Travel, Invest, and Prosper: How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

Exceptional vitality and competent regulatory laws characterize the Turkish real estate market, thanks to which the housing sector and the country’s economy have been able to withstand the consequences of the pandemic.

Over the past year and to this day, the government has continued to stimulate the market and promote Turkish housing internationally.

For those who want to own real estate in Turkey but need clarification on the advisability of this, the official source, Turk Estate, has collected information about the advantages of buying apartments in Turkey for investments and its possibilities.

Turkey as an investment site

Travel, Invest, and Prosper: How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

Real estate is a powerful way to strengthen international ties and support the economy. Especially when it comes to Turkey. Buying real estate in Turkey means investing in a potentially profitable asset.

Moreover, this applies not only to residential but also to commercial real estate. In an unstable economic situation, investors are looking for as many ways as possible to increase income and minimize risks, and commercial real estate is an entirely viable resource.

A strong argument favoring purchasing Turkish real estate is the opportunity to combine residence within the country and conduct business on its territory.

In recent years, the Turkish government has made several serious and bold decisions to develop the real estate sector, aimed at attracting fresh investment capital from abroad.

On the one hand, these measures help investors scale their businesses in a new country; on the other hand, they fuel the Turkish economy and support the residential and non-residential real estate sector.

Best areas to live and invest     

Modern infrastructure projects have made a significant contribution to development. Istanbul has become the most successful; its districts and municipalities have reached world-class development.

The Zeytinburu region is one of the most outstanding. It is a unique location and complete development, which gives investors a variety of options for investing in residential and commercial property, particularly in homes, villas, shops, and even some agricultural areas.

Investing in Turkish real estate is the most useful form to settle in the country, expand your business, and develop in a favorable economic climate.

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Features of owning Turkish real estate

1. Taxes

The whole point lies in the absence of value-added tax for foreign owners of property on the territory of the Turkish state.

Comfortable taxation has become a key factor in attracting foreign investors and enabling them to buy more property.

2. Citizenship

Recent changes in Turkish legislation regarding citizenship training have made it possible to attract more interested citizens from abroad.

According to these amendments, citizenship in Turkey can be obtained by investing in real estate for $250,000. Together with the buyer of real estate, his children under the age of 18 and his spouse can obtain citizenship.

Luxury properties at prices below European prices

Different interests that attract awareness to Turkey, such as a beautiful climate, a promising economy, an extensive real estate market, and developed conditions for recreation and tourism, attract tourists from all over the world; all this makes investing and living in Turkey a winning option and ideal in all respects.

Good return on investment

Investments in Turkish real estate provide a lucrative return on investment based on the increased demand for accommodation from tourists during the holiday seasons.

Since these seasons are evenly distributed throughout the year, you can earn money on short-term and long-term rentals. Thus, the initial capital can be returned within several years and receive a 5–10% passive income per year.

Low cost of living

The advantages of owning property in Turkey are the relatively low cost of living. Food, clothing, shoes, transport, and other vital goods are much cheaper in Turkey than in other countries.

In addition, medicine in Turkey is more accessible than in all European countries, which has provided the healthcare sector with unprecedented prosperity and demand in recent years.

Best places for tourists

Topkapi Palace

Travel, Invest, and Prosper: How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

Anyone who has ever watched the series “The Magnificent Century” will be delighted to visit the main residence of the Sultans.

The palace served as a haven for the sultans for 4 centuries, and since the 15th century, it has amazed the surrounding people with its beauty and grandeur.

The palace has been operating as a museum for many years, and most of the rooms are available for visiting, including the private chambers of the Sultan.

To avoid overpaying for the entrance ticket, it is recommended to buy the Istanbul Museum Pass. This Istanbul Museum Pass entitles you to free, one-time admission to more than 12 museums in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque

Travel, Invest, and Prosper: How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

The dome of the Blue Mosque can be seen from virtually every corner of Istanbul, so it is not surprising that tourists want to visit it.

The mosque’s impressively colored tiles, hand-woven carpets on the floors, and more than 250 stained glass windows on the walls all serve as evidence of its luxurious exterior and interior. Well, for those who still doubt the need to travel here, a caring

Grand Bazaar

Travel, Invest, and Prosper: How Turkey Offers Opportunities for Property Investments

This place is a must-visit for all tourists because where else, if not at the big bazaar, can you buy souvenirs and useful things at the best price? This is not just a bazaar but a vast complex, which includes markets and hotels, squares and mosques, restaurants, and eateries.

So you can not only shop profitably but also have a good time relaxing after a tiring shopping spree. The ancient streets immerse you in a special atmosphere, so you will like it here.

Natural conditions and standard of living

Turkey’s multifaceted nature, relatively mild climate, rich historical and cultural heritage, fresh fruits and vegetables, and favorable environmental conditions are enough for many to move.

Turkish cities demonstrate a high standard of living. Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, and Los Angeles, among other significant tourist cities, were ahead of Istanbul alone on the list of the world’s most visited cities in 2018.

Read more about life in Turkey, purchasing real estate, and investing in Turkey. Estate! 

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