20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

The city of Jacksonville is one present in the state of North Carolina with a mere population of just over 72,000 inhabitants placing it as the 14th largest city in the state.Characterized by its  cost of living, diverse and rich culture there’s no better place to plan your vacation trip at than the city of Jacksonville.

Thus very city do also bears some top level of historical significance, one which was once famously known as the home to Camp Lejeune, a Marine Corps training facility, not forgetting that of the brave Montford Marines and African American Marines of the WWII.

Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

According to demographics, the city of Jacksonville is tagged as one of the younges in United States, but even at that it, its attractiveness isn’t restricted to its span of existence most especially since it is the commercial hub of this very region.

Basically, since it is a region very mindful of holding and celebrating memorials, one can also choose to pay a visit to each one of its places of interest of historic significance as well, with the most notable of them all being the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River.

From its amazing museums of historic significance all the way down to its gardens and parks, not forgetting its top notch bars and restaurants, below are the fun things to do and fun places to be at in Jacksonville, North Carolina:

1. Enjoy the flavorful coffee of Milk Road Coffee Shop

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

There’s no better thing to grab in your hands during the winter and cold days of Jacksonville that a cup of coffee, which is where the milk road coffee shop comes to the rescue to help out in providing visitors with their perfect cup of coffee.

Basically, The Milk Road Coffee Shop renders the services of preparing a blend of specialty coffee alongside mouth-watering pastries of seasonal and local ingredients; with the most notable of them all being its Belgian pearl sugar-topped liege waffles.

Why you should visit

Though there’s the presence of some other coffee shops in this region, no one comes close to that of milk road coffee shop offering breakfast in an outside seating area.

Address: 4240 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

2. Grab a cup of the tasty coffee of Brewed Downturn

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Just exactly like the milk road coffee shop, the coffee shop of brewed downturn is also one of the amazing coffee shops in Jacksonville of which you can show up at your own very convenience to come grab a cup of its hot and tasty coffee.

For the very best of dining experience which could also take the form of take-out alongside its  catering services private parties and some other moments of celebrations, this very fast food outlet is that very place to be at.

What do they offer

The Brewed downturn do offer gourmet coffee alongside some other non-coffee specialty items, with its homemade dining exoeeience that covers and revolves around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Address: 1000 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

3. Visit the Lejeune Memorial Gardens

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Visiting the Lejeune Memorial Gardens though might not appear to be one fun filled, is also another amazing place of attraction to be at, one dedicated in memorial and to honor veterans who once fought hard for the nation’s freedom in their reputable act for the US Military Service.

Basically, this memorial park of lejeube memorial gardens do honors and pays homage to some of the most respectful feats which once took place in this very region, most notably that of the 9/11 Memorial Beam honouring and paying homage to the World Trade Center attack victims.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors also gets to enjoy the adventures of sight seeing of the world’s largest 3D symbol of the US Marine Corps, alongside the Eagle Globe and Anchor statue.

Address: 109 Montford Landing Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540

4. Pay Respects at the Beirut Memorial

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Just like the lejeune memorial gardens, the  Beirut Memorial is another erected edifice of Jacksonville. Just unlike the lejeune memorial garden which is government owned and bound, the Beirut memorial is privately owned; one of the Biggest privately-funded military memorial honoring the 273 Marines who lost their lives in the October 23, 1983 Bomblast incident.

What should one expect to see

Here, tourists gets to see the edifice of the Marine pilot names engraved in granite who were on the wrong receiving end of the incident of Grenada.

Address: 911 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540

5. Stop by at the 9/11 Memorial Beam

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

The 9/11 Memorial Beam is yet another memorial edifice of the regional axis of Jacksonville, one which has got an erected statue capturing one of the most devastating times in American history.in honor to the very first set of troops anchored to fight  war on terror.

What events holds here

The 9/11 memorial beam do organize its annual Patriot Day Observance in honor of its troops who lost their lives on the 11th day of the very month of September, in the year 2001. With such very event kick starting at 8:15 am, exactly the time the attack erupted.

Address: Jacksonville, NC 28540

6. Explore Downtown Jacksonville

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

A visit to the city of Jacksonville without exploring the regional axis of its downturn is perceived by many as a visitation less interesting, one which encompasses the rich traditions of hospitality its local residents do show forth in addition to the delicious meal delicacies sourced from its local ingredients.

This isn’t a place of attraction to be at, but rather a regional area made up 17 fun filled psrks parks, housing the famous Northeast Creek Park, Big Branch Bike Park and Oakhurst Nature Park on its landscapes.

Why you should visit

Tourists showing up at this regional area gets to tour and explore its various places of interests aforementioned already such as the Lejeune Memorial Gardens and 9/11 Memorial Beam, with others being the Montford Point Marine Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Address: Jacksonville, NC 28540

7. Enjoy the breakfast experience of Kettle Diner

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

What better place to walk into in the early hours of the day than the kettle diner, one of which you get to meet up with the appetizing demands of your taste buds. Here you get to start your day on a very good note as you grso your own portion of its delicious homemade breakfast.

Interesting enough, the eatery and restaurant services of kettle diner isn’t just limited to the breakfast meal of the day, as it has also got some other packages making provisions for lunch and dinner at an affordable price compared to the rest.

What do they offer

The kettle diner has got its meal menu’s made up of pot roast, chicken-fried steak, and talian specialties, made up of catfish fillet and fried jumbo shrim.

Address: 300 Marine Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

8. Enjoy the spirited drinks of Walton’s Distillery

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

One of the best practices of this very distillery is mixing the blends of its spirited drinks into a delicious moonshine, one which is usually well flavored and its taste compared to none.

Why you should visit

The Walton’s distillery also do offer guided tours as it concerns its moonshine and whiskey-making process.

Address: 261 Ben Williams Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

9. Enjoy the guided tours of Marsh Cruises

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Pondering on a thrilling adventure to engage with during your stay in the Jacksonville, well the Marsh Cruises has got you covered; with its guided tours to live with you a lasting memory. And guess what? It is way more affordable than you’ll ever imagine.

Basically, they are one of few tour agencies of Jacksonville creating an exciting and lasting memories on its tours of the various fun filled arenas of maritime forests, salt marshes, sandbars and more.

What other things happens here

Tourists also gets to be part of its guided tours on beaches while enjoying its Sunset or Scenic Cruises alongside its breathtaking sunset views.

10. Take a walk around the Sturgeon City Park

Sturgeon City Park

What better way to spend your idle time while on a vacation or business trip in Jacksonville than taking a stroll through the sturgeon city park. WIth its beautiful Paved walking trails, taking a walk while admiring the picturesque views of this very park is made fun.

On the flip side, since it is a city park with an open space, kids can also enjoy their own moments of fun on its playgrounds; one which is characterized by its lush greenery areas and rolling hills, making the whole experience worthwhile for them.

Why you should visit

Public parks are usually seen as a perfect spot for family hangouts of which the sturgeon city park isn’t exempted as well. Though one can also choose to hold picnics on this very park with provisions already being made for picnic tables and charcoal grills.

Address: 110 Loyola Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States.

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11. Explore the wildlife of Lynnwood Park Zoo

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Lynnwood Park Zoo just as the name insinuate is an artificial animal habitats of the city of Jacksonville. Measuring at a staggering length of over 10 acres of land, this particular animal park is endowed with a half-acre pond alongside an open grass space serving as its own picnic area.

Paying a visit to this very animal park is solely for the purpose of exploring the wildlife that comes alongside it, with over 80 different animals to behold in their different species of m mammals, reptiles, birds, and others.

Why you should visit

Here, you get to come across some of the popular names of wild animals you already know of such as zebra, grey fox,American alligator, python, redtailNhawk, and others.

Address: 1071 Wells Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540, Phone: 910-938-5848.

12. Patronize the services of Bayonet Enterprises Day Cruise

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

The Bayonet Enterprises day cruise is yet another tour agency based and operating in the city of  Jacksonville, one which basically is all about a private yacht charter providing to visitors and tourists alikecaffordable fun on the water.

Made up of a  spacious boat that comes with two staterooms, two baths, AC, stereo, and TV, here visitors gets to enjoy the comfort just like home as they relax and cruise through its beaches.

What should one expect

Here, tourists gets to enjoy its tours of sunset cruise of dining with wine, cheese and a champagne brunch.

Address: 223 Leonard St, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

13. Enjoy the swing related activities of swing things

Though few in numbers, the city of Jacksonville is blessed with quite some sporting activities in its regional axis, one of such very facilities being swing things. Though primarily designated for the game of golf, the swing things sporting facilities is also one for all things swing-related activities.

Just as aforementioned, right over here, visitors can enjoy the evergreen game of golf on its beautiful 18-hole miniature golf course. Though it is also blessed with the state-of-the-art pitching machines to fully enjoy the games of baseball and softball.

Why you should visit

It is also another perfect spot for family hangout of which they get to enjoy an outdoor meal together or perhaps hold picnics

Address: 133 Batting Cage Trail, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540.

14. Visit the kids arena of Altitude Trampoline Park

There’s actually no crime committed in bringing the kids on board to be part of the various fun filled activities the city of Jacksonville has in stock for them, one which can only be found at the must visit parks for kids of Altitude Trampoline park.

This very amusement park has got its setting’s designated to accommodate a few numbers of kids entertaining attractions just exactly the way they want it.

Why you should bring your kids over

Here, the kids gets to be part of its fun lived moments of gymnastic tumbling track and some other adventures they’ve got in stock for them

Address: 1030 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540.

15. Enjoy the healthy meals of the Blend Nutrition Bar

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Looking for something to munch and crunch through with your tooth while also gaining value for its nutritious benefits, then opting for the healthy meals of the blend nutrition bar is one you shouldn’t miss out on.

Its meal menu comprises and her characterized by its energizing and healthy nutritious components that cones with it, meaning you’re covered should you intend to stick to an healthy diet plan.

What do they offer

The Blend nutrition bar meal menu’s are mostly made up of Açaí Bowls, artisan toasts and printed coffee.

Address: 109 Marine Blvd suite 2, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

16. Go to Zing Zum at the Children’s Museum

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

This should be a place of interest for tourists planning their trips to Jacksonville, NC in the company of their kids, one which do offer the blend of fun and education in what it has tagged family itinerary.

Each and every single exhibits put on display at this very museum is targeted at stimulating kids child’s imagination and curiosity on the diverse subjects of shopping, baking, dentistry and more.

Why you should bring your kids over

Here, the kids gets to catch some moment of fun while engaging in interactive learning experiences.

Address: 625 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

Other Fun Places to be Nearby

17.  Take a Day Trip to Emerald Isle

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

A day trip down to the Emerald Isle isn’t off the list just yet since it also appears to be one of few adventurous activities to engage with. Talking of its adventurous activities, it has got some thrilling water adventures to engage with on the waterways of its Crystal Coast.

Furthermore, the Emerald isle also houses the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier, offering the guided tours of exploring stunning views around its beaches while also engaging with some fishing adventures.

Why you should visit

Aside from getting amazed with its stunning views and serene setting, tourists can also enjoy sunbathing on the shores of its beaches

18. Enjoy the dining experience of the Splash by the sea

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

For that very amazing dining experience in an oceanic view environs in Jacksonville, that very place to be is the Splash by the Sea restaurant. This is yet another amazing location to spend quality time with loved ones, either going on a date with a sweetheart or perhaps just a mere family gathering.

Characterized by its beautiful oceanic views, the Splash by the Sea at North Topsail Beach has got this very romantic settings of its indoor and outdoor seating accompanied by its Villa complex and pools.

What do they offer

The splash by the sea do offer a diverse meal menu made up of pizza, soups, salads, all which are spiced up with delicious desserts.

Address: 790 New River Inlet Rd, North Topsail Beach, NCB28460.

19. Have a nice time at the Mike’s Farm

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

Be it you are traveling for your vacation experience or just a mere business trip, the Mike’s Farm is one very place worth visiting, one which you not only get to enjoy its guided tours of exploring the various species of animals at its petting zoo.

Furthermore, it has also got some amazing restaurants present within its axis, for the best of the savouring delicious meal you’ll ever get to find in this very region, most especially as it concerns its delicious cheese danish

What other things do happens here

The Mike’s farm do also hosts seasonal events in their different forms of fall Pumpkin Patch Hay Rides, Easter on the Farm, Strawberry Picking, Supper with Santa, Ho! Ho! Christmas Shows

Address: 1600 Haw Branch Rd, Beulaville, NC 28518

20. Go Hiking at the Croatan National Forest

20 Fun Places to be in Jacksonville, NC

What better place to be at in the city of Jacksonville to be partakers of the wild and crazy adventures of hiking, than on the beautiful trails of the Croatan National Forest, one of the very four national forests in North Carolina of united States.

Surrounded and Dominated by saltwater estuaries, pine forests, bogs and raised swamps, this is that very location to visit as a nature enthusiast, one which also affords you the opportunity to observe the wildlife that comes alongside being at that very location.

Why you should visit

Here tourists gets to enjoy the adventures of hiking on its voardwalks and smooth gravel paths, with provisions being made for a map and compass to navigate through.

Address: Havelock, NC 28532, United States.

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In conclusion, since the city of Jacksonville is blessed with a whole lot of places of attractions as already outlined earlier, be it its fun and amusement parks, historic museums and some other places of landmark landmarks,

What then are you waiting for, pack your bags enrlute to Jacksonville now.

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