16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Italian Restaurants in Marco Island

Are you visiting the enchanting shores of Marco Island and finding yourself amid a delightful dilemma – the quest for the perfect Italian dining experience? Look no further! We understand that the challenge of discovering an exceptional Italian restaurant amidst this tropical paradise can be a bit challenging. But fear not, as we have the perfect solution for you.
In this article, we will unveil the top best Italian restaurants in Marco Island. Say arrivederci to uncertainty and buon giorno to a delightful solution that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Join us as we embark on a flavorful journey to satisfy your Italian cravings, making your visit to Marco Island an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island

1. DaVinci’s

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

DaVinci’s is an impressive Italian restaurant offering Italian classics in a warm dining room and a big courtyard, plus pizza served until late at the bar. The Restaurant is an up-market eatery known to be trendy, especially for its amazing Italian selections. The place has a sophisticated ambiance that makes each guest feel at home while enjoying the signature dishes and carefully curated wines.

Their offering covers healthy food, vegetarian options, comfort food, cocktails, coffee, spirits, wine, late-night food, and lots more. The food menu features options like pizza, soups and salad, pasta, Parmigiana, grilled options, and house specialties like Salmone specialty, Cernia Mediterraneo, Cape santé, and lots more. The popular dishes here are Tiramisu, Rigatoni Marinara, chicken parm, Lasagna, salads, osso buco, Veal chop parm, Burrata Caprese, Caparccio di Manzo, Cannoli, Ravioli alla Vodka and Bruschetta.

2. Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano is a casually elegant locale offering Italian food and wine in a serene atmosphere. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano is the place to go. They offer many vegan and vegetarian options, including other options like comfort food, healthy plates, small plates, and the Restaurant’s specialty. You will find options like Martini, House salad, Ravioli, Tiramisu, Stuffed Pork chops, and lots more. The Restaurant is popular for lunch and dinner, and their service option covers dine-in, takeaway, and outdoor seating, with no delivery option. Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano is that fancy Restaurant you want to visit for a special event or important occasion. The Restaurant accepts reservations, and dinner reservations are recommended.

3. Davide Italian Café

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

If you are looking for a casual Italian restaurant in Marco Island, Davide Italian Café is a good pick. This Restaurant offers Panini, pasta, and pizza plus classic veal and chicken entrees. They offer small plates, comfort food, beer, wine, coffee, and more. You can visit for lunch and dinner. One feature that sets Davide Italian Café apart from other restaurants is its commitment to authenticity, which it displays by using the freshest and quality ingredients to prepare its food. They also offer amazing customer service, desired to meet all customer’s needs, even dietary needs and other preferences. Davide Italian Café offers dine-in, with the alternative of takeaway and outdoor seating. Davide Italian Café is a good choice for family-friendly dining and group dining. It’s also a popular place for tourists who want to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine.

4. Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

If you are looking for where to enjoy special pasta or pizza, Joey’s Pizza and Pasta got you covered. The Restaurant offers some of the best pizza selections, with varieties of Pasta, sandwiches, and other comfort food in a family-friendly space. It’s one of the popular places for bringing kids to hang out with family and friends. Their menu covers hot subs like meatball parmesan, sausage parmesan, chicken parmesan, and lots more. There are also cold subs like ham and provolone cheese, turkey and provolone cheese, and roast beef and provolone cheese. The specialty subs cover Italian steak, Prosclutto, grilled chicken breast, and grilled eggplant. Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House, as the name indicates, is a haven for pizza, so you will get to enjoy different kinds of pizza, both regular and specialty pizza. In addition to the pizza and comfort foods, Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House offers pasta, sandwiches, and seafood. The popular dishes you might want to try include Lasagna, Stromboli, Sicilian pizza, Garlic dough knots, chicken wings, Meat pizza, and house salad.

5. 400 Pazzis

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Next on our list of the best Italian restaurants in Marco Island is 400 Pazzis. This Restaurant is a top pick for pizza lovers, particularly lovers of wood-fired pizzas. 400 Pazzis specializes in wood-fired pizzas and classic Italian food, including wine, and offers a scenic Gulf view. This Restaurant is quite stylish and has a great review for its charming look, great service, and impressive cooking. The menu here offers options like Caesar salad, garlic cheese bread, spaghetti and meatballs, cheese pizza, cheesy garlic bread, Farro salad and calamari, and lots more. 400 Pazzis makes provision for dietary needs and preferences like vegetarian plates, Gluten-free options, and vegan options. Their service option covers dine-in, outdoor seating with a charming view, and a convenient takeaway option. Another highlight you might find notable includes fast service, family-friendly service, LGBTQ+ friendly, and no reservation plans.

6. Arturo’s Bistro

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

If you are looking for a restaurant with a cool and lively vibe, Arturo’s Bistro is the ideal place to go. This Restaurant is a paradise for wine lovers and those who love lively environments. Arturo’s Bistro serves comfort food, specialty dinner entrees, cocktails, beer, wine, coffee, and other alcoholic dishes. The family-owned Restaurant makes it one of the best places to enjoy freshly cooked homemade food.
Arturo’s Bistro offers seafood, freshly cooked entrees, soups and salads, meat and chicken specialties. The popular dishes are Island grouper, salmon, veal francaise, chicken Marsala, lamb chops, Beef Carpaccio, scampi, key lime pie, and pasta Bolognese. The service option at Arturo’s Bistro covers dine-in, outdoor seating, takeaway, and curbside pickup. Other notable info includes reservation plans, dinner reservation recommended, credit and debit card payment, kid’s friendly, LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY, and great for tourists.

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7. Italian Deli and Market

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Italian Deli and Market is a veteran spot for Italian groceries, pizza, dinners, sandwiches, and more for in-store dining or to-go. Offerings include vegan options, vegetarian food, quick bites, wine, small plates, coffee, beer, cocktails, and comfort food. The spot offers cold and hot sandwiches, pizza and calzone, Italian entrees, salads, and soups. The popular picks are prosciutto, pepperoni pizza, eggplant parmesan, caprese burrata salad, roasted turkey sandwich, Caprese salad, and Alfredo sauce. Italian Deli and Market offers a flexible service covering dine-in, outdoor seating, takeaway, and delivery. The Restaurant offers the best pizza, sandwiches, and Italian favorites. Be sure to attend the live music and Karaoke Mondays. Other highlights include suitable for kids, changing tables, high chairs, no reservation plans, fast service, and a kid’s menu.

8. La Tavola Restaurant and Bar

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

La Tavola Restaurant and Bar is an American restaurant that offers fantastic Italian food. The Restaurant offers breakfast, dinner, lunch, and a kid’s menu. They serve pasta, burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, and special options like duck pot stickers, crispy chicken, Beef Bourguignon, and Chilean sea bass. Guests enjoy breakfast treats like salmon Benedict, Chilaquiles Santiago, Veracruz omelet, and lots more. For dinner, an option like three onion soup grilled Caesar salad, lobster salad, traditional Caesar salad, grilled octopus, beef carpaccio, and Asian port and vegetable spring rolls is available. For lunch, they serve beet and goat cheese salad, New England clam chowder, grilled shrimp and salad, and lots more. The kids get to enjoy chicken fingers and French fries, pasta, burgers, kids macaroni and cheese, and fried shrimp. La Tavola Restaurant and Bar also offers live music, great dessert, fast service, vegan options, vegetarian plates, brunch, a bar on site, and free wifi.

9. Sami’s Restaurant

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Sami’s Restaurant is a pizza restaurant popular for family or group dining. The Restaurant is a family-friendly eatery, offering patio seating, pizza, pasta and seafood. This Restaurant is locally owned, which makes it one of the best places to enjoy amazing authentic food. They offer al fresco dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will get to discover an array of delectable dishes, including award-winning pizza, pasta, gyros, Indian entrees, and lots more. You will also get to experience the perfect blend of flavors and ambiance in their inviting and charming outdoor seating.

The menu at Sami’s Restaurant features popular treats like Lobster Ravioli, cheese pizza, supreme pizza, greek salad, pepperoni pizza, chicken marsala, calzone, Stromboli, and lots more. They also offer beer, quick bites, wine, vegetarian options, halal food, coffee, cocktails, small plates, and happy hour food and drinks. Other highlights for Sami’s Restaurant include good for watching football, flexible service options, a bar on site, counter service, dogs allowed, and free wifi.

10. Old Marco Pub and Restaurant

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Old Marco Pub and Restaurant is another amazing Italian restaurant in Marco Island you shouldn’t afford to miss. This Restaurant is among the very best options for those who desire a lively dining experience alongside great food. The Restaurant and bar serves steak, seafood, and pasta dishes in a vibrant space with frequent live music. The highlight here includes fast service, a great wine list, an amazing beer selection, cocktails, and late-night food.

The menu features seafood like stuffed shrimp, crab cakes, shrimp parmigiana, steamed mussels, and many other juicy seafood treats. For veal options, you’d find options like veal piccata, veal Francese, veal rollatini marsala, veal parmigiana, and lots more. Guests also enjoy beef options like grilled filet mignon, filet mignon vino rosso, filet Mignon au poivre and Filet Mignon Moutarde. Other offerings featured in Old Marco Pub and Restaurant include lamb options, eggplant specialties, salad entrees, chicken options, and pasta. You can visit for lunch and dinner and either dine in or go for a takeaway option.

11. The Brooklyn Delicatessen

The Brooklyn Delicatessen

Here is an exceptional Lunch restaurant for you – the Brooklyn Delicatessen. This Restaurant offers a cool and relaxing environment, where they serve dishes like salad, turkey sub, and classic NY pizza. Their menu generally covers comfort food and quick bites, which makes it the best place to stop by for a quick lunch. They offer dine-in and takeaway and are popular among tourists and great for kids. Moreover, the service at The Brooklyn Delicatessen is great, and they offer great customer service. They also offer a free parking lot and plenty of parking.

12. Verdi’s American Bistro

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Verdi’s American Bistro is a romantic destination for classic American dishes, including mussels and lamb, in a sophisticated room. Though this Restaurant is big on American cuisine, they also offer amazing Italian food. The Restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, outdoor seating, delivery, and curbside pickup. It’s a popular place for dinner, and they offer just dinner. Since they offer just dinner, be sure to make dinner reservations, especially if you are planning a special dinner. Verdi’s American Bistro is family-friendly and very welcoming to tourists and visitors alike. You’ll surely enjoy your visit. So, when next you are in Marco Island and craving something Italian with a blend of American cuisine, be sure to visit Verdi’s American Bistro.

13. Pizza Cucina

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Pizza Cucina is a pizza restaurant offering the best of comfort food and quick bites. The Restaurant offers dinner, lunch, and desserts. It’s a popular spot for groups, tourists, and for kids. Their menu offers a variety of pizza options and shared plates, including antipasto and chicken wings. You’d also get to create your own specialty pizza and choose your toppings, meat, and veggies. Gluten-sensitive pizzas are also available. Pizza Cucina also offers gourmet options like chicken bbq, margherita and prosciutto. Pizza Cucina also serves wine, from white wines and red to bubbles. Beer, like American premiums, local crafts, and drafts, are also available.

14. Joey’s D Marco Island

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

It’s fun to eat at Joey’s D Marco Island in Marco Island, Florida, and the place is great for families. Joey’s D is a great place for families to enjoy a memorable meal together because it has a friendly setting and a wide range of food options. There is a lot on the menu at Joey’s D Marco Island, so there is something for everyone. There is something for everyone, whether you want fish, Italian food, or simple American food. Some of the most popular things on their menu are spaghetti and meatballs and fresh seafood meals like shrimp scampi and clam linguine. If anyone in your family is picky about what they eat, you can also get burgers and pizza.

15. Sale e Pepe

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Sale e Pepe is a renowned restaurant that offers an elegant dining experience featuring Southern Italian cuisine, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful seaside. Located in Marco Island, Florida, Sale e Pepe is an exquisite dining destination that has garnered a reputation for its gourmet dishes, stunning views, and upscale ambiance. Sale e Pepe is celebrated for its authentic Southern Italian cuisine. The menu features a rich array of dishes inspired by the flavors and traditions of Southern Italy. You can expect to savor fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and expertly prepared dishes that transport your taste buds to the shores of Italy.

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16. Napoli on the Bay IV

16 Italian Restaurants in Marco Island for an Unforgettable dining experience

Napoli on the Bay IV is a charming and welcoming restaurant that does a great job of making eating experiences memorable with its great service, cozy atmosphere, and delicious food. The restaurant is on the beautiful bayfront and is more than just a place to eat. It’s also a great place to relax and have fun.
One thing that makes Napoli on the Bay IV stand out is that it is dedicated to offering excellent service. The staff is known for being professional, friendly, and genuinely wanting to make sure that every guest feels welcome and cared for. As soon as you walk through the door, someone will smile at you and make you feel like you’re a welcome guest. The wait staff knows what’s on the menu and can make suggestions or change your order to suit your tastes. You can expect steady, high-quality service that makes your dining experience better whether it’s your first time or you come here often.


Marco Island’s Italian culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and experiences waiting to be explored. We’ve taken you on a delightful journey through some of the island’s finest Italian restaurants, offering you a solution to the age-old problem of finding the perfect Italian meal during your visit. Whether you crave the comforting classics or yearn for a modern twist on traditional dishes, Marco Island has it all. From the rich, savory sauces to the handmade pasta, you have a lot to enjoy.

So, the next time you find yourself on this picturesque Gulf Coast gem, you can confidently embark on your own culinary adventure, knowing that you have the perfect solution to your Italian dining desires right at your fingertips. Buon appetito and, most importantly, enjoy every delicious moment on Marco Island!

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