Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Navigating the vibrant culinary landscape of Charleston, SC, can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. With an abundance of top-notch restaurants offering an array of delectable dishes, choosing the perfect place to eat can be a challenge. As this city continues to attract food enthusiasts from far and wide, it is no surprise that locals and visitors alike often ponder the same question: “Where should we eat today?”

Fear not, for we have come to your rescue! In this article, we have scoured the streets of Charleston to present you with a comprehensive guide to the city’s top 12 best restaurants. Whether you’re seeking the comforting embrace of Low country cuisine, eager to savor innovative gastronomic creations, or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable dining experience, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 12 best restaurants in Charleston, SC.

12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

1. Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse is an Industrial-chic restaurant serving traditional Brazilian BBQ dishes & hearty sides. This restaurant is among the trendy restaurants in Charleson, SC, and offers amazing service and good food. They offer an all-you-can-eat menu, including sumptuous steaks and seafood. The menu is wide and covers several cravings and preferences. They also serve special diet needs, like vegetarian and vegan plates and kids’ treats. You will find steaks, seafood, beef plates, pork, lamb chops, chicken, and salad. Some popular dishes are lamb chops, Gourmet salad bar, Caipirinha, Creme Brulee, Candied Bacon, and many more.

Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse is also known for its exceptional service. The staff are well-trained and hospitable. The service here is customer-based, as they are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. The place is also serene and has a relaxing atmosphere. So when next you are craving Steak or some unique food, visit Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse.

2. Magnolias

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

If you are planning a special event or a special dinner, you require a refined and sophisticated restaurant. Magnolias, is that restaurant you need? Magnolias is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Charleson, SC, which offers a refined take on traditional Southern cooking in a warm, sophisticated environment. The restaurant has been open in Charleson, SC, since 1990 and offers a new generation of Lowcountry fine cooking across the entire South. They offer an upscale dining experience while presenting Southern cuisine with traditional ingredients and unique cooking techniques. They employ elevated modern flair and artful presentation. Their celebrated Lowcountry fine dining fare menu features classics like the Down South Egg Roll and Shellfish Over Grits, along with modern interpretations of traditional local cuisine, including Sweet Chili Rubbed Ahi Tuna and Boiled Peanut Hummus. Magnolias only offers dine-in and takeaway; you can visit for lunch and dinner.

3. Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

If you happen to be around Riverside on Concord Street or want to enjoy juicy seafood in a serene atmosphere, Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar is a great choice. This seafood restaurant offers amazing seaside food, along with expertly cooked seafood. Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar is Charleston’s Best Waterfront Dining! And for good reason. One such reason is its amazing Southern cooking. Their menu features Southern seafood staples served in sleek, light-filled quarters with a patio overlooking the water. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and freshly caught seafood. The meals are served fresh daily and prepared in traditional Southern cooking style. You will find favorites like crab cakes, low-country seafood pasta, shrimp and grits, fresh oysters, grilled chicken sandwiches, and lots more. They also serve non-seafood options like sandwiches and steak.

More so, Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar is praised for its serene atmosphere and impressive customer service. This restaurant also features a bar, so be prepared for a wide selection of wine, cocktails, beer, and spirits. So what are you waiting for? Visit Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar for amazing waterfront dining.

4. High Cotton Charleston Restaurant

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

For your Polished, locally sourced Southern food, visit High Cotton Charleston Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy locally sourced dishes in Charleson, SC. They specialize in refining local cuisines while maintaining their authenticity and flavors. This Spacious, refined eatery features a menu with Lowcountry fares. They use ingredients from nearby farms and serve freshly made dishes every day. The dining seating is in a formal setting, which gives it an upmarket look. You will also experience high-standard customer service.

High Cotton Charleston Restaurant dining, outdoor seating, takeaway, and curbside picture. Other notable highlights include great beer selection, craft cocktails, fine wine selection, live music, and personalized dining service.

5. Slightly North of Broad Restaurant

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

If you want something special, Slightly North of Broad Restaurant is where to go. Restaurants in Charleson, SC, offer a lot of amazing upscale restaurants, but not all are as special as Slightly North of Broad Restaurant. One of the things that makes this restaurant special is the unique environment and dining setting. The interior is quite attractive and gives an ancient yet sophisticated aura. The seating seems like fine dining, yet it has a casual vibe. Their menu is also special. You will find modern Southern & Lowcountry cuisine served artistically. The food is delicious and tastes great. The menu also covers several palates, so everyone can find something special. Other highlights include a great beer, cocktail, and wine selection, amazing desserts, dogs allowed, and flexible dining options.

6. FIG

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

FIG features an elevated take on Southern classics with seasonal ingredients in an upscale bistro setting. Ti’s restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Charleson, SC, for authentic American food and other contemporary cuisines. Their menu features options like Ricotta Gnocchi Alla Bolognese, Fish Stew Provençal, Chicken Liver Pâté, Chocolate Budino, Lamb Tartare, Tomato Tarte Tatin, and lots more. FIG also offers Vegetarian plates and many healthy options. There is room for other special diets, and a story offers personalized service.

7. Husk

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

If you are a big fan of historic buildings, you will love Husk. This restaurant features an ever-changing menu of locally sourced Southern dishes served in a restored Victorian-era home. The restaurant boasts an elegant dining room with a historic building. Centrally located in historic downtown Charleston, Husk transforms the essence of Southern cuisine. The kitchen is led by an expert chef who interprets the amazing Southern culinary traditions with local ingredients-driven cuisines that redefine Lowcountry fares. At Husk, there are rules about what can go on the plate – if it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door.

Husk is as casual as it is chic. The restaurant showcases a way of life centered on seasonality and the grand traditions of Charleston life. The restaurant celebrates a relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a popular dining spot for travelers, families, and friends.

8. Charleston Grill

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Charleston Grill is a great Pick if you are looking for a luxurious restaurant in Charles, SC. This restaurant is an Opulent hotel destination for upscale Southern-French dishes plus wine pairings. Charleston Grill is a city’s classic that offers refined, award-winning grills and contemporary cuisines. The restaurant is renowned for its exceptional menu and great food. Some options available include Foie Gras, Colorado Lamb Chops, Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée, Charleston Grill Crab Cake, Sea Bass, Sea Scallops, Ahi Tuna Crudo, and many more.

Charleston Grill is also renowned for their unparalleled dining experience and warm hospitality. They offer one of the best wine, cocktail, and beer lists for drinks. Enjoy an impressive collection of wines combined with nightly live music to deliver an ambiance perfectly suited for toasting special occasions.”

9. 82 Queen

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

82 Queen is a legendary restaurant that has become an iconic institution in Charleston, SC. Situated in the heart of the historic district, this charming eatery has delighted locals and visitors since its founding in 1982. Named after its address on Queen Street, 82 Queen has earned a reputation for its classic Southern hospitality, flavorful Lowcountry cuisine, and an inviting ambiance that captures the essence of Charleston’s unique spirit.

82 Queen serves delectable Lowcountry cuisine that pays homage to the region’s culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from the bountiful coastal waters and fertile land, the restaurant’s menu features a delightful array of dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. The chefs at 82 Queen masterfully blend traditional Southern flavors with contemporary culinary techniques, resulting in both comforting and innovative dishes.

Signature dishes include classic Shrimp and Grits, a quintessential Lowcountry favorite, featuring plump shrimp on a bed of creamy stone-ground grits, elevated with a savory andouille sausage gravy. Another must-try is the She-Crab Soup, a velvety bisque made from blue crab meat and crab roe, delicately seasoned and garnished with a hint of sherry.

10. R. Kitchen

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

R Kitchen is a hidden gem among Charleston’s vibrant culinary landscape. Unlike traditional restaurants, R Kitchen offers a unique and intimate dining experience that caters to the adventurous food lover. Tucked away in the heart of Downtown Charleston, this exclusive eatery provides an immersive and personalized encounter that has earned it a reputation as one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

The menu at R Kitchen changes daily, reflecting the freshest and finest ingredients available. The chefs embrace a farm-to-table approach and showcase the best of Charleston’s local produce and artisanal products. This commitment to quality and their creativity results in a multi-course dining experience that never fails to surprise and delight.

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11. Poogan’s Porch

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Poogan’s Porch is a beloved and historic restaurant in Charleston, SC’s heart. Named after a friendly neighborhood dog, Poogan, who once roamed the area, this iconic establishment has served Southern hospitality and mouthwatering Lowcountry cuisine since 1976. Nestled on Queen Street, just steps away from Charleston’s bustling Market Street, Poogan’s Porch exudes a timeless charm that transports diners back to the city’s storied past.

The ambiance at Poogan’s Porch is steeped in tradition and southern charm, making it an ideal spot for celebrating special occasions, enjoying a leisurely Sunday brunch, or savoring a romantic dinner. The friendly and attentive staff enhance the dining experience, making guests feel part of the extended Poogan family.

Poogan’s Porch takes pride in offering an authentic taste of Lowcountry cuisine, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients and time-honored recipes. The menu reflects the culinary heritage of Charleston, showcasing a variety of dishes that pay homage to the city’s coastal location and rich cultural influences.

12. YoBo Cantina Fresca

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

YoBo Cantina Fresca is a vibrant and lively restaurant in Charleston, SC, known for its fresh and flavorful Mexican cuisine. Situated in the heart of the bustling Upper King Street district, YoBo Cantina Fresca brings a taste of Mexico to the Lowcountry with its festive atmosphere, handcrafted cocktails, and mouthwatering dishes that celebrate the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine.

YoBo Cantina Fresca takes pride in serving authentic Mexican cuisine with the freshest available ingredients. Their menu features a diverse range of dishes inspired by Mexico’s vibrant flavors and culinary traditions. From tacos and enchiladas to ceviches and fajitas, each item on the menu is thoughtfully crafted to bring out the true essence of Mexican cuisine.

Start your meal with their flavorful guacamole, prepared tableside with ripe avocados, fresh lime juice, and a combination of herbs and spices. The menu offers a variety of tacos, ranging from classic options like carne asada and al pastor to unique creations such as crispy shrimp with spicy aioli. For those looking for a heartier option, the fajitas served sizzling hot with marinated Steak, chicken, or shrimp, are popular.


In conclusion, Charleston, SC, stands as a true paradise for food lovers, where the captivating blend of history, culture, and flavors converge to create a dining experience like no other. The city’s culinary landscape caters to every craving and preference, from iconic and time-honored establishments to innovative and contemporary eateries. Throughout this article, we explored the top 12 best restaurants in Charleston, each with unique charm, ambiance, and delectable offerings. Get ready for a blast.

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