15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn’t Miss!)

restaurants in Albrightsville PA

Are you looking forward to starting or ending your day with a hearty meal but aren’t sure which restaurant to go to? Or maybe you are looking for a nice restaurant for a group hangout, family dinner, or self-treat. With a long list of restaurants in Albrightsville, PA, we know how troublesome it is to look for the right restaurant among a long list of restaurants in Albrightsville.

True, not all restaurants will meet your standards, and you do not want to have a bad dining experience. You need not worry because we’ve got your back! We’ve gone out of our way to select the 15 best restaurants in Albrightsville, PA, that offers quality and amazing service.

These restaurants represent the best of Albrightsville, and they live up to the praise. Our list covers various restaurant types, so whether you go for a family or group hangout or self-treat, you’d find the perfect restaurants. Learn more about the best restaurants below:

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15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (Pennsylvania)

#1. Bella Mia

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Experience the authentic flavour of Italian specials at Bella Mia restaurant in Albrightsville, PA. Bella Mia is a family-owned Italian restaurant that serves some of the best Italian food in town. They provide customers with quality meals and satisfying service.

The restaurant offers food such as Pizza, calzone, salads, pasta, steak, hot subs, cold subs, and dessert. Their meals are always packed with flavour and always come out delicious. They serve amazing Pizza and have a wide pizza menu. 

They offer many vegetarian options and provisions for other special dietary needs. It would be best if you informed the waiter, and your dish would be served to your preference. You’d also love their ice cream and their dessert selections.

The environment is friendly, and the staffs are amazing at their job. You’d particularly be impressed by how they try to ensure the food matches your taste.

Bella Mia is the best place to go for a quiet brunch or lunch, and it’s also a great place for group dining. Other services include paid Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, dine-in, takeaway, kids menu, delivery, catering service, and credit card payments.

Address: 2591 PA-903 STE 7, Albrightsville, PA 18210, United States

#2. Piggy’s

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Another amazing restaurant in Albrightsville you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are looking for a place to enjoy a hearty breakfast, is Piggy’s Restaurant.

The restaurant is a kitschy eatery that serves classic American breakfast options such as home fries, Belgium waffles, western omelettes, cinnamon swirl French toast, scrambled eggs, cinnamon roll, and lots more.

The breakfast here in Piggy’s is more like the one prepared at home and even better. No artificial ingredients, just an authentic home-cooked meal. They also serve amazing lunches, including hot sandwiches, burgers, salad plates, and bbq plates.

The popular breakfast dish includes home fries, Belgium waffles, and a Western omelette. I’d recommend you try out other dishes on their menu, and you’d find something delicious to satisfy your cravings. Their menu covers hot beverages such as tea, brewed Lipton iced tea, and hot chocolate. Other beverages include juice, milk, and soda.

Address: 16 N Lakeshore Dr, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#3. Terra Cottage Café and Gifts

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Next on our list is Terra Cottage Café and Gifts. This restaurant is a great pick if you want a nice brunch. The restaurant features a homey café with casual dining seating. They offer breakfast and lunch dishes and an amazing selection of desserts.

One distinctive feature of this restaurant is its stunning lake view. They serve home-cooked breakfast and lunch, and their food is prepared with local ingredients. Some popular dishes include cinnamon sticky bun coffee, sweet French toast, steak and eggs, and Oreo.

Lunch dishes such as bbq rib steak, Cajun steak wraps, chicken tenders, burgers, and sandwich is tantalizing. Vegetarian options covering the menu’s different food categories are also available. Other special diet needs are also considered.

Their service is customer based has the dining room has a shabby-chic décor that gives it a relaxing vibe. Everyone is welcome to dine in, or you can use the outdoor seating facility or go for takeaway service.

Address: 291 Lake Harmony Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#4. Murphy’s Loft

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Murphy’s Loft is great if you are looking forward to having a great time while savouring your meal. They serve typical American restaurants in an attractive wood-decor dining space. The place has a bright and lively atmosphere and a refreshing vibe.

The place is like an upscale restaurant but with an exciting theme. Their outdoor seating is especially relaxing, and a tasty dish here is even more satisfying. They offer lunch and dinner, and their menu covers burgers, pasta, grilled items, soups, salad plates, sandwiches, chicken plates, fries, and desserts.

They also offer a wine list that covers different kinds of wine. Beer at Murphy’s Loft is also great, and you can go for a draft beer or bottled one. It gets even better with their delicious craft cocktails. I’d recommend this restaurant for family hangouts, casual dinners, dates, and other special outings.

Address: 5102 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA 18610, United States

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#5. Nick’s Lake House Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

It would help if you tried out Nick’s Lake House restaurant. They serve amazing American classics and feature a beautiful lakeside view. They offer indoor and outdoor dining and a full bar. 

They serve hearty American dishes, including pizza, stromboli, burgers, sandwiches, meat entrees, seafood, and vegetarian options.

They also serve delicious desserts, appetizers, and side dishes. There’s provision for the takeout menu for both lunch and dinner. The drink menu includes bottled beer, draft beer, wines, seasonal cocktail favourites, and hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and milk.

Another impressive thing about this restaurant is that it has a lakeside that serves as a serene and relaxing patio. You could also come around with family or friends to enjoy the lake view after a hearty meal at Nick’s Lake House Restaurant.

Cheers provision for live music for your entertainment. Other accessible provisions include waiter service, free Wi-Fi, private parking lots, kids menu, military discount, accessible wheelchair, and credit card payment.

Address: 20 S Lake Dr, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#6. Sunset Green Restaurant and Bar

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Talk about a restaurant with an amazing view and great food; Sunset Green Restaurant and Bar fits the description well. The restaurant is a casual dining space located on a golf course.

They offer an impressive selection of food such as steak, seafood, soups, bbq plates, burgers, and Italian-inspired dishes. Vegetarian options are available, and they consider other dietary needs. The place is quite conducive, and the service is top-notch.

They offer waiter service full bar and are a great pick for group dining. Other services such as reservation arrangements, catering service, takeout, and delivery are all accessible.

Address: 140 Wolf Hollow Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#7. Chat and Chew Café

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Chat and Chew Café is a casual breakfast restaurant in Albrightsville that serves home-style breakfast and authentic dishes in an old-school dining room. They also offer lunch and brunch that covers quick bites and healthy options.

The place is quite popular for solo dining but is also a family-friendly restaurant. Chat and Chew Café offers you a relaxing atmosphere where you’d enjoy a satisfying meal. Everything is cooked the way mom cooks and served in a palatable manner.

Some popular items you need to try are their Breakfast sandwiches, steak and eggs, egg Florentine, and Dutch omelette. Every other dish on the menu is worth trying out, so do not hesitate to try something different.

The food here is also moderately priced, which doesn’t make it less quality, as they maintain a quality standard for their food. You could access catering services, a private parking lot, free Wi-Fi, takeout, curbside pickup, and credit card payment.

Address: 248 PA-940, Blakeslee, PA 18610, United States

#8. Hunan House

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Hunan House is a nice Chinese restaurant that offers a variety of Chinese and Asian cuisine in a cosy dining space. They offer full-service dine-in for lunch and dinner.

The food menu features soup, fried rice, chow Mein, chop suey, soft noodles, rice noodles, poultry plates, seafood, vegetables, moo shu, and other special delicacies. Comes to keeping the food authentic, I think Hunan House deserves a full star.

You’d receive a warm welcome here, as the staffs are quite friendly and the environment is relaxing. They are quick with orders and present their food well.

The food is inexpensive and quite delicious. It is quite difficult to be dissatisfied with Hunan House as their service is based on satisfying customers. So do well to come by when you are craving Chinese food.

Address: 2681 PA-903, Albrightsville, PA 18210, United States

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#9. Boulder View Tavern

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Boulder View Tavern is a fantastic pizza restaurant in Albrightsville, PA. You do not want to miss out on the delicious treats they offer. This restaurant is primarily known for serving traditional American food plus drinks.

The place has a casual dining setting with a homey décor. They serve an impressive selection of soups, burgers, salads, beef and chicken entrees, juicy seafood, and more. They have a working provision for diets such as vegetarian and Gluten free options as well as a special kid’s friendly menu.

They serve the best drink pair for your food. You’d be offered a wide selection of wines, domestic and imported beers, and amazing cocktails. They offer happy hour specials, catering services, outdoor seating, and takeaway.

Address: 123 Lake Harmony Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#10. Louie’s Prime Steak House

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

This amazing steak house in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, offers you a taste of irresistible steak and seafood in a warm, wood-designed space with an upscale atmosphere. Popular for dinner, Louie’s Prime Steak House is the best option if you are looking forward to enjoying quality food and excellent service.

This upscale restaurant has earned its place as one of the best restaurants in Albrightsville, PA, because of its quality service in terms of food, drinks, service, and environment.

They offer convenient service and make the customer’s satisfaction their priority. I particularly like how they offer customers a variety of delicious options. It might not seem easy to make a pick, but a random pick can give you a memorable dining experience.

Address: 244 Lake Harmony Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States

#11. Da’s Pub

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Looking for a place with a fun vibe? Then Da’s Pub is exactly where you need to be. The restaurant is an Irish pub where they serve Reuben sandwiches and gravy fries in a dining room with a refined old-fashioned décor. They serve grilled items, sandwiches, soups, chicken, and beef.

The restaurant boasts flavorful and quality food. They are quite popular for their beer and late-night food, so it’s ideal for visiting in the evenings or at night. Dine-in services are always available takeaway services as an alternative.

You can have that late-night food you are craving and wash it down with beer, soda, or wine. It’s a great place to watch your favourite, come on a date with that special someone, your family, or a casual outing.

Address: 5800 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA 18610, United States

#12. Dom N Ali

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

You will agree that family-owned and run restaurants give off a homely vibe. Dom N Ali is no different. This family restaurant offers a lot of home-cooked meals and is strict with satisfying a customer.

They serve home-styled steaks, salads, soups, bbq plates, sandwiches, seafood, and Italian entrees. The restaurant has a full bar serving beer, cocktails, and wine.

During lunch, you can come around for a quiet lunch, or better still, in the evening, you can come around for an eventful dinner. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day or when going for a casual hangout.

Address: 1553 PA-903, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, United States

#13. The Melting Pot

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Are you tired of our regular dining routine? Want something to spice it up? Then why not visit one is the best fondue restaurants in Albrightsville, PA, The Melting Pot?

The melting pot is a fancy restaurant with an upmarket atmosphere, where they serve the best fondue plates, meat, and salad plates.

They serve delicious fondue entrees paired with your preferred beverage; cocktails, wine, spirits, beers, and melting pot’s classic drinks. The melting pot is an exciting place to dine, they offer a unique recipe of Fondue, and you wouldn’t want to miss this special treat.

Address: 1 E Broad St Ste 100, Bethlehem, PA 18018, United States

#14. Valerio’s Italian Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

It would help if you visited Valerio’s restaurant for your delicious Italian cuisine and pizza. They offer a variety of pizza types, and they are good with pizza. They also serve great calzones, stromboli, cold and hot hoagies, Italian burgers, BBQ plates, cheesesteaks, club sandwiches, pasta, and desserts for lunch and dinner.

I recommend their pasta, Pizza, steak, seafood dinners, and the Hoagies; they are top-notch. But you can as well explore their menu, try out something new and delicious, or you could come up with your plates.

You should visit with family or friends, who accommodate all types of eaters. Even if you are a picky eater, you find something delicious to satisfy your cravings.

Address: Penn Forest Township, PA 18210, United States

#15. Gagliano’s Pizza and Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Albrightsville PA (You Shouldn't Miss!)

Gagliano’s Pizza and Restaurant is a nice pizza spot that serves mouthwatering pizza, wraps, subs, calzones, rolls, and stromboli. They also serve tantalizing seafood, pasta, and baked dishes. They offer a fine selection of non-alcoholic beverages, and their desserts are amazing.

What’s more?

No late orders, and the food is served fresh. The environment is quite clean, and the place is lively but with moderate noise.

You do not have to worry about your budget as their food is moderately priced, yet they offer value to customers. You can dine in, order a takeaway, or direct delivery from the restaurant. You need to explore the rich flavours in Gagliano’s Pizza and restaurant.

Address: 2809 PA-903, Albrightsville, PA 18210, United States

Experience satisfying dining in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania

Albrightsville, PA, is known to feature a good number of restaurants. Finding the best amongst these will determine if you’d go home satisfied or annoyed.

We offer you the chance to explore the 15 best restaurants in Albrightsville this way, and you wouldn’t have to worry about bad food or service.

The list is easy; try the one that best fits your preference, and you’d be glad you did.

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