15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Have you ever thought of a vacation to Whitianga?

Well, on that note, the first thing that crosses your mind is things to do in Whitianga. Vast tourist is here to make that thought easier and lighter for you.

Whitianga is a town situated on Mercury Bay where you can live as you choose, work, play, and many more things that make your dreams come true.

It is a place where education facilities, boutiques, beaches, clubs, farmer markets, great health centre, sports facilities etc are easily accessible. Initially, Whitianga depends solely on timber for its income but today, fishing, farming and tourism has become their major rate of income.

Whitianga is not just a very nice destination for tourism attraction but highly endowed with marine reserve, nice beaches, museums, art galleries etc. Trip with me to discover the potentials to enlighten your vacation to Whitianga via “15 captivating things to do in Whitianga”.

15 Captivating Things To Do In Whitianga

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

This is an art gallery in Whitianga where New Zealand fine arts are displayed, directed by an independent art dealer Christine Rabarts.

Bread & butter gallery is a lovely destination for your loved ones to shop for unique gift items. These gift items come in handmade jewelry, pottery, ceramics, woodworks, paintings, weaving, Stones, and Bones carving, etc.

It is quite a treasure to behold in Whitianga, specially made by both famous and non-famous Whitianga artists. Steve Carson, Grant Simpson, Michael D Smuther, Souzie Speerstra, Ginney Deavoll, Bruce Treloar, Richard Smit, Lucy Horne, and others.

Visiting the bread & butter gallery is quite a captivating thing to do in Whitianga for an insight into NZ local Arts. These items are very much affordable. As such, you can surprise your loved ones with its arts.

It is located at 26 Albert Street, Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Mercury Bay Museum

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Mercury Bay museum is one of the charming places to visit in Whitianga, must see! This is a place to experience the heritage of Whitianga with a beautiful exhibition that interests adults and children alike.

Mercury Bay Museum is one of the oldest and most visited places, with several exhibits and artifacts. At the Mercury Bay Museum, you will see the Kauri timber, Kauri gum, history of fishing, Maori artifacts, the mercury factory that houses the museum, etc.

It is an excellent example of where to experience sightseeing and recreation as well. Mercury Bay museum is quite exciting and among the captivating things to do in Whitianga, South Island, New Zealand.

It is located at 11a The Esplanade Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Mercury Bay

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Mercury Bay is a bay in Whitianga that interests tourists greatly. Formerly it was named Te-Whanganui-a-Hei, which was later changed by James Cook during his exploration on the coast of the Coromandel peninsula. It was given its name as a result of the transit of Mercury through the bay.

It is a very nice bay with quite welcoming and relaxing scenery. Family outings and get together are best enjoyed in this destination and are worth a trip for every visit to Whitianga.

This is a place to spend quiet time and is regarded as the top thing to do in Whitianga for a memorable trip. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Whitianga.

It is located at Albert Street Whitianga, Coromandel 3510, New Zealand.

Cathedral Cove

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Cathedral Cove is a naturally formed archway in Whitianga and a great tourist attraction. It is one of the stunning views you can’t afford to miss out in the city, accessible only by boat, kayaking, or walking down the cove.

Cathedral cove creates room for comfortability, freshness, and quiet scenery. This is best visited early in the morning to avoid overcrowding. I will advise scheduling your trip to cathedral cove during the summer, that’s because it’s the best timing.

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Many sites are around to see, ranging from the adjacent unique rock, Sandy beaches, sphinx rock, surrounding forest, etc., which adds to its picturesque.

Adding a trip to Cathedral Cove is one of the interesting things to do in Whitianga for a fantastic journey, before the walking paths, magnificent beach, and stunning scenery. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Whitianga.

It is located at 65 Grange Rd S, Hahei 3591 or the Southern part of mercury Bay on the coromandel peninsula, New Zealand.

Simpsons Beach

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

This is one of the stunning beaches in Whitianga. It is a totally free space to tour with family, friends, loved ones etcetera. Simpson beach offers quite interesting activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking and other recreations, quite a lovely beach and will make your favourite.

Visiting Simpsons beach has embraced so many taking it as their second home and a favorite spot for tourists attractions. It is a very safe place to be with great walks, offering an experience to motorhome camping which is not popular in other beaches, quite interesting.

In Simpsons beach, do not worry about your cars, buses, or other vehicles, for it has a very large parking space.

Words alone can’t express the wonders Simpsons beach is made of, don’t forget to add it up to your list of captivating things to do in Whitianga for a lovely trip.

It is located at Leah Road, Whitianga 3510 New Zealand.

Gemstone Bay

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Gemstone Bay is one of the ideal destinations to consider as one of the things to do in Whitianga for an interesting vacation. It is a boulder beach with sand flats, rock flats and a mixture of weeds situated about 0-5m depth.

Gemstone bay is situated along the track of cathedral cove and a perfect snorkelling place. I personally recommend this place for enticing views, very picturesque to add sauce to your trip.

You can hire snorkelling gear in closeby shops, also take good footwear to this beach to avoid the toughness from the rock. Gemstone bay is more than beautiful scenery on which you can’t miss out especially for snorkelers.

It is located at Hahei 3591, New Zealand.

The Lost Spring

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

The Lost spring is one of the hidden treasures to behold in Whitianga and a place for special people on vacations. It is a perfect place for couples on honeymoon, lovers on vacation, etc.

The Lost spring is more like a paradise in Whitianga, where about 16,000 years old mineral water springs from about 660 meters below, coming out sterile and pure.

It provides a great treat to the skin, more reason it is worth a visit. The Lost spring features a pool, restaurant, spa treatment, robe and towel hire, etc. If you are on a love trip, I bet you this place will serve you the best relaxation and love breeze.

It offers delicious meals, tropical cocktails, grazing platter, relaxation massage, and lots of treatments to make your body feel relaxed, full of life as you enjoy the marvelous bird enchanting.

The Lost spring is surrounded by lush green Bush, which gives it lovely scenery for several clicks of photos.

It is located at 121 A Cook Drive, Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Mercury Bay Estate

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Mercury Bay Estate is one of the amazing restaurants and wineries in the Whitianga to dine in. It is another place specially made for both locals and visitors to relax and enjoy.

At Mercury Bay Estate, there are a lot of wines to taste and delicious local and Italian food. Some of the best pizza in the world can also be found here. If you ever love pizza and think of the places to get a well garnished, full-of-tasty pizza, then Mercury Bay Estate is on the top of the list in Whitianga.

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They offer delicious meals, ranging from local seafood, cheeses, cured meats, and a glass of matching wine to suit your lunch perfectly. For me, there is no trip to Whitianga without a visit to Mercury Bay Estate.

It is a paradise for the best choice wines. The Pinot Noir is also amazing. With Mercury Bay estate on your list of things to do in Whitianga, a lovely vacation is assured. It also can serve as a nice venue for the wedding ceremony, occasions and other few events.

It is located at 761 Purangi Road, cooks Beach, Whitianga 3591, New Zealand.

Whiti Farm Park

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Whiti Farm Park is a great park and zoo in Whitianga. It is one of the amazing things to do for a memorable trip offering affordable and fun-filled activities.

It is a place to experience over 40 amazing farmyards, animals, birds, and reptiles; interacting with them is a clean and fun environment. It is quite an excellent spot for picnics that entertain children and adults alike, ranging from 1 to 80.

If you seek adventure in Whitianga, I guess Whiti Farm Park can serve. Whiti farm park features a train, fire engine, farm machinery, fashionable games, etc., which acts to inspire and entertain its visitors. Quite a lovely place, and guess what? Kids love it more. Don’t miss out on your family.

It is located at 2414 Tairua Whitianga Road, Kaimarama 3591, New Zealand.

Whitianga Town Center

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

The town centre is a small but bustling town in Whitianga, where there is a lot of happenings. It is graced with pleasant wide streets, footpaths, Streetscapes, cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, etc.

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Whitianga Town center is an excellent place for strolling with varieties of sights to see. For unique information about Whitianga city, Whitianga town center is a fantastic place to be.

I guess no one will like to stress him or herself on vacation. On that note, this is an excellent place to spend days with all you need at very much close by. Whitianga town centre is quite a wonderful place to add to your list of things to do for a memorable vacation in Whitianga.

It is located at Esplanade Whitianga New Zealand.

Buffalo Beach Reserve

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Buffalo beach reserve is a large beachfront situated in the northern part of Whitianga, where great fun is ascertained.

It is one of the exceptional sights with levelled grass surface which suits best for picnics and event grounds, a must-see in Whitianga.

Buffalo beach reserve is a good spot for camping with motor caravans but unfortunately, an overnight stay is not permitted. Plan your trip to Whitianga, with buffalo beach reserve on the list of captivating things to do for a great vacation.

It is located at 52 buffalo Beach Road, Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Hot Water Beach

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

If you ever think of a unique beach to visit around the world, hot water beach is one of them in Whitianga. It is a hot geothermal beach of over 60 degrees Celsius hot we’re both locals and tourists visit for great sightseeing.

Hot water beach is very welcoming, entertaining both young and old with approximately millions of visitors annually. Families on vacation, singles on a business trip, etc. all come here to relax and get a spa massage from the beach.

For a nice experience at hot water beach visitors come to their bucket and digging equipment (spade) to dig a pool of hot water for their relaxation. Note that you need to dig close to the surf to mix with its cold water or you can add cold waters to cool off the water.

Apart from these, one can also relax around at the cafe to admire the beauty of nature and other activities carried out. For a great trip to Whitianga, hot water beach should be considered on the list of captivating things to do for quite an amazing vacation.

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It is located at 790 hot water Beach Road, Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Banana Boat Water Activities Whitianga

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

This is one of the greatest tourist attraction to adventure in Whitianga, which provide the best family fun on the water. Banana boat water activities are the best form of adventure on the water where all ages, groups are fully catered for.

It features one to seven seats for your scenic tours, thrill-seeking offered at a very reasonable rate between $15 to $20. Note that bookings are not allowed, first come! first-served!!

On every trip to Whitianga, always make out time to tour with the banana boat water tours for the best experience. Don’t forget to add it up to your list of captivating things to do in Whitianga. Tag along your family, friends, colleagues, classmates etc to enjoy this great adventure. It’s more fun when in a group.

It is located at The Esplanade, Whitianga 3510, New Zealand.

Mercury Bay Art Escape

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

Mercury Bay Art Escape is an open studio in Whitianga and one of the most interesting things to do in Whitianga for a memorable trip. The escape engages in a visual experience, entertaining both locals and visitors annually.

When I say it’s an open studio, I guess you really articulate. Anyways, it implies that Mercury Bay art escape is not a steady experience.

Take a road trip, or more so, an adventure on the road to explore the art placed by over 50 artists around the most amazing area in Whitianga, New Zealand. This is a place to experience and get inspired by the amazing art displayed.

These artists include potters, jewellery makers, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, glass artists, Mosaic artists, flax weavers, painters, woodworkers, etc.

You can as well buy original made arts direct from the artist as a gift to your loved ones or for personal use, is necessary though.

It is located on the Eastern coromandel peninsula featuring Hi kuai, Tairua, Hahei, hot water beach, cove beach, brings a speech, etc. Whitianga, New Zealand.

Mill Creek Bird And Animal, Whitianga

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Whitianga

This is a fantastic place established to curb boring family outings, groups outings like schoolchildren on excursions, etc. Mill creek bird and animal encounter is an enjoyable experience you can’t miss out in Whitianga.

It features many exotic and native birds, farm animals, playgrounds, climbing fort, Western village, six holes mini-golf course, train rides, etc. You never can tell how fascinating mill Creek birds and animals can be without a visit.

Mill Creek bird and animal sanctuary, Whitianga, is meant for kids of all ages, with different activities to engage in. This also serves as an excellent place for picnics, quite remarkable!

Moreover, Mill Creek bird and animal Whitianga shield over 400 birds in different 45 cages, other farm animals including goats, kunekune pigs, Emus, blue tongue lizards, turtles, tortoise, bearded dragons, etc.

It also has camping facilities and a little kiosk where hot coffee and tea are served.

It is located at 365 mill Creek Road, Whitianga 3591, New Zealand.

Final Thoughts

You can never tell what a city is made of until you pay a visit. Well, Whitianga is an exceptional tourist destination in New Zealand, with a lot of captivating things to do.

Whitianga is also seen as one of those places you can sketch your adventure or vacation plans and watch them unfold fully. A memorable vacation and adventure are assured with the top 15 captivating things to do in Whitianga.

Hurry, take a trip and enjoy your vacation.

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