10 Best Botswana Safari Lodges and Camps

Botswana Safari Lodges

Set out on a remarkable expedition into the untamed interior of Botswana, a region replete with stunning scenery and a multitude of fauna. Explore Botswana’s top safari hotels and camps, each providing a distinctive fusion of luxury and adventure.

So prepare to discover Botswana’s untamed beauty as you pack your bags and head forth.

What is a Botswana Safari?

10 Best Botswana Safari Lodges and Camps

A Botswana safari is a mesmerizing journey through the wilderness of Botswana, a country nestled in southern Africa. Here, you’ll encounter some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, including regal lions, majestic elephants, elusive leopards, formidable rhinos, and the mighty buffalo.

A Botswana safari offers you the remarkable opportunity to witness these creatures in their natural habitat, an experience like no other.

Why is Botswana a Premier Safari Destination?

Botswana stands out as a premier safari destination for several compelling reasons:

  • Diverse Wildlife: Botswana is a sanctuary for an array of wildlife species. The country’s rich ecosystems harbor an incredible variety of animals, making it a wildlife enthusiast’s dream.
  • Protected Areas: Botswana is committed to conservation, boasting numerous protected areas, including national parks and game reserves. These sanctuaries provide a safe haven for wildlife to thrive.
  • Remote Authenticity: With its low population density, Botswana offers a remote and authentic safari experience. You can immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness, far from the bustling crowds.

What to Expect on Your Botswana Safari

A typical Botswana safari is a holistic experience that includes:

  • Lodge or Camp Stay: You’ll reside in a safari lodge or camp, nestled in the heart of the wilderness.
  • Game Drives: Embark on thrilling game drives with knowledgeable guides, conducted in open-sided vehicles, offering breathtaking views of the landscape and wildlife.
  • Additional Activities: Beyond game drives, you can partake in activities like bush walks, mokoro (canoe) safaris, and even hot air balloon safaris, each providing a unique perspective on Botswana’s natural wonders.

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The Best Time for Your Botswana Safari

To make the most of your Botswana safari, consider the timing:

Peak Season (June–October): This period offers the best wildlife viewing opportunities as animals gather around water sources. However, it’s also the busiest and costliest time to visit.

Shoulder Season (May and November): The shoulder season provides a balance, with favorable weather, fewer crowds, and more budget-friendly options.

Green Season (December–April): While less popular, the green season unveils lush landscapes and remarkable birdlife. Be prepared for occasional road challenges due to muddy conditions.

Selecting Your Ideal Botswana Safari Lodge or Camp

Choosing the right lodge or camp is pivotal to your safari experience.

  • Budget: Determine your budget early, as Botswana safaris can vary significantly in cost.
  • Experience: Decide whether you prefer a luxurious, pampered experience or a more rustic and authentic adventure.
  • Wildlife Areas: Research the unique characteristics of different wildlife areas in Botswana, as some excel in offering specific animal sightings.
  • Reviews: Read reviews from fellow travelers to gain insights into the quality of lodges and camps.

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The Top 10 Botswana Safari Lodges and Camps

For a curated selection of the finest safari accommodations in Botswana, consider these exceptional options:

  • Camp Okavango
  • Chief’s Camp
  • Mombo Camp
  • Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge
  • Xigera Safari Lodge
  • andBeyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp
  • Shinde Camp
  • DumaTau Camp
  • Belmond Eagle Island Lodge
  • Abu Camp
  • Duba Plains Camp

These establishments offer a diverse range of experiences, from opulent luxury to raw authenticity, all while ensuring proximity to prime wildlife areas and exemplary service.

Tips for Planning Your Botswana Safari

To ensure a seamless safari experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book in advance: Botswana is a sought-after destination, especially during the peak season. Secure your flights and accommodations well ahead of time.
  • Visa Requirements: Check if you need a visa for Botswana and obtain it through online application or at a Botswanan embassy or consulate.
  • Pack for All Weather: Botswana’s climate can be unpredictable, so pack accordingly with items such as a raincoat, sunscreen, and a hat.
  • Capture the Moments: Don’t forget to bring a camera and binoculars to document the captivating wildlife and landscapes.
  • Respect the Environment: Show reverence for the wildlife and the environment by refraining from feeding or touching animals and responsibly disposing of waste.

What to Pack for Your Botswana Safari

Ensure you’re well-prepared by packing these essentials:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Pack comfortable clothing suitable for walking and game drives, favoring neutral colors to avoid startling wildlife.
  • Sun Protection: Shield yourself from the African sun with a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
  • Insect Repellent: Safeguard against insects by bringing a repellent containing DEET.
  • First-Aid Kit: Always have a well-equipped first-aid kit, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers, to handle any minor mishaps.

Activities to Enjoy on Your Botswana Safari

There’s no shortage of exciting activities to indulge in during your Botswana safari:

  • Game Drives: Explore the wilderness aboard open-sided vehicles with expert guides, offering prime wildlife viewing.
  • Bush Walks: Get up close to nature during guided bush walks, where you’ll learn about the local flora and fauna.
  • Mokoro (Canoe) Safaris: Navigate the serene waters of the Okavango Delta in traditional canoes, guided by locals to discover remote and scenic corners.
  • Hot Air Balloon Safaris: Soar above the Okavango Delta in a hot air balloon for breathtaking panoramic views of the wildlife and landscapes below.
  • Helicopter Safaris: Cover extensive areas of Botswana in minimal time with helicopter safaris, witnessing diverse wildlife habitats and a variety of animals.

Safety Tips for Your Botswana Safari

Safety is paramount on your safari adventure:

  • Listen to Your Guide: Pay close attention to your guide’s instructions; they are there to ensure your safety.
  • Stay Aware: Keep a constant awareness of your surroundings, especially during bush walks.
  • Respect Wildlife: Admire wildlife from a respectful distance and refrain from feeding or touching the animals.
  • Cultural Respect: Botswana boasts a rich culture; show respect for the local people and their traditions during your visit.


Botswana beckons with its abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the allure of a remote and authentic safari experience. As you plan your Botswana safari:

  • Book Early: Reserve your flights and accommodations well in advance, especially for peak seasons.
  • Visa Preparation: Check visa requirements and obtain one if necessary.
  • Pack Smart: Be ready for any weather, and don’t forget your camera and binoculars.
  • Respect the Environment: Ensure that your safari leaves no trace and upholds the principles of responsible tourism.

Embark on your Botswana safari and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of this remarkable African destination.

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