Air Peace Airline Reviews: What To Know Before You Fly-In 2023

air peace airline

Do you know that Air Peace is the only Nigerian airline that has a business plan to get into the premium economy category? Well, It is a low-cost airline with high-quality service and reliability.

Air Peace is a passenger airline based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is owned by an independent Nigerian businessman, Allen Onyema. The airline was founded in 2013 with the intention of providing economic opportunities for Nigerians, particularly for young people across the country.

From its humble start, Air Peace has grown into one of Nigeria’s leading airlines, with revenues exceeding $100 million per annum.

Things You Need To Know About Air Peace Airline

Here are important things you need to know about Air peace airline:

How to book flight on air peace airline

Air peace airline provides effective air travel solutions to the Nigerian aviation market. Flight ticketing, boarding pass printing, flight check-in and other air travel services.

air peace airline

Air travel has become a part of our everyday life and getting there is an expensive affair. Air peace has come up with an innovative way to get yourself to your destination without paying for the ticket. They have launched a new airfare called ‘Airpeace’.

This airfare offers you the flexibility of booking your flight online, instead of figuring out how much it will cost you.

Here are the necessary steps to book your flight online

1: Visit their official site at

2: You can choose your trip segment preferably ‘One Way’ or ‘Return’

3: Make sure to select your Departure and arrival cities.

4: Select your option on the number and type of people to travel with.

5: while on a return trip, select and input the departure date and also return date.

6: Continue to book your flight with air peace airline

Air peace airline check in and boarding process

In the past, the process of checking in and boarding passengers was quite cumbersome. One had to go through multiple screens to check in with one’s wallet, passport and boarding pass.

The check-in process is a common and tedious part of air travel. It’s not easy for both passengers and the airline to keep track of all passengers. With the aid of AI check-in and boarding became easier having;

  • Automation of check-in process
  • Automation of boarding
  • Analytics of passenger experience
  • Longevity management
  • Customer recognition
  • Individualization
  • Personalization etc.

Top destinations Air peace airline fly to?

air peace

Air peace provides service from Nigeria to the Middle East and Africa with flights to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jeddah, Sharjah Accra, Banjul, Monrovia, Freetown. They also have a fleet of aircraft suitable for smaller cities and regional centres.

Flight Change and Cancellation

Airfare refund is more common than you think. When you book an Airfare online, it will have a refundable Airfare option. If you book a non-refundable airfare, it won’t be refundable.

Airline companies are offering a refund on their tickets only if the Air Peace ticket was purchased by someone else. But, there is no such policy for emergencies or cancellations. An emergency flight cancellation can result in huge losses for this airline, especially when there is a long delay in flights.

All refundable and flex ticket holders will be reimbursed on your original method of payment.

Baggage policies and fees in air peace airline

A baggage policy is a written set of rules and a list of acceptable items for travel in an airline. Airline baggage policies are marked with a “Baggage” sign at the airport terminal entrance where; you can find information about fees incurred for storing luggage for a certain period of time before their return to their home country.

These policies vary from one airline to another: some airlines offer free storage if you pay an additional fee or just a small monthly fee; others will charge you per piece of baggage (if you have more than two pieces); You can check out their full policy Here.

In Conclusion

Air Peace airline is becoming an essential part of daily life, and people are turning to it in large numbers because of its cheap flight.

Air peace has also been one of the most affordable ways of getting from Lagos to Enugu and other destinations inside Nigeria, which has resulted in more and more people getting attracted to it as a means to their commute.

Am sure after reviewing this airline you will feel free to travel with their flight.


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