15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Are you looking for the best restaurant in Port Elizabeth, or tired of eating in the same restaurant and want to try something new? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered!

The beautiful city of Port Elizabeth is well known for its friendly hospitality, and beautiful surroundings, with its highlight being many amazing restaurant. The restaurants in Port Elizabeth offer some of the best dishes in the state. Navigating through this long list of restaurants in Port Elizabeth is where the problem lies. But we are here to help.

We have compiled a list of the top 15 restaurants in this beautiful South African city that you must try. From classic seafood spots to trendy bistros, there is something here to suit every taste and budget. So get ready to enjoy the best dishes in Port Elizabeth.

Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

1. Backstreet Grill

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

One of the top restaurants in Port Elizabeth is Backstreet Grill. This restaurant is located among the bustling restaurants in Port Elizabeth; Backstreet Grill on Stanley Street in Richmond Hill offers an inviting intimacy and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant is a popular place, where locals and visitors go to enjoy the city’s impressive dishes, from seafood, steaks, pasta and lots more. This renowned steakhouse is celebrated for its mouth-watering steaks, known to impress even the most discerning palates with their melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Their service option covers dine-in, curbside pickup, with no delivery option.

2. Salt Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Next on our list of top restaurants in Port Elizabeth is Salt Restaurant. Salt restaurant is popular for its amazing chefs that cook the most delicious dishes around. This restaurant provides the perfect setting to unwind, indulge in delightful cocktails, and savor delectable bites with friends. The ambience of Salt Restaurant adds an extra touch of charm to the overall dining experience.

Their menu covers options like French toast, omelets, pizza, steak, seafood pizza, nachos, quesadillas and lots more. They serve dishes like salad, chicken strips, pasta, Vietnamese curry, steak, red Thai chicken curry and lots more. Salt Restaurant is also popular for their amazing drinks; they serve cocktails, spirits and wines. Salt Restaurant is great for group dinning, so if you are coming with family or friends, there is enough food and seat for everyone.

3. Villa Borghese Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

This restaurant offers small plates, beer, coffee, spirits and wine. Their dining option covers lunch, dinner and dessert. The menu covers options like buffet dessert, veggies buffet, meat plates, rice and lots more. The serve is superb and the food’s quality is impressive. Their Sunday lunch sis highly recommended and other items in the menu are worth trying. The restaurant can seat up to 80 people, making a great place for group dining. It has a quaint little bar area and offer value for money.

4. Blackbeards

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Blackbeards is another buffet restaurant in Port Elizabeth you wouldn’t want to miss. This restaurant offers the best buffet provisions and serves great food. The environment is nice and the place has a casual vibe, making it the best place for casual dining. Their offerings range from cocktails, wines, beer, coffee, lunch, dinner and desserts.

Their menu covers options like seafood, salad, soups, steak, vegetarian options and lots more. They also offer options for kids, so it’s a good place for kids. Other available options includes, credit card payment, accepts reservations, bar on site, and great for group dining.

5. Flava

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Flava, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Port Elizabeth, has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination for every food enthusiast. This unique restaurant, owned and curated by the talented Chef John Burger, offers an extraordinary dining experience that transcends traditional expectations.
What sets Flava apart is its commitment to fostering a sense of instructiveness and engagement between the kitchen and the diners. Here, patrons are not mere spectators; they are invited to be active participants in the culinary journey. Chef Burger encourages an open kitchen concept, allowing guests to witness the intricate process of their meals being prepared from start to finish.

Flava’s menu reflects a blend of locally sourced ingredients and international influences, resulting in a diverse and eclectic array of dishes. From avant-garde appetizers to decadent desserts, each plate tells a story of culinary craftsmanship. Chef Burger’s commitment to using fresh, seasonal produce ensures that every dish is a celebration of flavors and textures.

6. La Mer Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

La Mer Restaurant offers good services for individuals who desire a quiet place to dine. It has a casual outlook, with beautiful views. They offer only dine-in, with no delivery or takeout option. Their offerings cover beer, spirits, wine, coffee, lunch and dinner. There is provision for group dining and kids options. The staffs here at La Mer Restaurant are nice and attend to all you needs, including food recommendation. The service is also efficient and reliable.

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7. Suki Sushi &Asian Cuisine

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Experience an unforgettable dining journey at Suki Sushi & Asian Cuisine in Port Elizabeth. This restaurant boasts a menu that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary Asian flavors, with an unwavering focus on freshness and taste. SUKI stands out for its impressive sushi selection, showcasing imaginative combinations of timeless ingredients such as salmon, tuna, and avocado.

Led by expertly trained chefs, the culinary team at SUKI elevates the dining experience by skillfully crafting unique dishes designed to tantalize your taste buds. The chefs’ proficiency and creativity shine through in every bite, making each visit to SUKI a delightful exploration of Asian culinary artistry. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, the menu at SUKI promises a diverse and flavorful selection that caters to a wide range of preferences.

8. Kiplings Brasserie Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Kiplings Brasserie Restaurant offers the best of lemonade and passion fruit, green salads, grilled hake and vegetables, butternut, desserts. Smoothies, breakfast options, cheesecakes, potatao salads, lamb and potatoes and lots more. They also serve delicacies like Braai sausage, mushrooms, beef braai, coleslaw, custard, butter curry chicken, rice, ribs, lemon meringue, Veggie and lots more. You can visit for breakfast, brunch, dinner and lunch. There is a bar on site offering wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.

9. The Crest Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

The Crest restaurant is buffet restaurant offering breakfast treats, vegan options, brunch, lunch, small plates and vegetarian options. You will find options like carrot cake, sweet platter, Lemonade, flapjack, pulled pork quesadilla, Mexican hot chocolate, chicken mayo and lots more. the restaurant offers dine-in and outdoor seating, with no delivery option. There is also drink options like coffee, wine, spirits and cocktails. Highlights include great cocktails, cozy ambiance, and casual setting.

10. Wyndomayne Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

The next buffet restaurant in Port Elizabeth you might want to visit is Wyndomaybe Restaurant. This restaurant offers lunch, dinner, dessert and drink options such as beer, spirits, wine and coffee. This location offers not just a place to eat but a good place to entertain your kids. The meals are great and the environment is conducive and safe. Sunday lunch is highly recommended, as they prepare just the right meal you desire on a Sunday afternoon. In addition, the serves here are friendly and great at their job. Other highlights includes, reservation plans, credit card payments, group dining and bar on site.

11. The Hussar Grill Walmer

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Experience an amazing dining time at The Hussar Grill Walmer, where unique style meets excellent food. With a view overlooking the Indian Ocean, this famous restaurant has been pleasing guests for over 35 years, especially with its outstanding steak dishes. At The Hussar Grill Walmer, their special dishes stand out. They carefully prepare them using fresh ingredients and the best cuts of meat, creating a memorable eating adventure. Enjoy a delicious T-bone steak that practically melts in your mouth or relish the tenderness of a fillet that will make you want more.

Apart from the stunning ocean view, The Hussar Grill Walmer offers a menu full of exciting food choices. Each dish reflects the restaurant’s dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience where quality and taste come together perfectly.

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12. The Coachman Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

The Coachman Restaurant in Port Elizabeth is a great place for people who love tasty food. They have a wonderful menu and a friendly atmosphere that suits everyone’s taste. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients and a lot of care, so you’ll be really impressed.

Besides the yummy menu, The Coachman has a cozy feel, making it perfect for different events. The staff is friendly and makes sure everyone feels welcome. Whether you want a cozy dinner for two or a big celebration with friends, The Coachman promises a memorable experience. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service, your time at The Coachman will be special and enjoyable.

13. Galaxy Grill

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Galaxy grill is one of the best buffet restaurants in Port Elizabeth that offers amazing grill options. The restaurant offers different grills, ranging from chicken, beef and lamb. They also have provisions for breakfast specials like French toast, apple pie waffle, fried and toasted bacon and lots more.

Other options you might want to try includes the restaurant’s special breakfast, chicken schnitzel, T-bone and fries, English breakfast, cuppaccino, chicken salad, grilled chicken bacon, hot chocolate and chicken burger. Their service option include takeaway and dine-in, with no delivery option. You can visit Galaxy Grill for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

14. Nattis Thai Kitchen

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Nattis Thai Kitchen in Port Elizabeth is an amazing restaurant known for its authentic, flavorful, and delicious Thai cuisine. As soon as you step inside, you’re welcomed by a friendly atmosphere, warm staff, comfortable seating, and a captivating aroma of exotic scents. The dishes are skillfully crafted using the freshest and finest ingredients. The menu showcases a range of classic Thai recipes and unique creations, such as green curry with grilled shrimp, Thai-style beef salad, and stir-fried noodles with vegetables.

At Nattis Thai Kitchen, the dining experience is a delightful journey into the rich and vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine. Whether you’re a Thai food enthusiast or a first-time explorer, the restaurant promises a memorable and satisfying culinary adventure.

15. Sandpiper Restaurant

15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

If you are looking for a good buffet Restaurant has great for group dining and for comfort food, Sandpiper Restaurant has got you covered. This restaurant offers different comfort food, including breakfast and lunch treats. You need to try out their masala breakfast and Malva pudding; it’s the main deal. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


There are many amazing buffet restaurants in Port Elizabeth and in this article we’ve explored the 15 best. These restaurants are tasted and trusted and offer the best buffet services around. So, when next you are in Port Elizabeth, do well to visit these restaurants.

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