20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Things to do in Texarkana

The city of Texarkana present in the regional axis of Texas also do hold claims of being one of the largest cities in the United States as a whole, one which is evident in the fact that it is constituted of two cities split in half by a thin line.

For the record’s, the brief overview of this very city reads that though geographically inclined in the southeastern nomenclature, it has been tagged with the name Texarkana; s name derived as s result of the city being present in the regional borders of Texas and Arkansas.

Originally starting out as a rural area, known for being the home of a regional railroad depot; this region ever since has experienced growth both economic, social and political wise.

Being the 12th largest city in the state, there are more than enough reasons as to why Texarkana I’d considered as one of the best places to enjoy vacation in the country, having been made popular for its variety of top outdoor recreation destination and places of attractions as well.

In search of the best & fun things to do in Texarkana?, From going fishing at the Lake Millwood, to exploring the haunted streets of Texarkana, all thd way down to relaxing at the Holiday Springs Water Park, below have been outlined some of the fun things to do in Texarkana.

Things to do in Texarkana

1. Take a walk in Bobby Ferguson Park

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

It is an established fact that there is no park and public space as big as that of Bobby Ferguson park in the whole of United states, one w which is a designated location to be st for visitors looking forward to having dome nice time outdoors and having a stretch.

Blessed with a whole lot of  walking trails and wooded areas, surrounded around by a sizeable lake, this very beautiful attraction is one very place to spend your idle time nicely by either taking a walk or stroll.

Why you should visit

This is a place to visit generally for Cyclists, runners, and walker, one which they also do get to have some nice fun time feeding the ducks and splashing in the lake.

Address: 3400 U of A Way, Texarkana, AR 71854.

2. Shop at the Gateway Farmers Market

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Looking for a place to do more of buying of the very best of nourishing farm produce, then the Farmer’s Market of gateway should be that very marketplace you should be headed to, with its group of local farmers and growers acting as suppliers in its distribution chain.

Right over st this very marketplace, visitors are at liberty to browse through and scan the very best of its harvested produce rare to come across anywhere else.

For those interested in carrying out their shopping at this marketplace, it is worthy to note that the doors of this market are only made open on the following days of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

What do they offer

The Gateway farmers market do offer healthy fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers Jjelly, eggs, honey, soaps, and some other food produce of New Potatoes, greens, onions, carrots, zucchini, radishes, squash, beets, fried pies, banana nut bread, zucchini bread, and many more.

Address: 9th Street and Jefferson, Texarkana, AR 71854.

3. Explore the P. J. Ahern Home

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The P. J. Ahern Home is one very attraction of Texarkana which has been in existent for over a century now, having been built in the year 1905, and has ever since been hosting and anchoring cultural programs of exhibits relating to the history of Texarkana.

Visitors who are considering visiting would consider themselves lucky, with an opportunity given to them as well to check out its architectural Beauty floor plan design made by the inhabitants of the house Mr. and Mrs. Ahern as at then, of which was designed in the Classical Revival style

What to expect

Aside from visitors enjoying the privileges of its docent-led tours here, its venue also do serve as the ideal location to host events, meetings, and weddings.

Address: 403 Laurel St, Texarkana, AR 71854.

4. Visit the Four States Auto Museum house

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The museum house of Four states auto originally known as the Tex-Ark Antique Auto Museum, also do make our list of places of attractions to consider visiting in Texarkana, one which was primarily set up towards preserving and showcasing the history of automobiles within the region.

The doors of this museum house are also everly open for visitors to come enjoy its beautiful moment of exploration of exhibits of its automobile body, wagon construction, as well as that of its collection of antique automobiles.

Finally, there are also some other educational functions and events being held down at this very museum house, with materials such as automotive-related books,Bnewspapers, and periodicals to support.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors gets to enjoy its guided tours of exploring its massive collection of automobiles, made up of plenty of cars and motorbikes.

Address: 217 Laurel St, Texarkana, AR 71854.

5. Visit the leisure center of Holiday Springs Water Park

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Coming next on our list of places to visit in Texarkana is the highly rated attraction of Holiday springs water park; a water based leisure center to enjoy the funs and thrills of its water based activities.

Talking of its exciting recreational water activities, visitors and tourists alike of all ages visiting gets to enjoy some fun time of its water bodies of water slides, wave pools, swimming pools, private cabanas, and the last river.

Why you should visit

Made up of River Rapids, Paradise Lagoon Pool and Spa, a wave pool, two children’s pools, and a sandcastle area for the kids, this is the ideal location to hangout with family members and love ones.

Address: 5501 Crossroads Pkwy, Texarkana, AR 71854.

6. Visit the performance art center of Texarkana Symphony Orchestra

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

This place of interest of Texarkana is a must visit place for both local residents of the area and visitors in desire of a great taste of music; a performance art center set up and dedicated to plays host to live musical performances of the very talented artists of the region.

Here, visitors gets to witness its energetic live performance offering the blend of education and transformative power of symphonic, as they get delighted with its unique classical sound.

What to expect

Visitors should expect to witness its great live musical performance of classical masterworks, and symphonic pops.

Address: 421 Hickory St, Texarkana, AR 71854.

7. Go fishing at the Wright Patman Lake

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The peaceful, calm and quiet environ of the Wright patman lake is also another highly rated and regarded attraction of Texarkana, one which do holds the bragging rights of being one of the most visited lakes in the region, of which visitors do come over at to come test their skills with hunting for its variety of species of gamefish.

The interesting element of this whole experience Is that visitors gets to hunt for anyone of its species of fishes, of which afterwards they can proceed to grill or roast them for their own consumption

What other things happens here

Should you happen to fall under the category of visitors who aren’t the fishing type, worry mot as the Wright patman lake has got you covered with the following activities of boating, camping, and swimming as well.

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8. Go bowling at the Holiday Entertainment Center

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Holiday Entertainment Center is a well equipped leisure and recreational center of Texarkana, dedicated primarily to the game of bowling for its local residents, and has in recent time been transformed to party rooms.

Bowling is a game highly regarded and respected in the whole of United states as a whole, so should you be available in this very city of Texarksns, then you should consider yourself lucky of being able to live up with the bowling experience of Holiday entertainment center.

What do they offer

The Holiday entertainment center do offer offer bowling, arcade and partying experiences, while providing guests with lasting memories.

Address: 3408 N State Line Ave, Texarkana, AR 71854.

9. Stop by Hopkins Icehouse

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Hopkins Icehouse is a locally-owned eatery in downtown Texarkana offering appetizing delicacies of both visitors and tourists, hot and spicy just exactly the same way they desire of it, of which they also do walk in to get filled.

Opened and operating all all the seven days of the week, visitors if not for any other thing else should be rest assured of enjoying its freshly prepared dishes for both lunch and dinner, perhaps in the company of both their family and friends as well

Finally, they also do render services as it relates to catering alongside its open mic hosted nights.

What do they offer

The Hopkins icehouse do offers delicious homestyle meals of hand-tossed pizzas, mimosas, old-fashioned burgers, chicken and waffles, eggs Benedict, traditional biscuits and gravy.

Address: 301 E 3rd St, Texarkana, AR 71854.

10. Enjoy the live Performances of Perot Theatre

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Present right on the Main Street of Texarkana, the attraction of Perot Theatre also makes our lists of fun places to visit in Texarkana, one of the most visited places to be precise in the region; specifically for theatre lovers.

Built close to a century ago, and having started out as the Saenger Theatre, the Perot theatre is one made popular for playing as host to Douglas Fairbanks shows, alongside some other free tours for its guests.

Why you should visit

The Perot Theatre do play hosts to ballets, concerts, off- Broadway shows, and other productions that will surely get you intrigued with its blend of fun and entertainment.

Address: 221 Main St, Texarkana, TX 75503.

11. Learn more about Texarkana at the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Texarkana Municipal Auditorium is one which has passed through the test of time and lived through ages as well having came into existence and operation in the year 1920, one of few places of attractions blessed and endowed with a magnificent sights in the city.

Holding the bragging rights of being one of the most historical buildings in Texarkana, there’s no other ideal location to learn more about the history and architecture of the city than this very historic building.

What other things happens here

Here, visitors are privileged to  read about the various artists who had one way or the other in aforetime performed in the auditorium, with the most notable of them all being Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley.

Address: E. 3rd & Walnut St, Texarkana, AR 71854

12. Enjoy the fun of the recreational park of Millwood Lake

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Millwood Lake which geographically is just a stone throw from Texarkana, Arkansas is yet another place of attraction guaranteeing visitors a wide range of outdoor activities on its public park and space made up of a boat ramps, campsites, hiking trails, and picnic areas.

Recreation aside, the Millwood lake is also another attraction that basically speaks the language of nature; a top choice spot to visit for nature lovers, one which also do comes with some sort of bird-watching opportunities.

What to expect

Visitors showing up at this very place of attraction should expect to explore wildlife around the lake, of which they do get to come across the various animals of wild natures of the armadillo, beavers, fox, and white-tailed deer.

13. Give kids their moments at the Discovery Place Children’s Museum

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Discovery Place Children’s Museum just as its name insinuates is a designated place of attraction for kids, one which revolves and encompasses around all things history and science-related exhibits.

Here, a worthwhile experience is being given to the kids, school like in nature since they are mostly brought up to speed with the latest happenings in science through each and every single one of its exhibits put on display

What to expect

Visitors paying a visit to this very city in the company of their kids should be rest assured of their kids coming across its permanent exhibits of costume theater, sound wall, an old-fashioned theatre, biology laboratory, sound experiments, and dental exhibit; as they go about aiding their learning process.

Address: 215 Pine St, Texarkana, TX 75501.

14. Enjoy the photo taking session of 1894 City Market

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The 1894 City Market is one of the most treasured places of interest to visit in the regional axis of Texarkana, one which having come into existence in the year 1894 just as its name insinuates is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The reason why it is considered the perfect location for an amazing photo taking session just isn’t farfetched, since it is endowed with a whole lot of unique architectural structures for both its local residents and visitors to come flash their camera lens.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors gets to be stunned with the background areas of its art galleries and retail space, one which though is open for exploration for visitors can also be utilized in taking some nicely shot photos.

Address: 105 Olive St Corner Of Front And Olive Streets, Texarkana, AR 71854-5929

15. Visit the Front Street Festival Plaza

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Another amazing place of interest making its way into our list of fun places to be at in the city of Texarkana is the Front Street Festival Plaza, one which is known for hosting all forms of imbedded cultural events that comes alongside charisma.

Talking about its cultural imbedded events, bring an outdoor arts and entertainment resorts, it is perceived as many as being one of few lucky places to at in Downtown Texarkana and be part of its ever exciting events.

Why you should visit

Here, visitors gets  to catch up with its various exciting events such as “Mardi Gras: Parade from the past” and “RailFest.”

Address: 400 E Front St, Texarkana, AR 71854

16. Pay a courtesy visit to the Museum of Regional History

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Looking for a building in the city of Texarkana to feast your sights on a wide range of artifacts, being put on displays and exhibits, covering a wide scope of study on matters relating to World War II and beyond.

Moving forward, This very historic theatre building is also one characterized by its relatively small size, perfect for hanging out with family and friends as well as holding the significance of being a special morsel of Americana.

Why you should visit

Right over here, visitors gets to be part of its ever iconic musical presentations, plays, and other live acts.

Address: 219 N State Line Ave, Texarkana, TX 75501.

17. Go hiking at the Walk the Nix Creek Trail

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Hikers generally alongside individuals who do admire the adventure of hiking all do have one place of attraction in mind of their list of places to visit in Texarkana, with such very place being the Nix creek trail.

Measuring at a length of 7.2-kilometer, this very trail is one made popular for being asphalt from start to end, one which visitors can also choose to go sporty on its straighted path of appropriately marked mileage points.

What to expect

Aside from enjoying hiking or taking a stroll. the Nix creek trail also do offer diverse activity options, as oy concerns field and track events.

Address: 2001 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR 71854-1615.

18. Enjoy the nightlife of 67 RoadHouse

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

Looking for a venue to enjoy the calmness of the night, then the Bar and grills of 67 Roadhouse should be one very location you should be headed to during the evening hours and going down of the sun, to help sparkle and spice up your night.

A brief overview of its nightlife experience Is that visitors gets to engage with the following fun and thrilling activities of ppotluck, shuffleboard tournament, 8 ball tournament, and more!

While on the flip side, it is also a great place to settle for a glass of beer while holding friendly conversations with fellow visitors, with awesome music at the background

What do they offer

The 67 Roadhouse bar and grills do offer Steaks, burgets, Gish fry, steak and shrimps

Address: 1019 E Broad St, Texarkana, AR 71854-5401

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19. Stop by at the gift shop of Turner’s Framing Gifts-Gallery

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Turner’s Framing, Gifts & Gallery in Texarkana just as its name insinuates, is one of the most prominent gift shop of the region, of which visitors do come over at to shop for collectibles of décor and apparel nature on behalf of their loved ones.

Their services rendered also stretches out to assisting visitors in the packaging and custom framing of purchased merchandise, and Texarkana souvenirs, and every other items of personal interest to their loved ones.

Finally, it has also got its own special packages which specializes on custom framing visitors personal belongings of mostly medals, pictures, heirlooms, trophies and so much more.

What do they offer

The Turner’s Framing Gifts-Gallery also do offer Arkansas T- shirts, decorations, accessories, hoodies, and decals.

Address: 310 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR 71854, United States.

20. See Model Trains at Lindsey Railroad Museum

20 Fun Things to do in Texarkana

The Lindsey Railroad Museum is a museum house different from other museum houses in Texarkana, one very museum house of which visitors gets to catch up with the rare sight of its wide selection of model electric trains and houses model trains.

Should you happen to be one of few individuals who do perceive and refer to themselves as train fanatics, taking out time to explore the model railroads in the museum and some of its other facilities is bound to leave with you a lasting impression and memory.

What to expect

Here, visitors gets to come across its museum of railroad memorabilia, made up of model trains. Curator, of which all that is expected of them to do is to book a mid-week tour.

Address: 202 E Broad St, Texarkana, AR 71854, United States.


In conclusion, though the city of Texarkana might not hold the bragging right of a booming economy. but planning an holiday Trip to Texarkana assuredly guarantees visitors and tourist’s alike loads of excitement; reason why it is highly recommendable to consider spending your next vacation in the city.

With the presence of museum houses, art galleries, beautiful parks, resourceful libraries, and more, what else can visitors requests for that can’t be gotten over here.

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