25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

things to do in Cadillac mi

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best things to do in Cadillac MI! This list of top things to do in Cadillac has something for everyone, including kids and teens, from outdoor fun to indoor exploration.

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No matter what type of entertainment you’re after, these 25 fun things to do in Cadillac will help you figure out how to spend your time here!

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI

#1. Have a picnic at Cadillac Park

things to do in Cadillac mi
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Cadillac Park is a beautiful location on a small island in Keweenaw Bay. You can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Superior while enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner here. If you’re not eating out of hand, picnic tables are available for your use.

The park also has restrooms and a heated shelter to continue to enjoy yourself even when it gets cooler outside. Bring along some hot cocoa or coffee and relax with family and friends.

This is a great place to bring children and adults because everyone will have fun playing in the sand. Many different trails throughout Cadillac Park lead to different locations around town where you can take pictures, visit historical sites, or look at the beautiful scenery.

This park is one of many reasons why people love living in Cadillac! It’s always nice to get outdoors during any season!

Address: 312-, 398 Chestnut St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#2. William Mitchell State Park

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Part of Lake Mitchell State Park is located between lake Cadillac and lake Mitchell. The park’s recreational activities include swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

Visitors can camp at two sites that are open year-round. In addition to its beachfront on Lake Mitchell, William Mitchell Park has a mile-long hiking trail that leads visitors through hilly woods.

Anglers enjoy the Clam Lake Canal because it is a peaceful locale where they can catch fish like panfish, walleye, or perch.

This site offers gorgeous vistas and accommodates boating visitors with fifty-amp service, nice sandy beaches, and other amenities that promote convenience.

Address: 6093 M-115, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#3. Caberfae Peaks Ski & Golf Resort

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)
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Located just 30 minutes from downtown Lower Peninsula of Michigan (Cadillac), Caberfae Peaks Ski & Golf Resort is a popular winter getaway.

While you’re there, be sure to sign up for a lesson and practice your new moves on one of three slopes. For more skilled skiers and snowboarders, you can enjoy freestyle terrain parks with features including rails, jumps, and boxes.

Taking its name from the Gaelic word for stag’s head, this resort offers the full gamut of recreational opportunities to those who stay there.

You can hit the Peaks Course in the warmer months if you’re an avid golfer. This ‘green’ is known and loved for its scenic design features, including beautiful wetlands, trees lining the fairways, and lots of space.

This is the perfect time for skiing and snowboarding in Michigan! We offer various peaks to choose from and opportunities to relax at the Blackmer Lodge.

This makes one of the many enjoyable things to do in Cadillac, MI, in winter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, as the resort offers ski lessons to prepare you for the mountain’s challenges in no time.

Address: 1 Caberfae Ln, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#4. Evergreen Resort Golf Courses

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

If you’re a golfer, one of the best things to do in Cadillac, MI, today is to go to Evergreen Resort Golf Course, which many golfers enjoy for having two courses.

The award-winning course has a more challenging 18-hole course and a more beginner-friendly nine-hole course perfect for playing if you only have a limited time.

This eighteen-hole Spruce Golf Course, situated on a hillside overlooking Lake Cadillac with the course winding through the gentle hills and scenic pine forest, invites an enjoyable golfing experience.

This golf course has a typical design with fairways in the front and sloping hills in the back. The nine-hole Norway Golf Course is a short, relaxing course that suits golf professionals and beginners.

Address: 7880 Mackinaw Trail, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

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#5. Cadillac Area YMCA

There’s always something happening at your local YMCA. A membership entitles you to access various free and low-cost classes, including yoga, personal training sessions, childcare programs, and much more.

Most YMCA locations also feature gyms with well-maintained exercise equipment and pool areas with aquatics programs for both adults and children.

Local clubs are a great way to meet other residents who share your interests or live near you – plus, they often have weekly activities that are fun ways to spend time outside during Michigan winters.

Whether you’re into yoga or hiking – find out if there’s a club nearby by typing YMCA into your local search engine!

Address: 9845 Campus Dr, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#6. The Wexford Civic Center

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

The Wexford Civic Center has a 20,000 sq. ft. auditorium. Ample space and accommodates any event. These halls can be used for events, such as business expos, wedding receptions, craft shows, circus shows, proms, children’s birthday parties, and concerts.

Numerous popular community events can be found at the Wexford Civic Center, like the Cadillac Chamber Business Expo, Cadillac Rotary Club Auction, the Annual Governor’s Breakfast, YMCA Dancing with the Stars, and Project Christmas.

Check out the ice skating rink, which offers several youth leagues, open skating, co-ed drop-in hockey, adult men’s and women’s leagues, ice skating rentals, private occasions, etc.

The rink is even available for children who are three years old and up. So, this center is nice and one of the best attractions that Cadillac, Michigan, offers.

Address: 1320 N Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United State

#7. Kiss Monument

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

The Kiss Monument is the only monument in the world of the band KISS and was unveiled in Cadillac.

This monumental granite monument was revealed at the KISS Cadillac Homecoming 40th Anniversary Celebration in 2015.

At nearly 8 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and weighing 5000 pounds, it comprises black granite and commands respect.

Kiss started in October at Cadillac High School, creating rock and roll history at their homecoming show. That visit was arranged by Jim Neff and marked a major turning point in rock ‘n’ roll.

The monument has been permanently situated on the southeast corner of the Veterans Memorial Stadium complex, next to Chestnut Street and next to Cadillac Junior High.

Kiss fans and any others interested are always welcome to visit the monument and will never want to miss out on it.

Address: 501-599 Chestnut St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

When you least expect it, even a trip to Cadillac can be a lot of fun. You will find various products that women love in clothing, home décor, and jewelry, all offered in a casual, friendly environment.

#8. Serendipity

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

We believe that our emotions tie in with common, everyday items. If you’re drawn to things that you love and exhibit passion, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you love here at Serendipity.

Visiting Serendipity is actually one of the fun things to do in Cadillac for ladies like you will find items that make you look and feel great.

Address: 101 S Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#9. Eldorado Golf Course

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Among golf lovers, one of the best things to do in Cadillac, MI, is a visit to Eldorado Golf Course, which is appreciated for its two courses.

Featuring both the scenic 18-hole Spruce Course and the less demanding nine-hole Norway Course, this stunningly beautiful but difficult place is perfect for beginners or those with limited time.

You also need to know that Golf Course is situated on a hillside overlooking Lake Cadillac, the course winding through the rolling hills and past the beautiful pine forest.

It features a small green with slopes leading to the back and rolling fairways. The nine-hole Norway Golf Course is a very short course that meets the demands of golf pros and novices alike. It is at the center of the Evergreen Resort Property and is a great place for any golfer to enjoy.

#10. Toy Town

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Put some fun entertainment into your kids and your day by checking out one of the nicest toy stores in Michigan.

A specialty toy store, Toy Town, is showcased on the PBS Destination. They offer both traditional and trendy toys to children of all ages.

This vast array of souvenirs from one’s childhood brings back cherished memories to adults while the kids can freely roam the store and play with demos.

There is a whole line of outdoor toys like sleds, kites, and water toys. For example, you’ll find puzzles, building sets, dolls, RC/Models, arts/crafts, action sets, baby toys, science kits, dolls, ride-on, musical instruments, puppets, crafts, games, and educational support products.

You will enjoy your time at the store as the employees show you what you’re looking for. The store is open all summer long, except for Tuesdays during the winter.

Address: 122 S Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#11. Cadillac Sound Garden

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

The Sound Garden is located on Chestnut Street in Cadillac. It is originally one work of art funded by the Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies Community Partners Artists in Residence Program. There were also more partners involved.

The Sound Garden is home to pieces of art of diverse kinds. The casual visitor might enjoy the rustic musical art sculpture, the ground sundial, the stone child memorial collection, the 20,000 daffodils in the spring, the hundreds of perennials, and even the tulip sculpture meant for small children.

Address: 398 Chestnut St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#12. Harrietta State Fish Hatchery

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Harrietta State Fish Hatchery is the oldest operating state hatchery in Michigan. Do you want to know how far Cadillac, Michigan is from here? It is located on 160 acres of rolling state-owned land, and this region has trees of both the hardwood and coniferous varieties.

This building, updated three times in 1979, 1994, and 1999, had a major overhaul in 1979.

The hatchery houses both outdoor and indoor structures to cultivate rainbow and brown trout, using only well water.

At the hatchery, you can go on a self-guided tour of the area as it includes an outdoor trail system that’s available to explore construction, ecosystem life, and more.

Inside this exhibit hall is an informative booth with all you need to know about the Great Lakes, the Big Manistee watershed, and hatchery operations.

There are no admission charges to visit Harrietta Hatchery, and their hours are weekdays from 8:30 to 4:00 and weekends from 8:30 to 3:30.

Address: 6801 W 30 Rd, Harrietta, MI 49638, United States

#13. City Park – Cadillac Commons

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Some of the best things to do in Cadillac, MI, are outdoor activities at the City Park at The Cadillac Commons. When I say the park district and lot turned into a destination, this became an important and celebrated spot.

This event took place following the collaboration between the community and the City, which promoted the uniqueness of the Cadillac and garnered more attention year-round.

Within the Commons are City Park, the prime gem of the downtown area. For many generations, City Park has been a gathering place and offers multiple activities.

Among other notable items, you will find a permanent display chronicling the region’s rich logging history, a spectacular memorial fountain, and a model of the famous Shay Locomotive.

This is one of Cadillac’s tourist attractions. So go and enjoy this place that is meant for everyone!

Address: 117 W Cass St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#14. Wexford County Historical Museum

The Wexford County Historical Museum exhibits make you feel like you’re experiencing a different time.

Visitors to this museum are treated to artifacts, photos, paintings, and maps of the everyday life of Northern Michigan.

The Wexford County Historical Museum is housed in the first Cadillac Public Library. This classical revival-style building was part of the collection of the Carnegie Foundation, and it also served as the Cadillac Police Department in the early 1970s.

While you’re here in Cadillac, you should certainly take some time to visit this museum.

#15. The Pines Sports Bar & Bowling Center

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Pines Sports Bar & Bowling Center is one of the best centers where you can enjoy sporting activities. With over 40 HD screens, it has multiple projection big screens.

This is a restaurant with a full menu where you can find quality food service, including their homemade recipe for pizza, subs, burgers, and a selection of extras.

I think you will be pleased to know that you can join one of their bowling leagues if you’re interested and also enjoy periodic live entertainment at the bar.

One of the top things to do in Cadillac is The Pines Sports Bar & Bowling Center, which is open every day, so do yourself a favor and stop by!

Address: 5992 E Michigan 55, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

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#16. Farmer’s Market

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

The heart of downtown is home to one of Michigan’s largest farmer’s markets. The Cadillac Farmers Market has year-round events and is open every Saturday from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

With over 200 vendors and a wide variety of locally grown produce, there is something for everyone at Cadillac Farmer’s Market.

Find yourself craving something sweet? There are always a couple of bakeries on hand with tasty treats to satisfy your cravings.

#17. Boon Country Store

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Cadillac on M-115, The Boon Country Store is known for carrying over 20 varieties of Boon Cheese and specialty meats.

Today, this quirky and unique store offers many fun things to do in Cadillac, MI. The Boon Country Store is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; on Sundays, they are open until 3:00 pm.

They have so much stuff crammed into their tiny location that you’ll be hard-pressed not to find at least one thing you want!

#18. Adventure Island Family Fun Park

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Adventure Island Family Fun Park has something for everyone, from water slides and go-karts to roller coasters and mini-golf.

In addition to its multitude of rides and games, it features an arcade area filled with classic gaming machines that adults can enjoy.

As one of the top attractions in Cadillac, Michigan, be sure not to miss out on a day of fun at Adventure Island Family Fun Park.

With affordable prices and great value for money, you’ll find that there’s always something to do at Adventure Island.

Whether you want to try your hand at laser tag or test your driving skills on their state-of-the-art go-kart track, they have everything you need to ensure a fun day out with friends or family. And if you’re looking for things to do in Cadillac today, you can always stop by!

It is open every day of the year, so there will always be things to do here, no matter what time of year it is. If you want some quality family time, there are plenty of things for kids like junior bumper cars and pirate ship adventures!

Address: 6083 M-115, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#19. Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center

What’s cooler than fishing and bird-watching? Fishing and bird-watching indoors. Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center is a year-round indoor/outdoor education facility just west of downtown Cadillac that provides opportunities for children and adults to interact with nature. At the same time, they learn about wildlife conservation through hands-on experience at Carl T.

In this grand, spacious lobby, you’ll see features like a huge fish tank, an information desk, and a marsh diorama.

The Heritage Nature Trail, a three-and-a-half-mile scenic walk that has complete signposting for visitors and is open all year round, should be included in your to-do list of what to do in Cadillac, Michigan.

Address: 6087 M-115, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#20. After 26 Depot Cafe

After 26 Depot Cafe is a great place for a laid-back breakfast or lunch. The menu offers simple but delicious dishes, making everything from scratch.

Start your day with homemade granola or an egg sandwich on whole wheat; try one of their salads or burgers at lunchtime.

They have a full espresso bar with fresh bean drinks and baked goods to grab on your way out; you’ll also find unique gifts and home decor here.

This place is very special, and they’ve made it their mission to provide jobs to people with cognitive impairments and developmental disabilities.

The leaders of this project consisted of retired school teachers, private business individuals, municipal workers, and concerned citizens.

The proceeds from this book benefit Project Workers. It began as a community effort, and, in 2013, it came to fruition in the form of this restaurant.

These days, come and enjoy their comfortable restaurant with nice staff providing good service and high-quality food, be it for a special event or breakfast and lunch. Select a delicious dish from the menu – salads, omelets, sliders, or others.

Spending a little time at After 26 Depot Cafe in Cadillac is one of the most fun things to do in Cadillac, MI.

Address: 127 W Cass St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#21. Huron-Manistee National Forests

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

Many fun activities are located within a short drive of the Cadillac. Whether you like camping or sailing or want to get out on some incredible trails, there’s no shortage of options in and around East Central Michigan.

We recommend checking out three nearby National Forests: Huron-Manistee National Forest, Little Manistee River Recreation Area, and Manistee National Forest.

The Huron-Manistee is one of only four national bi-national forests (shared by two countries) and is part of a diverse ecosystem that spans more than 850 miles.

It contains five lakes with over 250 miles of shoreline, perfect for water sports such as boating and fishing.

It also has nearly 1,000 campsites available year-round for those who prefer sleeping under the stars. If you’re looking for hiking trails, we suggest exploring Huron Manistee National Forest.

Address: 1755 S Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#22. Shemhadar Dog Sled Adventures

things to do in Cadillac mi

If you’re looking for a unique adventure experience, head out on a dog sled tour. You can take an hour-long ride or go overnight with a group and camp out under the stars.

Make sure you bundle up; it gets pretty cold out there! It’s hard work for both humans and dogs. If you feel like taking it easy during your visit to Cadillac, rent a fat tire bike and check out all of Cadillac’s city parks.

And if you prefer your exercise indoors, head over to Winterfest Center, where you can try curling. Plus, they have activities like music performances throughout every season.

#23. Cadillac 5 theater

There are several fun things to do in Cadillac, including a movie at 5 Theaters. Showing current movies and old favorites, if you’re looking for something fun and relaxing, a trip to 5 Theater is your best bet.

Popcorn, soft drinks, and candy are all for sale at concessions, so even your kids will be happy with what they find here.

And no need to worry about driving home when you’ve had too much popcorn because plenty of spots offer discounted parking that can get you out of tight parking situations.

Address: 202 S Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#24. Suite Salon Spa

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

The name says it all. If you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience with some of northern Michigan’s best stylists, a whole suite of services is available at Suite Salon & Spa.

The spa is beautiful and has an excellent atmosphere that makes getting pampered more like an experience than simply getting your hair cut or a massage.

It’s located in downtown Cadillac just off US-131 next to Marshall’s Bar & Grill and across from Subway. Suite Salon & Spa offers haircuts, color services, makeup applications, massages, and facials; check out their website for details on specific services and prices.

There’s also a full nail salon if you’re interested in getting some new colors or polishes on your hands or feet!

Address:  1907 N Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601, United States

#25. Hampton Inn Cadillac hotel

25 Fun Things to Do in Cadillac MI (Michigan)

If you’re traveling with your family and need a comfortable stay, look no further than Hampton Inn & Suites Cadillac.

Our spacious rooms make it easy for everyone to spread out, while we offer plenty of amenities like an indoor pool and hot tub so you can have fun together.

When you wake up after a restful night of sleep, we’ll serve a hot breakfast buffet with tons of fresh choices each morning planning an event?

They even offer special catering menus and event space perfect for hosting parties or business meetings.

During your stay at our hotel near Lake Michigan, check out our things to do during your trip, like go-karting or paintballing at Mighty Mike’s Karting & Paintball. this is one of the best hotels in Cadillac, MI

Plan Your Trip On Cadillac

If you’re looking for a fun time, or you don’t feel like making plans, or want to be spontaneous and adventurous while seeing all of what Cadillac offers, here are 25 things that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and make your day full of fun.

Take these suggestions into consideration if you ever find yourself looking for something fun and interesting to do in a town or city you have never been to before.

We hope you have an amazing time! If you need help finding something specific, just ask us in the comments below!

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