12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn’t Miss!

Brunch in Denton, TX

Best Brunch in Denton, TX
Tired of endless brunch options in Denton, Texas, leaving you overwhelmed and wondering where to enjoy a satisfying mid-morning meal? Look no further! In this article, we’ve curated a list of Denton’s best brunch spots, offering the ultimate solution to your brunch dilemma. Say goodbye to brunch indecision and hello to culinary delight as we guide you through the top brunch destinations in Denton, each one promising a memorable dining experience.

12 Best Brunch in Denton, TX

1. Kona Grill

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

On the top list of best brunch in Denton, TX, we have Kona Grill. This sleek chain has a broad New American menu, including low-calorie options, sushi, and cocktails. Kona Grill offers a unique combo of upscale American cuisine, award-winning sushi, and a modern bar that gives the restaurant a unique and innovative concept. Their menu includes homemade desserts, sushi, light fares, specialty rolls, surfs and turf, traditional rolls, grills, and breakfast treats. The popular dishes include sushi, carrot cake, Avocado egg rolls, potstickers, crab crunch rolls, BBQ chicken flatbread, shrimp Tempura, pad thai noodles, and lemon garlic penne.
One feature that makes Kona Grill unique is the restaurant’s stylish look. The place has a charming setting and a great atmosphere. You are sure to enjoy your brunch at Kona Grill.

2. Egg House Café

Egg House Café

Egg House Café is a restaurant for special brunch treats. It is a relaxed gathering spot, offering hearty American breakfast, lunch, brunch standards, and coffee. Their brunch menu covers classics like chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, corned beef hash, omelets, veggie, and Southern plates. Their skillet option covers steak, meat, vegetarian, and western plates, consisting of diced ham, onions, and mushrooms. There is also a pancake, like their buttermilk pancakes and gluten-free pancakes. Their homemade crepes are also very delicious. French Toast, such as classic French Toast, Belgian banana Nutella, waffles, Parisian, and classic French Toast. Egg House Café is not just about the food. They also offer a great atmosphere and impressive customer service.

3. The Great EGG –Dento

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Family-friendly restaurants are one of the best places to enjoy home-cooked brunch, and The Great Egg is one such restaurant. This restaurant features a family-friendly diner-style chain, serving home-style American breakfast and lunch standards. The restaurant has a cozy dining setting and is easily relaxing and comfortable. Their menu covers regular brunch treats, including special treats. Some popular dishes are biscuits, Avocado toast, bacon Avocado scramble, patriot waffle, Texas steak skillet, classic breakfast, and classic eggs Benedict. Try pumpkin waffles, crab cakes, apple cinnamon pancakes, and blueberry pancakes. The Greet Egg restaurant also serves fresh juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, and other beverages.

4. The Seven Mile Café

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

If you are looking for a casual spot to enjoy a well-prepared brunch, look no further than The Seven Mile Café. This café is a homey cottage offering American and vegan breakfast all day, plus lunch fare with an espresso bar. The restaurant is known for its innovative cuisine and energetic environment. They offer engaging and top-notch service and menu. They include breakfast all day, which features freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolates, smoothies, sausages, and scrambles like Avocado scramble, garden scramble, Denver scramble, and Capitola scramble. There is also burger, chicken and waffle, sandwiches, and tacos on the menu. For lunch, guests enjoy sandwiches, tacos, burgers, soups, and salads. The favorite items in The Seven Mile Café include hash browns, biscuits and gravy, Belgian waffles, breakfast tacos, Huevos Rancheros, berry dream pancakes, and chocolate chip pancakes.

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5. Oldwest Café of Denton

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

If you look forward to enjoying a traditional American brunch in Denton, TX, Old West Café of Denton is perfect. This restaurant offers a comfy daytime dinner featuring classic comfort food dishes for breakfast and lunch. This restaurant has been the best for excellent, home-style breakfasts for 15 years. They serve some of the best brunch treats, including coffee, tea, and juices. The popular picks in the restaurant include side chicken fried steak, cinnamon battered French Toast, grits, blueberry pancakes, and biscuits and gravy. Oldwest Café of Denton has covered you if you are coming with kids! The restaurant offers special kid’s treats along with family-friendly plates.

6. Chestnut Tree Bistro

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Chestnut Tree Bistro is a quaint, family-run teahouse and restaurant serving brunch, lunch classics, and homemade baked items. Family restaurants are always the best place to enjoy home-style meals, and Chestnut Tree Bistro offers that and more. Their environment is very accommodating, and their services are reliable. Their menu covers healthy options, organic dishes, small plates, and comfort food, vegetarian and vegan options. The brunch menu features Benedict, Florentine, salmon eggs Benedict, omelets, tortilla omelets wrap, American breakfast, and much more. If you are still deciding what to eat, you can start with the popular picks. Their popular picks are crepes, Asian Tuna salad, quiche Lorraine, pulled pork, cob salad, American breakfast, veggie Benedict, Southwestern Benedict and salmon eggs Benedict.

7. Loco Café

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Loco Café’s brunch menu is a delightful blend of creativity and comfort, offering diverse options to please every palate. Here are some standout dishes that make Loco Café a standout brunch destination. Loco Café’s breakfast tacos are legendary. These generously filled tacos burst with flavors and are available with various fillings, from classic bacon and eggs to inventive combinations like avocado and goat cheese. Fluffy, golden, and topped with a variety of delectable toppings, Loco Café’s pancakes are a favorite among brunch-goers. Whether you prefer them classic with maple syrup or adorned with fresh berries and whipped cream, these pancakes are a true treat.
A nod to Hawaiian cuisine, the Loco Moco is a must-try dish. It consists of a juicy hamburger patty served on a bed of rice, topped with a fried egg, and smothered in rich brown gravy. It’s a savory and satisfying brunch option unlike anything else in Denton.
The veggie hash is a delightful choice for those seeking a healthier option. It’s a hearty and nutritious brunch dish packed with fresh vegetables and served with eggs. Loco Café takes French Toast to the next level with its cinnamon roll version. Thick slices of house-made cinnamon rolls are dipped in a sweet batter, cooked to perfection, and drizzled with icing. It’s an indulgent treat perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

8. Café Brazil

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Café Brazil takes diners on a captivating culinary journey through the flavors of Brazil. While it’s famous for its all-day breakfast offerings, the brunch menu is a standout, showcasing Brazilian cuisine’s rich and diverse tastes. Start your brunch adventure with pão de queijo, Brazilian cheese bread. These bite-sized, gluten-free delights are crispy on the outside and irresistibly chewy on the inside, making for a perfect snack or appetizer. Café Brazil’s omelets are a delightful fusion of Brazilian and American breakfast traditions. Filled with linguica sausage, fresh vegetables, and cheese, they offer a unique twist on a brunch favorite.
For those craving something on the lighter side, Café Brazil offers açaí bowls that burst with the tropical flavors of Brazil. Topped with granola, fresh fruit, and honey, it’s a refreshing and nutritious choice. Don’t forget to savor a cup of Brazilian coffee, known for its bold and robust flavor. Café Brazil takes pride in its coffee offerings, ensuring you enjoy the perfect cup to accompany your brunch.

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9. Stacks Pancake House

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

As the name suggests, pancakes are the stars of the show at Stacks Pancake House. Their pancake menu is a marvel, offering an array of flavors and toppings that cater to every palate. From classic buttermilk pancakes to creative concoctions like blueberry cheesecake or banana macadamia nut, there’s a pancake for everyone. They’re known for their generous portion sizes, ensuring you leave fully satisfied. While pancakes are a highlight, Stacks Pancake House continues beyond there. Their menu features a broad variety of breakfast and brunch specials, including omelets, waffles, crepes, and more. The options are diverse and inventive, showcasing a fusion of flavors and ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds.
Stacks Pancake House is a family-friendly establishment, making it an excellent spot for brunch outings with kids. They offer a kid-friendly menu and an atmosphere that welcomes families with open arms. To complement your meal, Stacks Pancake House offers a variety of beverage options, including freshly squeezed juices, coffee, and specialty drinks. Their drinks menu complements the brunch experience perfectly.

10. GreenHouse Restaurant

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

The farm-to-table concept is at the core of GreenHouse Restaurant’s culinary philosophy. Diners can savor dishes made with ingredients that have been carefully selected from local farms and artisan producers. This focus on the origins of each ingredient ensures that every bite celebrates regional flavors and quality. GreenHouse Restaurant’s menu is a testament to culinary creativity. With a frequently changing menu that reflects the seasons, diners are treated to diverse dishes. From gourmet salads and inventive small plates to savory mains and decadent desserts, there’s always something new to explore.
For those with dietary preferences, GreenHouse Restaurant offers a fine selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are as satisfying as they are delicious. Their commitment to inclusive dining means there’s something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. The restaurant’s ambiance is welcoming and inviting, with a focus on sustainability extending to the decor. Using reclaimed materials and earthy tones creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for intimate dinners and group gatherings.

11. Starwood Cafe

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Starwood Cafe understands that brunch is a personal experience. They offer various customizable options, allowing you to build your perfect brunch plate. Whether you like sweet or savory, you can mix and match to get a meal that suits your preferences. The cafe takes pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create its dishes. Locally sourced products are often incorporated, ensuring every meal is made carefully and carefully.
The cafe’s cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it a great place to relax with friends or family. Whether you enjoy brunch indoors or on the outdoor patio, you’ll find a comfortable setting to savor your meal. You won’t leave Starwood Cafe hungry. The portions are known for being generous, ensuring you get a satisfying and hearty meal that keeps you fueled for the day. Starwood Cafe accommodates various dietary preferences, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options. You’ll find something delicious on the menu whether you have specific dietary needs or prefer plant-based choices. In addition to classic brunch beverages like coffee and fresh juices, Starwood Cafe offers specialty drinks that add a unique twist to your brunch experience. Explore their coffee and beverage options for a delightful pairing with your meal.

12. Spiral Diner and Bakery

12 Brunch in Denton, TX, you shouldn't Miss!

Spiral Diner and Bakery is perfect for you if you are vegan and craving a vegan brunch. This small chain restaurant offers creative, organic-leaning vegan fare in a funky, retro-themed environment. Regarding vegan comfort food, no restaurant beats Spiral Diner to it. Their menu covers burgers, hearty sandwiches, hot plates, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and much more. The unique thing here is that all the food is 100% plant-based. So if you are vegan or just a healthy eater, visit Spiral Diner and Bakery when next you want brunch, and it is in Denton, TX.


Denton, Texas, boasts a variety of brunch options, each with its unique charm and culinary offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for farm-to-table fare, creative brunch twists, or classic American breakfasts, this article covers you. With the guidance provided in this article, you’re well-equipped to embark on a delightful journey through Denton’s brunch scene. So, gather your friends and family, explore these fantastic establishments, and experience the best brunch in Denton, TX. Enjoy every bite, and may your brunch adventures in Denton be ever memorable!

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