10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Best Parks In Powell, OH

The city of Powell present in the state of Ohio, USA shares a borderline with the state capital of Columbus. Characterized to be a region housing the highest-income counties in the United States, it is safe to tag the city as a developed one.

 Having come into existence in the early 1800s, the city of Powell Is ever welcoming to both its residents, businesses, and visitors to its community; which is evident in its population sample size of over 14,286 persons as of its last conducted population census of (2021).

Best Parks In Powell, OH

Both visitors and tourists alike who might actually happen to find themselves in the city of Powell at any point in time, might as well want to consider themselves one of the few individuals to get to enjoy the various privileges that come with them visiting.

Basically, the reason behind them considering themselves one of few lucky individuals isn’t far-fetched, as it is one of few cities blessed with a whole lot of playgrounds and parks to explore, ranging From swings to slides, all the way down to climbing walls and water features.

That aside, it has also got some other designated locations as well for visitors to come to flex their souls and muscles as well as make and meet new friends

That established, below have been outlined some of the favorite parks and playgrounds to take note of as your family’s picks, should you have any interest or plans of coming over to the city of Powell.

1. Adventure Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Situated along Adventure Park Drive, this very park and playground are one of the most favorite and perhaps popular park visitors do prioritize visiting while exploring and checking out the city of Powell.

Adventure Park being talked about here is one of the major fun-filled places of interest to be at in the city with a whole lot of sand area mostly of interest of interest to kids.

Moving forward, as of present it still remains the only park in the whole of the region that still holds the bragging rights of having a tunnel underground, attached with a whole lot of games and activities to keep you engaged with.

With its various worthy amenities of a Basketball court, Shelter house, Skate park, Picnic tables, Two play structures, Restrooms, and Little library; visitors are left with absolutely no excuses at all as to why they shouldn’t show up at this park should they happen to find themselves in this city.

Address: 260 Village Park Dr, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

2. Arbor Ridge Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Mounted along the Bennett Parkway, there still remain actually a thousand things to love about Arbor Ridge basically, since it is a unique park and playground you get to come across amenities you hardly get to come by in other parks.

Talking of its amenities you can hardly come across in other parks, it has got a Clifford and a dinosaur to bounce on; though visitors are also at liberty to take a walk through its community gardens checking out and exploring each and every single one of its planted species.

Finally, the Arbor Ridge Park is known for its amenities of Tennis courts, walking paths, Gardens, Restrooms, and Open fields, should any one of them be of interest to you.

Address: 500 Bennett Pkwy, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

3. Library Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

We wouldn’t go about drawing out a list of parks and playgrounds to consider visiting in the city of Powell without bringing the Library park into play; one which has got a beautiful sight to behold and has got the girls going wild with joy.

Just as its name insinuates, present right across the city’s library itself, visitors are left with the option of diversifying their interests in learning and having fun at the same time, while also taking advantage of being under any one of its shaded areas for a picnic.

Present at the disposal of this very park still remains Benches, tables, Wheelchair accessible paths alongside Beautiful trees.

Address: 420 Liberty St, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

4. Murphy Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Coming next on our list of parks to visit in the city of Powell is the Murphy Parkway, one which seems to be entirely different from the rest of the park in the region, since it Is tucked away in the most quiet and calm space of the region.

That aside, the experience of showing up at this park and playground can be really refreshing at its very best, as you not only get to have fun but also stop by for a cup of ice cream while doing so.

Amenities present here remain Two playgrounds, a shelter house, restrooms, Benches, and Picnic tables alongside its walking path as well.

Address: 104 MURPHYS CROSSING DR, Powell, OH, United States.

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5. Village Green Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Being one of the community’s favorite spots for spending summer holidays, the Village Green Park situated at Hall Street is blessed with a whole lot of green open fields serving as its amusement park.

Being the most visited spot during the summer holidays, visitors do show up at this very park for the sole purpose of cooling off under its cool breeze of nature while also enjoying some of its mouthwatering meal delicacies made available under its solar Pavilion.

Amenities on this ground still remain a designated Walking path, Tables, Splash pad, and Pond alongside Benches.

Address: 47 Hall St, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

6. Rainbow Bridge Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

The Rainbow Bridge Park not only just happens to be another place of interest and attraction, but also a National Monument measuring a staggering length of over 160 acres, though it still appears to be one of the smallest National Park units of the Powell region.

Showing up at this very park is solely to be part of its rare privilege of getting to explore and check out one of the largest natural bridges in the world of huge interest to both tourists and visitors alike across the globe.

Getting started on an adventure of getting to see the Rainbow Bridge, visitors can either choose and opt to rent a boat to assist them in doing so, since it happens to be the only park in the region that can only be accessed by water or long hikes.

Address: 183 N High St, Powell, OH 43017, United States

7. Seldom Seen Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Located in the heart of the Grand Circle of National Parks and Monuments, Seldom Seen Park comes next on our list of parks to visit top attraction, a 23-acre park characterized by the presence of ballfields, a playground, and a modern shelter house.

Subsequently serving as well as home to several athletic fields, multi-use paths, and an extensive nature preserve and wetland area, the Seldom See Park is the perfect place of attraction to hang out with family and friends while also beholding the beauty of nature of its inhabitants.

Address: 3232 Seldom Seen Rd, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

8. Zombezi Bay Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

The Zoombezi Bay Park is a highly regarded waterpark in Ohio offering an amazing experience to both visitors and tourists alike on water, one which in recent times has been highly recommendable for visitors to plan their adventures at.

Here, visitors are ushered into its ever-blissful and interesting experience on waterslides, though they are still left with the options of spending quality time with animal species within its environs, or perhaps taking part in any one of its golf courses.

Address: 4850 Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, United States.

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9. Emerald Field Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Coming next on matters of fun parks to stop by in Powell Ohio is the playground of Emerald Field Park, situated in more or less an isolated region in the city. Characterized by its beautiful setting, this is one designated for primarily resignation rather than merely having fun, which is evident in it mostly being less busy.

Just like every other park already highlighted here as well, the Emerald Field Park also boasts of having amenities like ramps, swings, and a lot more; all of which are backed up by a playground designated for kids.

Address: 4957 Emerald Lakes Blvd, Powell, OH, United States.

10. Scioto Park

10 Best Parks in POWELL, Ohio

Situated just a stone’s throw from the places of attraction of Dublin Arts Center and the new Bridge Park Apartment and Entertainment district, the Scioto park is a community-based park of the city of Powell perfect for family-friendly hangouts.

In addition to that, this park is considered a place of attraction in the region as it is the only ideal location for visitors to get to catch up with the beautiful views of the Scioto River Valley, alongside enjoying all things boating, fishing and hiking.

Address: 6000 Harriott Dr. Powell, OH 43065, United States.


In conclusion, there are quite a few parks and playgrounds in this beautiful city of Powell you might get to rediscover in this very article, most of which might turn out to be amazing fun places to come alongside your family and friends to come explore during this summer.

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