10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

Check Out 10 Things To Do In Riverside CA

If you are looking for an exciting vacation spot, Riverside CA is an attractive option for you.

It is located 60 miles farther West Los Angeles, adjacent to the Santa Ana River, is the Riverside town, with nearly 400,000 people. Riverside, CA, occupies a portion of the Inland Empire area.

It’s home to the prestigious University of California, Riverside, and the wide variety of fun tourist attraction sights, shopping malls, cafes, and leisure, a perfect fit for weekend breakouts or excursions.

Without much ado, here are 10 Things to Do in Riverside, CA.

10 Things To Do In Riverside, CA

California Citrus State Historic Park

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

This historic site relates a unique insight into the prospering citrus industry of California State. It reveals the success story behind the citrus industry in Southern California.

The citrus business started in the 1870s when the U.S. Department of Agriculture delivered a handful of small orange plants to Eliza Tibbets’s farmer-local. The citrus plants flourished due to the warm climate and healthy soil of Southern California.

Years after the locals savored the citrus fruits harvested from Eliza Tibbets’ yard, thickets of citrus farms: orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, started springing across California.

While there, join other visitors at the California Citrus State Historic Park on a free supervised tour to explore the varieties of freshly-grown citrus fruits of Southern California.

There are favorite picnic spots where groups can relax and take in the lush green park. You should add California Citrus State Historic Park to your bucket list of 10 Things to Do in Riverside, CA.

Location: 9400 Dufferin Ave., Riverside, CA

Tour the Mission Inn Museum, Riverside, California

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

The mission Inn museum is Situated adjacent to Main Street, Mission Inn Avenue is the popular Mission Inn Hotel, that houses this magnificent relic of the past called: Mission Inn Museum.

The age-old museum collects an assortment of antiques curated by the originator/proprietor of the inn, Frank Miller. In his hay days, Miller took quite a liking for flying, fine art, and business, which he excelled at.

The Miller family was pivotal to the thriving tourism industry in Riverside, CA. And thanks to their contributions to the sector, Riverside bloomed into a haven for cultural and economic activity. Join other visitors to tour the Mission Inn Museum, explore the history of this small city-state Riverside.

Discover heirlooms curated by Frank Miller, and the story behind the citrus thriving business in California State. Your 10 Things to Do in Riverside, CA list isn’t quite complete without a visit to Mission Inn Museum.

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Location: 3696 Main Street, Riverside, CA

Visit the University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

If you have a thing for a lush garden, then you should discover the University of California Riverside, Botanic Garden for yourself, what you’ll find will thrill your horticulture-loving side.

These pocketed of Botanic Gardens located in the heart of the University of California, Riverside retains an abundance of flowers, gardens, and plants.

They retain a collection of rose grasslands, herb grasslands, cactus grassland, Alder Canyon, a shadowy area with California riparian plants.

Visitors to the University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens can tour the gardens through the help of a guided tour, to see a collection of desert trees curated from around the world: Australia; South Africa, etc. You will equally find a section where plants grown in California’s Sierra Foothills area is displayed.

In all, you will discover different plants that are collected from around the world. The Gardens accept a donation of 5USD, however, admission into the place is totally F.O.C. Be sure to add this to your list of Things To Do In Riverside CA.

Location: University Avenue, Riverside, CA

Tour the Whitewater Preserve, Riverside, California

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

The Whitewater preserve surroundings around the river are homes to a mixed riparian environment that contains rare plants like the Southwest willow flycatcher and Bell’s video.

The picturesque landscape provided by the San Jacinto Mountain Range, the San Bernardino Mountain Range, and the San Gorgonio Wilderness remains the greatest allure of the Whitewater River.

The zoo section of the Preserve comprises big-horn sheep, deer, sourpuss, and fringe-toed lizard (one of many endangered species).

Open to visitors from 8 in the morning to late in the evening, people can tour the Preserve’s multiple trails while gawking different wildlife thrills and enjoying the ponds that fleck the terrain at Whitewater Canyon Road, Whitewater, CA.

Location: Whitewater Canyon Road, Whitewater, CA

Relax at the Castle Park

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

The Castle Park is ideally suited for family getaways. The recreation park is favoured by locals and visitors since it was established in the late 70s.

There are nearly 30 unique categories of lifts, roller-coasters, drop-towers, waterlog slides, a merry-go-round. A perfect scenic view for kids and adults alike.

The Park equally retains four championship model golf circuits, a water terrace, retail stores, and a vast collection of circus events.

Finally, the park spotlights over 200 entertaining arcade games for players and offer rental options for birthday celebrations, conferences, family & school reunions, etc. There’s more to this park that only a visit can reveal.

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Location: Polk Street, Riverside, CA

Check Out the Heritage House

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

Founded in 1891, the Heritage House, Riverside holds the allure of a Victorian-style architectural design modelled by a couple, Mr & Mrs James Bettner. The couple moved to Riverside in the late 1800s at the peak of the horticulture boom in Riverside, CA.

Late 1895, a report, published by Bradstreet Index, revealed that Riverside has the biggest per capita earnings in all of the U.S. at the time.

Here you will discover the Bettners’ taste, attractions and overall earnings as demonstrated in the explicitly conserved historic estate -Heritage House. Note that the museum accepts a donation of 5USD, however, admission is free.

Location: Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA

Check Out the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

The Discovery Centre struts 9-acre elegant manicured botanical grasslands. You will find enormous dinosaur statues that capture the imagination. It also houses an assortment of live creatures, comprising tortoises, turtles and goldfish.

In addition, the Centre contains another 82-acre of land mainly utilized for academic excursions, paid voyages, neighbourhood exhibitions, and special festivities.

Finally, there’s a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase fun antiques and academic paraphernalia.

Location: Granite Hill Drive, Riverside, CA

Explore the Fox Performing Arts Center

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

Another great way to explore Riverside, CA is a trip to Fox Performing Arts Center.

The Arts Center hosts annual exhibitions and private events, in its 1,650 capacity theatre. Renowned for premiering the movie Gone with the Wind, in 1939, Fox Performing Arts Center treat guests to different comedy drawings, lyrical performances, and dance presentations every month.

In addition, the Arts Center also organizes concerts for kids, youngsters, and their folks. Guests can discover the full schedule of upcoming concerts when they subscribe to the FPAC’s newsletters.

Location: Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA

See a Movie at the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, Riverside, CA

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

Looking to have a wonderful family time in Riverside? Then the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, Riverside, CA is the best place to go.

Founded in 1964, the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre is ideally suited for offbeat family getaways. Tickets are sold for just 9USD for adults and 1USD for kids, however, every coupon gets you admitted to seeing just two movies.

Audios of the movies are graciously broadcast over radio FMs so that guests can listen in from their cars.

At the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, you’ll find food vendors, selling snacks like popcorn, candies, nachos, and other treats. Interestingly, no matter the time of the year or the weather conditions, the Theatre is always open to receive guests all year round. However, all shows begin immediately after dark.

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Location: Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA

Experience Culture at the Ballet Folklorico de Riverside, CA

10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Riverside CA

A trip to Riverside, CA isn’t quite as satisfactory as experiencing the culture of the citrus state when you take a tour of the Ballet Folklorico de Riverside.

The Ballet Folkloric de Riverside, California is a Mexican-style pop-dance corporation that organizes different fascinating performances for visitors who visit this age-old historic site annually.

Founded by Ana de la Tejera, in 1977, the place seeks to conserve Mexican civilization through music, dance, and beautiful costumes.

It has a membership of seventy-five Ballet dancers, led by four ballet teachers. Indeed, if you’re a sucker for history and stories of early civilization, never miss out on a visit to Ballet Folklorico de Riverside.

Get treated to captivating dance performances from colourfully clad dance troupes performing unusual and riveting routines at carnivals, sprees, and special events. Whenever you decide to visit, be sure you will find one performance or the other at the Ballet Folklorico de Riverside.

Thankfully, they hold four major performances a year for these major events: the Calabaceado Festival, Dia de Los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and the annual UCR pageantry.

Adding a ballet class at the Ballet Folkloric de Riverside, to your bucket list of 10 Things to Do in Riverside, CA isn’t such a bad idea. Is it?

Location: Arlington Avenue, Suite F, Riverside, CA

To conclude…

Located 60 minutes far West Los Angeles, is Riverside, CA, a preferred vacation destination for every backpacker.

Thousands of visitors throng to Riverside each year to discover the thriving citrus market and the tourism industry of Riverside. This tourist destination retains different thrilling rides and interests, making it a must-go destination for anyone looking to escape the monotony of daily existence and immerse in a wonderful time alone at Riverside, CA.

In all, this blog post should help you plan your travel itinerary.

Lost on where and what to do while on your Riverside trip, these 10 Things to Do in Riverside, CA, should help!

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