How to Make a Backpack Minecraft

How to Make a Backpack Minecraft

When you run out of inventory space, long adventures can rapidly become short. In Minecraft, something resembling a backpack would make sense, right?

Unfortunately, the only method to obtain a real backpack in Minecraft is via mods and add-ons. An ender chest is the closest thing to a backpack in vanilla Minecraft.

Minecraft Java Edition Backpack Mod

How to Make a Backpack Minecraft

You will need to download and install a backpack mod for Minecraft Java Edition. If you want something basic, Useful Backpacks Mod is a good choice.

There are mod versions for Minecraft 1.12.2 – 1.19.3 that will operate with Forge and a U Team Core API. Both URLs are available on the mod page.

Download and install Forge, then drag and drop the Useful Backpacks Mod and U Team Core into the.Minecraft/mods folder.

 With all three installed, you can start a new world with your backpacks. The first backpack will necessitate:

  • x4 Wool
  • x4 Leather
  • x1 String

After that, you can color your backpacks and upgrade them up to two times. This mod’s largest bag has 117 inventory spaces for you to use.


Even though it is a tool that can be obtained without modification, there are other ways to obtain it; nonetheless, it is a lengthy operation that may be performed with simplicity and patience.

It’s important to know that you may come across various chests that allow you to store an unlimited number of stuff that help to improve the game in some way.

To acquire them all, you must update Minecraft to the most recent version. Ender chests are one of the various sorts of chests that have been invented.

The primary items required to construct a backpack in Minecraft without modification. These chests are made of obsidian blocks retrieved from the depths of lava and water-filled tunnels.

You’ll need a total of eight of these, plus one Enderman eye. You should bear in mind that certain blocks are not made of ordinary materials, thus you’ll need a diamond pick to get to them.

Even so, the time spent waiting will be well worth it once you get it in your hands. Begin the crafting process as usual, fusing the eight obsidian blocks to Enderman’s eye once they’re safely in your inventory.

Your finished product will be an Ender chest, ready to assist you in shaping your wish.

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Ender’s Chest:

After you’ve finished building the chest, all you have to do is start filling it with items based on your current needs.

It does not discriminate between the type of item or instrument to be preserved as long as space is available.

If you have a yunke, you can rename the chest and insert the distinction you want (if you don’t, you’ll have to make or create an anvil).

The last thing you want is to struggle to carry your newly named, flaming Ender chest; sadly, it is not an item that can be “dropped” into inventory alongside the other utensils that were previously stored in it.

If you meticulously adhere to this straightforward guideline, you will have completed the process of creating a backpack using Ender’s chest in Minecraft.

Backpack Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You will need to download an addon (Bedrock version of mods) for Minecraft Bedrock edition. There are other options, however, we recommend the Multi Backpack Addon. Backpack add-ons are also available in the Minecraft marketplace, although they are not free.

How to Use Ender Chest as a Backpack in Vanilla Minecraft

In vanilla Minecraft, there is just one way to build a “makeshift” backpack. That is how you make an ender chest. The ender chest may be made with 8 Obsidian and 1 Eye of Ender. Ender chest recipe for constructing

A pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment is required to use the ender chest as a backpack. When you break the chest, it will fall as a single chest block with all of your things inside, saving you a lot of room.

This will not function on a standard chest. If you use a silk touch tool to break a standard chest, all of the items will fall to the ground.


Can you make a backpack in regular Minecraft?

Yes, you can make a backpack in regular Minecraft. The recipe for a backpack is available in the vanilla game.

Are Minecraft backpacks better?

Minecraft backpacks are a convenient way to increase your inventory space, but they do not provide any additional armour or protection. When mining or exploring, they are handy for carrying extra stuff, although whether they are superior to other storage choices depends on the exact use case.

Do backpacks exist in the original Minecraft?

Yes, in version 1.16 of Minecraft, backpacks were included. The finished backpack has an additional 27 storage slots, and the recipe calls for 8 pieces of leather and 1 chest.

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