2024 Guide: Your Best Options for Traveling from Cancun to Tulum

Traveling from Cancun to Tulum

Embarking on a journey from Cancun to Tulum can vary significantly based on your starting point, whether it’s the airport, downtown, or the hotel zone.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the best ways to travel from Cancun to Tulum, tailored for various preferences and budgets.

2024 Guide: Your Best Options for Traveling from Cancun to Tulum
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1. From Cancun Airport to Tulum: Your Top 3 Choices

By ADO Bus

A favored option for many, ADO buses offers a comfortable, air-conditioned ride from the Cancun airport to the Tulum bus station, taking about 2 hours. Buses are frequent, and tickets are affordable at around $13.50.

Private Transfer

For ease and comfort, a private transfer is a great choice. Expect a 90-minute journey directly to your hotel in Tulum, with prices starting at $100 for a one-way trip.

Pre-booking is recommended for the best experience. The top-rated company for transportation from Cancun to Tulum is eTransfers.

Renting a Car

For those who value flexibility, renting a car might be the best option. The drive takes about 90 minutes and gives you the freedom to explore along the way. Car rentals start at around $20 per day.

2. Traveling from Cancun Hotel Zone to Tulum

Private Transfer

Booking a private transfer is the most direct and comfortable method, with a journey time of approximately 2 hours. Prices for a one-way trip are around $100. You can easily quote and book your transportation from the hotel zone to Tulum with Cancun Airport Transportation.

Car Rental

You can also rent a car from various agencies in the Cancun Hotel Zone. The drive to Tulum will take about 2 hours, with rental prices starting at $20 per day.

3. From Downtown Cancun to Tulum


Buses from downtown Cancun to Tulum are frequent and relatively inexpensive, starting from around $8 USD. The journey takes about 2.5 hours.

Rental Car

Renting a car in downtown Cancun offers freedom and convenience, with a 2-hour drive to Tulum. Prices vary, starting at $20/day.

Public Transportation (“Collectivos”)

While not the most practical for long distances, collectivos offer an affordable way to travel shorter distances within the region.

Additional Tips and FAQs

Taxi Costs

A taxi from Cancun to Tulum can cost between $85 to $100+ USD.

Cheapest Option: Collectivos are the cheapest but less convenient. The ADO bus is a better option for budget travelers.

Tulum vs. Cancun

Tulum is often preferred for its beaches and ruins, while Cancun is ideal for a traditional resort experience.

Safety: Driving from Cancun to Tulum is generally safe on the well-maintained highway, but insurance coverage is recommended.

Whether you’re looking for cost efficiency, comfort, or the freedom to explore, this guide provides you with all the necessary information to make the best choice for your journey from Cancun to Tulum. Safe travels!

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