The Best 5 Most-Haunted Museums in Birmingham Alabama

Most-Haunted Museums in Birmingham Alabama

If you are looking for the most-haunted museums in Birmingham Alabama, then you are on the right page! Known for its haunted locations and spooky stories, Birmingham, Alabama, is a city rich in history in addition to its lively culture and Southern charm.

Out of all of these, a few of the city’s historical structures and museums stand out because the echoes of the past reverberate among their walls.

Through the most haunted museums in Birmingham, Alabama, we will take you on a spine-tingling adventure in this blog post. Let’s explore this historic city’s eerie side, so fasten your seatbelts and keep your flashlights close. Stay tuned!

1. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

The Best 5 Most-Haunted Museums in Birmingham Alabama

Nearly 250, 000 people visit the Barber Vintage Museum every year. It is a real godsend destination for all auto enthusiasts.

The founder is George Barber, who is also one of the passionate petrol heads. Having won 63 first places in Porsche racing in the 1960s, in 1988 he decided to start gathering a collection of classic cars and motorcycles. All the exhibits have been properly restored before being exhibited.

  • Motorcycles

Now the museum’s display includes 1,600 vehicles both vintage and contemporary ones. Nearly 900 motorcycles are put on display including 97 iconic Harley Davidson bikes. Approximately 220 different manufacturers from 22 countries are represented in the museum.

  • Autos

Though the main attention is focused on bikes, automobiles were never forgotten. More than 140 car makes compile the collection of the Barber Vintage Museum. But the main attention is concentrated on the Lotus race cars. The fleet has been collected from different countries including the USA, Sweden, and New Zealand.

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2. Birmingham Museum of Art

The Birmingham Museum of Art is conveniently located in downtown Birmingham. It is a vast complex occupying the territory of 18,000 square feet.

The permanent collection consists of more than 27,000 paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures. All of them represent cultural Asian, European, African, and American Heritage.

The main highlights of the collection are:

  • African Art

Nearly 2,000 artifacts are displayed in that section of the museum. Antiquities date from the 12th century to the present. Authentic masks, ritual objects, household utensils, textiles, and ceramics vividly reflect the African tribes’ culture and history.

  • American Art

Guests can get acquainted with the American works of art of the late 18th and mid-20th centuries.  

  • Art of Alabama

The collection is made up of the Alabama artists’ works. The most famous of them are the miniaturist Hannah Elliot and landscapist Carrie Hill. The display also involves samples of folk art, such as native Alabama paintings, pottery, quilts, and sculptures.

The Best 5 Most-Haunted Museums in Birmingham Alabama
  • Asian Art

More than 4,000 objects of fine art from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia are gathered together in the Asian Art section. The exhibition also features Vietnamese ceramics, Buddhist and Hindu paintings, prints, and sculpture.

  • Contemporary art

Good news for a budget tourist! You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to see any collection of the gallery. An art research library is located on the first floor. It contains 35,000 items including art-related books, catalogs, and periodicals. An outdoor sculpture garden is located in the adjacent area.

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3. McWane Science Center

The McWane Alabama Science Museum is in no way a dull place. It consists of 3 thematic levels full of educational and interactive exhibits.

  • Level 1

The first level is occupied with a 108-seat Rushton Theatre with the multimedia learning environment. Witness how the lightning appears, explore the two coupled electric circuits, enjoy the wonders of nuclear physics experiments.

On the first floor, there is an array of amusing interactive exhibits. See and experience science in motion via the chaotic pendulum, distortion room, optical spinners, Bernoulli fountain, anti-gravity mirror, optical spinners, and others.

Have you ever blown square or triangular bubbles? In the Bubble Room, you can try your hand at making bubbles of the most unexpected forms.

  • Level 2

The second floor is dedicated to geology, anthropology, paleontology, and zoology. In that interactive section, you can touch rare minerals, skeletons, and antique fossils.

The Audubon Cabin and demonstration stage introduce visitors to live animal shows and nature programs. The World of Water Aquariums consists of 4 aquarium display tanks. One of them is quite unusual as visitors are free to touch a shark or a ray.

  • Level 3.

On the third floor, you can explore the exhibits of the Art & Tech Gallery.

4. South Museum of Flight

The Best 5 Most-Haunted Museums in Birmingham Alabama

The South Museum of Flight features nearly 100 airplanes. The collection also includes photographs, paintings, and samples of aeromodelling. Plus, you can learn stunning facts from aviation history through displays, photos, and dioramas.

Exhibits include Vietnam War helicopters, Huff-Daland Crop Dusters of the 1920s, the bomber B-25 of World War II recovered from Lake Murray, and other relics. An outdoor collection consists of iconic aircraft of civil and military aviation. Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for kids.

5. Vulcan Park and Museum

The colossal steel statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forge, occupies the central place of the park and museum complex. The largest cast iron statue in the world stands on a 124-foot-tall pedestal and is 56 feet high.

It symbolizes the role that the city played in the steel and iron industries. Take a walk through the 10-acre green space, call in the interactive thematic museum, or come up to the top of the observation tower to enjoy the scenic views.

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