10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

What comes to your mind on the mention of Te Anau? Probably the location, the things to do in Te Anau, places to explore and so lots of them. Te Anau is a great city with mesmerizing things to do which only takes a token time to discover.

Besides, Te Anau is more than just a gateway to Fiordland city, for it offers more than enough things to do, many tourist attractions, national parks, and so on.

On the mention of vacation or a trip, I suggest Te Anau will make a very good destination with its wonderland waiting to be explored. I recommend couples, families, friends on vacation to this mesmerizing place to experience the hidden gem of the city for any vacation, Take your time and explore on;


Fiordland National Park

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Fiordland National Park also known as Te wahipounamu is one of the most beautiful sceneries in Te Anau. It situates at the Southwest of the south island, New Zealand has a total area of about 12,607km2 ( the largest in New Zealand).

Fiordland National Park features so many natural reserves which will make a good spot for picnics, family outings, get together, etc. It can also make a good fun place for couples on honeymoon/ vacation. Fiordland National park is a must-see place in Te Anau and regarded as one of the top 10 mesmerizing things to do.

It is located at 116 little park lane, Tell Anau 9600, New Zealand.

Kepler Track

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Kepler Track is one of the best places for hiking in Te Anau. It is a 60km circular track that passes through rocky mountain ridges, lakeshores, tall mossy forests, Rivers, wetlands, etc.

Tripping to Kepler track is quite stunning, with lots of amazing sights to see from the top.

It is worth paying for a trip, not too busy, but extra carefulness is needed by adhering to the rules for a smooth and great walk. It takes approximately 4days to complete a trip on the Kapler track.

Trust me. The strenuous hike is fun.

It is located at Golf course road Eastern Fiordland, Te Anau, Fiordland National park, New Zealand.

Milford Sound/ piopiotahi

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Milford sound is a long, narrow deep inlet between cliffs in Southwest of New Zealand, situated within the Fiordland National Park, and among the most mesmerizing things to do in Te Anau. 

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A home to various aquariums such as seals, whales, dolphins, penguins, etc. It has remained one of the most visited areas in Te Anau and a great tourist attraction welcoming close to one million visitors annually. For quite a fascinating trip, Milford sound should be included in the list of things to do.

Numerous water sports can be done on this sound such as Tramping, canoeing, etc anchored by so many companies, sometimes one can engage in a night trip. It is a very important site known for waterfalls, rainforest, towering miter peak, etc. In Milford discovery center and underwater observatory, you will get the chance to view rare black coral life, quite interesting

It is located at 147/157 Milford sound highway, Milford sounds Southland 9679, New Zealand.

Te Anau Glow Warm Cave

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Te Anau’s glow warm cave is an underground can with numerous luminous shimmer of glowwarms. It is a very wonderful sight with amazing whirlpools and waring waterfall.

This is one of the outstanding places for family outings regardless of age (except infants) with a friendly tour guide. The cave was a result of the force of the river into limestone which makes a wonderful sight to behold.

Te Anau glow warms cave is the best underground experience and will be more fun when in the group (not more than 14 anyways) and a must for every trip to Te Anau.

Tag along with your family, friends, colleagues to this wonder and enjoy the best of adventure. Don’t forget to include Te Anau glow warm cave on the top list of mesmerizing things to do in Te Anau at least once in a lifetime.

It is located at the shores of Lake Te Anau, Southland 9679, New Zealand.

Te Anau Bird Sanctuary

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Te Anau bird sanctuary is one of the interesting things in the Anau situated on the shores of Lake. It is a place to view some of the rare birds which cannot be found anywhere else.

These New Zealand special bird species include the flightless ones such as Takahē, Kākā, Kerenī, wood pigeons, etc. Some other birds that fly freely in the sanctuary include wild Kerekū, Tūi, silvereyes, grey warblers, tomùts, bellbirds, and lots more.

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Te Anau bird sanctuary is a very family-friendly environment and a must-see in the city.

It is located at Rd 162 Manapouri Te Anau Highway, Te Anau 9679, New Zealand.

Packrafting New Zealand

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Packrafting is one of the best forms of outdoor adventure in Te Anau. One of the beautiful scenery here is the little boats make kayaking, climbing, boat paddling, hiking possible. Packrafting is a very interesting tourist attraction in Queenstown, Te Anau, New Zealand, and one of the things not to miss out.

Packrafting is not just a great adventure but among the top 10 mesmerizing things to do for quite a memorable trip. While on an adventure in packrafting, lots of wonderful sights, marine fishes, rocky mountains so lots of natural endowment are viewed.

It is Located at Ramparts Rd, Te Anau 9679, New Zealand.

Fiordland Vintage Machinery Museum

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

This is one of a kind museum in Te Anau where early machinery is kept. Fiordland vintage machinery museum is situated between Queenstown and Milford Sound, Te Anau, New Zealand.

Looking for things to see? I bet this is one of the best. It has several collections of machinery ranging from over 60 working tractors, motorbikes, a blacksmith shop (fully operational), early road graders, the first telephone exchange, early machinery, and other memorabilia.

Any trip to this city without a visit to Fiordland vintage machinery museum is incomplete, which makes it rank on the top list of things to Te Anau for a memorable vacation.

It is located on Crir Sandy Brown Rd & state highway 94, Te Anau 9600, New Zealand.

Jade Country

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Jade country is a specialty and gift shop. It is a very fascinating place to visit for every trip to New Zealand, where shopping for New Zealand Jade, Paua, Bone, and Sterling silver jewelry is made easy and affordable.

You don’t have any reason not to shop in this amazing shop for it accepts all major credit cards and foreign currencies. It is quite a nice scenery and a very interesting thing to do in Te Anau.

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Either visiting for honeymoon, business trip, vacation (Family, couple), etc. Jade country is the best place to be for gifts and specialty accessories for your wife, siblings, friends, and otherwise.

It is located at 52 Town center, Te Anau 9600, New Zealand.

Red Cliff Cafe

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

Red cliff cave is an amazing restaurant and bar where nightlife is enjoyed in the city. It features New Zealand main and local wines, great/delicious foods, lively music, and very friendly service. It has ranked one of the best restaurants in Te Anau for some years now.

If you ever think of the best place to enjoy dinner at affordable and enjoyable meals, Red cliff cafe is right there at your service. Its cuisine features contemporary meals and New Zealand meals. Visit today, enjoy your meals and hurry on your next trip.

It is located at 12 mokonui street, Te Anau 9600, New Zealand.

Trout Observatory

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Te Anau (South Island)

I guess a boring trip is not an option for your vacation, I bring to you trout observatory to lighten your trip with great experience and memories. Trout observatory is one of the great zoos and aquariums which has served as a great tourist attraction since the early 1970s.

It features several trout species ranging from Brown trout, koura, rainbow trout, etc. This is the best trout observatory I have ever encountered and one of the best places to take kids on the trip.

It is located at 2A Lakefront Drive, Te Anau 9600, New Zealand.

Final Thoughts

Te Anau is a small city with great experience to keep memories alive. It is known as a gateway to Fiordland with so many hidden treasures to uncover. Internationally, the city is widely known as the eighth wonder of the world, which makes a great destination for a vacation.

With these above listed top 10 mesmerizing things to do in Te Anau, a great and memory-filled vacation is attained.

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