10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

What makes Bakersfield an amazing place to vacation? There are so many options for vacation destinations, but Bakersfield is a great place to start. There are many great things to do in Bakersfield CA.

Bakersfield is a beautiful city enclosed halfway between Los Angeles and Fresno, situated in the heart of southern California, ranking top 52nd in US cities with the highest landmass and 9th largest city in California, USA.

Bakersfield, California, is home to most of America’s notable bands and artists, and has a great dance and music history. It is known for its music and has lots of attractions and thrills to offer visitors. Check out these 10 memorable things to do in Bakersfield CA.

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10 Things To Do In Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield Museum of Art

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Bakersfield Museum of Art, California is an incredible sight and museum to behold, situated a few miles from the ‘R Street & 19th Street. The museum produces four galleries that possess works from indigenous artists, exhibited to the public on a rotational basis.

Since its inception in 1956, the Bakersfield Museum of art has continuously provided locals and visitors with art exhibitions, in line with the dream of its founder. It was founded in memory of Marion Osborn Cunningham by the Osborn William family.

Formally, the Bakersfield Museum of art was known as the Cunningham Art Gallery. It spans over 7,400 acres of land, featuring four galleries, banquet halls, grasslands, and classrooms, with sculptures adorning every corner of the museum.

If you’re a sucker for masterpieces, you should add a visit to the Bakersfield museum of art as one of the things to do in Bakersfield CA.

Location: 1930 R Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace is a nice destination for all music lovers, a must-go location in Bakersfield, California. It was named after Buck Owens, a country musician and composer.

Owens and his band ‘The Buckaroos’ entertain visitors with some good music at the hall, since its inception in 1996, the place still reel out the good country and Western music, alongside a traditional steak cafeteria.

You’re soon to discover that music and food are mutually beneficial to the soul, at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace Bakersfield, California.

There you’ll find Buck’s own guitar, fancy clothing, memorabilia, and lots of keep-sake items. The diner located inside the hall offers great meals and a different menu every day, particularly on days when there are performances and shows.

You’ll be treated to a variety of American dishes and yummy grub. Add this to your 10 things to do in Bakersfield CA.

Location: 2800 Buck Owens Blvd, Bakersfield, California

Camelot Park, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Camelot Park is another exciting place to include in your 10 Things to Do in Bakersfield, California. Situated on Oak Street, the park is ideal for family trips, as the park is packed with fun-filled interests and exhibitions for kids. A few of the charms of the Camelot park include bumper boats, go-karts, kid rides, mini-golf, and lots more.

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If it’s a family trip, be sure to find various arcade games for your kids: Big Bass Wheel, Deal or No Deal, Haunted Hotel, Spin ‘n Win, and lots more. In addition, the park organizes several exhibitions like ‘First Friday Fellowship Night’ ‘The Ultimate Group Package’ and All Night Play, etc.

Looking to find an ideal spot for your birthday party or your ward’s, Bakersfield, Camelot Park is your best shot at a memorable experience, as the place is famous for birthday parties, where your kid gets to go on rides, play arcade games, grab sumptuous meals, and lots of other interesting activities.

Location: 1251 Oak Street, Bakersfield, California

Sam Lynn Ballpark, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Part of the reason for getaways is to relax a little and unwind, so while planning your trip to Bakersfield, remember Sam Lynn Ballpark, Bakersfield, California offers some great getaway activities from everyday life.

Located on Chester Avenue in Bakersfield, the age-old park, occasionally dubbed the ‘Historic’ Sam Lynn Ballpark, offer Advanced baseball A-classes for Californians. Previously known as the home of the Bakersfield Badgers, this place is now known as the Bakersfield Blaze.

Named after ballpark Sam Lynn, a businessman whose philanthropy and support for the local youth baseball clubs helped raise talents in Bakersfield.

Originally, the park was built with wood, but was razed in 1993 and renovated with stronger grandstands. More renovations came years later, with a current 3,500 seating capacity.

Location: 4009 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CA, Phone: 661-716-4487

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Established in 1995, the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History has several collections of fossils curated by a geologist couple, Bob and Mary Ernst. Located on Chester Avenue, the museum caters to the Art District of Bakersfield, California.

Some of the antediluvian you will find at the museum include fossils from Shark Tooth Hill; the biggest assortment of fossils from the area.

These fossils were initially housed at the California Living Museum, however, as they accumulated, it became necessary to move them to the new location.

That’s not all, other fossils, you will find at the museum include a miniature triceratops cranium, a replica of Yosemite Valley alongside several edifices, boulevards, and paths. Your guide at the museum is ready to show you around for as long as it takes.

Location: Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, California

Murray Family Farms, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Remember, Bakersfield has a wonderful history of carrot agribusiness.

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Well, wanna get a feel of that and what farming looks like here, then you should visit the Murray Family Farms? The Murray farm offers a fascinating blend of fun and a real family working farm.

Anticipate some fun, but most importantly, expect to see all the tough work the locals put into producing savoury fruits and veggies being supplied to their local grocery stores and the entire California State.

The 70 acre natural vegetable and fruit plantation, cultivates strawberries, stone fruit, blackberries, citrus, apples, asparagus, artichokes, melons, tomatoes and pumpkins for more than two decades counting. You can tour the farm on tractor-driven fodder carts around the 43 acres of graceful grasslands of citrus, yellow roses, lines of ripe doozies, apricots and apples.

Thereafter, you can head to the butterfly cabin, herd train, pushcart rides and labyrinths.

That’s not all, be sure to find animals like goats, ducks, lamb, chicken, geese, pigeons, braggadocio, turkey and horses at the zoo section of the museum. On your way out, visit the lovely Red Barn for preserve, pies and smoothies. You should try out their Okie Fry Pies too.

Location: Big Red Barn, 6700 General Beale Road, Bakersfield, California

Fox Theater, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

The Fox Theatre is located on H Street in mid-town Bakersfield. Since its inception in 1930, the famous theatre doubles as the major venue for the city’s major art concerts and it organizes several events ranging from ballets, to dance rehearsals, plus pop performances. You will be thrilled by the Spanish Colonial Revival style exteriors and the Mediterranean-style interiors.

After nearly 50 years of existence the theatre shut down in 1977, following planned demolition, however, years later, a group of business owners created the Fox Theater Foundation and restored the theatre.

Currently, the place can be leased for private events like conferences, festivities, weddings, and lots more.

Location: 2001 H Street, Bakersfield, California, Phone: 661-324-1369

The Gaslight Melodrama Theatre & Music Hall

For family getaways, the Gaslight Melodrama Theatre & Music Hall is ideally suited for family gatherings and tripe. Located on the Jomani Drive in Bakersfield, this coliseum spotlights old-time melodramas involving lovers, warriors, as well as villains.

Some of their performances are drawn from fantasy tales, recreations, mystery, the Wild West and so on. At the end of the shows, the theatre gives a Vaudeville Review filled with amusing jokes, comedic drawings, dance and lyrical songs.

After the shows check out the Moosehead Lounge, where they serve snacks, light meals, beverages, beer and wine. They also offer a two-month educational program where kids learn to dance, acting, extemporization, singing, costuming and makeup. They also have puppet and magic exhibitions.

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Location: 12748 Jomani Drive, Bakersfield, California

California Living Museum, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

Situated in the northeastern perimeter, the California Living Museum studies California’s flora and fauna, alongside a snake house and touch tank.

The museum houses a Native Zoo and Garden since it was founded in 1983. Underlying 14-acres of land and some biological habitats, the museum houses over 80 species of animals.

They hold a special collection of animals that cannot be released or restored, that is, injured beasts that couldn’t survive the wild. Planning a trip with the kids? Here’s a great place to look for adventure and thrills.

Also, they have a horde of black be arpuss, an open-air show, a display of birds of prey like owls, aggressors and eagles, plus a mammal cottage with bobcat and fox; a brine with mallards; deer enclosure, a snake house and a room of pets.

The experience is to-die-for.

Location: 10500 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield, California

Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, California

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bakersfield CA (California)

The Kern County Museum commemorates Kern County civilization and its vibrant past in creative, relaxation, and delightful ways, using a wide range of exhibitions, unique occasions, and educational programs for kids and adults alike to learn more about history behind Bakersfield.

It was established in 1941, and the museum has a curated list of exciting pieces that date back to Californian history, which began in the mid-1920s.

The gallery holds thousands of historically significant artifacts exhibited on 16 detailed landscaped acres across 56 unique buildings.

Unique treasures of this historical site include; a room and school, prison, oil derrick, a store, and seven conserved historic residences.

In addition, the museum has different Native American artifacts, railway sights, and Bakersfield Sound, as well as farming, mining, and railway scenes. 

Indeed, the Kern County Museum is a tremendous spot to discover Bakersfield and California’s deep ancestry through banal items, pictures, towers, and manuscripts.

Location: 3801 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, California

Final Thoughts

Looking to get away, Bakersfield, California is it! Bakersfield, California, combines history and nature, no wonder the city is proud of most of America’s notable bands and artists.

The city has been home to Jazz Festivals, which attracts millions of music lovers and jazz-lovers alike from across the world. While much town was destroyed in an earthquake in 1952, Bakersfield still has many attractions and thrills to offer visitors.

With the above listed top 10 things to do in Bakersfield, be more convinced to experience a memorable trip, have fun.

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