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Are you planning a fun-filled vacation or holiday? Or are you having a challenge in your choice of destination? Worry no more because hickory NC is the perfect place for you.

The things to do in Hickory NC are usually astonishing and when exploring the beautiful city you will realize that lots of activities are taking place there.

It is recognized as the economic and cultural centre of the catawba river valley. It is known for its fascinating views. it also welcomes more than 1 million visitors each year which makes vacation quite interesting.

So today, Vasttourist is going to fully discuss the 28 Unique things to do in Hickory NC that we think most deserve your attention.

let’s get to it.

28 Things To Do In Hickory NC (NORTH CAROLINA)


Valley hills mall is one of the best shopping malls in Hickory NC. It renders so many shopping services such as curbside pickup, over 3800 free parking spaces, eateries, and many more.

Shopping in the valley hill mall is quite fun and it’s good to be included in the things-to-do list for the vacation period because it has all you need to shop. while shopping in the valley hills mall, don’t forget to visit the lovely gift shop Spencer valley hills mall hickory NC.

Valley hills mall is located at 1960 US Highway 70 SE Ste 244 Hickory, NC 28602-5107 United States.



Putt-putt fun centre is a miniature golf course in Hickory NC. The putt-putt fun centre is quite a fascinating place with signage, lighting, clubhouse, etc. One great thing about this fun centre is that it is made up of four different courses to play, at a reasonable cost in case you love to play all. For a visit to Hickory NC and is a golf lover, the putt-putt fun centre will serve you the best.

Putt-putt fun centre is located at 533 7th avenue place SW Hickory, NC 28601 United States.



Baker’s mountain is the highest elevation in catawba, county featuring 1,780 feet elevation. It is such a great and successful place.

Baker’s mountain is one of the three catawba Park and it was built on a Land the committee previously passed from long communication.

Baker’s mountain Park preserves the natural heritage and remains one of the best places for nature in Hickory NC. it has a lot to offer with 189 acres of mature chestnut, oak forest, and opportunity for bird watching.  In this Park, you can watch how interesting birdlife is, as well as the periodic golden eagle.

This Park was opened in the year 2002. visiting Baker’s mountain of one of the things to do in hickory.

Baker’s mountain Park is located at 6680 vacation mountain road hickory, NC 28602 United States.



catawba science centre is an educational museum. It is technically a children’s museum.

Catawba science centre is more than 30,000 square feet of space for visitors to explore both natural, physical, and earth science.

Have u been looking for a fun place especially for both children and adults? catawba science centre offers a lot such as interactive and educational school, field trips, summer camps, for youths, preschool science program, homeschool classes, scout camps, tech club, and also birthday parties. Catawba science center has both salt and freshwater aquarium galleries and a digital planetarium theatre.

location: 243 3rd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601-5168 United States.



Waw, talking about Ar workshop hickory, owned by a lady named Chrystal Rowe.  Ar workshop is a boutique DIY studio that offers an immediate class on fabricating custom, endearing home decor from raw material.

For your beautifully designed home decors, Ar workshop serves the best.

AR Workshop is located on the square of the historic downtown hickory ( 264 union square NW suite 101 hickory, NC 28601).



The hickory aviation museum is a museum that enhances the art and science of flying and making aircraft. This museum is dedicated to keeping going facts and artefacts of Golden age aviation.

Visiting the hickory aviation museum will give you a clue of how these aircraft came about. I know you will have been wondering how the science of aircraft came about. Explore the hickory aviation museum for a wonderful sight and new knowledge.

The hickory aviation museum is located at 3101 9th avenue Dr NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States.


Hi community theatre is one of the outstanding theatres in Hickory NC. It is a cool and fascinating place, that everyone exploring hickory NC should add to their things-to-do list.

This theatre is the best place for fun; where drama, arts, culture, music, etc are displayed in fullness. It is a life-transforming theatre, having fun is their ultimate.

Hickory community theatre is located at 30 Third St. NW Hickory, NC 28601, United States.


things to do in hickory nc

The old hickory taproom is an independent local restaurant in Hickory NC. They offer great and quality food; featuring American cuisine, locally-brewed beer, a full bar, and lots more.

Some of the dinner menu for the old hickory taproom includes; soups and salads, burgers, signature pizzas, munchies, desserts, and other side items.

There is no doubt about testy foods with a nice look in the old hickory taproom, visit us today and enjoy your meal at a reasonable cost.

The old hickory taproom is located at 222 Union square NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States.


things to do in hickory nc

Lake hickory adventure is one of the best things to do in Hickory NC. It offers so many cruises sailing and more ranging from a private charter cruise, public dinner cruise, holiday and speciality cruise, gift cards, boat rentals, fishing charter, and lots more.

Lake hickory adventure is fighting a great place to explore with beautiful views. This is a place where you can celebrate your birthday, special events, wedding ceremonies, dinner, and so many events.

This cruise is not just amazing for only customer service and entertainment but its sight along the lake is very amazing. On my first visit to lake hickory adventure, I testified, and you too need to testify, enjoy your vacation.

Lake hickory adventure is located at 6707 Limbaugh Lane, Hickory, NC 28601 United States.


things to do in hickory nc

Shooter’s lounge is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. It is an awesome place to shoot pool, and you won’t regret exploring there.

Shooters lounge offers free pools (for some days), live music, a clubhouse, and special foods and drinks. The most fantastic thing about shooters large is its excellent staff. wow, what a great place to hang out and make new friends. Just a visit to the shooter’s lounge will make a change.

Shooters cloud is located at 2149 N center St, hickory, NC 28601 United States.

#11. Explore Hickory Crawdads

Hickory Crawdads is a professional minor league baseball team based in Hickory, North Carolina.

The Crawdads play in the South Atlantic League and have been affiliated with the Texas Rangers since 1998. In their history, they have won two SAL championships and seven division titles.

This year, the Crawdads are looking to make their second playoff appearance.

Address: 2500 Clement Blvd NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#12. Visit Geitner Rotary Park

Credit: VisitNc

Geitner Rotary Park is an excellent place for family fun. Geitner Rotary Park is located in Hickory, North Carolina. 

The park offers outdoor activities to the community, such as soccer fields, baseball fields, picnic shelters, gardens, playgrounds, and walking trails.

Nature lovers will also love the several miles of hiking trails that wind through Hickory’s natural areas.

Geitner Rotary Park is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends while enjoying the natural beauty of North Carolina.

Address: 2035 12th St Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#13. Get Food Stuff @ Downtown Hickory Farmers Market

Hickory, North Carolina, is home to many incredible things. One of those things is the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market.

The Downtown Hickory Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh produce and other items, live entertainment, and a children’s play area. The hours vary depending on the season, but it typically runs from 8:00 am to noon on Saturdays.

If you are looking for a way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, this is a great place to start.

Address: Union Square NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#14. Union Square

Union Square is a neighborhood in Hickory, North Carolina. It is the most densely populated area of the city and is home to many stores and restaurants.

Union Square was established in the late 1800s when four railroad lines converged in a remote, central location. Union Square has something for everyone. Families will enjoy the play areas in front of some business buildings. Parents can also find daycare providers in Union Square close to work or school.

For those who want to hit the town with friends, there are plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants in this neighborhood with live music on occasion. There is also a theater called The Arts Centre which features live music concerts and Broadway Plays.

The last thing you should know about Union Square is that it’s home to many historic buildings from all eras–from churches built around 1900 to apartment buildings from the 1940 to-1960s.

Address: Hickory, NC 28601, USA

#15. Kiwanis Park

When you’re looking for a park with two playgrounds, two horseshoe pits, and a dog park, Kiwanis Park is the one for you.

Kiwanis Park is located in Hickory, North Carolina. One of the most popular attractions at the park is the playground with hills and slides. The other major attraction is the tennis courts.

While it may be too cold to enjoy these amenities now, this is a great place to go in the summer when it’s hot outside. It gives families an escape from the heat without having to travel far!

Address: 805 6th St SE, Hickory, NC 28602, United States

#16. Lowes Foods City park

Lowes Foods City Park is one of the most popular grocery stores in Hickory, North Carolina. Lowes Foods City Park has been around for over 50 years and was established when Lowes Grocery Company decided to open their newest location in the city.

Not only is it a grocery store, but it also is a warehouse, camper center, garden center, restaurant, and more. There are many reasons why people love Lowes Foods so much.

The Lowes story began when two brothers named Mack and Howard Loxley opened up a small grocery store around 1939 with an initial investment of $30. Fast-forward eight decades later, Lowes now operates nearly 600 grocery stores across 13 states with plans to open another 100 or so in the next few years!

Lowes Foods City Park is located at 1305 East Catawba Ave if you’re looking for fresh produce, meat, eggs, dairy products, organic food, snacks & drinks.

Address: 300-326 Main Ave NW, Hickory, NC 28602, United States

#17. Maple Grove

Maple Grove is a quiet, residential neighborhood in Hickory established in the late 1990s. Maple Grove has seen an increase in population over the past five years, leading to more children wanting to reside in this area.

The residents of Maple Grove are very welcoming, and they come together on many occasions for community events. There are also many parks, restaurants, churches, and shopping malls within a few minutes of driving.

If you’re looking for a nice family-oriented area with plenty of parks and activities, then Maple Grove is the place for you!

Address: North Carolina 28611, USA

#18. Shuford’s House & Garden

Shuford’s House & Garden is a beautifully restored 18th-century plantation home in Hickory, North Carolina. The historic house has been meticulously renovated to its original grandeur, while modern touches have been added for your comfort.

It’s available for rent for weddings, corporate events, and private celebrations. Learn more about the beautiful historic house!

Address: 534 3rd Ave NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#19. River’s Edge Marina

River’s Edge Marina is a top choice for those looking to enjoy water sports. It features boat slips, boat rentals, and dock space for 200 boats. River’s Edge Marina has room to keep your boat or jet ski safe and secure all year long.

They offer seasonal storage for boats under 60ft in length. If you’re interested in making River’s Edge Marina your destination, give them a call today!

Address: 5803 Icard Ridge Rd, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#20. Lake Hickory Haunts

Credit: Lakehickoryhaunts

You don’t have to go far from home to experience the thrill of a haunted attraction. Hickory, North Carolina, has some of the best!

Lake Hickory Haunts is a multi-level, excitement-packed haunted house that features a variety of monsters and creatures. You’ll experience a family-friendly attraction with a few scares for all ages.

There are tons of shows going on each night, so you can get your scare on no matter when you visit. Wicked Warehouse is an indoor attraction on multiple floors with a family area. There are scenes from horror movies recreated in 3D in the adults-only section.

Lake Hickory Haunts is not just one of the best attractions in North Carolina, but it’s also one of the best outdoor attractions in America!

If you want to experience terror at its finest, come to Hickory, NC, and visit Lake Hickory Haunts!

Address: 520 Carolina Ave, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#21. Custom Therapy Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress and pain and improve circulation and range of motion. Massage can also be an exhilarating experience.

A custom massage from a licensed therapist offers the benefits of a deep-tissue massage without the discomfort that often accompanies it. An adequately administered deep-tissue massage will relieve sore muscles, reduce chronic pain, and ease tension in the body.

The pressure used during a deep-tissue massage may feel uncomfortable at first but eventually leads to a sense of relief. The therapist breaks down muscle tension and restores balance to the body’s natural alignment by working out kinks in the muscle fibers.

If you’re looking for that perfect “me time” or you need some profound relief from chronic pain, request a custom massage from Hickory, North Carolina’s most reputable therapists!

Address: 2221 N Center St, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#22. Springs Road Gun club

Credit: Tripadvisor

The Springs Road Gun Club is a recreational shooting club located in Hickory, North Carolina. The facility has a full sport range and a new, state-of-the-art trap and skeet field.

They also have a new 20-field archery course and playing fields for soccer, football, and baseball. The Springs Road Gun Club has something for everyone. Those who participate in shooting sports offer many different opportunities through our various leagues and tournaments.

When you’re not competing, the clubhouse offers private meeting rooms with catering options and ample parking for your guests.

Address: 3462 Springs Rd NE, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#23. McGuire’s Pub

Credit: Visithickorymetro

McGuire’s Pub is an upscale Irish pub that offers a variety of American and Irish dishes, including their signature Shepherd’s Pie. More than just food, they offer live entertainment, trivia nights, and other fun activities to keep you entertained.

McGuire’s Pub has been in Hickory, North Carolina, for more than 20 years. They are committed to providing excellent customer service to their guests every time they visit the restaurant.

They offer events throughout the week to keep things fresh. McGuire’s Pub also offers quality food at reasonable prices along with living music.


Address: 46 3rd St NW, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#24. Players Ridge Golf Club

Credit: Loopnet

Players Ridge Golf Club is a public golf course located in Hickory, North Carolina. It features 27 holes of championship golf with some of the most scenic views in the region.

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Players Ridge offers a variety of amenities and services for players who want to make their golf experience as enjoyable as possible.

These amenities include a driving range, putting greens, pro shop, and restaurant.

Address: 1157 Players Ridge Rd, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#25. Hampton Heights Golf Course

If you’re interested in golfing, then Hampton Heights Golf Course is the place to go. Not only is it a beautiful golf course with scenic views, but it also offers the perfect experience for the whole family.

The clubhouse has a restaurant with good food and drinks available for purchase, as well as a pro shop where you can find all of your golfing needs.

It also has an on-site pro who will give you lessons and hire out their equipment if you don’t have any of your own. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to Hampton Heights Golf Course today!

Address: 1700 5th St NE, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#26. Harris Arcade Speciality Shops

Credit: Mapquest

The Harris Arcade in downtown Hickory is a historic building that has been revitalized to serve as an anchor for the downtown community.

The arcade houses many of the town’s specialty shops, including some new and unique to the area.

If you’re looking for a shopping experience like no other, be sure to visit the Harris Arcade on your next visit to Hickory.

Address: 221 Trade Alley, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

#27. Lake Hickory Trails

Credit: Hickoryrecord

Lake Hickory Trails is a residential community designed for living in their own home without worrying about yard work or maintenance.

Located on Lake Hickory in western North Carolina, it’s convenient to all the areas you want to visit without being too far from home.

#28. Rens Dog Den


Rens Dog Den is a low-cost, no-kill dog shelter in North Carolina with an open door policy. They are dedicated to providing dogs with their own space and the time they need to find their way to their forever homes.

At Rens Dog Den, they believe that every dog deserves its own safe space. That’s why dogs are provided with plenty of room for play, exercise, and free-roaming.

Their shelter is also home to adoptable dogs with special needs that most shelters would otherwise overlook.

Address: 843 Highland Ave NE, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

Final Thought On Hickory NC

Hickory North Carolina is widely known for its furniture making, manufacturing of textile, fiber optic cable, hosiery, foam, springs, and mattresses.

It is home to tourists with a wide range of beaches, parks, and lots of sightseeing. It is a popular recreational area and a fun place to be.

For an unforgettable trip, these 10 things to do in Hickory NC will make it a great vacation.

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