10 Best & Fun Things To Do in New Zealand South Island

Are you a traveller wanting to take a tour of South Island? This post covers the best things to do in New Zealand south island.

The South Island of New Zealand is known for its mountains, lakes, and glaciers. The Southern Alps are home to the 3,724m high Aoraki Mt. Cook runs along the island’s length.

It is of great pleasure to take you on the trip to the most famous things to do in South Island, New Zealand, which will not only make your vacation exciting but a memory to keep.


Continue down with me.

Things to do in New Zealand South Island

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is one of the favourite things in South Island, New Zealand. The fact it’s the smallest of all parks in New Zealand doesn’t limit its ability for being amazing.

Tasman National Park is a coastal paradise that can be toured either through land, water or air.

It features several cruises, kayaking options, sailing catamarans, water taxi service etc., which ascertains fun in the park. Its beach is fully Sandy serving a perfect picnic spot.


Abel Tasman National Park is not just meant for tourists, and locals found it quite interesting.

It is widely known and famous for its golden beaches, coast track, and impressive sculptured granite cliffs. Hiking, biking and strolling are enjoyed on its favourite coast track as other exciting activities.

It is located at South island 7183, New Zealand.

Larnach Castle

This is one of the magnificent, captivating and picturesque destinations in the south island, New Zealand.

It is a great place, and one of the favourite things in South island restored and owned by the Barker family since 1967 and was built by William Larnach in 1871.


Larnach Castle offers many engaging activities ranging from castle experient, event management, unique dining, amazing Gardena, comfortable accommodation etc. It is open to everyone as a tourist destination.

Larnach Castle offers affordable and comfortable accommodation. One can also host wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and other events in its fantastic garden. It is also a unique museum to view some old artefacts.

It is located at 145 camo road, otago peninsula, Dunedin 9077, New Zealand.

Banks Peninsula

The Banks Peninsula is one of the most famous things in South Island, New Zealand, being a unique landform/ landmass.

It features numerous hills, bays, playgrounds, bushes, etc., formed due to ancient volcanoes with a stunning setting when viewed from above.

This charming majestic scenery has become an incredible sight bringing numerous visitors annually.

After spending time at Churchtown, people tend to view the Banks Peninsula for quite a wonderful and peaceful time.

Banks peninsula can serve as an incredible picnic sight for family, couples on vacation etc. Drip on this bank on any trip to the south island, New Zealand, for a beautiful experience.

It is located at 26 lake tarrace road, little river, Banks peninsula, Canterbury 7581, New Zealand.

Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum is one of the great museums rich in cultural and natural heritage in New Zealand, established in 1867.

It has a lot to see, ranging from the mosque, wildlife photographs, unique animals, the museum book, and lots of other things insight.

Canterbury Museum is quite a fascinating destination for tourists and locals who are interested in viewing the past, present and future of Canterbury.

It is one of the most famous things in South island New Zealand which you shouldn’t neglect on every trip.

I urge you to tag your siblings, family, kids, friends to this wondrous sight for a beautiful and fantastic vacation.

It is located at Rollestone Avenue, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand.


Cardrona Alpine Resort

Cardrona alpine resort is one of the most famous things in South Island New Zealand, being the best ski resort.

It has the most incredible mountain playground established in 1980, with many activities for the winter and summer seasons.

It is a place for all, without segregation or racism, where ski lessons are taught.

Cardrona alpine resort is a fascinating place to visit, with skiing and snowboarding as its significant activities. You can as well join in a gondola ride for a memory-filled vacation.

It is a good thing you visit this wonderful resort on every trip to South Island for a great vacation.

It is located at cardrona valley road, cardrona 9305, New Zealand.

Hagley park North

Hagley park north is a mesmerising tourist attraction to see and one of the most famous things on the south island, New Zealand. It has one of the largest open space established in Christchurch I. 1855 covering about 165 hectares.

It is a very nice park featuring strolling paths, a small lake, botanical gardens, a golf course and numerous sports facilities. It’s a great park with quite an interesting interior open for the general public, both locals and visitors. It is one if the best sights not to miss out in South Island, New Zealand.

The park offers both entertainment and recreation. Hagley park north is a family-friendly park as such serve as a great picnic spot for family and organisation.

It is located at 14 Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand.

Puzzling World

The puzzling World is one of the wonderful experiences to have in South Island, New Zealand. It is a unique destination to stop over and among the top 10 famous things in South Island. Right from the onset, the puzzling world has challenged so many people regardless of age, status, or class with its mind-blowing games. It a great place for children and adults.

The puzzling world features a 3D great maze, illusion rooms, hologram hall, tilted house etc with several activities ongoing such as the ultimate, loop rings, Rubik’s cubes, etc.

This is quite challenging which makes it a desired point to stop over on every trip to ease stress. Tag along kids, families, colleagues, friends etc to this amazing world to grab the opportunity it offers at an affordable rate.

It is located at 188 Wanaka-luggate highway, Wanaka 9382, New Zealand.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank wildlife reserve is a great animal and nature preserve in South Island which remains at the topmost famous things in South Island, New Zealand. It is a place to get a clearer view it New Zealand native animals, livestock breeds and other mammals that dwell therein.


Wildlife such as Kaka, kiwi, Takahē, tuatara, kea etc. is seen in Willowbank wildlife reserve. It is quite an interesting place for family hangout, picnics, outings etc. Kids enjoy more in Willowbank. What is eat is never a problem because of the presence of cafe and stalls.

It is located at 60 Hussey road, Northwood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand.

Nugget Point Lighthouse

Nugget point lighthouse is among the topmost famous things in South Island, New Zealand. It is the country’s oldest lighthouse in a town built in 1869 at 16 meters above sea level.

Along the part to Nugget point lighthouse, lies some enticing sights of wave eroded rocks, fur seals, a colony on rocks etc. This place has served as home to some animals and birds such as penguins, seals, sea lion, elephant seals etc.

Apart from the amazing sight of the lighthouse, there are other features that make the nugget house lighthouse amazing, they are its great walking paths, waters and its aquatic animals. While admiring the waters you will enjoy quite time and meditation/ recollection, really amazing.

It is located at the nugget road, Ahuriri flat 9271, New Zealand.

Speights Brewery

Thinking of the best place to get wines/ beers around South Island? Well, speights brewery is quite a great option that has worked immensely to achieve a greater height. 

Today, speights brewery has ranked on the top famous things in South Island, New Zealand.

No tour will be complete in South Island without a taste at speights brewery. It features a tasting room, bars, shops, etc. 

It is one of the fascinating things not to miss out on South Island. Come with your friends and enjoy great meals as well as fantastic wine/ beer.

It is located at 200 Rattray street, Dunedin Central, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand.

Final Thoughts

The New Zealand south island is one of the world’s most beautiful places for your vacation, making it an excellent vacation destination.

With the above 10 things to do in New Zealand south island.

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