18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

things to do in Fresno Ca

There are many entertaining and thrilling things to do in Fresno California. This vibrant city has something for everyone, from outdoor excursions to cultural encounters.

Fresno is an excellent destination to consider on every vacation. It is renowned for its mild, humid weather, characterized by hot and arid winters and summers, which explains why visitors hardly get below its frozen surface more than twice a year.

You can visit one of the many local vineyards and sample some regional wines, including hiking in the stunning highlands. So come and see all Fresno has to offer while creating some priceless memories!

Here is a glance at the best things to do in Fresno, California.

What are the Best Things to Do in Fresno, California?

#1. The Forestiere Underground Gardens

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Forestiere Underground Gardens offers both a fascinating and rare tourist allure. The underground gardens are the historical work of Baldassare Forestiere.

Forestiere fled home (Sicily) in 1901 and later settled in America. When he got here, he spent all his free time digging out this underground maze of porches, grasslands, and caverns.

He developed the gardens without a blueprint, as each area was constructed as the work advanced. Forestiere worked on it for four decades, and the work persisted until he achieved this incredible masterpiece we glimpse today.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens hold several fruit trees, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. This is one of the best places to visit in Fresno, California.

Address: 5021 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, United States

#2. Tour the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

If you are a sucker for nature, especially animals, then Fresno Chaffee Zoo is perfect for exploring this lovely zoo. The Chaffee Zoo began as a ‘care home’ for pets no longer wanted by their owners, other than a conventional zoo.

Although much is known about the history of this place, since no official documents were found regarding the origins of the zoo, it would seem that the zoo began undertakings in the early nineteenth century. And as time wore on, additional animals were provided, and a coliseum was constructed.

In 1929 the zoo received its first official visitors with a new name: the Roeding Park Zoo ever since, the zoo has gone on to enlarge throughout the decades with an “African Adventure” session as the latest addition that made twice as much the scope of the zoo with additional animals: elephants, cheetahs, gorillas, and other animals.

Address: 894 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

#3. Explore the Yosemite National Park

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Yosemite National Park, which sits within Yosemite Valley, receives millions of visitors from across the globe every year.

The Park has been designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers 747,956 acres. It runs through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

There’s no tourist site anywhere in the world that’s more famous for its stunning granite mountains and gorgeous chutes than Yosemite National Park.

With more than 800 miles of trails, from short walks to day-long hikes, this place offers adventures and exhilarating mountaintop views, so if you are asked what to do in Fresno, California.

Address: 1400 Fulton Street, Fresno, California

#4. Let the Sun Get You Wet at the Island Water Park

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

If you’re looking to go on a family trip on a budget with all the fun intact, then a tour of Island Water Park is precisely what you and your family require.

This large park has ample falls and tide gimmicks the tersest of attention spans can give. Wander off the “Tunnel of Terror” or explore the “Mumbai Monsoon.”

And when you get exhausted, remember to grab some refreshments from one of the several booths that sell food and drinks at the park.

However, you may need to check online before visiting due to weather conditions, as the park only welcomes visitors for some years.

Address: 6099 W Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States

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#5. Shop At River Park

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

River Park in Fresno began in 1996 with over 75 marts. The park is divided into three significant sections. There are the “Shops at River Park,” with an array of shops where visitors can explore the movie theatre and diners that serve delicious meals.

The following section, dubbed “The Marketplace at River Park,” features different big-box stores, and, lastly, the “River Park Plaza” area offers additional restaurants plus an artifact shop.

The theater screens 21 movies while catering to the thousands of viewers who visit the place to see the latest releases.

Address: 71 E Via la Plata, Fresno, California

#6. Come to the Big Fresno Fair (Central Valley)

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Nearly 600,000 visitors worldwide come to the Central Valley for the Big Fresno Fair every year. The fair lasts for two weeks and has many different shows, such as animal shows, horse races, and live music.

The fair has a lot of exciting information about Fresno’s agricultural past, which is meant to teach tourists and people there.

The fair features several tournaments comprising livestock, fur, and feathers every year. The events and exhibitions remain a source of revenue for the city of Fresno. Add this to your list of things to do in Fresno, California, this weekend.

Addree: 1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States

#7. Explore The Shinzen Friendship Garden at the Woodward Regional Park

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

The Shinzen Friendship Garden in Woodward Regional Park is a piece of Fresno’s history that shows how rich the city’s past is. It is a replica of the traditional American Japanese Garden. The garden was modeled after a city in Japan named Kochi.

Initially set on an arid valley floor, the Shinzen Friendship Garden wears a new look incorporating cascades, a lake, and some rivers.

Arrive in spring or summer, and be sure to find cherry trees blossoming and the calming ocean overflowing with colorful koi. In addition, the park sprouts several other Japanese-styled bridges.

Address: 114 W Audubon Dr, Fresno, CA 93720, United States

#8. Check out the LoMac Winery

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Want to taste the wine craft in Fresno? LoMac Winery is a great place to start. There are several reasons this winery is worth visiting.

Aside from the various regular tastings held throughout the year, the winery produces crisp, great wines using home-grown grapes.

Unlike the wine-tasting routine in other wineries, the owners here love to oversee the sessions, ensuring their passion for quality wine comes through. If you’re lucky, you will taste a fantastic merlot created here that’s well worth a sip.

Address: 2674 N Westlawn Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States

#9. Explore The Meux Home Museum

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

It was named after Meux, a Tennessee man who spent most of his working life serving as a surgeon at the Confederate Army and decided, years later, to settle in Fresno with his family. The Meux Home Museum was built in victorian-style architecture.

The museum has two stories and fabricated roofs that comprise several chimneys. Upon arrival at the museum, you’ll be greeted by a staff clothed in traditional apparel, who’ll then take you on an impressive tour of the house.

The house has remained on the National Register of Historic Places since its inception in the 70s. Add this to your list of fun things to do in Fresno today.

Address: 1007 R St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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#10. Visit Saint John The Baptist Cathedral

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Upon realizing that it needed to build a church for its growing number, the Catholic community in Fresno began planning the erection of what was later to become one of the magnificent architecture of the 70s. To achieve this, they started gathering funds for the task.

Finally, several acres were purchased, and work on the proposed church began in 1880. Two years after its erection, the building project was completed, and the Catholic community in Fresno basked in the euphoria of a new church.

By 1902 the number of attendants tripled, and the congregation began looking for ways to expand the church to hold more people.

Consequently, the church was demolished, and a new one was erected in a remote city. A little more than a year later, the magnificent modern cathedral was completed and is still in use today. Built-in the Gothic Revival style, the chapel is made of red bricks and has two steeples.

Address: 2814 Mariposa St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

#11. The Tower District

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Suppose you’re looking for a fun place to visit in Fresno, CA. Look no further than the Tower District! Located in the heart of Fresno, the Tower District is home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

From the unique shops lining Olive Avenue to the cool live music venues, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic neighborhood.

For the foodies, Tower District offers a plethora of delicious restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a classic burger joint or a trendy upscale spot, you’ll find it here.

#12. Woodward Park

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

If you’re looking for a great place to spend some time outdoors in Fresno, CA, look no further than Woodward Park!

You can enjoy various activities here, from picnicking in the shade of a sprawling oak tree to biking around the extensive trails. There are also many opportunities for bird-watching, as over 200 species of birds have been spotted in the park!

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Woodward Park has something for everyone. From tennis courts and golf courses to playgrounds and an outdoor swimming pool, there is always something to keep you entertained.

Don’t forget to check out the Japanese Garden, a peaceful spot that features beautifully-crafted bridges and walking paths.

For those looking for adventure, Woodward Park is home to a disc golf course and a mountain bike course. These courses are perfect for pumping your adrenaline and exploring the park’s natural beauty.

No matter what your interests are, Woodward Park is sure to have something for you. So if you’re ever in Fresno, CA, check out this beautiful park!

#13. Selland Arena

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Selland Arena is a multi-purpose arena that has entertained visitors since the 90s. This well-known place is home to the Fresno Monsters, the city’s professional ice hockey team. It also hosts events like concerts and sports games.

If you’re looking for an exciting night out, Selland Arena is the place to be. The venue hosts some of the biggest names in music, and the event calendar features a variety of concerts, comedy shows, and live theater performances.

Visitors can also catch exciting college and professional basketball games, hockey games, and other sporting events.

In addition to the fantastic events inside the arena, Selland Arena also boasts several amenities that add to its charm.

It has two concession stands offering snacks and refreshments and several bars where visitors can grab a beer or glass of wine.

Whether you’re looking for an evening of entertainment or an action-packed sporting event, Selland Arena is sure to provide a memorable experience. So be sure to make it a part of your Fresno vacation!

Address: 700 M St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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#14. Rotary Storyland and Playland

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

This amusement park has something for everyone. There are over 25 rides and attractions, including roller coasters, a carousel, and a Ferris wheel.

The park also features a playground and picnic area, making it the perfect spot for a family outing. If you’re looking for an adventure, there are many games and activities to keep you entertained.

From bumper cars and kiddie rides to arcade games, there is something here for everyone. Remember to check out the gift shop for souvenirs!

Rotary Storyland and Playland is a must-see for a fun day in Fresno, CA.

Address: 890 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

#15. Kearney Mansion Museum

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

Kearney Mansion Museum is an important landmark in Fresno and a great place to visit. Located at 7160 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706, United States, the museum is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Fresno County.

The museum was once the home of one of the most prominent families in Fresno, the Kearney Family. Visitors can learn about the area’s history, from Native Americans to the pioneers who founded Fresno.

The Kearney Mansion Museum has many interesting exhibits that glimpse the past.

Among these is the Maria Isabella Collection, which contains artifacts and photographs from the life of Maria Isabella de Leon and her family.

Rotating exhibits also feature works by local artists and photographers and historical items like weapons, documents, and tools.

In addition to its exhibits, the museum hosts various events throughout the year.

These range from educational lectures to concerts, plays, and movies.

Whether looking for a fun day out with friends or a more educational experience, the Kearney Mansion Museum has something to offer everyone.

#16. The African American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

The African American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore and experience African American culture and history in Fresno, CA.

This museum houses an impressive collection of African American artifacts and artwork located at 1857 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States.

The permanent collection includes artifacts from the Underground Railroad, historic photographs, and stories of influential African Americans in the area.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibits focusing on contemporary African American issues such as civil rights and Black history.

Visitors can also explore the onsite gift shop, which features an array of books, CDs, DVDs, and other cultural items for sale.

The African American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley is a great place to learn about African American culture and history in Fresno, CA.

#17. Fresno Philharmonic

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

The Fresno Philharmonic is the city’s professional symphony orchestra and among the best cultural institutions in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California.

Each performance season offers a huge selection of live musical performances and experiences that captivate spectators of all ages and backgrounds.

The Philharmonic frequently offers a variety of educational programs to help people learn more about music and the performing arts, and thus better understand these art forms.

This is an excellent option for things to do in the city whether you’re interested in these classes or seeing a show.

The Fresno Philharmonic provides various chances for music lovers to enjoy live classical music in addition to its regular performance season. One such series is “Philharmonic in the Park,” which features concerts in Central Valley parks during the summer.

Address: 726 W Barstow Ave Ste. 106, Fresno, CA 93704, United States

#18. Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Fresno California

The Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden is the place to go if you’re seeking Fresno attractions and beautiful locations to enjoy a decent drink.

The firm, established in 2007, makes top-notch craft beer for tourists and residents of Fresno, California.

All the beers served here are made by award-winning master brewer Kevin Cox and are interwoven with art and culture.

The Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden is unique for more than simply its tasty beverages, however.

To preserve and conserve the area, it has also been promoting awareness for the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, located between Yosemite National Park and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park.

This restaurant offers a variety of activities, like corn hole and foosball, for you to play with other customers as you drink your brew. It has a communal and welcoming environment.

If you visit the Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden at the appropriate time, you’ll be able to enjoy more than just a nice mug and good company. The beer garden often offers events like food truck festivals, live performances, and even art displays.

Address: 745 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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What is Fresno best known for?

Fresno, California, is best known for being the largest city in California’s Central Valley and being a major agricultural center, with crops such as grapes, almonds, and citrus being grown in the surrounding area.
In addition, Fresno is home to various cultural and educational institutions, such as the Fresno Art Museum and California State University, Fresno.

Is Fresno a good city to live in?

Fresno, one of the largest cities in California, offers a mix of urban and rural living. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other cities in California.

The city has a diverse population and a variety of cultural and recreational activities. This should tell you that Fresno is a good city to live in.

Plan Your Trip to Fresno California

Looking for someplace calm and rewarding to the psyche? Then Fresno, California, is the place. A few days or week-long relaxation in a great place like Fresno is undoubtedly a lifetime treat for anyone who wants a little escape from life and work stress.

With the above-listed top 10 things to do in Fresno, be more convinced to experience a memorable trip and have fun.

Happy Travel!!!

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