21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

things to do in Athens Ohio

Are you looking for the best things to do in Athens Ohio? Athens, Ohio, may seem like it’s hidden in the Midwest of the United States, but this city has more to offer than its out-of-the-way location would have you believe.

The best vacation planning remains the ultimate, which is more or fewer things in the location.

Athens is a very nice destination for vacation located in the state of Ohio, United States. It welcomes millions of visitors annually due to its great virtue and wonderful history.

Moreover, what can you say about This great city? 

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21 Best things to do in Athens Ohio

#1. Kennedy Museum of Art

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Kennedy museum of arts is one of the most stunning art museums in Athens, OH. It is a museum where American art and native American textile are kept and used as tourist attractions.

Kennedy museum of art serves a lot in terms of educational, research, and public services for Ohio university, community schools, and the general public bringing out intellectual and cultural life.

If not the best, the Kennedy museum of art is among the best museum and should be included in things to do in Athens, OH, for a memorable vacation.

In this museum of art, one can enjoy the sights of its collections and its exhibition ranging from ceramics, jewelry, drawings, photographs, sculptures, contemporary prints, American painting, natural American textile, etc.

Address: 100 ridges Cir, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#2. Sells Park

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Sells Park is a wonderful-looking Park with a natural setting. It is a park of 22.5 acres of land with a pond covering 1876 square yards.

Sells Park is not just an ordinary park but has a lot of hidden gems and is the best among all in Athens. It features a very nice trail for biking, running, and hiking. It is a very nice nature reserve to cool off and view fascinating sights, including Rockhouse, which sells a park lookout.

Visiting sells park is one of the most wonderful things to do in Athens, OH, for a memorable trip.

Address: Sells Park Avon pl, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#3. Athens Armory

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Athens armory is one of the old historical landmarks in Athens, OH. It was built and dedicated in the year 1971.

It is a great place and one of Athens’s most wonderful landmarks to view. It served as the national guard company L and the machine gun company.

It also serves as a community space for events such as fundraising, dancing, boxing, matches, etc. Athens armory is a must-see place and should be among the things to do for an unforgettable trip.

Athens’s armory was later sold to the city of Athens. Currently, the Athens armory serves as storage space for the city of Athens.

It is located at 2 w Carpenter St, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#4. EagleRider

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Eaglerider is one of the best places to visit in Athens, Ohio, if you want to enjoy outdoor riding games. It is Athens’s largest motorcycle selection, which rents all kinds of motorcycles, ranging from Electra glide, Street glide, Heritage Softail, Road King, and so on.

Eaglerider offers fun, safe, and affordable rides. It is a must-see place for riders and is always among the things to do in Athens for a quite interesting vacation.

Riding is a great outdoor adventure to all kinds of attractions in the region. Eaglerider serves you the best for all kinds of motorcycle rentals. They also offer guided tours as a great opportunity to ride and become a rider.

Address: 165 Columbus Rd, Athens, OH 45701, United States

#5. Athena Cinema

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Athena cinema is one of the top-notch theatres in Athens, dedicated to providing fun and games to the general public. It is a very nice place to spend quality time seeing films you can’t find anywhere else. These movies are seen on their three little screens.

Athena cinema is a theatre to enjoy fascinating views, has a neat and conducive interior, friendly and humble staff, and above all, very affordable.

Very nice and cheap popcorns are enjoyed in this theatre. Tag along with your wife, children, friends as well as colleagues to see an amazing movie in this wonderful theatre.

It is located at 20 S Court St, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

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#6. Stroud’s Run State Park

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Strouds Run State Park is a stunning park if you are looking for what to do in Athens, Ohio, with an excellent place for camping and impressive natural displays.

It features a fantastic beach, picnic areas, biking and hiking trails, beach volleyball areas, etc. It is a place where mountain bikers experience a fun-filled Trip, Before its excellent trail that leads to the town.

Stroud’s state park is also a good destination to take your family for a fascinating picnic, volleyball games, and lots of fun.

Stroud’s state park remains the best for renting paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, or pontoons.

It is located at 11661 State Park Rd, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#7. Pleasant Hill Winery

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Pleasant Hill winery is one of the top-notch wineries in Athens. It is a very nice place to visit and have fun with friends and family alike and should be included in one of the things to do in Athens, OH, for a memorable trip.

Please, pleasant Hill winery is the best place to enjoy amazing wines at affordable rates. It offers special wines, appetizers to suit all wine, event grounds, and so on. Pleasant Hill is an interesting place to enjoy beautiful dates with girlfriends as much as hanging out with friends.

Pleasant hill has a very nice and breathtaking garden and vineyard that serves best for a wedding ceremony and all event types. Check out the best restaurants in Athens Ohio.

It is located at 5015 pleasant hill Rd, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#8. Dow Lake

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Dow lake is a very nice lake built as a reservoir in Athens. It covers about 153 acres, 10HP limit, and 30 feet dept.

It is one of the best places for fishing, having several species of fish ranging from crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, golden trout, rainbow trout, and so on.

The lake features hiking, biking, and strolling trails and other lots of nature to view. It is quite an interesting place for family and group organization picnics and the best site for a birthday party.

This is one of the best places to have fun so far Athens is concerned and should be added to things to do for an unforgettable and interesting trip.

It is located at County Rd 20, Northeast of Athens county, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#9. Athens Farmers Market

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Athens farmers market is a super marker for great shopping in Athens, OH. It is a place to get the freshest and finest nutritional foods in Athens.

Athens farmers market is a nice market to shop for all your food items, including cheese, vegetables, meats, fruits, jams, honey, maple syrup, etc. It is among the oldest market in Athens but still shows the glittering environment and freshest breath.

Shopping in the Athens farmers market is fun as lovely music enlightens the atmosphere. Add this to your list of things to do in Athens, Ohio, this weekend.

It is located at 1000 E State St, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

#10. The J Bar

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

The j-bar is another must-see place for the best beers and drinks. It is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Athens, OH, and should be included in things to do for a great trip.

The J bar offers the finest beer with quite friendly bartenders. Although it’s a small bar, it’s well-managed and always neat. The j bar plays club music but uncovers for clubs.

Note that in j bar, food is not sold, but you can place an order which will be delivered quickly. When it comes to nightlife, the J bar serves you the best. Tag along with your friends, colleagues, etc., to this great bar and have fun.

It is located at 41 N Court Street, Athens, OH 45701, United States.

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#11. Little Fish Brewing

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Little Fish Brewing is one of the newest additions to the Athens brewery scene and is sure to impress. With more than 30 beers on tap and a rotating selection, there’s something for everyone. They make their brews with a farm approach, drawing inspiration from local ingredients.

While sours aged in barrels and Saisons are their favorite, They also enjoy creating and consuming hop-forward pale ales or a lager that is subtle in its crafting. Anything is possible if it is paired with family and friends!

They are determined to make their brewery reflect our values. They source the bulk of our grains and some of our hops locally and are independently owned. Every penny contributes.

They aimed to produce top-quality beer while sustaining local economies. They created various traditional core recipes using Ohio-grown ingredients that were available at the moment.

This includes organic raw corn grits spelled in our most popular Saison du Poisson and Shagbark Pilsner beers and many unique ingredients, such as locally-grown herbs and fruits.

Currently, Haus Malts in Cleveland offers Ohio-grown malted barley, wheat, rye triticale, and corn for the large portion of the beers we sell. Several small-scale hop producers are beginning to offer Ohio-grown hops.

#12. Dairy Art Barn

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

The Dairy Art Barn is a family-friendly attraction to inspire creativity. Two exhibit halls showcase original artwork from local artists and allow visitors to create their artwork.

The Dairy Art Barn offers classes for kids and adults, hosts an annual juried art show, and features rotating exhibits of local artists’ work. It’s an ongoing reminder that a democratic society can help to save historical landmarks like the dairy farm on which the arts center is located.

As time passed, the Dairy Barn provided milk for the inhabitants from The Ridge, and the barn covered vast land areas.

The building was eventually converted into an arts center. The impressive art center provides visitors with a variety of absorbing artworks.

The most stunning forms of art incorporate quilting, which is among the most popular art types displayed here. The artifacts are stunning and meticulously made.

Studio spaces are available for art where art classes and workshops are taught. A visit to the Dairy Barn Arts Centre will introduce you to the many facets of fine art and leave you with a smiling face.

They also have a gift shop where you can find great gifts for family and friends! Check it out this weekend!

Address: 8000 Dairy Ln, Athens, OH 45701, United States

#13. Devil’s Kettle Brewing

restaurants in Athens Ohio

The Devil’s Kettle Brewing Company is a microbrewery located at the foot of the Hocking Hills. It has become a destination for those looking for a relaxing weekend getaway and those interested in trying the brewery’s award-winning beers.

It is open from 11 am until 8 pm, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday evenings. The brewer offers tasting flights so that you can sample four different beers before buying them by the pint or growler fill.

The brewery also has an outdoor seating area with tables that look over the scenic fields below and offers live music from 6 pm until 9 pm Thursday through Sunday. If you enjoy delicious food, you will love their full menu of tasty brews paired with locally sourced appetizers and entrees.

Address: 97 Columbus Rd, Athens, OH 45701, United States

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#14. Lucky Strike Lanes

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Bowling is a fun activity for all ages and a great way to get some exercise. Plus, you can enjoy the game while catching up with friends. The best bowling alley downtown is Lucky Strike Lanes on State Street.

There are also plenty of lanes at The Classic Center and Stonecreek Golf Club if you’re looking for more space. To make the experience even more enjoyable, try one of their specialty cocktails, such as the Strawberry Margarita or Orange Crush Martini!

A night at Lucky Strike Lanes could be just what you need this weekend: affordable entertainment with friends followed by great drinks and food! Be sure to bring cash since they don’t accept credit cards.

Address: 1904 S Anderson St, Elwood, IN 46036, United States

#15. Tantrum Theater

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Athens’ Tantrum Theater is a theater for the mind and body. With two locations in Athens, Tantrum Theater provides an interactive and creative venue for individuals of all ages. From classes like acting and improv comedy to birthday parties and corporate team-building events, Tantrum Theater has something for everyone.

The theater has many events this weekend, including improv comedy at 7 pm Friday, a concert at 8 pm Saturday, and an interactive musical story time at 10 am Sunday. Tantrum Theatre aims to produce entertaining theatrical productions for children and their families.

Theatergoers are encouraged to come out for the show and make themselves feel at home with some popcorn while they watch the show! With seating up close to the stage and lots of surprises behind every corner, there will be something for everyone at Tantrum Theatre.

Address: 5600 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

#16. O’Betty’s Hot Dog Museum

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

We’re not kidding when we say this is the only hot dog museum that exists! O’Betty’s Hot Dog Museum is an interactive museum about the history and culture of hot dogs.

O’Betty’s may not be the sole hot dog museum around the globe, but they possess one that is among the largest and most varied, as well as the most entertaining. And it’s still expanding! One of the best-hidden gems in Athens, Ohio.

You’ll be amazed by the numerous items dedicated to America’s favorite food, the wiener! Hot dog-shaped buildings, cars, toys and candy, cooking equipment, dangerous-looking hot dog cookers, clothes, games, toys, cookbooks, books for children, and endless.

You can learn about how hot dogs are made and how they differ worldwide. The exhibits here are well done, and it’s a lot of fun to check out!

Address: 15 W State St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

#17. Inhale Yoga Studio

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

The Inhale Yoga Studio is a calm, welcoming studio with classes for every age and level. Whether you’re looking for a gentle introduction to the world of yoga or are looking for more advanced poses, the instructors at Inhale will help you find what you’re looking for.

With classes from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm six days a week, finding a time that works with your schedule is easy. If you’re just getting started with yoga or want to explore other options like Pilates and barre, Inhale offers complimentary sessions each week that can give you an idea of what might work best for your body.

Their services include acupuncture, yoga therapy, Thai massage, cupping therapy, and clean wellness products.

Address: inside Athens Coop (red door, 94 Columbus Rd Building A, Athens, OH 45701, United States

#18. Dutch Creek Winery

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

You can’t beat a day of wine tasting. Dutch Creek Winery is the perfect place for that. They have an array of wines from dry to sweet, and what better way to enjoy your wine than with a cheese plate? There’s also complimentary cheese and chocolate sampling while you’re there.

The winery is located outside of town in Oregonia, so you’ll need a car or taxi ride. But it’s worth it! After a long week of work and school, it is time to get out of the house and enjoy some time with friends.

The Dutch Creek Winery hosts live music this Friday at 5:30 pm. You can enjoy the show while sipping on your favorite wine or beer. For those wanting a more intimate setting, you can reserve a spot on their patio by calling ahead of time.

Address: 12157 OH-690, Athens, OH 45701, United States

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#19. Athens Yoga

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Yoga can be a great way to destress after a long day at work or school! The meditative quality of the practice helps you feel more aware and present. And with so many different types of yoga, there’s bound to be one perfect for you.

Plus, I’ve always found that even stretching at home before bed can help me sleep better by releasing tension throughout my body. It doesn’t take much time – just 10 minutes will do the trick – but it can make all the difference in the morning!

Address: 77 ½, E State St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

#20. Escape Rooms

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

Escape Rooms Athens is among the most thrilling places where new and exciting games are constantly invented. In recent times, “Escape Room Games” are rapidly growing in popularity across the US as it’s an ideal opportunity to have a blast spending time with family or friends.

You can use your brains to solve mind-bending puzzles in these games before it’s late.

With more than six different kinds of escape rooms that can be picked, they will immerse everyone in a trance of options.

Escape rooms are opportunities to enjoy finding clues and solving complex and challenging puzzles to discover the way out. The players need to make use of their brains, wits, and brains to solve problems and other games that involve multiplayer online to leave this room before the time for the game ends.

Engaging in games such as these is ideal if you want to enjoy a fun game.

Escape room games in Athens are exciting, fun, and thrilling, with unforgettable memories to be created.

#21. Old Man’s Cave

21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens Ohio

This weekend, explore the beauty of Old Man’s Cave with your friends. Hike through the beautiful cliff formations and enjoy the serenity of this outdoor adventure spot. Located in Hocking Hills State Park, this is one of Ohio’s most popular destinations for outdoor recreation!

The cave is among the most thrilling tourist attractions in the city of Athens. Old Man’s Cave is a natural wonder of the world best described as an unnatural cave.

The impressive gorge offers stunning beautiful, serene, and tranquil views that will make you feel alone in a sea of admiration. Many nature photographers describe Old Man’s Cave as a wonderful experience in photography of nature.

The Old Man the Cave has been named in a rumor in honor of an old hermit named Richard Rowe, who lived in the gorge along with the two doggies he owned.

What to Pack for a Trip to Athens, Ohio

We advise you to carry the following items with you:

Comfortable Walking Shoes: Make sure to have good walking shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking throughout the city. I’ve cherished the Brooks brand shoes I’ve worn for years. For guysI’ve linked them here, and for women, see it here.

Power bank: When exploring, we always have a power bank with us that is completely charged. In this manner, we can plug in our phone and recharge it on the road if the battery is becoming low. For navigation and photography, we rely extensively on our phones. Thus, this device is essential for us.

Bottle water: We prefer to take an insulated, reusable water bottle when exploring.

Travel journal: Making a list of the locations and activities you wish to accomplish while traveling is possible with a travel journal. This saves time and ensures that you make the most of your journey. You might look up interesting and hidden locations to visit!

Backpack: Whether planning a trip to North America or just going on a day hike, backpacks are necessary. Backpacks allow you to carry your items in one easy-to-manage location. They also allow you to keep your valuables close and safe.

Enjoy Your Vacation in Athens Ohio 

Athens is quite a great city in Ohio, United States, and a very nice destination for a vacation. It is widely known as the site of a large public research university named Ohio University.

It is a destination with various nature reserves, museums, parks, shopping malls, etc. Athens provides vacation options for all ages, providing a fulfilled stay.

Visiting Athens will make a great difference, ensuring you an interesting trip. With the list of top 10 things to do in Athens, Ohio, be convinced of a memorable vacation.

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