Road Trip Itineraries from Liverpool: Must-Visit Stops and Sights

Road Trip Itineraries from Liverpool

Liverpool is a lively but bustling city. Sometimes, the noise makes you want to go far away to change the picture.

Road Trip Itineraries from Liverpool: Must-Visit Stops and Sights

A road trip is the best way to have a quality weekend getaway and a fabulous adventure experience. Read on to find out the brightest Liverpool road trip itineraries.

Romantic Crosby Beach

This stunning beach makes for a romantic day trip from Liverpool. You only need to travel 11 miles on wheels to arrive in a wonderful location with extraordinary scenery. The wavy surface of the water calms and brings harmony, but swimming here is dangerous.

Although the beach was known for its pollution in the mid-20th century, it has gained the opposite reputation since 2011, receiving the Keep Britain Tidy’s Quality Coast Award.

The drama Good Cop was filmed on picturesque Crosby Beach, and the sunset here is considered one of the most colorful in the UK.

In addition to the majestic view of the Waterloo Marina, the attraction of the beach is The Another Place sculptures. A hundred iron idols direct their heavy gaze to the horizon. Tides regularly submerge the statues’ legs into the water, adding to the drama of the procession.

Gretna Green Mysteries

How about visiting Scotland for a couple of days? It is one of the best road trip ideas from Liverpool!

About two hours drive from the city lies a beautiful place steeped in ancient legends. Gretna Green entered world literature – thanks to the classic work by Jane Austen and cinema – the series Downton Abbey and others.

Since the mid-18th century, English couples who wanted to get engaged against the wishes of their relatives fled to this border place. Love marriages were common in Scotland, and the ceremony varied depending on the circumstances.

Gretna Green is still surrounded by attention and attracts lovers and tourists. It is one of the most popular wedding venues in the United Kingdom.

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Road Trip Itineraries from Liverpool: Must-Visit Stops and Sights

The beauties of The Lake District National Park

There’s no better place to connect with nature than the Lake District. The National Park itinerary is known for some of the most impressive scenic drives near Liverpool.

The road to the Lake District is about 70 miles on wheels. On-site, you can stretch your legs by wandering through the green hills along secluded paths and inhaling the fresh aromas.

Take a break from the city bustle by visiting age-old villages nearby and moist your throat in a traditional pub. The crown jewel of the area is the mesmerizing Lake Windermere. You can dream at the water’s edge, listening to the wind blowing, or paddle a boat, cutting through the water’s surface.

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Strawberry Fields Forever!

In Liverpool, almost everyone knows about the origin of the name of the legendary band The Beatles. However, the story of Strawberry Fields Forever, which Lennon considered his best track, isn’t widespread.

The song Strawberry Fields is a memoir of Lennon’s childhood spent in the garden of the orphanage of the same name. John lived next door, and the Salvation Army brass band performances influenced his interest in music!

Visit Strawberry Fields, just 5 miles from Liverpool, to see the birthplace of a brilliant musician and stroll through the stunning gardens. There is a Beatles museum with unique exhibits and fascinating biographical excursions.

Formby: Wildlife nearby

Don’t want to travel far from Liverpool in search of picturesque nature? Then, Formby is your ideal destination among the must-visit stops on Liverpool road trips. Around the small town are:

  • sandy landscapes of the Irish Sea coast,
  • deciduous forests, home to several Red Book species of animals,
  • lakes,
  • ponds,
  • artificial coniferous areas protect against erosion.

Formby is the UK’s history keeper. Vikings took over the coast in the 10th century, and the town’s name is of Norwegian origin. You can get acquainted with a unique monument of the 13th century – the majestic Formby Hall.

After numerous restorations, the mansion lost its medieval character but regained its former glory. Though it was thanks to commerce, now you can relax like a lord and play golf at Formby Hall.


Road trip destinations from Liverpool are an opportunity to breathe deeply of clean suburban air and relax. Travel to find historical and artistic attractions against a stunning natural backdrop. Use car rental services in Liverpool to discover new routes in comfort.

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