Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Best Brunch in Bentonville

Tired of the weekend scramble to find the perfect brunch spot in Cypress, Texas, that combines delicious dishes with a welcoming atmosphere? You’re not alone. The quest for a delightful brunch experience can often feel like hunting for a culinary oasis in a desert of options. But fear not, as this article serves as your compass, guiding you through the maze of choices and unveiling the hidden gems that Cypress has to offer for your brunch cravings. Say goodbye to the brunch dilemma because we have the solution to make your weekend a delicious delight.

12 Best Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

1. The Buttered Biscuit- Moberly

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Breakfast spots are usually the best place to enjoy brunch in Bentonville, and we’ve found the perfect breakfast spot for you- The Buttered Biscuit. This restaurant specializes in offering traditional breakfast treats, including brunch and lunch. At Buttered Biscuits, guests get to enjoy genuine handcrafted food made with high-quality ingredients and served fresh. The restaurant offers a menu that is easily compatible with guests’ dietary preferences, so you are always sure of a great meal. Their menu covers favorites like biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles, traditional French toast, shrimp and grits, sausage gravy omelets, biscuit beignets, and more. The Buttered Biscuit is a New American restaurant that creates a welcoming environment where visitors and locals can enjoy healthy food and connect with people.

2. The Hive

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

You wouldn’t want to miss the next brunch in Bentonville The Hive. The Hive is an elevated restaurant offering locally sourced Arkansas fares, served in a sleek, modern 21c Museum hotel. This restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy brunch due to their amazing brunch menu and beautiful environment. The restaurant prepares its dishes to showcase the unique culinary identity of Arkansas. Their brunch menu covers house-made yoghurt and granola, crispy and ginger soup, frittata, buttermilk pancakes, sliced ham and eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and the hive burger. The Hive has a comfy lounge perfect for catching up over drinks with friends, entertaining an important client, or simply grabbing brunch with friends or alone. Brunch is usually available on weekends.

3. Crepes Paulette

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Crepes Paulette is a good choice for brunch in Bentonville if you are looking for a place with a more open, natural, and comfy environment. The restaurant offers a relaxed counter service, sweet and savory handheld crepes, including caffeinated drinks. They offer delicious and innovative cuisine, all carefully and traditionally wrapped in authentic French crepes and galettes. Their menu covers options, from their classic Nutella banana sweet crepes to their popular gluten savory crepe, all made with quality ingredients. Other dishes you can find in Crepes Paulette include cheddar, strawberry crepe, chicken bacon ranch, pizza, tomato soup, and Italian crepe. Guests also enjoy their velvety house-made soups, light adult beverages, and a friendly atmosphere.

4. Pressroom

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Another good spot to enjoy brunch in Bentonville is the coffeehouse, and we’ve found just the right restaurant for you! Pressroom is a hip coffeehouse and cocktail bar serving seasonal American bistro eats prepared with local ingredients. The restaurant offers some of the best American bistro dishes and brunch. Their menu features shareable such as house-baked rolls, smoked salmon dip, house-cut fries, and hush puppies. There are also vegetable plates like local salad greens, vinaigrette, and caesar salad. Some popular picks in Pressroom include hot chocolate, mimosa, burgers, chicken pea mushroom balls, chorizo breakfast tacos, biscuit Benedict, crispy chicken sandwich, and Pressroom pub burger.

5. First Watch

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

First Watch is one of the best brunch in Bentonville that you wouldn’t want to miss if you desire healthy food. First Watch is a café chain restaurant for health-minded breakfast, brunch and lunch options, like omelets, salads, soups and more. The restaurant offers amazing coffee and tea selections, including some of the best brunch selections. Their popular food includes million-dollar bacon, lemon ricotta pancakes, frittata, ham and gruyere omelets, grits, traditional breakfast, crab and avocado toast, chimichanga, blueberry pancakes, egg sandwich, and barbacoa burrito. First Watch also offers vegetarian and vegan options and other health-based dishes.

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6. Village Inn

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant to enjoy brunch, Village Inn is a great choice for you. This breakfast restaurant offers home-style American classics, such as chicken-fried steak and pot pie. The restaurant is a popular place for pies, chicken fried steak eggs, smothered breakfast burritos, and many other dishes. Their service option covers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery systems. Service highlight includes homemade food, fast service, amazing dessert, and great coffee. Village Inn is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and they offer quick bites, comfort food, small plates, and a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Village Inn is not just family-friendly; it is also a popular spot for tourist groups and is great for kids.

7. Table Mesa Bistro with Bakery and Market

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

If you want something extra, try out this upscale restaurant – Table Mesa Bistro with Bakery and Market. This restaurant is an upscale spot, offering a modern style of Latin cuisine in a stylish setting with exposed brick walls. Table Mesa Bistro is one of the best places to enjoy brunch in Bentonville when you desire an expensive place. Their brunch menu consists of Chili Relleno breakfast burrito, pancakes with organic maple syrup, Latin scramble, Huevos Quesadilla, overnight oats, and lots more. Other options available in Table Mesa Bistro include curry chicken burrito, chips and salsa, carnitas, buttermilk squash enchilada, and chorizo burger. For an extra feature, Table Mesa Bistro has a bakery where they prepare and serve some of the freshest bread and pastries in town. There is also a market for you to do some convenience shopping.

8. Tusk and Trotter American Brasserie

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Tusk and Trotter American Brasserie is another upscale restaurant you shouldn’t miss for brunch in Bentonville. It is a gastro pub offering a locally sourced, seasonal menu, including craft beers, served in a casual, rustic-chic setting. Tusk and Trotter offer upscale dining in a casual setting, which makes it one of the most comfortable places to enjoy brunch. The restaurant offers a full assortment of beverages and food that focuses on American comfort cuisine with a modern twist. The popular picks in their menu include pig ear noodles, chicken and waffles, chicken sandwiches, possum pie, Arkansas fritters, risotto rolls, seasonal flatbread, and hot fried chicken. You might want to try many other dishes, like their tusk burger and fries, turkey club, and bison burger and fries.

9. Stone Mill Café

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

If you are looking for Southern-inspired brunch, we’ve found the perfect Southern restaurant for you – Stone Mill Café. This Café offers a Southern-inspired menu for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Their offerings cover healthy options, comfort food, quick bites, vegan options, and vegetarian options. In Stone Mill Café, guests are up for a wholesome brunch, as the staff strives to create a cozy environment where they can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. The restaurant’s environment is so comfy that you easily feel at home. All the recipes and dressings at the restaurant are made from scratch. Everything is prepared daily and served fresh from the soups, salads, sandwiches, gelato, breads, and others. Some of the popular dishes in Stone Mill Café are the Reuben sandwich, garden salad, French toast, biscuit and gravy, chicken dumpling soup, and French dip sandwich.

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10. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a popular homey chain restaurant serving American comfort food, with an on-site general store. This restaurant is the perfect choice if you are looking to shop after enjoying brunch. The restaurant is also a popular choice for those craving home-style food. Cracker Barrel Old Country store offers a warm welcome to locals and visitors alike who desire homemade food. Their food is prepared with care and with locally sourced ingredients. Whether you are craving their breakfast all day, which features items like the buttermilk pancake or lunch and dinner specials like fried chicken or slow-simmered chicken and dumplings, Cracker Barrel Old Country store is the place for you. Guests also enjoy options like country fried steak, meatloaf, biscuits and gravy, biscuits and cornbread, house salad, corn muffins, and macaroni and cheese.

11. Eleven at Crystal Bridges

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

Eleven at Crystal Bridges is an upscale restaurant offering American classics. This restaurant offers an extraordinary culinary experience, with extra entertainment on arts and culture at the museum. Eleven at Crystal Bridges offers delicious cuisine, stunning architecture, and an exciting program for guests. Their menu features food like cornbread, shrimp and grits, sausage sandwiches, the North Forest flatbread, crispy pork loin sandwiches, and lots more. Eleven at Crystal Bridges is one of the best places to enjoy wine. They offer the best wine selection and pairings. They offer only dine-in, with no delivery or takeaway option.

12. Louise at Thaden Field

Top 12 Memorable Brunch in Bentonville, Arkansas

The last restaurant on our list of top brunch in Bentonville is the Louise at Thaden Field. You shouldn’t miss this restaurant if you like a great view while enjoying a delicious brunch. Louise at Thaden Field is a modern upscale café in Thaden Fieldhouse that serves diner-style breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant offers both beautiful indoor seating and stunning outdoor seating with great views of planes landing and taking off.
The popular items on the menu include hippie hash, breakfast tacos, avocado toast, chicken and waffle, kids’ cheeseburgers, French fries, and their special breakfast plate. Other items you might want to try at Louise at Thaden Field include Contrail croissant, eggcess baggage Benedict, pancake stack up, slipstream, and eggs and takeoff tacos.


Bentonville offers a diverse array of brunch options that cater to every palate. Whether you’re seeking classic breakfast fare, creative culinary twists, or a cozy atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family, you can rest assured that your brunch cravings will be satisfied in this charming town. So, don’t hesitate to explore the best brunch in Bentonville to savor the flavors that make every weekend morning special.

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