20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The New England city of Manchester in New Hampshire is one which has a huge historic significance and recognition in politics for its pivotal role played in the very first ever presidential primary election, but ever at that, being present In this city comes with something other than just politics.

Being the primary art and cultural destination of this very region, it is safe to say that lovers of arts have finally found a place to call home. Rich in history, arts, cultural, and entertainment; what else can one require of that this very city of Manchester in new Hampshire hasn’t got to offer.

Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

Looking for a regional axis that best describes what fun is all about, well the city of Manchester, NH is one of such very places, one which is characterized by its natural beauty and outdoor resorts accommodating the various fun activities of picnicking, biking, hiking, Fishing and sailing.

With the presence of its wide range of restaurants, cafés and treat shops, bars and wineries, museums and places of landmarks but to mention a few, there’s no running out of option of fun things to do at Manchester NH. Below are such very places you might want to consider visiting.

1. Give Kids their moments at the See Science Center

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

A visit to the See Science Center isn’t just complete if you aren’t bringing the kids along, since basically it is a fun and educational center designated for kids to come have a closer look and deeper view of the world of science through its interactive exhibits

Talking of its interactive exhibits, the sew science center has got an lectricity and magnetism area, of which the kids can learn all things that concerns DNA as it relates to human biology and other living things.

What other adventures holds here

The See Science Center also do anchor the interactive program of the NASA’s Sun, of which the kids also gets to explore the other planets in our solar system

Address: 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.

2. Visit the Millyard Musuem

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

Operated by the Manchester Historic Association, the millyard museum present on the east side of the Merrimack River is one to get close and personal with its exhibits showcasing the lives of native peoples who once lived in this region of over 10,000 years ago.

The exhibits on display of this museum house centers on the its early colonial life, and the growth and development it has achieved ever since then.

What other adventures holds here

The millyard has also got something thrilling for the kids to try out with its “Gallery Games” sheet at the front desk.

Address: 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.

3. Explore the cultural attractions of Currier Museum of Art

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Currier Museum of Art is an highly rated cultural attractions of New Hampshire, housing over 11,000 works of art from some of its notable and highly respected of artists of the region in the persons of Matisse, Picasso, and Georgia O’Keefe.

Moving forward, the currier museum of art also do offer guided tours of its two local homes of Zimmerman House and the Kalil House.

Why you should visit

Paying a visit to the currier museum of art affords you the opportunities to see through its drawings, paintings, sculptures on exhibit

Address: 150 Ash Street, Manchester, New Hampshire

4. Try out new games at Boards and Brews

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

This is an ideal location to show up at to try out an adventure less energetic and more relaxing. Aside from being an hangout spot, one also do get to make a choice out of its selections of over 1700 games at an affordable rate.

Though visitors are also welcomed to bring in their own games, there are a whole lot of new games; most especially those which has been tagged hard-to-find games.

What else do they offer

The boards and brew have also got a light café menu offering appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts.

Address: 941 Elm Street, Manchester New Hampshire.

5. Explore the Hampshire aviation history at its Aviation Museum

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Aviation Museum of Manchester, New Hampshire is one housed at the Manchester Airport’s former terminal. Originally built in the 1937 only to be refurbished in the 1990s, this museum house is strictly set up for the sole purpose of exhibiting the New Hampshire’s aviation history.

Nothing much to see her though, but it is worthy to note that since it once serves as an hanger for the army planes of the World War II, tourists gets to come across its home-built biplane reverenced a lot having took over six years to build.

What other things should one expect to see

Visitors and tourists in particular also do get to come across its multi-screen 3D flight simulator, Tuskegee Airman model planes alongside other aviation artifacts it has got on exhibits.

Address: 27 Navigator Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire

6. Explore the conservation area of Manchester Cedar Swamp

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Manchester Cedar Swamp according to statistical data and reports put across is the city’s largest conservation area , measuring at a staggering length of over 640 acres of lands; a swamp which do serve as the very habitat of its numerous species of beautiful flora.

With The introduction of its extensive trail system just recently, a pathway has in such very process been created for visitors and tourists alike to explore its neighborhood Atlantic White Cedar swamps and its surrounding forest

What should one expect to see

Visitors gets to explore and have sight seeing of its wooden areas of oak, and black gum trees.

Address: Country Side Boulevard, Manchester, New Hampshire.

7. Visit the recreational center of Massabesic Lake

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Massabesic Lake more like an amusement park of Manchester Hampshire is one catering for the recreational activities of the region of all things fun related water activities of kayaking, canoeing, and boating; with that of swimming being prohibited

Because the lake is a drinking water source for its local inhabitants, swimming is prohibited and tourists are only left with coming to explore its wide variety of fish species.

What other adventures holds here

Visitors and tourists alike get to enjoy bird-watching of its eastern bluebirds and tree swallows.

Address: 26 Audubon Way, Auburn, New Hampshire

8. Visit the Iconic landmark of Derryfield Park and Weston Observatory

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The,Derryfield Park of Manchester’s Hampshire of the 66-foot-tall Weston Observatory; a magnificent edifice which serves as a lookout tower for men of the during the Second World War, decades ago.

Taking its spot on the list of US National Register of Historic places, this tower though one that cannot be climbed, is an ideal location to be at to flash the light of your camera lens with its lovely backdrop for photos.

Why you should visit

The Derryfield park has also got a recreation area made up of a playground, outdoor exercise stations, a gazebo, tennis courts, and wooded walking paths; should they have any adventure that interests you

Address: Bridge and Highland Streets, Manchester, New Hampshire.

9. Enjoy the wildlife of Charmingfare Farm

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Charmingfare Farm just a minutes’ drive from downtown Manchester is a local animal farm serving as a zoo. This is a farm house, different from the rest, as unlike other farms of the region housing domesticated animals, the charmingfare farm apart from housing domesticated animals do also houses wildlife.

Present on ground is the domestic animals of cows, pigs, goats, chickens and so on; alongside that of the wild animals of camels, black bear, deer, fox, and more.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors and tourists alike get to be part of its seasonal events of hay rides, sleigh rides, teddy bear picnics, magic shows, and live music.

Address: 774 High Street, Candia, New Hampshire

10. Catch a Show at the Palace Theatre

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Palace Theatre in Manchester not strictly restricted to film shows alone, is one of the top notch performance venue of downtown Manchester. This very theater house also do bear huge historic significance having hosted show for great personalities of the likes of Bob Hope, the Mark Brothers, and Harry Houdini.

Having been restricted to only film shows in the past; presently the palace theaters now do accommodate a whole list of live performances in their different nature of musicals, bands and solo artists, comedians, and more.

Why you should visit

Here, tourists gets to be part of its hosted shows of annual Disney on Ice performances, circuses, the Harlem Globetrotters, concerts, and more.

Address: 80 Hanover Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.

11. Enjoy the game of SNHU Arena

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The SNHU Arena in Manchester is a sporting hub and arena of blessed memory, offering the blends of hockey games and music with some little touch of basketball matches; literally, there are a whole lot of mini sporting events happening here.

Laying in wait here is a whole list of its exciting upcoming events and music concerts anchored by some of the top performers in the music scene of the region such as Seether and Greta Van Fleet.

What to expect

The SNHU arena offers food and drinks of mostly snacks and beverage’s alongside the best entertainment in the city.

Address: 555 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101, United States.

12. Explore foot tubing at the McIntyre Ski Area

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The McIntyre Ski Area is a place of convenience for both local residents and visitors of Manchester NH, one which has got a two conveyor- style lifts accommodative to individuals of all age groups.

With its renovated terrain park of rails, jumps, and a huge bowl, a medium is created for tourists to come be a part of the thrilling adventure that comes with its hosted 400-foot tubing area.

Why you should visit

Though the McIntyre ski area has present on ground restaurant with outdoor seating to chew through its amazing meal delicacies, visiting affords you the opportunities to take part in its hosted game nights complemented by live musics

Address: 50 Chalet Way, Manchester, New Hampshire.

13. Enjoy Picnic in Livingston Park

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Livingston park is one different from other parks of Manchester NH, as though primarily a great place to visit with kids, it is also a sporting arena and hub housing the following sporting events of baseball alongside that of track fields.

For those who aren’t considering getting sporty, well you can also come over to cool off at its pool made up of a waterslide and a splash pad.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors gets to explore its nature trail alongside that of his surrounding wooded area.

Address: 156 Hooksett Road, Manchester, New Hampshire.

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14. Catch a Game at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

For lovers of the game of baseball, there should be one very venue you should be headed to during weekdays, that very venue is the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium to catch up with the professional game of baseball.

Right over here, you get to watch the ever lively rivalries of its famous team of the Fisher’s cat in New Hampshire’s Minor League team with other baseball teams.

What’s so special about this sporting arena

Though it has got a capacity to accommodate over 6,500 spectators, it has also got present on ground a kiosk offering gluten- and allergen-free snacks.

Address: 1 Line Drive, Manchester, New Hampshire.

15. Enjoy the wild games of Granite State Escape

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

This popular escape room of Manchester Hampshire is one for a stress relieving adventures of puzzle solving; games which though might happy scary can be fun to engage with as well. Though it is not advisable to bring the kids along.

What to expect

Right over here at the Granite state park, visitors gets to enjoy its puzzle games requiring their detective skills, one which is to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Address: 795 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101, United States.

16. Shop for collectibles at Mall of New Hampshire

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The mall of new Hampshire is one to pick up collectibles of interest to you while touring this very city. Showing up here is solely for the purpose of going on a shopping spree of items of fashion interest; most especially as it concerns gearing up for an occasion.

Talking about collectible items of fashion interest, the mall of new Hampshire do offer as well jeweleries, shoes and clothing accessories generally that best matches your fashion sense.

What other services do they render

The mall of new Hampshire have also got some tech shops attending to visitors needs of all things phone accessories.

Address: 1500 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103, United States.

17. Enjoy the quiet space of Lake Massabesic

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The lake of Massabesic just as its name translates is a place of much water. Though it is the primary drinking water source of members of this community, it is also a beautiful spot for tourists to come and have a feel of its quiet space and peaceful picnic.

Basically, visiting the lake massabesic affords you the experience of having a much more closer look of the beauty of nature with its scenic lakeside views.

What to expect

Here, tourists also do get to catch the glance of its spectacular water falls of different shades of golden orange and red.

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18. Enjoy the adventures Rock Rimmon

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The massive Rock Rimmon is according to many the largest park in Manchester Hampshire, housing and accommodating all climbing related activities. Talking about its climbing related activities, one can either engage with anyone of its rope climb, boulder, lead climb, or free climb adventures.

The aim of this very adventure is targeted at getting to the top of its massive mountain where you get to catch a glimpse and glance of the panoramic views of the city.

What other adventures holds here

If its adventure of climbing is one you’re scared of engaging with, then you might as well stick to hiking or perhaps its other fun activities of its playground and various courts.

Address: 264 Mason St, Manchester, NH 03102, United States.

19. Enjoy the creative adventures of Studio 550 art

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Studio 550 Art is a designated art facilities not for kids alone, but also for teenagers and adults, one very place of which individuals are put through the creative ideology of working something creative out either at its summer art camps or in homeschool classes.

What other things holds here

Aside from getting creative with clay, visitors can also choose to be part of its paper arts class of acrylic painting, book and paper arts, drawing, pottery, stained glass, watercolor painting, and much more.

The studio 550 art has also got a Tea Room to enjoy a cup of tea while conversing with friends.

Address: 550 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire,

20. Enjoy the grilled meats of Hanover street chophouse

20 Fun Things to do in Manchester, NH

The Hanover Street Chophouse of Manchester Hampshire is an old-fashioned themed exclusive club of leather chairs and wood tables, offering that amazing dining experience as it concerns meat delicacies.

Talking of its meal delicacies, it is one which has been grilled to the fullest and cooked to perfection; perfect for a romantic date night.

What do they offer

The Hanover street chophouse do offers that amazing dining experience complemented with a good bottle of wine.

Address: 149 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH, United states.


In conclusion, There are so many unique things to do in Manchester, New Hampshire; most especially as it concerns exploring its various place of interest, perhaps hanging out and going out on a date.

Finally, from each and every single places of attractions aforementioned, it is safe to say that the city of Manchester in New Hampshire is the hub for all things culture, arts, and entertainment.

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