10 Fun & Best Things To Do In Florence SC

Are you having a hard choice on things to do for a memorable vacation to Florence, SC? Worry less, for we are here to guide you better.

Florence SC, is one of the fascinating destinations for vacations, business trips, honeymoon, etc. It has many places to chill out, historical destinations, great shopping malls, and other hidden treasures.

Continue down to discover the wonders that make Florence, SC a place to be via “10 startling Things to do in Florence, SC ( South Carolina)”.

10 Startling Things To Do In Florence, SC

Florence County Museum

Florence county museum is an educational museum that reflects art, history and science. Through several exhibitions, studios, lectures and so on, the museum engages people of all ages.

Florence county museum entertains more than two million visitors every year. Before this, it is one of the best things to include in your list for a memorable trip to Florence SC.

It is highly furnished with different interesting collections, and also provide a platform for contemporary artists. The museum offers a large parking space, and it is also wheelchair accessible, so you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience.

 It is located at 111 W Cheves St, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


Timrod Park is a very nice park with beautiful scenery. It is a quiet, gorgeous place to walk through for a good stroll and take nice pictures of the family. It is located at the heart of Florence.

Timrod park is always clean and well kept, and so a very nice place to relax and think.

It features 18 acres, playgrounds with picnic tables and benches, a gazebo, amphitheater, a fitness area, tennis courts, outdoor facilities, and so many others. For every person in Florence, SC, timrod Park is one place to include in your things-to-do list.

Timrod Park is located at 400 timrod Park Dr, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


The war between the States museum is a must-see museum for history buffs.

In this museum, so many things are viewable, ranging from bullets, weapon swords, carbines, rifles, musket and pistol-confederate paper money, cannonballs, artifacts, and so many others.

It is quite a nice place to stop over and enjoy the historic site, which won’t cost you much.

The museum is usually open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which you must note before planning your trip.

 It is located at 107 Guerry St, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


Mars bluff, atomic bomb impact site crater is a war catastrophe that has become a landmark in South Carolina.

It was due to accidents by the United States Airforce releasing atomic bombs to a non-target place. As a result, it forms a mark that remains a remarkable history and site.

Mars bluff Florence has remained a top landmark to visit for tourists and should be included in your things-to-do list in Florence SC. It is a short stroll into the wood.

It is located at Crater Rd. Mars bluff Florence, South Carolina 29506, United States.


Seminar Brewing is the first and one of the exceptional craft brewing in Florence SC, United States. It produces exceptional beers. It is very nice destinations to enjoy locally-made craft beers to your taste.

Seminar brewing has all it takes to make your vacation an interesting one. It is a place where you can eat delicious meals served to buy Kanza under their roof. There is no doubt of getting delicious food at your taste at a reasonable price.

We should include an interesting place in our list of things to do for a memorable trip to Florence SC.

It is located at 551 w Lucas St, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


Thieves Market is a vast but impressive market that offers excellent shopping. It is an enjoyable place to shop your items ranging from antiques, furniture, vendors, sinks, sculpture, and so on.

Most importantly, the thieves market renders unique goods which you can’t miss out on. Before these, the thieves market should be the first in mind for a trip to Florence, SC.

Nevertheless, the building doesn’t have an AC, which means it is scorching but amusing, and so many things to explore.

Above all, they have very lovely staffs who are loyal to the core. You can ask them for anything you want, and they will politely lead the way. So don’t hesitate to add this to the things to do in Florence sc on your list.

It is located at 1820 E Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 29506, United States.


Florence Civic centre has been one of the dreamiest destinations in Florence, South Carolina. It is the centre for entertainment, exhibition, and several Civic events for the Florence region. Its arena also serves for big-time sports events.

Florence Civic centre has a total landmass of over 50,000 square feet, making it an immense hub and can accommodate all types of events. This is a great place to sit and relax while events keep you entertained.

Before these, Florence Civic centre is a must-see that should be added to your list of things to do in Florence SC.

It is located at 3300 W radio Dr Florence SC 29501 United States.


This is a lovely destination for adventure. If you have been seeking a great Florence city experience, look no further locked Inn escape room games is the best.

It offers a non-scary adventure that makes room for both young and old within the range of 6 to 90 years. The game time limit is 60 minutes, with 4 to 10 players on each adventure trip.

Locked inn escape room games are filled with adventures and secrets you can’t wait to discover. Plan your trip today and book your experience on one of the best things to do in Florence SC.

It is located at 214-A Dozier Blvd, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


1720 burger bar is a great place to enjoy the nightlife in Florence SC, United States. It is an awesome place which you won’t regret visiting. It offers unique menus ranging from the Optimus burger, American Ninja and so on.

1720 burger bar is also a place to enjoy your date with hubby. Wow, it also offers excellent fries and dishes with a good looking and outstanding waitress.

It is a small but mighty bar, adding 1720 burger bar to the things you will do for your trip to Florence will be one of the best choices so far as nightlife is concern.

It is located at 850 Woody Jones Blvd, Florence, SC 29501, United States.


Magnolia mall is the regional shopping mall in Florence SC United States. It is one of the best malls to visit and explore, which makes it among the startling things to do in Florence sc.

In this mall, the cost of items is reasonable, which makes it affordable for all. It has a lot to offer you, and it is a must explore the area.

Don’t worry about parking space here because it has more than enough parking space for all.

Above all magnolia mall is a very decent mall with an extra-ordinary staff. Each store in the magnolia mall is always clean and neat. What a nice place to shop and won’t regret anything. Before who should add this magnolia mall to your things-to-do list for a more memorable trip to Florence SC.

It is located at 2701 David H McLeod Blvd Florence SC 29501 United States.

Final thoughts on things to do in Florence sc

Florence SC is a beautiful state with beautiful things to offer. It was formally known for the railroad terminal, but as time grows Florence is widely known for its wonderful museums, theatre, symphony orchestra, ballet companies, festivals, and most widely a world-class recreational centre.

With the above things to do in Florence sc, be sure to have a memorable trip to Florence South Carolina.

Happy travelling‍!!!

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