Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn’t Miss

restaurants in Lawrence KS

Do you want to eat at the best restaurants in Lawrence, KS? Sometimes, the hardest part of eating at new restaurants is knowing where to go, who’s good, and who you can count on to have excellent food and service. With so many choices in Lawrence, Kansas, you may not know where to start.

Lawrence, Kansas, offers not only amazing scenery, stunning streets, and must-visit museums, but Lawrence also offers an amazing culinary experience. There are many wonderful restaurants in Lawrence, Kansas that offer great food, excellent service, and a splendid environment.

You’d experience a stunning dining space, enjoy delicious dishes and experience a memorable time. It gets even better without a list of the 15 best restaurants in Lawrence, KS.

These restaurants offer a full package of flavors that cut across American fares, Asian cuisines, Italian, Mexican cuisines, and more. Are you craving seafood, grilled dishes, hearty breakfast treats, or something delicious with a twist? You’d find them on our list. So check out our top 15 restaurants in Lawrence, KS, below:

Top 15 Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn’t Miss

#1. 715 Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

715 Restaurant is a stylish restaurant where that serves Tuscan cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients from Kansas farms. They provide guests with a delicious menu of grilled items, seafood, pasta, steak, soups, and salads. They also serve mouthwatering sandwiches, pizza, and homemade desserts.

Their pasta is house-made and includes items such as Tuna Spaghetti, Lasagna Bolognese, Penny Ragu, and lots more. They also offer delicious vegetarian plates as well as vegan options. Some popular dishes include Crab Ravioli, Cauliflower Soup Bowl, Ribeye, green salad, and Penne Ragu.

Their pizza is quite popular around the area and is good. Other items on their menu include breakfast treats, an extensive wine list, great tea and coffee selection, and beer and handcrafted cocktails. 715 restaurant has an upmarket look with a romantic atmosphere.

Their service options range from dine-in to outdoor seating, delivery, and takeaway. It’s great for all hangouts, especially fun outings and romantic date nights. The service here is amazing, as it’s customer service-based. You’d certainly find the restaurant satisfying, so visit 715 to satisfy your cravings.

Website: 715 Restaurant

Address: 715 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#2. Mass St. Fish House and Raw Bar

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

Another highly recommended restaurant in Lawrence, KS, is Mass St. Fish House and Raw bar. This restaurant is a stylish seafood restaurant that offers delicious and juicy seafood items such as oysters, Crab cakes, shrimps, scallops, Crab legs, and other specialty seafood.

Their menu includes a raw bar including snow crab, cocktail shrimp, lobster tail, low tide, and high tide. It would help if you tried their specialty oysters; they are fantastic. Their dishes are all fresh, including seafood specials and dinner entrees.

Mass St.House and Raw Bar an ideal spots for special meetings and fun nights, as the place is classy and has a fun vibe. You’d enjoy great drinks, from delicious handcrafted cocktails to craft beer, spirits, and a fine selection of wine.

Other meals include vegetarian options, late-night food, happy-hour drinks, and happy-hour food. Dining options cover only lunch and dinner, with weekend brunch and catering services. Dine-in and outdoor seating are available, and you can also go for takeaway or curbside pickup.

Website: Mass St. Fish House and Raw Bar

Address: 719 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#3. Merchants Pub and Plate

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

Another great restaurant where you can get the best breakfast in Lawrence, KS, you should try out is Merchant’s Pub and Plate. This restaurant features a gastropod offering elevated comfort food and a rotating selection of craft beers on tap and bottle in a comfy dining space.

The restaurant offers dine-in and outdoor seating with takeaway options. Their menu includes soups, veggie plates, burgers, and dinner entrees. Dishes such as cheeseburger sliders, crab cakes, shrimp and grits, short rib gnocchi, famous Brussels sprouts, and Rieger’s are the top dishes on the menu.

Other items are great, too, as the menu is worth exploring. Items such as cocktails, beer, coffee, spirits, vegan options, vegetarian plates, and food at the bar are also available. You can dine in to enjoy the comfy atmosphere or use the outdoor seating for a more refreshing dinner.

Website: Merchants Pub and Plate

Address: 746 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#4. The Basil Leaf Cafe

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

The Basil Leaf Café is the ideal restaurant for unique dining. The restaurant features a small trendy restaurant where they serve fresh and affordable Italian dishes made from scratch. They offer a menu covering pasta, sandwiches, salads, soups, and an extensive wine list.

You’d experience traditional Italian culinary traditions through the authentic Italian plates in The Basil Leaf Cafe. You’d enjoy favorites such as Tortellini cordon bleu, Bruschetta, Traditional cajun penne, lemon chicken tenders, and Caesarea salads.

Dining options range from lunch to dinner and desserts. They also offer catering options. You can dine in or go for a takeaway. The service here is great, and all crowds are accepted. Dinner reservations are highly recommended.

Website: The Basil Leaf Cafe

Address: 801 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

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#5. The Mad Greek

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

If you are craving some Greek specialties, then The Mad Greet is the restaurant you are looking for. The Mad Greek is a family-owned and operated restaurant that offers homecooked Greek plates inspired by their original family recipes. They also serve amazing Italian cuisine.

Their menu features soups, salads, grilled items, Greek plates, vegetarian plates, Italian plates, Appetizers, Mediterranean burgers, and other Italian and Greek specialties. Their menu is extensive, so there is much to pick from, even for a picky eater.

The service here is impressive, and their service option is flexible. If you are into veggies, then this restaurant is perfect for you! Drinks such as beer, coffee, cocktails, and wine are also served here.

The restaurant is best for romantic dates and casual hangouts. It’s great for group dining as well as solo dining. Reservations are accepted and highly advised, particularly for dinner. You ought to check them out as one of the best restaurants in Lawrence, KS.

Address: 907 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#6. J.Wilson’s Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

J.Wilson’s restaurant is a great New American restaurant that offers local cuisines in casual dining. They offer an elevated menu that ranges from steaks to seafood, salads, and sandwiches, plus wine beige, cocktails, and beer.

Their dining options include breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and catering services. They also serve local specialties’ including items like filet mignon 8oz., fried chicken thigh sandwich, blue crab benny, bourbon chicken, and lots more.

J.Wilson’s restaurant is known for serving dishes prepared from scratch and with local farm produce. They offer classy dine-in seating and relaxing outdoor seating.

The place is quite comfy and has an upmarket look, making it ideal for romantic dates and special meetings. Special diet needs such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are considered, including the kid’s menu.

Address: 4821 W 6th St suite a, Lawrence, KS 66049, United States

#7. Jefferson’s Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

Here’s another great American restaurant you should visit- Jefferson’s restaurant. This is an easy-going American restaurant specializing in chicken wings, burgers, and juicy seafood. They serve specialty wings that are quite popular in the neighborhood.

Salads and soups are also served here, as are homemade desserts. You’d also love their mouthwatering sandwiches and seafood, such as their specialty oysters, shrimp baskets, fish tacos, and buffalo shrimp baskets. The service option includes outdoor seating, dine-in, and takeaway with no contact delivery.

The service here is fast, and the environment is friendly. It’s also a good spot for watching sports, so you can come by in the evening and have a good drink while enjoying your favorite game. Other offerings, such as cocktails, late-night food, coffee, beer, spirits, and wine, are also available.

#8. Ramen Bowls

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

If you are craving delicious ramen bowls, you must visit Ramen Bowls, where they offer a variety of ramen bowls prepared with authentic ingredients. Their menu features a modern Japanese-inspired plate, plus dumplings and sake.

When it comes to Ramen, you won’t find a restaurant in Lawrence, KS, serving better ramen plates. You’d be offered a variety of ramen plates like Tonkotsu shoyu ramen, seafood ramen, chicken pad thai Ramen, ghost ramen, loaded Kimchi ramen, and lots more.

You’d even find a delicious veggie ramen bowl. They also serve rice plates and are quite creative with their selections. Ramen Bowls is an amazing place to be, and you’ll experience a taste of Asian cuisine. The place is stylish and classy and has gained the critics’ attention. You should come by, even if you are not into Asian cuisine.

Address: 918 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

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#9. The Burger Stand at the Casbah

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

The Burger Stand is a relaxed spot offering American fares, including gourmet burgers and hot dogs. The restaurant features a funky-styled restaurant located in a historic building. There’s a full a where they serve beer, cocktails, wines, and spirits.

Their menu covers veggie burgers, hot dogs, fries, and other specialty cuisines. This restaurant is amazing, as the environment is great, the service is impressive, and the food is delicious and unique. You can come by for dinner and lunch using dine-in seating, outdoor seating, or takeaway options.

The restaurant is a great place for watching sports and casual hangouts. Other services include vegetarian options, happy-hour food, drinks, and a kids’ menu.

Address: 803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#10. El Potro Mexican Café Lawrence

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

If you are looking for a nice restaurant where you can satisfy for craving for local Mexican food, then El Potro Mexican Café Lawrence is where you need to be. This restaurant is known for serving Mexican favorites and big Margaritas in casual, laid-back surroundings.

They offer burritos, salads, nachos, seafood, quesadillas, steak, and many traditional Mexican entrees. They also serve homemade dressings and desserts and have a drink selection that covers hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more.

You’d love El Potro Mexican Café, as they serve many vegetarian options if you are a vegetarian. Kids are also welcome, as they have a special kid’s menu. Other offerings, such as late-night food, happy hour food, and alcohol, are available here.

The restaurant has a friendly vibe, and the staffs are amazing at their job. Their dining services cover dine-in, outdoor seating, delivery, takeaway, and curbside pickup. Reservations are accepted and recommended for dinner.

Address: 3333 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046, United States

#11. The Roost

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

The Roost is perfect for a hearty breakfast or tasty lunch. This brunch restaurant offers American fares for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. They serve contemporary breakfast and lunch items such as pancakes, Bennys, breakfast sandwiches, egg plates, smoked plates, pastries, omelets, and a wide A la carte menu.

Bakery treats such as cakes and pies are also available. Their coffee list is quite long, and their selections are impressive. Bar items include a lot of creative cocktails and wine.

They do not only offer good food, but they also offer guests a warm, clean, and friendly environment where you can feel at home while enjoying a nice breakfast or lunch treat.

You’d enjoy favorites like their specialty French toast, chocolate mint latte, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon Benny, biscuits, and espresso. You can dine in or use the outdoor seating. If. If not, takeaway and curbside pickup are available.

Website: The Roost

Address: 920 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#12. Encore Asian Bistro

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

Another good restaurant in Lawrence, KS, is Encore Asian Bistro. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere where it serves Asian fusion meals, including craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

Amazing dishes such as sesame chicken, crab Rangoon, fried calamari, chicken teriyaki, Vietnamese fresh spring roll, pad Thai noodles, and lots of other delicious Asian cuisine are served in Encore Asian Bistro. Bento boxes, tofu, vegetarian plates, rice plates, and noodles are also available.

The place is quite busy, but the service is fast, and the noise is moderate. They offer dine-in and takeaway, so you can choose to use the indoor seating or order a takeaway.

Special diet needs, such as vegan and vegetarian options, are available. Whether or not you are a lover of Asian cuisine, you must visit Encore Asian Bistro, as their food is amazing.

Address: 1007 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

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#13. Culinaria

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

Do you desire a more spiced-up dining experience, then Culinaria is the answer. Culinaria is amongst the highest-rated restaurants in Lawrence, KS, and they are worth the praise. The environment alone is a plus. Then their food selection is mouthwatering.

They offer only quality food made from scratch. Guests are presented with a Mediterranean-inspired menu featuring Salim, mezze, hummus, and drinks such as rum, wine, vodka, tequila, whiskey, and cocktails.

You’d find delicious plates such as mezze platter, chicken shawarma, fried chicken, and lots more. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Culinaria is quite classy, with an upmarket dine-in and beautiful outdoor seating. Other services include waiter service, happy-hour food, an on-site bar, and reservation plans.

Address: 512 E 9th St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

#14. First watch

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

The first watch is the perfect location when craving a home-cooked meal. The restaurant offers health-minded breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, including omelets, salads, and soup.

Their menu features traditional and innovative dishes that are freshly prepared to order. Dishes such as salads, pancakes, omelets, avocado toast, Floridian French toast, Belgian waffles, etc., make a delicious breakfast.

You’d find many delicious options and some diet-based dishes rich in vitamins, protein, and other essential nutrients. You can dine in or order takeaway; whichever way, you must experience delicious healthy food at first watch.

Address: 2540 Iowa St Suite D, Lawrence, KS 66046, United States

#15. India palace

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Lawrence KS (Kansas) You shouldn't Miss

If you are craving quality Indian food, India palace got you covered. They offer a casual eatery featuring Indian classics plus a lunch buffet. They offer healthy options, comfort food, halal food, and quick bites. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

They serve vegetable plates, hot soups, rice plates, tandoori specialties, beef specialties, seafood, chicken plates, lamb specialties, fresh baked Indian bread, and drinks like soda, milk, fresh coffee, black tea, etc.

The service here is fast and accommodates all times of eaters. So even if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, the extensive menu accommodates everyone.

Website: India palace

Address: 129 E 10th St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

Experience memorable dining in Lawrence Kansas Restaurants

Everyone looks forward to finding the best dining destination, and with a place like Lawrence, KS, you are sure to find the perfect restaurant.

We’ve covered the 15 best restaurants in Lawrence, KS, to make your search easier. These restaurants range from Gastropub to seafood spots, BBQ spots, breakfast restaurants, steak houses, and lots more. You are sure the find the best restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

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