny’s restaurant is relaxed and casual. The boots and tables are quite comfortable, and the staff are attentive and helpful.

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4. Turquoise Room LLC

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

For more than 20 years, Winslow, Arizona’s famed Turquoise Room LLC, has been dishing up delicious food. The historic La Posada Hotel, erected in 1929 and restored to its former splendor, includes this restaurant. The Turquoise Room is renowned for its farm-to-table dining philosophy, utilizing organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to produce delectable and distinctive cuisine.

The Turquoise Room’s menu combines traditional Native American and Southwestern cooking with a contemporary flair. This restaurant has something for everyone, from the classic bison ribeye steak to the contemporary Navajo lamb stew. Together with a wide selection of specialty beers and cocktails, The Turquoise Room also has a lengthy wine list that includes wines from Arizona.

The Turquoise Room is renowned for its exquisite ambiance and delectable cuisine. The restaurant has excellent artwork throughout and has a view of the hotel’s lovely gardens. The Turquoise Room’s competent and pleasant personnel provide a warm eating experience.

Ultimately, everyone visiting Winslow, Arizona, should be sure to eat at The Turquoise Room LLC. This restaurant is certain to satisfy even the most discriminating palates, emphasizing local foods and distinctive menu selections.

5. Falcon Restaurant and Lounge

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Go no further than Winslow, Arizona’s Falcon Restaurant and Lounge, for a traditional American dining experience with a dash of refinement. With its upscale ambiance and mouthwatering food, this beautiful restaurant has been a mainstay of the town’s dining scene for more than 40 years.

Steaks from The Falcon Restaurant and Lounge are renowned for being hand-cut and perfectly grilled. The restaurant provides lamb, fish, chicken, and traditional beef meals, all of which are made with the finest ingredients. Also, there are numerous salads, soups, and appetizers on the menu, in addition to a sizable wine list and specialty drinks.

Rich colors and traditional furnishings make up the restaurant’s elegant and stylish interior design. The lounge area, which features comfortable seating and a laid-back atmosphere, is ideal for a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap. A private dining room is available at The Falcon Restaurant and Lounge, which is ideal for holding special events or business dinners.

Every visitor receives first-rate service from the Falcon Restaurant and Lounge’s attentive and informed personnel. This restaurant is a must-stop whether you’re a native or just traveling through if you’re searching for a classy dining experience in Winslow, Arizona.

6. RelicRoad Brewing Company

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Go no further than RelicRoad Brewing Company in Winslow, Arizona, if you enjoy artisan beer and delectable pub fare. This brewery and restaurant, which serves various tasty food and handcrafted brews, has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists.

Burgers, sandwiches, wings, and salads are just a few of the traditional pub fare that can be found on the menu at RelicRoad Brewing Company. Wherever feasible, the dishes are prepared with locally sourced, fresh ingredients and are created to go nicely with the brewery’s distinctive beers. Speaking of beer, the brewery has a variety of brews, including IPAs, stouts, lagers, and more, available on tap. At RelicRoad Brewing Company, there is a beer for every beer enthusiast.

The restaurant’s décor is chic and welcoming, with many seats and a chill atmosphere. The experienced and welcoming staff will be delighted to offer advice on beer and food pairings or respond to any queries you may have.

7. Captain Tony’s Pizza

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Visit Captain Tony’s Pizza in Winslow, Arizona, if you’re in the mood for some mouthwatering pizza. Since it opened more than 30 years ago, this family-run pizzeria has been dishing customers’ delectable pies made with only the finest ingredients and tried-and-true recipes. There are numerous basic and specialty pizzas and calzones, strombolis, and salads on the menu at Captain Tony’s Pizza. Every pizza is hand-tossed with fresh dough, topped with premium ingredients, and then baked to perfection. The restaurant also provides vegetarian and gluten-free versions to ensure that everyone may indulge in a slice of their mouthwatering pizza.

There is plenty of seating for groups of all sizes and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere at Captain Tony’s Pizza. The restaurant is a practical alternative for a speedy and delectable supper because it also provides takeaway and delivery services. In addition to serving scrumptious pizza, Captain Tony’s Pizza is dedicated to supporting the neighborhood. The eatery routinely contributes meals to community gatherings and fundraising efforts and is proud to assist nearby schools and sports teams.

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8. Olde Town Grill

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

In Winslow, Arizona, Olde Town Grill is a great choice for a relaxed, enjoyable meal with the family. This eatery, which provides a menu consisting of traditional American meals and a warm, welcoming ambiance, has long been a locals’ favorite. There is something for everyone on the Olde Town Grill menu, which consists of a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. This restaurant may satisfy your cravings for a big plate of spaghetti, a juicy burger, or a stack of pancakes. It’s a terrific place for a relaxed supper with friends or family because the meals are large and the costs are fair. Olde Town Grill is a warm, welcoming decor with lots of seating and a laid-back atmosphere. The staff is attentive and pleasant, and they are always glad to provide advice or assist with any particular dietary requirements.

Olde Town Grill is well-known for its community commitment in addition to its great meals. The eatery routinely sponsors events and fundraisers to benefit neighborhood groups and is happy to support Winslow’s schools and sports teams.

9. Church’s Texas Chicken

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

The Church’s Texas Chicken is a fast-food restaurant offering fried chicken, sandwiches, wings and many other Southern-influenced sides. The restaurant is popular for delicious tenders, fried okra, chicken sandwich combo and porchetta. They offer flexible service, covering dine-in, takeaway, delivery and drive-through. The place is popular amongst groups and tourists and has a prestige for quality meals. If you dine in, you will enjoy the place. The environment is neat and decent. The delivery and takeaway options are also efficient. So whichever option you go for works fine. Other available provisions include small plates, a kid’s menu, dessert, and coffee.

10. Entre Restaurant

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

If you are looking for a highly recommended Chinese restaurant in Winslow, AZ, then Entre Restaurant is the place you desire. This Chinese restaurant is one of the best when it comes to Chinese cuisine. They especially specialize in traditional Chinese cuisine and offer a variety of Chinese and other contemporary cuisines. They are particularly into Authentic Canto style Chinese food and American Fresh grilling, including steak and burgers. Their options vary from burgers to healthy salads and sandwiches. The meat is well-cooked, and the veggies are fresh. Quick bites and desserts are also available. The place is frequented by locals, tourists, and visitors alike.

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11. Brown Mug Café 

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Run to Brown Mug Café in Winslow, Arizona, if you desire a warm and inviting café experience. For the past ten years, this modest, family-run café has become a favorite among both locals and tourists. It serves amazing breakfast and lunch fare. There are several traditional American breakfast and lunch options on the menu at Brown Mug Café and several specialized specialties. No matter what you’re craving—pancakes, omelets, sandwiches, salads, etc.—you’ll likely find something to sate your hunger. It’s a terrific place for a casual supper because the meals are large and the rates are reasonable.

Brown Mug Café’s decor is warm and inviting, with rustic furnishings and lots of seating. The staff is attentive and pleasant, and they are always glad to advise or assist with any particular dietary requirements. In addition to serving delicious meals, Brown Mug Café is dedicated to helping the neighborhood. The café routinely sponsors events and fundraisers to benefit neighborhood charities. It also proudly supports Winslow’s schools and sports teams.

12. Las Marias

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Winslow, AZ Now!

Las Marias is a popular Mexican restaurant great offering authentic local Mexican meals. Their options vary from roll tacos, carne asada fries, California burritos, and chimichanga to chicken taco salad and enchiladas. There are so many other popular options like tacos and a side of rice, beef taco and wet burrito. The restaurant also offers restaurant specials, which are really delicious too. The service at Las Marias is commendable. The staff are excellent at their jobs, and the chefs do really well with the cooking. The atmosphere is cozy, and the place is lively at night. The outdoor seating space offers guests an even more refreshing space to enjoy their meals. The price is great too! Affordable for the quality of the food.


Winslow, AZ, is a small town with many amazing restaurants. The list even gets better with our restaurant guide. Whether you are in for a simple meal, something special or a new recipe, our list of the 12 best restaurants in Winslow, AZ, is for you. The restaurants listed above offer various cuisines and environments, from upscale restaurants to simple and cozy ones. In conclusion, Winslow A is a great place to experience an amazing time and a wonderful culinary adventure.

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