Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn’t miss

Restaurants in Shrewsbury

There are many great restaurants in Shrewsbury, PA. This town has a lot to offer its visitors, and the restaurants reflect that.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet dinner or something more lively and entertaining, there’s a restaurant in Shrewsbury.

Some people believe that the best restaurants are the ones that offer the best food. Others believe that the best restaurants are those that provide unique atmospheres.

Still, others believe it is essential to enjoy the company of friends while dining out. Whichever is your preference, our list covers it all. Here are the best 15 restaurants in Shrewsbury.

The best Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania)

#1. Bird and Beer

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

Bird and Beer are known as Shrewsbury’s independent home for delicious fried chicken and craft beers. They are open from Monday to Saturday and delight visitors with their delectable American classics.

Burgers are served in their perfect state, as they are prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Their wings are finger-licking. The house favorites are delicious. You have to try some.

After a hearty lunch or dinner, order one of their unique seasonal desserts if you still want something light to top up.

If you are going for vegetarian or vegan options, try their sweet mercy seitan and smoking seitan burger. Watch out for their ice cream shake. You will visit again and again for that.

Bird and Beer cater to large groups, serving platters for four to six people. So it would help if you came around with friends to enjoy some delicious chicken wings and beer. Other options at Bird and Beer include fries, tacos, snacks, softs, waffles, and hot drinks.

Address: Chronicle House, 6 Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury SY1 2DJ, United Kingdom

#2. Albert ET Co Franksville

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you are a big fan of gourmet burgers, homemade grilled plates, and soul food, Albert E. T. Co. in Franksville is the right place to visit. They serve fried chicken, burgers, loaded fries, and vegan options. You enjoy homemade fast food, which is excellent for lunch and dinner. Expect great food at fair prices.

This restaurant offers the best dishes. Whether small or big plates, their talks will satisfy your taste buds.

In addition to their delicious foods, they also serve a wide range of refreshing drinks, great for day or night. Their classic cocktails make a great combo with side platters. Drinks include cocktails, wine, Beer, milkshake shakes, coffee, and spirits.

They also offer takeout, so you can enjoy their mouthwatering dishes wherever you are. If you are visiting for dinner, get ready to dance, as there are many intriguing live performances. So book a table today, relax, and enjoy dinner or lunch at this fabulous eatery.

Address: 128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JX, United Kingdom

#3. Spanish Tapas at the Olive Tree

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you plan a hangout and want to take your dog along, then Spanish Tapas at the Olive tree is a good choice. This restaurant is not on our list because it’s dog-friendly but because of its excellent food selection.

Spanish Tapas at the Olive Tree is a lovely family-run restaurant offering everyday Spanish Tapas dishes in a relaxed dining hall. This restaurant provides an authentic homemade pizza menu and innovative drink selections.

The food selection on their menu is healthy options and small plates. It also features a full bar offering cocktails, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. Other unique diet options, such as vegetarian and vegan options, are also available.

There is a scenic garden patio where guests can relax while enjoying delicious food or drinks. Some popular items you should start with include tapas, sangria, paella, bruschetta, and vegan butternut squash pizza.

Whether you are coming for brunch, lunch, or dinner, you will find the perfect meal to satisfy your taste.

Address: 85 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JR, United Kingdom

#4. Thai-D Food Bar

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

Thai-D Food Bar, a Thai restaurant in Shrewsbury, brings you the best Thai dishes, including fresh and healthy plates. That is one of the best places to eat in Shrewsbury, and this is because of its fine collection of food and quality service.

They are also one of the right choices if you are looking for vegetarian food, as most of their dishes are plant-based. You can enjoy your food in their elegant dining room, airy outdoor seating, or order for takeaway.

There’s no location barrier as long as you are craving delicious Thai food. You can also come around with friends, as they offer platters for group dining.

Reservations are accepted, so if you need to book a table beforehand, you can visit their website for bookings.

Address: 79 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UT, United Kingdom

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#5. The Alb Restaurant

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

The Alb restaurant offers all the awesome things you can find in a typical city restaurant and even more. They are always known to keep it authentic and fresh.

Their menu is a full package of yummy street food with an American twist. The Alb is not only known for good food, but they are also known for the best cocktails in town.

The services are always impressive. Everything is efficient and almost perfect, from the environment and table service to their menu. The Alb is an excellent spot for casual hangouts and even more perfect for a romantic night out.

Address: Albert Hotel, 14 Smithfield Rd, Shrewsbury SY1 1PB, United Kingdom

#6. Riverbank Bar and Kitchen

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you love perfectly cooked classic British cuisine, Riverbank restaurant will undoubtedly be on your list of best eateries in Shrewsbury.

This contemporary restaurant offers excellent service, food, and a great outdoor seating area overlooking the beautiful River Severn. This outdoor seating is perfect for those who love serenity and nature.

You’d get to enjoy some homemade food while enjoying the sea view. This is one of the popular features of Riverbank restaurant. Another notable thing about Riverbank is its food menu and drink selection.

The restaurant boasts unique Mediterranean dishes plus wholesome British classics. They offer a cocktail lounge, serving an extensive selection of ingenious, perfectly made cocktails.

Cocktail selections cover prohibition, new fusions, and flavors. Weekends are even more thrilling as guest experience exciting live music performances.

Address: Victoria Quay, Victoria Ave, Shrewsbury SY1 1HH, United Kingdom

#7. La Mer Rouge

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

La Mer Rouge is a fine-dining restaurant with an Egyptian twist. It is in a building that used to be a French restaurant. This restaurant offers one of the finest dining options in town.

Form dining space to menu and service. Their menu consists of majorly healthy options, including vegetarian plates. They serve seafood, steak, desserts, and many contemporary entrees.

Some of their specials include king scallops, black pudding, surf lobster and turf steak, monkfish loin, and sea bass. Theresa so a bar on site, serving wine, Beer, and cocktails.

A collection of perfectly prepared coffee is also provided to guests. La Mer makes an excellent spot for casual lunch treats and intimate dinner night outs.

Address: 77-77A, Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PZ, United Kingdom

#8. Avatar Restaurant

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you are passionate about authenticity, then Avatar is worth your time. This is the only Indian and Nepalese restaurant in Shrewsbury, and they know their kitchen well. A visit to Avatar is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the different flavors of South Asia.

Avatar is not only a great place to eat south Asian food, but it is also a relaxing place to eat. Their foods have a unique taste and a delicious aroma. When it comes to curry, they are the best in town.

The ambiance in this restaurant is warm and friendly, which showcases the warmth of the Indian and Nepalese people. The restaurant and service are designed to accommodate groups. Family dinners are standard here.

You’d also love Avatar if you are a vegetarian, s they serve many delicious vegetarian options. Other provisions include water refills, wine, coffee, Beer, spirits, and more. Kids are also well accommodated.

Address: 22-23 Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PU, United Kingdom

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#9. The Golden Cross

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

This restaurant has a reputation as the oldest pub in Shrewsbury. This restaurant is much more than a great place to dine, as they offer more.

Their services are top-notch, as they offer only quality service. Expect a flavorful menu centered on British classics and a wide range of delicious vegan options. They offer only dine-in as guests enjoy a cozy and homely atmosphere.

They serve dishes like fish and chips, crab and grapefruit tian, tempura, and lots more. Wines are also available here. And they offer the finest selections, from bubbles and rose to white and reds. Other drinks available include Beer and spirits.

Address: 44 High St, Shrewsbury SY1 1ST, United Kingdom

#10. Tom’s Table

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

Tom’s Table is one of Shrewsbury’s gems. This restaurant is the perfect spot for people who love local produce and locally sourced dishes.

Tom’s Table is the best place for fresh produce, creatively prepared and at a fair price. They also offer a great selection of teas and many healthy plates. They only provide dine-in, which is in a casual, airy space.

Their menu covers breakfast, lunch, and desserts, with fine coffee selections. You’d find banana bread, salad box, soups, and hummus. It might not be ideal for group dining, but it’s great for kids and families.

Address: Unit 52, The Market Hall, Claremont St, Shrewsbury SY1 1HQ, United Kingdom

#11. Peaberry’s Restaurant

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you are looking for an excellent spot for a healthy breakfast or lunch, Peaberry should be on your list of the best breakfast restaurants in Shrewsbury.

This modern restaurant plus café serves artisan food from different parts of the world. They are also good with coffee and serve a wide range of hot chocolate delights. Some popular treats among locals include English breakfast, club sandwich, burger, smoked salmon benedict, and Flatbread meat.

Guests can enjoy breakfast or lunch inside the dining room or use the outdoor seating. They do not only serve coffee and tea. They also serve cocktails, wine, and Beer. The takeaway option is also available.

Address: Milk St, Shrewsbury SY1 1SZ, United Kingdom

#12. Chambers Bars and Bistro

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

Chambers Bar and Bistro is one unique restaurant with great bistro treats. This restaurant sits within one of the oldest buildings in Shrewsbury. Seating in a modern dining room with a dark wood design and lime-wash walls.

The atmosphere is quite homely, and the historical setting gives a warm look. This restaurant is known to offer classic English meals, from locally sourced dishes to seasonal selections.

These dishes complement the best wine selections to bring out the perfect complimentary flavors. Chambers Bistro is excellent for group dining and quite common for family dinners.

You can also come for dinner with a special someone. It is hard not to love this restaurant, as everything is so organized and lovely.

Address: Butcher Row, Shrewsbury SY1 1UQ, United Kingdom

#13. Osteria Da Paolos

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Shrewsbury, consider visiting Osteria Da Paolo’s. This restaurant is the main deal!

They specialize in steaks and classic Italian cuisines. The fresh ingredients they use to make their meal pop with flavor and great taste.

They offer you a pure traditional Italian Culinary experience. From the atmosphere in the room to the food, everything reflects the southern Italian style. If you love soft music, the atmosphere here will blow you away.

Their dish selection includes classics like pasta, steak, Tiramisu, Pizza Margherita, Charcuterie, Lasagna, Bruschetta, and lots more. Italian food is only complete with complimentary wine, and Osteria offers the best selections of wine.

Other available provisions include healthy options, takeaway, cocktails, vegetarian options, spirits, Beer, and a bar on site. Reservations are required.

Address: 58-59 Mardol, Shrewsbury SY1 1PP, United Kingdom

 #14. House of the Rising Sun

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

House of the Rising Sun is a modern Australian restaurant serving food both Australian and from other places. They provide guests with modern dining spaces with industrial décor.

Their menu consists of refined global street foods and sharing dishes. You’d enjoy dishes like pork belly, katsu curry, sweet and sour chicken, chicken katsu, lentil Dahl and lots more.

They are quite creative; you might even find a modernized traditional dish. Another notable thing about House of the Rising Sun is its innovative cocktails. They offer a wide selection of cocktails, including wines and craft beers.

Address: 18 Butcher Row, Shrewsbury SY1 1UW, United Kingdom

#15. The Masala

Top 15 Amazing Restaurants in Shrewsbury PA (Pennsylvania) You shouldn't miss

The Masala is an excellent Indian restaurant with a Halal food menu and many small plates; you can eat as much as you want. They offer only dinner and dessert, but their menu is quite elevated.

They serve favorites like butter chicken, coconut shrimp, yellow curry, and lots more. They offer many vegetarian plats, making them an ideal restaurant for vegetarians.

The Masala is also great for group or family dining, as they serve platters for groups. The food is fantastic, and the staff is also great. The environment is warm and friendly, and the service is customer-centered.

Address: 36 St Julian’s Friars, Shrewsbury SY1 1XL, United Kingdom

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Enjoy Your Meal at Shrewsbury restaurants

In conclusion, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, has a wide variety of family restaurants that may satisfy various tastes. The town has everything for everyone, from kid-friendly businesses to luxurious places for dates.

The Bird and Beer, Albert ET Co Franksville, Spanish Tapas at the Olive Tree, and Thai-D Food Bar are a few of Shrewsbury’s top eateries.

No matter what food you’re craving, these restaurants will surprise you and give you a memorable eating experience. Therefore, visit one of these incredible restaurants the next time you’re in Shrewsbury.

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