15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Are you facing challenges on the things to do in Anderson, SC? Well, this post is here to guide you on the best places to visit in Anderson sc.

Anderson is the county seat and city of Anderson County in South Carolina, United States.

It has many amazing things, including tourist attractions, sound transportation systems, recreational amenities, museums, sporting facilities, incredible food venues, nature parks, and more. Infrastructures. These all make it an ideal spot to visit.

If you don’t have a list of Anderson attractions, choosing where to begin your tour may be challenging or which fun spots to visit first.

Here are the best things to do in Anderson, SC.

Things To Do In Anderson SC (South Carolina)

1. Explore Anderson County Museum

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Anderson County Museum gives visitors an exclusive look into the history of Anderson County and South Carolina.

It has over 20,000 artefacts originating from the region in its collection.

The museum houses artefacts, Research, and Reading Room with over 2,000 historical photographs and 1,600 volumes. All are open to the public.

The current exhibit, “Keep the Home Fires On,” features men and women who served in the American conflict.

Local exhibits provide entertainment and education for families visiting the museum, and the gift shop offers items made by dozens of local artisans.

Location: 202 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States.

2. Visit Carolina Bauernhaus

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

The Carolina Bauernhaus ales serve locally brewed ales that are inspired by Belgian tradition. Carolina Bauernhaus was founded by three local homebrewers who wanted ales to pay homage to South Carolina’s rich agricultural history.

The brewery is situated on a farm outside Anderson. Ales are served in Anderson’s Taproom.

Carolina Bauernhaus offers a limited selection of ales to keep things exciting and fresh. Each ale is unique and changes with the seasons.

The Taproom and brewery also host year-round events, including music, open mic nights, and tasting events.

Location: 115 Federal St, Anderson, SC 29625, United States.

3. Tour The Rocky River Nature Park

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Rocky River Nature Park is located in Anderson’s city limits. It contains the largest swamp in Upstate.

It is home to many natural wonders, such as wetland areas, open waters for canoeing or kayaking, various walking, biking, horse trails, and a discovery centre/environmental educational facility.

Rocky River Conservancy is a citizen-led and non-profit group that manages the park. It preserves the Rocky River, its swamp, and the surrounding areas.

Location: 1311 Old Williamston Rd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States.

4. Go Concert At William A. Floyd Amphitheater

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

The William A. Floyd Amphitheater, a concert venue with terraced seating on grass that can hold over 12,000 people, is one of the most impressive concerts in South Carolina.

William A. Floyd Amphitheater was named after the late chairman of Anderson County council, William A. Floyd. He was a great advocate and encourager of Anderson County revitalization.

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This large concert venue was opened in 1999. It has hosted many popular concerts and events featuring the biggest stars in R&B and country music.

The William A. Floyd Amphitheater has many unique amenities to ensure comfort for fans. These include a flowing stream, beautiful decorative ponds, and convenient concessions stand.

Check out the next concert date or event and add it to your list of things to do in Anderson, SC, for a great time.

Location: 3027 Martin Luther King, Anderson, SC 29625, United States.

5. Get Tasty Chocolate At CocoBon Chocolatier

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

CocoBon Chocolatier makes handmade chocolates and confections in traditional and old-fashioned styles.

After their favourite Chocolatier closed, the owners had an idea to open a shop. They believed that the tradition should continue.

Each recipe is unique and includes ingredients from local farms.

The shop’s vintage look is evident in everything, from the shop’s exterior to the uniforms worn by the workers.

They also sell vintage and vintage-inspired candies with Ferrari/Adams Candies and NECCO.

Location: 111 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States.

6. The Club of Brookstone

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Brookstone, one of South Carolina’s top-rated golf courses, is open to the public and is one of the most popular places in Anderson, SC.

The 18-hole layout was designed by Tom Jackson and offered a challenging, fun, and enjoyable golf experience.

The golf course was also remarkable after it underwent $2M worth of renovations in 2016.

Renovations included new Championship Bermuda greens, a renovated clubhouse and event center, an incredible golf practice facility, many hole layout improvements, and contemporary bathrooms.

Other features include:

  • Chipping and driving greens.
  • An extensive golf putting range.
  • A practice bunker with high-quality natural sand.

One can also use the golf course for private weddings, retirement ceremonies, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Location: 100 River Club Dr, Anderson, SC 29621, United States

7. Visit Grady’s Great Outdoors

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Grady’s Great Outdoors, a local cooperative that focuses on providing visitors with an unforgettable adventure in all things outdoor.

Grady’s Great Outdoors offers quality products and outstanding customer service to outdoor enthusiasts in a family-friendly environment. They also inspire visitors to explore the great outdoors.

Many products can be purchased in Grady’s, including kayaks, firearms, shooting supplies, and grills.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They can help with shoe fittings, demonstrations, and even on-site demonstrations.

Grady’s Great Outdoors, open Monday through Saturday between 10 AM and 7 PM, is closed Sunday.

For a fun outdoor experience, add this to your list of things to do in Anderson, SC.

Location: 3440 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States

8. Explore Denver Downs Farm

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Since 1869, Denver Downs has been operated and owned by the Garrison family. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The farm, originally was a cotton farm, has evolved into a dairy farm and is now an agritourism location.

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The farm covers 400 acres and displays the family’s heritage. It also teaches tourists about agriculture, which can still be a valuable part of our daily lives.

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Denver, Down’s Farmers Market, opens during the summer months. It allows local farmers to share their produce both with locals and tourists.

Denver Downs offers various learning opportunities throughout the year, including award-winning corn mazes that are open in the fall.

Location: 1515 Denver Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States

9. Purchase Craft Beers At Growler Haus

Growler Haus gives visitors an exclusive look at the microbrewery and craft beer worlds and offers a more personal way to buy and enjoy craft beers.

The Growler Haus’s primary goal is to showcase the best local brewers and provide a relaxed environment for its guests to enjoy the beers offered.

The three locations offer various brews, and staff are more than happy with samples or opinions based on individual tastes.

Growler Haus hosts a community beer contest to showcase local talent and give home brewers a chance.

Location: 313 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States.

10. Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

If you’re a sports fan, Anderson Sports & Ent Center is a great place to add to your list of things to do in Anderson, SC.

The centre is spread over 64 acres and offers fantastic sports facilities for visitors.

This centre features three soccer fields, seven softball/baseball pitches, miles of paved walking trails, eight tennis courts and picnic areas. There is also a disc golf course.

There are lots of ongoing activities at the centre, including youth and adult softball/baseball leagues and associations.

On weekends, the centre hosts a variety of tournaments and events related to different sports.

Keep in mind; dogs are not allowed in Anderson Sports Center except for service animals to ensure the safety of all visitors.

The centre offers an unforgettable sports experience.

Location: 3027 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States

11. Camp at Sadlers Creek State Park

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Sadlers Creek State Park is 395 acres and offers various fun activities, including water sports, bird watching and camping.

Sadlers Creek Park offers 52 campsites, with electricity and water available for rent.

Reservations can be made for two picnic shelters or a Lakeside Pavilion, which can host a large family or friends.

One of the park’s most unique features is the two biking or hiking trails, the Pine Grove Trail (a half-mile trail) and the Loop Bike Trail (a 6-mile bike trail).

Visitors are welcome to use the park’s two boat ramps for fishing or cruise purposes.

Location: 940 Sadlers Creek Rd, Anderson, SC 29626, United States

12. Chill At Lake Hartwell

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Both locals and tourists know Lake Hartwell to be one of the most popular fishing spots in South Carolina.

Lake Hartwell State Park has miles of hiking trails and a boat ramp open to the public for anyone who wants to fish or explore.

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Two beautiful wooden cabins are available for rent year-round to visitors who wish to spend a few days in the park.

You can also rent camping sites for RV or tent campers in addition to the cabins.

The park has a playground, picnic shelter and restrooms that can hold up to 75 people.

Location: 19138-A HWY 11 S, Fair Play, SC 29643, United state

13. Taste Whisky At Palmetto Distillery

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Palmetto Distillery, a micro-distillery in the area, produces legal moonshine and award-winning whiskey.

Both of the owners are descendants of local moonshiners. They use recipes that date back over 100 years to keep alive the traditions of their forefathers. Moonshine is made entirely by hand in a copper still.

Visitors are invited to sample five different moonshine flavours and craft whiskey at no cost.

The distillery offers tastings and a history lesson about the moonshine runners of the area. It also demonstrates how the distilling process works.

Location: 200 W Benson St, Anderson, SC 29624, United States

14. Explore South Carolina Plantation Tours

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

South Carolina is home to over 1,500 plantations spread across the state. This gives you a rare glimpse into America’s history of the plantation.

Anderson County is home to the Ashtabula Plantation and the Woodburn Plantation. The Pendleton Historic Foundation owns both. This house museum offers visitors an insight into plantation life in the 1800s.

Both houses are more than 200 years old. Ashtabula was constructed in 1790, while Woodburn was built in 1800. Since then, they have been completely restored and recovered. 

You can tour the private and public houses to learn more about the area’s history.

15. Visit The Split Creek Farm

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson SC

Split Creek Farm is a Blue Ridge Mountains dairy farm that focuses on goat products.

This farm makes and sells unique goat products, including yoghurt, goat milk cheese, and fudge.

Visitors can visit the farm and learn about the history of farming in the area and the challenges involved in running a dairy farmer’s farm.

Visitors can also view the 350-strong herds of the farm and see the work of local artists in the farm shop.

The farm hosts educational events throughout the year, where they demonstrate how their products are made.

If you are interested in South Carolina agriculture, add this farm to your list of things to do in Anderson SC.

Location: 3806 Centerville Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States

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Anderson is a fantastic place to visit because of its many attractions that explore parks, museums and trails.

You can plan a vacation or a business trip to Anderson by exploring the attractions and activities.

This guide will help you plan your Anderson trip.

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