28 Best Things To Do In Valdosta Ga (Georgia)

Valdosta, Georgia, is a thriving city in South Georgia. It’s a place with a lot of history, culture, and character. With the many things to do in Valdosta, GA, there is no excuse for boredom.

As you walk through the streets of this beautiful Georgia town, you may feel enchanted by the old buildings and homes that line both sides of the road.

In addition to these historic sites, there are plenty of fun things to do in Valdosta, GA, that will keep you entertained for hours on end. There is something for everyone from museums to festivals that celebrate food, music, arts, and cinema!

28 Best Things To Do In Valdosta Ga

#1. Explore Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area

Source: Exploregeorgia

The Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area is home to a variety of wildlife and landscape features. It’s a good place for hiking, bird watching, fishing, hunting, and boating.

The Area consists of over 400 acres of open water and wetlands. It’s a popular place usually for locals and tourists looking to escape city life. You’ll be treated to some spectacular migratory bird species if you’re lucky to visit during the winter months.

If you’re looking to explore the outdoors in Georgia with your family this winter, check out Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area!

Location: 4649 Knight Academy Rd #4641, Valdosta, GA 31605, United States

#2. Chill at Georgia Beer Company

Source: Exploregeorgia

Beer is a favorite beverage in the United States. It’s no wonder with all the breweries around the country, with new ones popping up all the time.

The Georgia Beer Company was established in 2013 and has been making a name for itself ever since. They have a room on-site for a tasting where you can enjoy their brews and purchase bottles of beer to take home.

If you’re looking for a brewery that caters to all palates, then they are worth checking out. Whether you like an IPA or a fruit-infused beer, this brewery does it all.

They even offer gluten-free beers and ciders if you’re not feeling an ale! This should be among your list of things to do in Valdosta, Ga.

Location: 109 S Briggs St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

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#3. Visit Mckay Park

Source: Exploregeorgia

Mckay Park is the “Home of the Braves,” according to their website. Mckay Park is a historic landmark in Valdosta, Georgia.

It’s an excellent place for family fun with two softball fields, six baseball fields, and four soccer/football fields. There are also batting cages and picnic tables spread throughout for people to enjoy. This premier playground has something for everyone.

McKay Park is another way that the City of Valdosta offers its citizens an exceptional quality of life. Don’t forget to add this park to your list of things to do in Valdosta GA.

Location: N Oak St, Valdosta, GA 31602, United States

#4. Visit The Crescent

The Crescent is a neighborhood in Valdosta, Georgia. Historically, the whole of the Crescent was residential, with homes dating back to the late 1800s.

At one time, it was considered among the finest neighborhoods in Valdosta. It expanded over time to include the commercial strip along 11th Street and consists of some of the most historic buildings in Valdosta. The Area has significant architectural merit and features one of just six known cast-iron front porches in Georgia.

The Crescent Neighborhood Association is committed to preserving its historical fabric while recognizing that changes are inevitable. The association believes that residents are responsible for maintaining their properties to detract from their neighbors’ quality of life.

Feel free to add this among the things to do in Valdosta, Ga. So if you’re coming to Valdosta this year, be sure to visit The Crescent!

Location:  904 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#5. Explore Wild Adventures Theme Park

Source: Albanyherald

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, Wild Adventures Theme Park is the perfect place for you! Located in Valdosta, Georgia, this theme park is home to some of the most thrilling rides and attractions around.

With a little something for everyone, you’ll never run out of things to do in Valdosta, Ga, with your family and friends.

Wild Adventures Theme Park features more than 30 rides and attractions. From water slides and roller coasters to a petting zoo and a large arcade, there’s something fun for everyone here-even if you’re not into rides.

If you are looking for a fun day out with Valdosta kids, don’t miss Wild Adventure Theme Park, where families can live their wildest adventures together!

Location: 3766 Old Clyattville Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#6. Learn at Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum

Source: Exploregeorgia

The Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum is a historic treasure for the community. The museum was started to preserve the history of Lowndes County.

It now has over 4,000 artifacts on display from various periods in Lowndes County’s past. From Civil War memorabilia to traditional Southern collectibles, you can find something new every time you visit.

The museum focuses on lifestyles that existed during different periods in Lowndes County’s history, emphasizing farming, military service, child-rearing, domestic life, education, health care, commercial growth, transportation development, and African American heritage.

The society also hosts various educational programs about the history of this region. Check out these programs to learn more about our proud heritage. Don’t forget to add this museum to your list of things to do in Valdosta GA.

Location: 305 W Central Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#7. Take a Tour at Miss Kate’s Tours

Source: Tripadvisor

Miss Kate’s Tours is a tour company that provides tours in Valdosta, Georgia.

It offers haunted tours, historical tours, and other tours. They are an authorized tour guide company with years of experience providing quality tours at affordable prices. Their goal is to make your visit memorable and enjoyable.

Take one of Miss Kate’s unique tours if you’re looking for the best things to do in Valdosta, Ga.

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#8. Explore Peach State Summer Theater

Source: Exploregeorgia

Peach State Summer Theater is an arts organization in Valdosta, Georgia, and they host a variety of plays and productions each summer.

Peach State Summer Theater has been in operation for over 70 years, and its main objective is to provide entertainment that’s affordable to all.

They do this by offering half-price deals on select performances and hosting plays like Shakespeare in the Park. At this theater, you can find anything from family-friendly shows to more mature productions.

There are also many opportunities for children to be involved in the theater’s productions.

So if you’re looking for a great theater close to home, check out Peach State Summer Theater!

Location: 1500 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31698, United States

#9. Enjoy at Raising Cane

Source: Visitvaldosta

The market hosts fresh, local produce, fresh-baked bread, casseroles, and other food and gift items.

Visitors to Raisin’ Cane can pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch or take a hayride through the fields.

The farm tour will teach you where your food comes from, and there are plenty of activities for families and friends to enjoy, such as corn mazes, petite Ville, farm animals, and a lot more.

Location: 3350 Newsome Rd, Valdosta, GA 31606, United States

#10. Shop at Valdosta Mall

Valdosta Mall is a famous shopping mall that houses over 100 stores and restaurants. The mall features a six-screen movie theater, a bowling alley, and an amusement arcade.

It’s also home to the world’s most giant freestanding clock tower with four faces. You’ll find everything you want at your local store at the Valdosta Mall.

This includes food courts for all tastes, from Mexican to Chinese to Italian cuisine! And don’t forget about our shops for clothes and accessories like shoes and jewelry! Best of all, we’re open 24 hours a day!

You can add this to your list of things to do in Valdosta, Ga.

Location: 1700 Norman Dr, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#11. Go Golfing at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Source: bjtonline

Local golfers and visitors alike enjoy the picturesque views and challenging 18-hole course. The scenic beauty of Kinderlou Forest Golf Club will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a different world.

With its lush, green fairways, well-manicured greens, and spectacular scenery, Kinderlou Forest Golf Club is an oasis in Valdosta, Georgia.

The course usually offers a challenge for all golfers with its three sets of tee boxes and 18 different holes. Local golfers and visitors alike enjoy the picturesque views and challenging 18-hole course.

Kinderlou Forest Golf Club is perfect for someone looking for a fun day out golfing with friends or just trying to learn this great sport.

Location: 4005 Bear Lake Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#12. Visit Barber Pittman House

This Georgian-style house was built in the 1880s by Barber Pittman, a wealthy businessman, and owner of the town’s mercantile store.

It is one of the only houses in Valdosta to have an original Italianate porch. The house has been maintained and restored and is currently used for weddings and other events.

The landscaped grounds include a fountain, a garden, and a gazebo that provides excellent outdoor activities spaces. Visitors can also explore the historic gardens, open from April through October from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Barber Pittman House is proud to host your next event. These pictures will show you why we make the best location for your wedding or party.

Location: 416 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#13. Explore South Georgia Pecan Company

Source: Exploregeorgia

A pecan is a nut or fruit of the pecan tree. A native of North America, the pecan tree is now cultivated commercially in South Georgia at the South Georgia Pecan Company.

The company is committed to providing the highest quality products for consumers, wholesalers, and foodservice companies throughout the Southeast.

Pecans are fresh-roasted and vacuum-sealed every day for a quality product that is shipped to stores nationwide.

They offer many different varieties of pecans, including honey roasted, extra-large, cajun spice, and chocolate-covered. Here is your chance to get your hands on some of these delicious nuts!

#14. Spend The Summer at Jump’n Jacks 4 Kids

Source: Jump’nJacks4Kids

Jump’n Jacks 4 Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps children and offers summer day camps, after-school programs, and enrichment activities for all ages!

They love to promote a healthy lifestyle and community involvement. Jump’n Jacks 4 Kids offers a variety of programs for individuals of all ages.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in creative art projects, learn about animals through hands-on activities, and do many more beautiful things!

Their day camp is open to kids aged 3-12 on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am-5 pm. It’s a nice place to spend the summer while getting exercise and having fun doing it.

Location: 3671 Coleman Rd N, Valdosta, GA 31602, United States

#15. Learn at Annette Howell Turner Center For The Art

Source: Visitvaldosta

The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Art is a place to enjoy art, learn about art, and interact with other people who love art.

It has something for everyone: from workshops and classes to exhibitions and performances. It is home to visual arts, including paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media. The center also offers lectures by visiting artists and scholars.

Location: 527 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#16. Explore Freedom Park

Source: VLPRA

Freedom Park is a new park in the heart of Valdosta, Georgia. It was created to commemorate and teach about the Civil Rights Movement.

The land used for this park was formerly occupied by the most prominent Jewish cemetery in the Southern United States. Developed in partnership with the Jewish Cemetery Association, Freedom Park is a place of education, reflection, and recreation.

The concept behind Freedom Park came from a desire to create a destination celebrated by all people to reflect on our shared American history together.

Location: 3795 Guest Rd, Valdosta, GA 31605, United States

#17. Enjoy at Valdosta Wake Compound

Source: Visitvaldosta

Have you ever wanted to wake up in a place so beautiful, so peaceful, so tranquil that you would think you were waking up in paradise? If you have, then the Wake Compound of Valdosta, Georgia, is the place for you.

This should be among your list of things to do in Valdosta, Ga because the compound offers an experience that transcends anything available anywhere else.

With gorgeous views of lakes and forests all around, this is the perfect spot for any getaway. Whether with friends or family, on your own, or on a romantic honeymoon, Valdosta Wake Compound has something for everyone.

Location: 2314 Old Clyattville Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#18. Learn Golf courses In Valdosta, Georgia

Golf is a recreational activity that many people enjoy. You need a golf course to play, and one near Valdosta, Georgia, is the perfect place to start your search.

Valdosta offers a variety of courses that can suit all skill levels, from beginner to expert. For those looking for experienced staff, well-maintained greens, and fairways, and challenging holes, the Lowndes County Golf Course is a great option.

The Vineyard Golf Course also has scenic views and is perfect for those looking for a nice game of golf with family and friends.

For those looking for a more laid-back environment, check out the Bobby Jones Golf Course, where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors as you play.

#19. Explore Tallahassee In Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta is a city located in the southern part of Georgia, United States. The population was 11,212 at the 2010 census.

Valdosta is the county seat of Lowndes County. Mostly known for its football team Valdosta High School (VHS), it is also well known for its amazing waterfalls and camping. We have alligators that live in our waterways, and we are home to the world’s largest butterfly conservatory.

Tallahassee is a sister city to Valdosta, so there are many opportunities to travel between both cities.

#20. Explore Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Valdosta, Georgia, is a large swamp and wetland preserve located in south Georgia. It includes 729,000 acres of marsh and water and is home to many different animals and plants.

This refuge is most notably known for its many cypress trees, which can live for centuries.

If you’re looking for a place to explore the outdoors, there are plenty of ways to do that at Okefenokee NWR, such as hiking, biking, paddling, birding, or canoeing.

#21. Discover Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village

The Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village is a living history museum that looks into the past. The village offers an opportunity, especially for visitors, to experience rural life from the 1870s-1940s, including farming, cooking, and housekeeping.

Along with these hands-on activities, the museum also features a collection of historic buildings and farm equipment.

Visitors can explore the different aspects of rural life during this time and discover what was going on in our state’s agricultural economy.

It’s an excellent place for anyone who has ever wondered how life used to be before modern conveniences!

Location: 1392 Whiddon Mill Rd, Tifton, GA 31793, United States

#22. SAM Shortline

SAM Shortline is a small business in Valdosta, Georgia. Their goal is to provide the best products and services for our customers.

They specialize in custom, high-quality printing for businesses and organizations in the south. Their printing services include silk screen printing, digital printing, vinyl cutting, and more!

Not only do we offer these services, but They also offer design and marketing assistance with your company’s promotional material needs if you need any of these services or would like to learn more about SAM Shortline Check on their official site.

Location: 105 9th Ave E, Cordele, GA 31015, United States

#23. Azalea City Trail

Some people are relentless when it comes to the law. They will do whatever it takes to get their way, even if that means breaking the law. Some people’s actions can cause more harm than good.

The Azalea City trial in Valdosta, Georgia, is a story about just that. It is a tale of how what started as a simple act of trying to help someone turned into something much worse and how one act has continued to affect many lives for years.

Location: 700 Woodlawn Drive Valdosta GA 31601

#24. Spend Time at Scott park

Source: Valdostatoday

Valdosta, Georgia, is a great city to live in, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. One of the ways people love to spend time outside is at Scott Park.

Scott Park is a 10-acre park with various amenities and activities for all ages and abilities. It’s a great place to take your dog for a walk or let your kids blow off some steam on the playground!

Location: 900 Old Statenville Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#25. Spend Time at Drexel Park

Source: Visitvaldosta

Drexel Park is a beautiful place to visit and spend time with your family, run through the trails, or take a nice walk.

Aside from being an excellent spot for recreation, Drexel Park has so much more to offer. This park features a 10-acre lake for fishing and other water-related activities and a variety of other amenities.

From mini-golf to tennis courts, this park has something for everyone.

In addition to all the activities, you can enjoy at Drexel Park, plenty of events are taking place throughout the year. Exciting speakers from various walks of life come into this park to offer their knowledge and expertise on different topics.

Location: 1401 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#26. Learn at Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University is located in the beautiful city of Valdosta, Georgia.

It has been ranked as one of the top universities for technology and is well-known for its academic excellence. The university has over 100 majors to select from, which means that students can find an educational program that fits their needs.

The university also offers more than 300 student organizations, so there is something for everyone! Be a part of our community, and find your niche today!

Location: 1500 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31698, United States

#27. Book Your Hotel at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham

things to do in Valdosta, Ga
Source: Valdostadailytimes

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Valdosta is just minutes from the University of Georgia campus and is located near many of the city’s top restaurants, shops, and attractions.

It offers on-site amenities like free high-speed wireless internet access in all rooms, on-site guest laundry facilities, and free parking. This should be among the list of things to do in Valdosta, Ga.

The hotel also has an on-site fitness center for your convenience. La Quinta Inn & Suites Valdosta is proud to offer affordable rates at Valdosta, GA. 

Location: 1800 Club House Dr, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

#28. Enjoy Delicious Meal at Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias is a great Southern restaurant in Valdosta, Georgia. They have a wide variety of food and drink options for any palate with a unique menu.

Steel Magnolias has been around since 2014, and it has been going strong ever since. They have an extensive menu that will please any taste, including seafood, chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian, and even vegan options.

They offer daily specials as well as weekly specials. Steel Magnolias also has a selection of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. Steel Magnolias is the perfect place to have a delicious meal out or to take out!

Location: 132 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States

Plan Your Trip To Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta is a great place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. From the beautiful wildflowers in bloom during the spring to the fall colors lit up by the sunset, there are plenty of things to do in Valdosta, Ga, to experience its natural beauty.

You can plan a vacation or a business trip to Valdosta, Ga, exploring the attractions and activities.

This guide will help you plan your Valdosta trip.

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