15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Restaurants in Tembisa

Are you looking for the best place to dine in Tembisa? It’s surely not an easy task to search for the best restaurant, when you have a long list of restaurants. If you are new to the place, it becomes even more difficult. But do not worry, we’ve got you covered! Whether you are visiting Tembisa for the first time or just looking for a new restaurant in Tembisa, this article provides a trusted restaurant guide for you.

In this article, we present to you, the top 15 amazing restaurants in Tembisa. This will serve as your trusted guide to the best restaurants Tembisa got to offer, so make sure to follow through till the end! Learn more below.

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa

1. Haya Tembisa

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Located in the heart of Tembisa, Haya Tembisa is a culinary gem, celebrated for its impressive fusion of flavors and inviting ambiance. The menu features the best of South African cuisine, including traditional dishes creatively reinvented with modern flair. You will enjoy grilled meats, stews, and aromatic curries to mouthwatering chakalaka-infused specialties; each plate celebrates the region’s unique flavors and culinary heritage.

One of the restaurant’s standout features is its well-curated selection of locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and authenticity in every dish. More so, Haya Tembisa takes pride in its crafted cocktails and diverse beverage offerings, including a selection of local wines and innovative signature drinks that complement your meal. Additionally, Haya Tembisa provides a warm and inviting atmosphere suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s a lively gathering with friends, a cherished family meal, or a romantic dinner for two, the restaurant accommodates all.

2. Boisantha

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

If you want to enjoy delicious home cooked meal, then here is a good family restaurant for you: Boisantha. This restaurant is a family restaurant offering small plates, late-night food, beer, wine and many home-cooked meals. They serve many South African traditional and contemporary dishes, including diet-based dishes. Their service options cover dine-in, delivery, takeaway, outdoor seating, and curbside pickup, offering customers a very convenient way to enjoy the meals at Boisantha.

In addition to the great home-cooked meals they offer here, Boisantha also offers a homely environment, where guests can easily feel at home. Other highlights here include being great for group dining, casual dining style, free of charge street parking, and no-contact delivery.

3. Ribs Circle

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

One cool restaurant in Tembisa you wouldn’t want to miss is Ribs Circle. This fast food restaurant is one of the best in Tembisa when it comes to delicious ribs and other meat options. The restaurant offers sandwich, salads, chicken plates, meat plates, chips and ribs.

The popular options here include rib circle combo meals, chicken and chips, egg and ham, dagwood with ribs and lots more. Their service option covers dine-in, takeaway and delivery options, you can visit for dinner, lunch and breakfast. The restaurant has a casual outlook and is family friendly, great for groups and LGBTQ+ friendly. Reservations are accepted, so for a more personalized dining, make reservation.

4. Oyamazing

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Oyamazing is a highly recommended restaurant for group dining and casual eats. The restaurant is a casual dining spot offering a Kota menu, Stylish new age menu and toasted kota. Guests will enjoy options like chilly chips, stylish kota, ham, toasted slice, Russian patty and lots more.

The service option covers dine-in, takeaway and delivery option. The service here is fast and reliable and the staffs is great at the job. Because its casual dining style, guests are easily relaxed at Oyamazing. Other provisions include free street parking, kid’s menu and group dining.

5. Mandilicious Restaurant

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Next on our list of top restaurants in Tembisa is Mandilicious. This restaurant takes pride in offering a diverse menu that reflects the richness of South African cuisine. From traditional dishes that evoke nostalgia to modern interpretations that excite the customers, there is a lot to savor.

But Mandilicious is not just about the delectable dishes; it’s a celebration of community and togetherness. The restaurant’s welcoming ambiance fosters a sense of warmth and hospitality, making it an ideal setting for intimate dinners, joyful gatherings, or casual outings with loved ones. The service just like the cuisine is great. The staffs here are attentive, fast and reliable, so you is sure to feel at home in Mandilicious.

6. Food Inn

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Food Inn is another great restaurant in Tembisa that offers great value for money. The menu at here is a celebration of diverse tastes and culinary traditions. From home-style comfort food to globally inspired dishes, there’s a dish to satisfy every type of food lover.

Whether you crave steaks, curries, pasta, or desserts, there is something for everyone. The restaurant’s ambiance exudes warmth and familiarity, inviting guests to relax and unwind in its cozy atmosphere. Whether you’re dining solo, sharing a meal with friends, or enjoying a family gathering, Food Inn provides a welcoming environment for all occasions.

7. Meat and Great Corner

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

If you are a big fan of meat dishes, we’ve found the perfect spot for you – Meat and Great Corner. At Meat and Great Corner, the focus is on celebrating the art of perfectly cooked meats. The menu showcases an impressive menu of different premium cuts, expertly grilled steaks, succulent ribs, and tender braised meats.

Whether you prefer your steak rare, medium, or well-done, the chefs ensure every bite is worth it!
Beyond its meat-centric offerings, Meat and Great Corner takes pride in its dedication to sourcing the finest quality ingredients. Sides are thoughtfully crafted to complement the star attraction – from buttery mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables to signature sauces that elevate the dining experience.

8. Sabelo Café Shisanyama

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

If you are looking for a trendy place to chill, Sabelo Café Shisanyama is the place to go! This restaurant has the style, the great vibe, the great food and impressive service! They offer café options, meat plates, comfort foods, grilled options, cocktails, wine, beer and spirits.

Highlights include a fireplace, live music, great cocktails, variety of food options, and beautiful environment. Their dining option covers brunch, lunch and dinner, so any time of the day you can visit. Sabelo Café Shisanyama is liveliest in the evening and night; you will get to enjoy live music and many special events.

9. Natalie’s Kitchen

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Natalie’s Kitchen is a popular South African restaurant in Tembisa, offering several local and international dishes. Their menu covers dishes like beef and chicken skewers, Ekhaya dishes, meat platters, butter chicken, Inqina Lenkomo and lots more. The food here is exceptional and the presentation is impressive.

The service option covers dine-in, delivery, takeaway and outdoor seating, allowing for convenient dining. Their dining option is also convenient, as you can visit for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinning. There is also a bar on site offering wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. Other available option at Nstele’s Kitchen include late-night food, group dining, reservation plans, kid’s menu and free street parking.

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10. The Ndawo Restaurant

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

For your local South African cuisine, visit The Ndawo Restaurant. The Ndawo’s menu is a tribute to the diversity of South African cuisine, offering a wide list of dishes that reflect the country’s culinary traditions. From aromatic stews inspired by age-old recipes to mouthwatering grilled meats seasoned with local spices, each dish carries the authentic taste of the traditional South African cuisine.

What sets The Ndawo apart is its commitment to showcasing the best of local produce and ingredients. Freshness and quality are at the core of every culinary creation, ensuring that every bite tells a story of South African cuisine. Beyond its delightful menu, The Ndawo embodies the warmth and hospitality intrinsic to South African culture. The restaurant’s ambiance is a welcoming embrace, inviting guests to savor not just the food but the sense of community and togetherness.

11. The Hang Awt 1632

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

If you are looking for a restaurant in Tembisa that provides unique dining, The Hang Awt 1632 is the place to go. The restaurant offers an all you can eat menu featuring vegan options, small plates, vegetarian plates, meat options, salads, soups, grilled options and late-night food.

They offer popular options such as mixed grill platter, breakfast plate, nachos, Tequila, meat platter, Coffee Frappe, seared salmon, Kunye burger, chicken wings, cocktail mojito, salmon with grilled veggies and lots more. Other options you might want to try in the Hang AWT1632, include peri peri wings, oxtail stew and dumplings, the hang awt platter, and mac and cheese.

The service option here include dine-in, takeaway, delivery and outdoor seating. So, whether you want to dine out, or enjoy your meal at home, The Hang Awt 1632 got you covered.

12. Pedros Tembisa

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Next on our list of top restaurants in Tembisa is one of South Africa’s fastest growing flame-grilled chicken spot, Pedros Tembisa. This restaurant is a flame-grilled chicken franchise, serving the best chicken, at the best prices and ensuring convenience with online ordering, takeaway and delivery options. The dining option here cover brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert. Other provisions here includes, group friendly options, late-night food, all you can eat menu, kid’s menu, free parking lot, and credit card payment amongst others.

13. Motsoeli Food Emporium Restaurant

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

At Motsoeli, the concept of eating extends beyond mere dining – it’s an experience that embraces a fusion of flavors and artisanal creations. The menu here features a mixture of globally inspired dishes and locally cherished favorites, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Motsoeli Food Emporium takes pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients and collaborating with local producers, ensuring every dish boasts the finest flavors and textures. From savory delicacies to tantalizing desserts, every bite tells a story of culinary expertise and dedication to excellence.

The ambiance at Motsoeli is both sophisticated and welcoming, creating an atmosphere perfect for intimate dinners, social gatherings, or moments of culinary exploration. The elegant decor and inviting setting complement the gastronomic journey, enhancing the overall dining experience.

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14. Atom Food

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

Atom Food offers you quality food for affordable prices. Their specialty is the Gourmet Kota which is made with quality and fresh ingredients and love. This restaurant is also among the many fine restaurants you will like to visit when you are looking for a beautiful place to take your loved one. Their service option includes dine-in, takeaway and outdoor seating. There is a bar on site offering different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Atom food is great kids, for group dining and family-friendly occasions.

15. Binjo Café

15 Amazing Restaurants in Tembisa Today!

If you are a fan of Sharwama wraps, whether beef or chicken, here is an amazing Sharwama spot for you – Binjo Café. This café offers shawarma wraps, chicken wings, burgers, and grilled options. The restaurant offers amazing yummy sharwama, prepared with fresh ingredients and served fresh daily. You can only visit for lunch. Their service option cover dine-in, delivery, outdoor seating and curbside pickup.


There are many restaurants in Tembisa, but with our list you won’t have trouble finding the right restaurant. Be sure that these restaurants are the best when it comes to service, food quality, taste and environment. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Tembisa!

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