Top 10 Best Manual for Travelers Who Love to Travel

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Traveling without a clear picture of how your journey is going to be can be frustrating. And, if you want to have the best adventure, it will be better to plan early. But how can you plan your journey without knowing the place you are planning to travel to?

That’s where having a manual as a traveler comes in. Even if you haven’t visited the destination, a travel manual can help you learn more about it.

Hence, this article will review the ten best manual for travelers by stating why they are the best. Do you want to know them? Read till the end.

What are the Best Manual for Travelers?

#1. DK Eyewitness Travel Manuals

DK Eyewitness Travel Manuals

The DK Eyewitness Travel Manual is among the best travel manuals you can find worldwide. The manual has all you need to find attractive illustrations and buildings of the location you want to travel to. and also topped the list of the best travel manuals at the 2020 Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards.

The DK Eyewitness has been manufacturing its travel manuals since 1933. Suppose you are the type that’s traveling to love other nations’ cultures and wishes to learn more about the inspiring locations to visit without wasting your time searching in different manuals. In that case, the DK Eyewitness brand is the first manual you should pick up.

They have all that is needed for a manual, depending on the location you are traveling to and what they captured in the area. In addition, the DK Eyewitness Travel Manual is the best for finding suitable locations with rich cultural heritage.

#2. Lonely Planet Travel Manuals

The Lonely Planet travel manual is the second on our list of the best manuals for travelers. The Lonely Planet travel manuals are good for finding great locations for couples.

Unfortunately, in 2020, they aren’t among the top manuals in the world, but over the years, they have been on the top, which doesn’t change the fact that they are still good.

Maureen and Tony Wheeler started Travel Planet in the early 1970s. They did this after taking a trip from London to Australia. The couple makes sure to take pictures of the beautiful places they visit. They have been doing this since 1973, when they published their first copy, selling over 100 million copies.

So, if you are the type that loves traveling around Europe, and Asia, the Lonely Planet travel manuals are an excellent choice to go for. However, since the world is advancing, there must also be a change in each of the published manuals.

#3. Bradt Travel Manuals

The Bradt travel manual is the best for independent travel manuals with a gold standard. Hilary Bradt founded it in 1974, and the Bradt guide is one of the people’s favorites which is why it has taken the top spot at the reader travel awards many times in recent years.

Regarding sustainable and slow travel, Bradt manuals are always regarded as high-quality content. They are also known for their best covering off-the-beaten-track destinations.

The Bradt manuals were originally for British travelers venturing into Europe. After many years, they have grown to cover the rest of the world, but their original goal is to help you prepare for the culture shock of traveling.

Bradt manuals have these unique cultural insights mixed in with the essentials. After reading them, some of the most significant cultural differences won’t feel so different.

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#4. Rough Travel Manuals

Are you looking for a quick way to get to your destination? Rough manuals are the ones for you. The Rough Travel Manual is well known for “telling it like it is.”

It provided the founder Mark Ellingham a way out of getting a real job, and now it gives readers practical and hands-on advice on more than 120 countries worldwide, as well as being strong on cultural insights.

They are also the perfect manual for stepping off the beaten path. You’ll enjoy the rough guide to Southeast Asia. Rough manuals are in the same style as Lonely Planet, offering you a jump to the left with more adventure.

The Rough Travel Manual is better for bushwalks, tramping, hiking, or general “rough adventures.” They know a lot about traveling responsibly and are great at pointing out the towns between cities. If you are traveling for the history of a place, this is the manual for you.

#5. Insight Travel Manuals

This is one of the old brands and has existed for almost 50 years, meaning this brand knows what they are talking about. Their beautiful photos, clear maps, and accurate information help people connect to places through their history and culture.

They also come with a beautiful, glossy manual that will make you grab your passport and head to the airport terminal.

There’s a lot of background information and recommended points of interest, so they’re great for planning the last part of your trip.

#6. Footprints Travel Manuals

Footprints manuals are the best resource for planning a trip to Latin America. They have been experts in all things under the southern American sun for nearly 100 years.

That does not mean they do not specialize in other parts of the world. However, most of their books include things about the Caribbean and south Asia.

This book was written by an expert who lived in that region and truly captured its beauty and is also perfect for travelers who want an intimate insight into a country.

The greatest strength of the Footprint manuals is in their understanding of transport. It is one of the few series that understands the travel around and between cities. Too often, I have seen other books recommend going from this site to this site without explaining the journey between the two.

Footprint manuals provide all transport details as part of their planning, which helps. The highlights and the cultural background are very thorough and informative. I’d only include more information about cost details and budgetary ranges.

Also great for transport. Useful in congested areas like Bangkok and Thailand, but not so much in terms of budget details.

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#7. Blue Travel Manuals

Blue manuals are the go-to manuals for cultural capers, with more than a century of history to back them up. Ranging from art to architecture and archaeology.

These manuals aim to inform travelers who are unsure where to go or want to know more about the museum they are visiting with a good map, diagram, and photographs at your disposal and a great source of knowledge for any planned trip.

A particular character comes from these books, filled with history, art, architecture, and culture. It’s like traveling with book whispering secrets into your ears. There are all of these little tips and historical notes filling the book. Blue manuals aren’t for everybody, but those who love them, really love their books.

#8. Fodor’s Travel Manuals

Fodor’s manuals are hugely popular. Fodor’s ‘Go, List’ is one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated travel lists. Fodor’s is brilliant if you are looking for the top 25 things to do in any given location.

However, I found the Fodor’s lacking in those minor details, located away from its main thoroughfare. It’s the difference between attending the Sydney Opera House and attending Lady Macquarie’s chair around the corner.

The view is the main thing. This style seems to be appealing to baby boomers and retirees. It is most effective when combined with European vacations.

They are perfect for The best highlights of any city, especially in Europe (e.g., Paris). It is not so great for a local personal touch or if you plan to stay in one place for longer than a week.

#9. Frommer’s Travel Manuals

Frommer’s manuals are recommended by many travelers looking for a little more comfort. They are brilliant for recommending and prioritizing the highlights of any destination.

But, they’re not equipped with the perspective of someone who has recently been in line at many tourist destinations. For instance, Frommer’s has fantastic tips on the most suitable dates to visit the Vatican Museum, but it does not inform you of the long line that runs three blocks from the entrance doors.

Recently, they’ve switched their strategy to more of a cost-effective approach, but I’m not sure if it’s being implemented with the local writers.

They are great for Mainstream Travel with an upmarket touch, especially in Western Europe (see Frommer’s Europe). And not so great for “one block over” travel, i.e., the Melbourne guide did little to entice me into exploring the city’s famous lanes of culture, coffee, and bookshops.

#10. Rick Steves Travel Manuals

Rick Steves is unique for travelers, especially if you are traveling from the US to other countries like Italy, Germany, and other European countries.

The Rick Steves travel manuals will guide you through, even if you haven’t been or heard about that location. The manual is good in its way, and it will show you the best food in such a location and all the necessary fun you can have to enjoy your visit to such a location.

However, if you follow their guide but later deviate from it, you are on your own, such as when traveling to a location that is not on the manual.

Traveling to an unknown location can be stressful; you will not want to ask people around to direct you to where you are going, and you will also want to contemplate before you know about the location.

For instance, if you travel to South Korea, you must have already learned most of their culture from a travel manual and guide, so you won’t have to go against their norms.

So, to avoid going against the norms of the location you are traveling to, we hope the listed manual above will guide you throughout your journey.

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