Tips for Choosing the Best Touring Dirt Bike for Dubai

Tips for Choosing the Best Touring Dirt Bike for Dubai

If you love exploring the desert landscapes around Dubai on two wheels, choosing the right touring dirt bike is an important decision.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which bike is best suited for the types of rides you want to do.

This article provides five key tips to help you select the touring dirt bike in Dubai that will serve you best for exploring Dubai’s backcountry.

Tips for Choosing the Best Touring Dirt Bike for Dubai

1. Engine Size and Power

The engine is the heart of any dirt bike, and its size greatly influences the touring capabilities of the bike. Bikes with smaller engine displacements, such as 250cc or 300cc models, do not have sufficient power output for comfortable long-distance touring.

While fine for recreational riding, the lower horsepower of these smaller engines makes them unsuitable when carrying extra gear and passengers over long touring routes.

It is important to select a bike with a mid-sized or large engine displacement that is better suited for touring duties. Engines around 450 cc to 500 cc provide an excellent balance of power for touring applications.

The increased torque and horsepower allow these bikes to maintain highway speeds while loaded with touring gear like saddlebags, top boxes, and passengers. Riders can comfortably cover long daily distances with adequate power in reserve.

If very long touring routes or carrying extensive gear are planned, an even larger engine from 650 cc to 750 cc would be a wise choice.

The extra torque and power headroom of these larger displacement engines ensure effortless acceleration even when fully loaded.

Steep inclines, headwinds, or demanding trails can be easily navigated. More power also means the bike does not have to be worked as hard, reducing fatigue on the rider and machine over multiple touring days.

2. Suspension and Comfort

The suspension on a touring dirt bike undergoes significant stress when riding for long periods over varied terrain. It must cushion the bike and rider from bumps and impacts to prevent fatigue.

Front forks and rear shocks with adequate travel and preload adjustment allow for tuning the suspension according to riding conditions and load.

Look for bikes with at least 8 inches of front and rear suspension travel. This provides enough suspension strokes to compress and rebound smoothly over rough desert trails. It keeps the tires planted and in contact with the ground for optimal traction and control at high and low speeds.

Adjustable preload on the rear shock allows you to set the ideal sag and ride height for your weight while touring with gear.

You can fine-tune it to handle a fully loaded bike or minimize wallowing when unladen. Front forks with rebound and compression damping adjusters let you set the suspension response based on riding style and conditions.

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3. Storage and Ergonomics

When undertaking long-distance dirt bike trips that may last several days, having sufficient storage capacity for all of your belongings is extremely important.

Look for bikes that offer ample under-seat storage to hold smaller items like tools, snacks, and electronics. Side cases and top trunks provide expandable storage to pack extra clothes, gear, and equipment for camping or longer trips.

Tank bags are also useful for securely carrying items like maps, water, and other essentials that are needed during the ride.

Ergonomic features that allow for changing body positions are valuable to reduce fatigue over many hours in the saddle.

Adjustable levers and footpegs enable riders to periodically shift how they are sitting or standing on the pegs to relieve pressure points. Being able to alter hand and leg positioning slightly helps circulation and prevents discomfort that could cut trips short.

Wind and weather protection is another key factor, especially at higher highway speeds. A tall windscreen helps deflect air from the torso and reduces buffeting on the chest, shoulders, and helmet. This makes long-distance riding more comfortable so that you can focus on the open road.

4. Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability is paramount when undertaking multi-day bike trips, as mechanical issues hundreds of miles from the nearest repair shop could end a vacation early.

Research consumer feedback and reliability ratings to understand the common problems reported for different rental bike models.

Larger rental companies that offer popular name brands tend to have an advantage, as replacement parts may be readily available via their nationwide network of service centers.

Consider the recommended service intervals when comparing options; the longer a bike can typically go between routine maintenance checks, the better it will suit extended touring plans.

Fuel efficiency also impacts rental costs, as filling the tank more often means spending more on fuel during trips.

Maintenance costs should factor into decisions, as rental agreements may charge for repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Bikes prone to expensive issues may end up costing more in fees.

Similarly, assess the coverage and availability of the rental company’s service centers along your planned route. Being stranded hours from the nearest location able to perform repairs could ruin an itinerary.

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5. Safety and Technology 

When undertaking remote touring adventures on rented dirt bikes, safety and technology features become extremely important. ABS brakes provide valuable braking assistance in different road conditions, helping maintain control in emergencies.

Traction control systems work to optimize available grip between the rear tire and surface. This enhances stability at speed and when braking hard in turns.

Bikes with adjustable engine maps allow riders to tailor the power delivery and characteristics to match changing conditions or skill levels.

This provides more control and comfort when tackling varied terrain over multiple days. Connectivity options offer added reassurance for solo riders exploring remote regions.

Basic navigation, music playback, and emergency SOS capabilities help keep trips enjoyable while maintaining peace of mind.

Consider rentals equipped with features such as these that enhance safety and convenience away from population centers. Connected devices can navigate to fuel stops and attractions or guide riders back to camp. In an emergency, locating and contacting assistance is faster.

Traction and stability control, combined with ABS, give extra protection when road or weather surprises occur. Adjustable engine settings let less experienced riders gradually expand their skills in challenging environments.


By focusing on engine size, suspension, storage, reliability, and modern features, you can determine the touring dirt bike riding and rentals that best fit your needs for exploring Dubai’s scenic backcountry.

Test ride several options to assess ergonomics and handling before making a decision. With the right bike, you’ll be set for many memorable multi-day adventures in the desert. Safe travels!

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