A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

Monuments to Visit in Canberra

Are you looking for Monuments to Visit in Canberra? Or are you due for a holiday? Several warning signs can indicate that you’re stressed out and need a solid break. If you find yourself terse, tense, and short with your colleagues or family, that’s a vital sign that a decent break is in order.

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Exploring novel destinations, eating out, and experiencing a new place is excellent food for the soul. So, if you find yourself crabby and cross, why not book accommodation in Canberra and travel to Australia’s fantastic capital?

Canberra is a rich cultural destination with fantastic heritage sites and monuments to explore. This informative article will share a tale of history, and you’ll learn about the top six places to visit in the nation’s capital. Read on to discover more.

Visit Parliament House and Old Parliament House

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

No palace is more meaningful than the place where Australian law and history are made. Parliament House is the epicenter of government in Australia and is an excellent place to visit for history and politics buffs.

You can take a free, guided public tour at 1.30 p.m. every Monday and Friday and explore the hallowed halls where history is made.

Once you’ve explored Parliament House, you can visit Old Parliament House. This heritage site features the Museum of Australian Democracy, and you’ll learn all about the distinguished history of our government and legislation in this beautiful country.

Entry is free, so just pack some food and water for yourself. There may be a special exhibition depending on when you visit, so read ahead and find out what’s on currently.

Visit the Australian War Memorial

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

This monument is Australia’s national memorial to the members of our armed forces and supporting organizations who died or participated in all wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia or members of colonies before the Federation.

Located in the suburb of Cambell, the location of the Australian War Memorial was deliberately chosen to reflect its grave importance. The location consists of three parts.

The Commemorative area is the shrine, which includes the Hall of Memory and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The other parts are the memorial’s galleries, museums, and the Research Center, where war records are stored. There is also an outside sculpture garden to explore.

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Experience History at the Lanyon Homestead

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

This historical heritage site dates back to well before the territory of Canberra was established, and you can explore and discover the fascinating history of families that lived and toiled there in years past.

There are guided tours and experiences you can book into, such as creative photography and storytelling, recipe archives that share what convicts and settlers ate and drank, and open days when you can freely roam the property.

Visit Calthorpe’s House

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

Located in Red Hill, this historic house is a window into life in Canberra when the Federal Capital was established.

It was built in 1927 and contains an entire collection of furniture and personal objects that give a glimpse into the domestic life and history of the Calthrope family and a budding, young capital city. You’ll find an immersive history lesson here and taste what early 20th-century family life was like in Canberra.

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Explore the Mugga-Mugga Cottage

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

This location is a must-see if you’re into Australian Aboriginal history; the cottage is set amongst native temperate grasslands. It is an oasis of history inside the modern city of Canberra. There is archaeological evidence of Aboriginal activity, as well as endangered plants, to witness.

The learning programs and tours on offer explore sustainability and Aboriginal perspectives of the land, as well as the influence of various land management practices and the social histories of the various families who inhabited the cottage over the years.

Visit the National Police Memorial

A Taste of History: 6 Best Heritage Sites & Monuments to Visit in Canberra

In 2001, the Australian government resolved to establish this vital memorial in Canberra. The National Police Memorial pays tribute to and remembers Australian sworn officers who have been killed on duty or died due to their duties, dating back to the advent of splicing in Australia.

If you are interested in policing history or simply want to pay your respects to fallen police officers, this is a must-visit.

A Canberra Conclusion

This helpful article shares the top six heritage sites and monuments to visit during a trip to Canberra. Follow this list if you’re a history buff, and you won’t be disappointed with these cultural and historic locations. There is much more to explore in Canberra, but this list is an excellent starting point. 

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