Drury Inn Breakfast Hours

Drury Inn Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Prices

Drury Inn breakfast hours are important for guests who wish to start their day with a delicious breakfast. Drury Inn & Suites is a popular hotel chain in over 150 locations across the United States.

The chain is known for its exceptional amenities, including a free hot breakfast served every morning. The breakfast is available for all guests, making it a great value addition to their stay.

This article will discuss the Drury Inn breakfast hours and the variety of breakfast options offered to guests. Whether you are a business traveller or a family on vacation, the Drury Inn breakfast is the perfect way to kick-start your day.

Drury Inn Breakfast Hours

Drury Inn Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Prices

Start your day off on the right foot with a delicious breakfast at Drury Inn! If you need a sumptuous or modest meal for breakfast, don’t worry. Drury Inn got you covered with their flexible breakfast hours.

During weekdays, Drury Inn serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM. If you’re a weekend warrior, you can sleep a little longer and still enjoy their delicious breakfast buffet, which runs from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

No matter what day of the week, you can count on Drury Inn to provide various tasty options to fuel your day. There’s something for everyone, from scrambled eggs and bacon to fresh fruit and yogurt. So why start your day and enjoy a delicious breakfast at Drury Inn?

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Drury Inn Breakfast Menu and Prices

Drury Inn Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Prices

Here is a list of the various breakfast meals that may be available at Drury during breakfast hours:

Drury Inn Breakfast MenuDrury Inn Breakfast Prices
Scrambled eggs on toast$5 – 7
Waffles with fruit and whipped cream$9 – 11
Oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar$5 – 7
Bagel with cream cheese and lox$8 – 10
Breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, and cheese$6 – 8
French toast with syrup and powdered sugar$8 – 10
Huevos rancheros$10 – 12
Pancakes with syrup and butter$8 – 10
Breakfast burrito with eggs, sausage, and cheese$8 – 10
Greek yogurt with granola and fruit$6 – 8
Avocado toast with poached eggs$10 – 12
Breakfast quesadilla with eggs, cheese, and bacon$8 – 10
English muffin sandwich with egg, sausage, and cheese$6 – 8
Belgian waffles with fried chicken$12 – 14
Sausage and gravy biscuit$6 – 8
Chorizo and egg breakfast tacos$8 – 10
Banana pancakes with Nutella$9 – 11
Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel$10 – 12
Biscuits and gravy with sausage$8 – 10
Spinach and feta omelet$10 – 12
Corned beef hash and eggs$10 – 12
Breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon, and cheese$12 – 14
Turkey and cheese breakfast wrap$8 – 10
Blueberry muffin with scrambled eggs$8 – 10
Quiche with spinach and cheese$10 – 12
Breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs and bacon$8 – 10
Frittata with mushrooms and cheese$10 – 12
Breakfast panini with ham and cheese$8 – 10
Croissant sandwich with egg, ham, and cheese$6 – 8
Vegan tofu scramble with vegetables$10 – 12


Drury Inn Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Prices

However, it is essential to understand that these prices are based on estimates and can vary depending on the restaurant and location you visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Drury Inn Breakfast Hours

What type of breakfast options are available at Drury Inn?

Drury Inn offers a complimentary hot breakfast buffet with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, pastries, and fresh fruit. They also offer a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, and juice.

Are there any vegetarian or gluten-free options available for breakfast at Drury Inn?

Yes, Drury Inn offers a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options for breakfast. Some of these options may include oatmeal, fresh fruit, yogurt, and gluten-free bread and are recommended for anyone who is a vegetarian or is dieting. 

Can I take breakfast to my room at Drury Inn?

For sure, you can take breakfast to your room at Drury Inn. They offer to-go containers to take your food with you if you need more time to sit and eat in the breakfast area.

What time is the latest I can arrive for breakfast at Drury Inn?

Depending on the location, breakfast at the Drury Inn usually ends by 9:30 or 10:00 AM. To find out the precise breakfast schedule and the latest time you can come, it is best to contact the Drury Inn location where you will be visiting. 

Enjoy Your Breakfast At Drury

Drury Inn Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Prices

In summary, Drury Inn is just all you need. If you are someone craving to have a healthy meal any time, any day, they got you covered.

Drury Inn also provides its customers with a variety of breakfast options for those who may need gluten-free meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner hence preventing any form of limitation when choosing meals that suit your diet.

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