20 Best things to do In Truro

Best things to do In Truro

Truro, a coastal town in Barnstable County is a popular tourist destination due to its rich history, which is evident in numerous well-preserved historical landmarks. This town is a paradise for history enthusiasts as it is home to Highland Light, the oldest lighthouse on Cape Cod. It is renowned for its immaculate beaches, including Head of the Meadow Beach, Ballston Beach, and Coast Guard Beach, making it a haven for tourists who want beautiful vistas without the crowds that one typically encounters in well-known tourist destinations.

Everyone can find something wonderful to explore in Truro. This lovely city is a great place for families and couples searching for a spectacular yet relaxing weekend break. There are actually so many things to do in Truro that you might wish to extend your trip by one or two days!

In this article, we have listed the 20 fun things to do on your visit to Truro. Scroll down for the list of the top things to do in Truro, Massachusetts, to make sure you don’t miss any of the town’s top attractions.

Best things to do In Truro

1. Head of the Meadow Beach

20 Best things to do In Truro

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation amidst nature will find Head of the Meadow Beach’s crystal-clear waves and serene ambiance atmosphere.

It might be best to visit the beach early in the morning when it is least crowded if you want to have a relaxing day and just soak in the breathtaking surroundings.

There are parking spaces and public facilities nearby for a pleasant visit. In order to guarantee that visitors are both safe and having fun, lifeguards are also on duty during the summer.

Address: Meadow Rd, Truro, Massachusetts, United States

2. Truro Farmers Market

20 Best things to do In Truro

Truro Farmers’ Market, which is situated along the banks of the Pamet River, sells goods that are grown in the area, including fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and lobsters.

While you’re here, you may purchase some humanely raised beef, pork, and chicken. For those who are looking for where to enjoy breakfast, this location also has hot coffee and freshly baked bread.

The market not only sells high-quality food, but it is also a well-known location where the locals may learn more about the arts. The market offers a variety of goods depending on the harvest season, so you can be sure to always find the freshest fruit here.

Address: Lemon Quay, Truro TR1 2LW.

3. Atwood-Higgins House

20 Best things to do In Truro

The Atwood-Higgins House is a historic site, is situated in the little town of Wellfleet, about 10 minutes from Truro.

This home is well-known not just for being the oldest in the Cape Cod National Seashore but also for exemplifying Cape Cod’s traditional style of construction.

The house is currently open year-round to anyone who wants to take a tour.

Just keep in mind that they only accept a maximum of 15 persons on each tour, so call ahead to make an appointment.

Prepare yourself to learn more about the house’s architecture and early Cape Cod living while you’re here.

Address: 6 Highland Light Rd, Truro, MA 02666, United States

4. Jobi Pottery and Gallery

20 Best things to do In Truro

Truro is renowned for having a thriving art scene. Jobi Pottery is one of the best locations to go if you’re new to the scene and want to learn more about local artwork.

Since its founding in 1953, Jobi Pottery has continued to use casting techniques from the 1960s to create its products. Each piece is unique because everything in this place is handcrafted. When you purchase a piece of art from here, you’re not just taking home an artwork; you’re also taking a piece of Cape Cod with you. Each pottery’s motifs and shapes are inspired by Cape Cod.

This is an excellent site to go to if you want to find out more about the history of the neighborhood because they also offer historical artifacts.

Address: 314 US-6, Truro, MA 02666, United States

5. Highland Light

20 Best things to do In Truro

The Highland Light is a functioning lighthouse that may be seen near North Truro on the Cape Cod National Seashore. It is one of the most well-known structures in the area and is thought to be Cape Cod’s tallest and oldest lighthouse. The current tower, which is located here, was erected in 1857 to take the place of two prior towers that were erected in 1797 and 1831.

The fact that this location offers activities for visitors of all ages is fantastic. You can climb and explore the lighthouse if you’d want to understand more about its history. Just keep in mind that people who want to climb the tower must be at least a certain height.

If you are traveling with children, you need not fear because a Junior Keeper program has been created just for them. Through this program, they will gain knowledge about the lighthouse by participating in various games and activities like word scrambles, crossword puzzles, and coloring pages.

Address: 27 Highland Light Rd, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

6. Truro Vineyards

 Truro Vineyards

The Truro Vineyards began operating in 2007. This family-run vineyard, which is situated on Shore Road, is a well-known stop for guests who wish to learn more about the wine-making process.

You can go wine tasting while you’re here for only $15 for five flights. To give visitors something to anticipate each time they visit, the wines that are offered for tasting change every week.

You can partake in a guided tasting of five wines here along with a cheese platter.

Address: 11 Shore Rd, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

7. Bayberry Gardens

20 Best things to do In Truro

This garden, which is on Route 6, has a nursery where you may admire a variety of lush plants and beautiful flowers.

One fantastic thing about going here is that the staff can teach you about landscaping and gardening as well.

You can purchase various plants to bring home and decorate your house in addition to learning more about the local flora while you’re here.

You can obtain fresh herbs for use in cooking here. You can also get ornamental plants that you can use to decorate your yard.

Address: 250 US-6, Truro, MA 02666, United States

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8. Ballston Beach

20 Best things to do In Truro

Ballston Beach is an excellent destination for people who want to be away from a lot of people.

You can relax on the beach by lying down and taking a stroll on the lovely, soft sand or by lying down while listening to the waves lapping against the shore.

You can also bring your favorite book or song to make your time here even more delightful while taking in the stunning views of the sea and blue sky.

If you intend to stay here for a while, just be sure to carry some food and beverages, as there are no stores around. If you’re lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of a few seals while there.

Address: Old Pilgrim Library Bldg. 36 Shore Road, Rt. 6A. North Truro, MA 02652.

9. TruroYoga


Prana Flow Yoga courses are offered by TruroYoga outside, where you can unwind, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Classes are given at the Truro Vineyard and in front of the Truro Yacht Club throughout the summer.

While individuals enrolled in programs can take advantage of a variety of North Truro locations, including schools, community centers, and libraries.

The fact that people of all ages are welcome here makes it the ideal pastime for families who wish to relax and spend time together.

Address: 2 Noons Dr, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

10. Payomet Performing Arts Center

20 Best things to do In Truro

Payomet Performing Arts Center is a must-visit if you love to witness the live Truro’s performing arts. It has an outdoor stage and a tent where regional and international performers perform live music acts and theatrical productions.

You can find the talented Cirque by the Sea, a troupe of professional circus artists, within the big top tent. You can also watch the comedy performances and movie screenings.

If you are traveling with young children who are interested in picking up new skills, this is a fantastic location to bring them. They also offer Summer Circus Camp for Kids and Circus Arts Classes here.

Address: 29 Old Dewline Rd, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

11. Cobb Archive

20 Best things to do In Truro

Cobb Archive, which is situated on Truro Center Road, is another location you may check out to learn more about the town’s interesting history.

This building, constructed in 1912, is currently home to house maps, family heirlooms, and other vital historical records. It also served as the town’s first public library. While you’re here, you can browse the selection of books on children’s literature and women’s etiquette that are available.

There are several collections of images, many of which feature the scenery, buildings, and landscapes of Truro.

Address: 13 Truro Center Road, Truro, MA

12. Highland House Museum

Highland House Museum

The Highland House Museum, which is housed in one of Truro’s most well-known monuments and is located at Highland Light Road, is a lovely location to visit. The Highland House, built in 1907, used to be a well-liked summertime resort hotel for guests.

It now has exhibits that attempt to inform visitors about the early years of the inhabitants of Truro and the Outer Cape before the arrival of the Europeans.

Don’t miss the displays that highlight the impact of regional crafts like weaving and embroidery on the neighborhood. If you want to be fully immersed in the history of the town, spend some time learning more about how the locals dedicated their life to the railroad and the salt mill industry.

Address: 6 Highland Light Rd, Truro, MA 02666, United States

13. Eastham Windmill

Eastham Windmill

Eastham Windmill, which is only 19 minutes away from Truro, is one hidden gem you should check out on your visit to this city.

This windmill was built in Plymouth in 1680 and moved to Truro in 1770. It was eventually moved to Eastham, where it is today, in 1793. The fact that this well-known building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places will excite history buffs.

This attraction is such a huge value to the community that they even celebrate it with a three-day event called “Windmill Weekend” after Labor Day, which includes a parade, music, and food.

Address: 2515 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642, United States

14. Dune Shacks Trail

20 Best things to do In Truro

Dune Shacks Trail is a 2.4-mile circular trail in Provincetown and is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for adventure.

It has a moderate trail, making it ideal for individuals who have not yet gained much hiking expertise.

This is a fantastic location for seeing birds and other wildlife.

Although this is a fantastic location to visit if you want to get back in touch with nature, keep in mind that you will need to cross some sand dunes, which can be difficult, especially in the summer.

After enjoying the outdoors, you may take a cool swim at the beach that lies at the trail’s finish.

Address: Provincetown, MA 02657, United States

15. Horizons Beach Resort

20 Best things to do In Truro

The  Horizons Beach Resort boasts a panoramic view of both the beach and Provincetown.

It offers an outdoor swimming pool on the bay in addition to the beach, where kids can play and swim.

You can select from a range of lodging options at this resort, including shorefront, terrace dunes, and two-bedroom condominiums.

Every room comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, air conditioning, and a kitchen as standard amenities.

There is a sun terrace on each home with a stunning view of Cape Cod Bay.

Spend some time relaxing on the 500 feet of private beach with a 360-degree view of the ocean and Provincetown.

You should make your desired getaway reservations a day in advance because this resort is regularly packed.

Address: 190 Shore Rd, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

16. Corn Hill Beach

20 Best things to do In Truro

Corn Hill Beach is a perfect spot for visitors to unwind, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Cod.

One of the best things to do at Corn Hill Beach is to take a stroll along the shoreline. The beach stretches for over a mile, providing a great opportunity to take in the serene surroundings and soak up some sun. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the bay from a different perspective.

For those who love fishing, Corn Hill Beach is a great spot to cast a line. The beach has a fishing pier and plenty of space to set up your gear. You can expect to catch a variety of fish, including bluefish, striped bass, and flounder.

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17. Truro Center for the Arts

20 Best things to do In Truro

This attraction has been in operation for over fifty-fifty years, yet despite this, it still thrives and convinces the public of its worth at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in Truro, Massachusetts.

To encourage an open and positive connection to the arts, the center provides children of all skill levels with access to a variety of artistic activities.

There are a variety of options available, including performances, displays, exhibits, seminars, and other sorts of entertainment.

If you don’t want to enter or check it out, you shouldn’t be; it is backed by well-known artists and welcomed by a friendly and vibrant community.

You’ll surely appreciate the beauty of whatever your unaided eye sees when you check it out.

Address: 10 Meetinghouse Rd, Truro, MA 02666, United States

18. Hairbenders

Hairbenders, Truro

If you need a day of pampering and relaxation, then you you check out Hairbenders.

Hairbenders provides top-notch services like waxing, hair cutting, hair coloring, manicures, and pedicures.

Despite the reasonable prices, they guarantee to their customers that only experts and professionals will manage their services.

You’re welcome to visit with a friend, a family member, or even your special someone to relax and receive care from their friendly staff.

Address: 300 US-6 #3, Truro, MA 02666, United States

19. Jules Besch Stationers

Jules Besch Stationers

Discover interesting products as you explore the neighborhood and they may encourage you to spend a lot at Jules Besch Stationers.

Despite growing competition, the little business, which has been operating since 1995, has managed to hold its ground because to the high caliber and variety of goods it offers.

There are many items available in the store, including exquisite greeting cards you can give to family, friends, or your significant other, handcrafted papers you can use to wrap gifts or make designs, notebooks, and much more.

In addition to stationery, they provide antiques that you can purchase and display in your cozy home.

Address: 3 Great Hollow Rd, Truro, MA 02666, United States

20. Crow’s Next Resort

Crow's Next Resort

Crow’s Next Resort offers a singular and beautiful view of Provincetown, the beach, Cape Cod Bay, and Long Point Lighthouse.

There are 21 spacious suites at The Crow’s Nest Resort, and each one features a full kitchen, washer, Jacuzzi shower, hardwood and ceramic tile flooring, among other amenities.

For your convenience and pleasure, they provide routine cleaning services and 24-hour on-site supervision.

Each and every one of the apartments is just a few feet from the ocean.

It would be like living in a dream to wake up to the sound of the sea and see the dawn and sunset from your balcony or room.

Address: North, 496 Shore Road, North Truro, MA 02652, United States

Final thought

When you visit this charming seaside town, you can expect to find clean air, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking scenery. This city is a great place for holidays especially for those who love to explore the stunning architecture and historical landmarks.

Make sure you use this list of the top things to do in Truro, Massachusetts, in your itinerary if you’re hoping to go on a memorable vacation with your loved ones.

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