things to do in Greenwood Indiana

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana, you can’t go wrong with these 27 best fun things to do in Greenwood. From the fabulous attractions to the charming restaurants, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Greenwood to make your trip truly unforgettable.

Greenwood is among the fastest-growing cities in the country. It offers a variety of entertaining activities, including musical performances, several museums and art galleries, restaurants and pubs, rich cultural centers, festivals, and more.

In addition to this beautiful city, there are plenty of fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana that will keep you entertained for hours. So if you are looking for fun places to visit in Greenwood, you will want to check out our list of the 27 best things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

27 Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

#1. See a movie at the AMC Theater

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do in Greenwood on a Saturday night (or any night of the week), you might want to take advantage of a deal that an awesome local theatre offers.

The AMC Theater is one of those classic movie-going experiences with multiple rooms and enough seating for hundreds of people. Theatres that offer reserved seating are perfect because you can always arrive early and get your pick of seats without wasting time waiting in line.

Their massive theatre screens offer high definition picture quality, so you can be assured that everything will look amazing! Plus, their large aisles make it easy for big groups to move around comfortably and get out quickly after enjoying their movie experience.

A visit here will make your day enjoyable because it’s one of the best things to do in Greenwood, Indiana for adults and chilldren.

#2. Visit at least two parks

Greenwood is a community that knows how to have fun! Here are just 8 of the many fun things you can do here. Be sure to explore all of them when you visit our city.

We could share much more with you about our local parks and other fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana, this weekend! But for now, here are just a few suggestions.

You’ll quickly see why residents love living in one of America’s most fun cities. What are you waiting for if you haven’t explored everything your city has going on yet? Start planning your trip today! You won’t regret it. Make sure to bring along some friends or family members, too.

They’re certain to enjoy themselves as well. Fun Things To Do In Greenwood IN await!

#1 Visit Brookside Park: Our largest park features plenty of activities, including basketball courts, playground equipment, picnic shelters and more. Kids will especially love their own private skate park area!

#3 Stop by Cool Creek Park: Cool Creek Park is another great option for fun in the sun (or shade). Its beautiful walking trails make it easy to spend hours exploring its natural beauty. It’s also home to several historical sites and buildings.

To have an unfilled day, you can add this park among your best places to visit in Greenwood, Indiana.

#3. Go wine tasting at Minnetrista Winery

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

No matter how many times you’ve tasted it before, nothing beats a fresh glass of wine. One of Indianapolis’s most popular wineries is only minutes away from downtown and features a tasting room filled with unique artisan wines that will have you wanting more.

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Try something different, like their exclusive fruit-infused white wines, or if you are looking for something new, try out one of their limited releases. I am sure this will be among the best things to do in Greenwood, Indiana at night, especially when the weather is cool.

Either way, Minnetrista Winery is guaranteed to offer a memorable experience at 8100 East US Hwy 136 Greenwood (Indiana).

#4. Visit Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Sky Zone’s trampoline park is a fun place for adults to exercise and kids to play—it’s also a great place for team-building activities and birthday parties.

When you visit Sky Zone, you’ll find various features geared toward adults and children. For example, if you enjoy spending time with your co-workers after work but aren’t a fan of meeting at a bar or restaurant, Sky Zone might be just what you need.

For example, if you’re looking for fun things to do with your child during spring break or summer vacation that don’t involve video games or too much screen time—Sky Zone might be just what you need.

Address: 4150 Kildeer Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237, United States

#5. visit Summerfield Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Summerfield Park is a hidden gem and is also seen as one of Greenwood, Indiana’s best places to visit. The park provides many activities for visitors, including a theatre and a two-story carousel—best known as The Lady on Horseback.

You can also enjoy live performances by musicians at Seasons Performing Arts Center. In addition to these attractions and many others, check out City Museum for eclectic collections that can’t be found anywhere else.

Take your family on a trip you’ll never forget by enjoying some fun and cheap things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address: 275 West Worthsville Road, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

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#6. Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

This is one of my favourite places in Greenwood. The park offers an excellent playground area for kids, and it has a splash pool for them. There are also other slides and water play structures and a full-sized pool that you can swim laps in if you like.

I’ve visited Freedom Springs with my family several times and have always had a great time at their facility. If you live in or around Greenwood, add it to your list of things to do in your city!

Located in Freedom Springs Park, Greenwood Aquatics Park is open year-round for swimming and fun. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing day of lap swim and dive into different depths in eight 25-yard pools.

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The wave pool features an 80-foot slide that rushes down a three-story tower, and two lazy rivers flow around one of the pools. The park also has a diving well where it’s safe for swimmers to do flip turns before exiting.

With five locker rooms, visitors can store their belongings while enjoying all that Freedom Springs Aquatics Park has to offer. And as one of the best and free things to do in Greenwood, Indiana, admission is free!

Address: 850 W Stop 18 Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#7. Craig Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Craig Park is a great place for kids, with nearly one acre of wooded park. The park has picnic tables, restrooms, over 400 trees, and many flowers.

You can spend hours in the large forested area, taking in all its beauty. Walkthrough an expansive maple and oak grove down to Lake Maxinkuckee or relax under shade trees in front of gardens with fountains.

If you are looking for a family-friendly spot that is homey but beautiful at the same time, you will love spending time at Craig Park. This small park has a playground and tennis courts with several play opportunities. Whether you’re into basketball or just want to get out for a jog, Craig Park is a great place to visit.

You can easily make an afternoon out of it at Craig Park in Greenwood (Indiana), with nearby restaurants and shops. It’s one of our top 27 kids’ friendly fun things to do in Greenwood! You’ll love it.

Address: 10 E Smith Valley Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#8. Mrs Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

In small-town Greenwood, there are many fun things to do in Greenwood. My favourite is going out for ice cream at Mrs Curl’s Ice Cream and Cafe on Main Street.

The outdoor patio is my absolute favourite thing about Mrs Curls. It’s right downtown next to all of the shops, making it very convenient. You can also order multiple unique flavours like key lime pie or cake batter, which makes it exciting each time I go there!

The only downside is that everything does cost more than I would like, but their portions are pretty big, so you get your money’s worth.

This place is perfect for families with kids because they have a kid-friendly menu with items such as chocolate chip cookies and hot dogs. They also offer milkshakes in addition to soft-serve ice cream cones, sundaes, banana splits, root beer floats and much more!

This place is open year-round from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm during summer months and from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm during winter.

So if you want something sweet after dinner or some dessert after walking around downtown, stop by Mrs Curl’s Ice Cream & Cafe in Greenwood (Indiana). You won’t regret it!

Address: 259 S Meridian St, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

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#9. Main Street Grille

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

There are many reasons why Main Street Grille is one of our favourite places. While most people go there for their three-inch-thick steaks that are practically cut with a knife and fork, we’re going for something else: Tuesday Trivia Night.

It seems as though it was made just for us – two hopeless dorks who want to show off how much useless information we know. Don’t worry if you don’t know a Scatman Crothers from an Andy Griffith Show reference – they have basic questions every week so that everyone can participate!

Plus, you can eat a steak right before! The best part? You get to hang out with your friends and be social while showing off your trivia skills. What could be better than that? The answer: nothing.

Address: 200 S Emerson Ave, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#10. Studio 135 Salon and Spa

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

A full-service salon & spa offering a wide range of services, including haircuts and colour, perms and highlights. The company also offers nail care services such as manicures and pedicures for all ages.

To ensure clients receive nothing but top-notch service, Studio 135 Salons employs talented beauty professionals willing to go above and beyond their clients’ expectations.

For further convenience, these salons offer walk-in appointments and a gift certificate program that allows customers to give gift cards for special occasions.

Every time someone receives one of these gifts from you or your loved ones, they can be sure that only an amazing experience lies ahead at Studio 135. One of the most important aspects of any business is its ability to stand out amongst competitors.

Studio 135 does so by making itself available on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow customers to post comments, reviews, pictures and more about their experiences with Studio 135 while simultaneously connecting with others online who have had similar experiences.

This creates a unique opportunity for Salon owners because it helps establish credibility while simultaneously giving them direct access to feedback from their clientele.

Address: 1259 N State Rd 135 suite g, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#11. 4 Willow Farms

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

4 Willow Farms is a horseback riding school in Greenwood, and whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider, you’ll have a great time here.

They offer in-depth lessons on horseback riding. If you come in with little to no experience, you’ll leave as a professional or an expert. All year-round, they hold seasonal events and offer summer camps. Four Willow Farms’ birthday parties include horse riding lessons that require a helmet and gloves for safety.

Her horse farm is taken care of, and her site trainer is very skilled and experienced; she knows how to take care of horses and can provide educational information to her students about how to care for them properly. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address: 1213 N Franklin Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#12. Regal Greenwood & RPX

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Enjoy movies on a giant screen at Regal Greenwood & RPX theatre. This theatre has eight theatres, including stadium seating, extra legroom, and reclining chairs.

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With their Ticket guarantee, you get your pick of any seat for each show! They have ten different screens showing a variety of new releases and family-friendly films.

The concession stand offers Papa John’s (yum!) pizza and snacks like popcorn and hot dogs. They also have Pepsi Freestyle machines that allow you to choose from over 100 drink combinations. Popcorn, not your thing?

They also offer French fries and nachos! And don’t forget about movie gift cards – they make great gifts! A $25 gift card only costs $20, so they’re an affordable option if you’re looking for something small but thoughtful.

Address: 461 Greenwood Park Dr S, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#13. UPaint Pottery Studio

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

There’s something about pottery that is soothing, inspiring, and satisfying—it’s a great way to relieve stress. The classes at UPaint Pottery Studio allow you to explore your creativity while enjoying a good time with friends or family.

They offer a variety of classes and are very reasonably priced; they’re also very kid-friendly. If you or someone you know loves ceramics, check them out! Paint pots of all shapes and sizes.

Their four resident artists are fun people who can help lead you into your creative world if need be. Most importantly: it will make for a beautiful piece of art!

Hours vary by season – contact ahead if you want a private class so they can plan accordingly. See the website for the full schedule and pricing details. These are also wonderful places to visit in Greenwood.

#14. Hickory Stick Golf Club

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

If you’re looking for a fun game of golf that isn’t quite as competitive as other styles, stick golf is for you. The premise of stick golf is pretty simple:

Find an item (e.g., a pool cue or broomstick) and use it like a putter to hit your ball down into a cup while also trying not to hit any objects around you.

It may be one of Greenwood’s lesser-known activities, but it could just become your new favourite pastime when visiting family and friends. After all, there are few things more fun than being outside on a beautiful day with good company.

Hickory Stick Golf Club offers three 9-hole courses on their grounds; each has its challenges, so whether you’re looking for something more difficult or something more relaxing, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone at Hickory Stick Golf Club.

All courses feature lighted holes, so you can see every hole from start to finish if you play at night. Their facility also features two fully stocked pro shops, so if you forget anything on your way out, they have everything covered—and it doesn’t stop there!

They even offer instruction by PGA professionals if needed; all equipment and supplies are included in these lessons, so be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address: 4422 Hickory Stick Pkwy, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#15. Yats Greenwood

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Yats is a fun and funky restaurant that combines Southern cuisine with an elegant atmosphere. The menu offers some southern staples such as fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, gumbo and unique appetizers like smoked eggplant bruschetta and short rib ravioli.

Yats’ combination of food, ambience and service make it a can’t miss dining experience while you’re in Greenwood. Just don’t forget to try their seasonal blackberry margaritas!

Address: 1280 US-31, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#16. Royal Pin Southern Bowl

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Just over a mile from A-Basin, Royal Pin is located inside the equally charming Bigg’s general store. The 40 lanes are kept at a perfect pace for recreational bowlers, but when it comes to your turn, you realize no bumpers are keeping you from knocking down every pin on your way down lane seven…don’t fight it.

It’s a blast! For $1.50 per game or $0.40 per frame—yes, I counted, that makes it one of Colorado’s best bowling deals—you can stock up on goodies from Bigg’s and enjoy some friendly competition with friends new and old.

If you want to learn more about what makes Royal Pin so great, check out our list of things to do in Greenwood Indiana.

Address: 1010 US-31, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#17. Children’s Garden Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

With giant grasshoppers and ladybugs that youngsters can climb on, Children’s Garden Park will let kids enjoy themselves while learning about healthy foods.

At White River Gardens – The Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School, learn about nature while picking fruits and vegetables from several gardens or hop on over to White River Gardens – Historic Bootleg Island at St. Vincent de Paul, where you can look for crawdads in a water garden.

Kids who love animals will find plenty of them at White River Zoo – Zoo Dora is just a short distance away. There are several galleries in town for those interested in art, including Gallery 101.

Address: 165 E Main St, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

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#18. Vino Villa

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

For date night, nothing beats a bottle of wine and a great meal at Vino Villa (100 S 5th St). To find out what’s new with their restaurant, check out their Facebook page.

Everyone loves watching a movie, and when you add beer and pizza into that equation, it makes for a great time at Popcorn and Movies (530 Broadway Ave). The fun won’t cost you any extra money because it is all included with your movie ticket!

Address: 200 N Madison Ave, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#19. Greenwood Community Center

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

The Greenwood Community Center is one of my favourite places to unwind. If you’re looking for a place where kids and adults can have fun, check out their youth centre.

They offer a wide variety of classes and activities for people of all ages – from hip hop dance classes for teens to acting lessons for adults.

Classes fill up fast, so make sure you call ahead and sign up early! You won’t regret it. This is one of my favourite things to do in Greenwood. I know I’ll see you there!

Address: 100 Surina Way, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#20. Old City Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

A popular downtown park filled with historical significance and an abundance of recreational activity. Pack a picnic lunch or grab food from one of several nearby restaurants while you walk through Old City Park or visit one of many museums that call it home.

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Or simply stop by and grab a bench for a little relaxation—you’ll find both educational and fun things to do here! Each month brings a new art exhibit at The Center for Fine Art Photography, featuring Indiana artists whose work is available for purchase.

And don’t miss out on future park events like Shriekfest, where your kids can enjoy activities like Fairy Tail Booth or become Shrek by decorating their ogre mask! There are many great things to do in Greenwood, so enjoy Old City Park!

Address: 304 S Meridian St, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#21. Greenwood Park Mall

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

The mall is one of Northwest Indiana’s biggest and most popular attractions. It houses 150 stores on 1 million square feet of retail space, a 13-screen movie theatre complex and an ice skating rink.

There are more than 12 dining options, including P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. In addition to shopping, there are plenty of fun things to do inside and outside of Greenwood Park Mall.

For example, there’s always something fun at The Game Vault – over 20 years in business! From Blacklight Mini Golf tournaments to unlimited arcade play cards (the ultimate local deal), you can make any shopping trip that much more fun by spending time at The Game Vault!

Address: 1251 U.S. Hwy 31 N, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#22. Emporium 31

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

This eclectic art gallery and shop is filled with vintage and handmade goods. It’s owned by the husband-and-wife team (and Greenwood residents) Stacey & Daryl Bader.

The Emporium 31 community space hosts live music events for local artists and musicians several times a month. Don’t miss out: There’s no shortage of things to do in Greenwood!

Address: 11 Declaration Dr, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#23. Independence Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Whether you want a game of golf or simply a quiet place to read and relax, Independence Park has plenty of options for everyone. Play on one of three courses at Play Golf America’s Boilermaker Golf Complex for avid golfers.

During your round, you can spot local wildlife along the course – ducks and geese often stop by for a quick snack on their way south for winter. Then warm up with an outdoor fire next to one of two ponds or join a game of horseshoes.

The park also hosts movies, live music and performances throughout summer, so bring your lawn chair and cosy blanket!

Address: 2100 S Morgantown Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#24. Things Remembered

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

There’s plenty of shopping in and around downtown Greenwood. Fun Things to Do includes a trip to get customized jewellery at Chicago-based brand Things Remembered . . .

In addition to its downtown location, there’s also a second store at Bethel Mall where you can find custom mugs and picture frames. At both locations, you can bring your images or choose from thousands available for purchase online.

With more than 1,000 stores in all 50 states, it’s easy to find one near you!

Address: 1251 U.S. Hwy 31 N, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#25. Southside Art League

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Perfect for budding or seasoned artists and art lovers of all ages, Southside Art League holds open studios most Saturdays throughout the year.

You can also take classes with local art teachers and buy original works from resident artists. Additionally, you can visit sculpture gardens such as Rum Village Park and watch demonstrations in various mediums such as glassblowing or pottery.

If you’re interested in cultural arts but don’t want to spend a lot of money on admission fees or have time for lengthy classes, SAAL is your go-to destination in Greenwood.

They offer both free and affordable events (including kids’ craft workshops) that cater to every kind of visual artist, so there’s something for everyone!

And if you’re not quite sure what type of artistic pursuit piques your interest, SAAL’s website even has suggestions based on your personality type. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Address: 299 E Broadway St, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

#26. Westside Park

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

On an autumn afternoon, you’ll find kids flying kites in Westside Park. Nearby, you can rent paddleboats at Boatland on Friday evenings, and family movies are shown at dusk on Saturdays.

In addition to its popularity as a recreation area, Westside Park is also home to the Taekwondo Club of Indianapolis and Military Appreciation Day festivities held each summer (to honour local veterans).

Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about any of these events or other attractions in town (see At Home & Away). It’s full of fun news about what’s happening in Greenwood!

Address: 820 West Main Street, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

#27. Oaken Barrel Brewing Company

27 Best and Fun Things to Do in Greenwood Indiana

Oaken Barrel Brewing Company is located on South Madison Street in downtown Greenwood. It’s a great place for beer lovers, with a wide selection of beers by flight or by the pint.

After work on Fridays and Saturdays (4–7 p.m.), you can also get $3 flights and $5 appetizers. At the 2013 Indiana Microbrewers Festival, Oaken Barrel Brewing Company was awarded first place for beer! The best part is that they will give tours of their brewery if you ask nicely!

Address: 50 Airport Pkwy L, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

Plan Your Trip to Greenwood Today!

If you are searching for things to do in Greenwood, IN, this article has everything you need to know. It’s an excellent place for visitors and locals, and the weather is always perfect.

Greenwood is the perfect destination for people who love adventures. With an array of attractions and activities, it’s no wonder that it has become the fastest-growing city in Indiana.

So, start preparing to tour Greenwood on your next vacation. You’ll love it and enjoy the places to visit in Indiana.

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