Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

restaurants in Bangor Maine

Your stay in Bangor, Maine, wouldn’t be complete if you hadn’t experienced the amazing culinary service the restaurants in Bangor, Maine, have to offer. If you’ve stayed in Bangor, Maine, you’d agree that the city offers a full flavor package centered on variety and quality.

Whether you are looking for contemporary American or continental cuisine, restaurants in Bangor, Maine, have it all, and even better! Checking out all restaurants in Bangor, Maine, will take years because the list would be long. But you do not have to worry.

Your Trusted dining guide got you covered! We offer you the very best 15 amongst the numerous restaurants in Bangor, Maine. These 15 restaurants do not just offer great food and drinks but everything you desire in your restaurant; a great environment, excellent service, and more.

So whether you are looking for a perfect date night location, planning a family hangout, self-treat, or a business meeting, our list covers them all. Learn more about the 15 best restaurants in Bangor, Maine, below.

What are the best restaurants in Bangor Maine

#1. Timber Kitchen and Bar

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Timber Kitchen and Bar is a stylish restaurant featuring wood-fired New American entrees, pizza, burgers, craft beers, and cocktails. The restaurant offers tasty and juicy burgers, salads, prime ribs, seafood, and lots more. They are best at offering quality service with a variety of flavors.

The popular dishes in Timber Kitchen and Bar include Timber Burger, calamari, eggs benedict, parmesan fries, Scottish salmon salad, and prime rib.

Their breakfast treats are also amazing, so you can come by when you desire a heart home-cooked breakfast. Dinner entrees are even better.

You can come by for a date, casual hangout, or with friends. Other offerings include food at the bar, coffee, late-night food, vegetarian plates, and alcohol. You’d enjoy your time at Timber Kitchen and bar, as the place is lively and the people are friendly.

Address: 22 Bass Park Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#2. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Olive Garden Italian restaurant is a lively, family-friendly eatery that serves Italian standards in Bangor, Maine, including pasta, salads, seafood, and soups. Olive Garden offers a variety of Italian flavors, cutting across meats and veggies.

You’d only experience the best Italian culinary treats in Olive garden, as they prepare authentic dishes in the traditional Italian style and with locally sourced farm produce.

Expect Italian-class entrees such as chicken parmigiana, lasagna classic, spaghetti & meatballs, grilled chicken Margherita, chicken scampi, and lots more. There’s a long list, so there is something for everyone.

Because it’s one of the best places to eat in Bangor, Maine, it’s hard for you to decide what food to eat. Guess what? You can pick one of these favorites: chicken parmigiana, chicken Alfredo, scampi, a tour of Italy, gnocchi, pasta your way, or creamy homemade fettuccine alfredo.

Olive Garden encourages and accommodates group dining and is great for family dinners. Service options include dine-in, takeaway, and curbside pickup with no contact delivery.

Address: 741 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#3. Longhorn Steakhouse

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

If you want a good restaurant to enjoy mouth-watering steaks, do not hesitate to visit LongHorn Steakhouse. As one of the best steak houses in Bangor, Maine, there is a lot to offer.

The restaurant offers grilled and served specials such as bone-in Outlaw ribeye or tender center-cut Flo’s filet. For steak, you need to try out their parmesan-crusted chicken, hand-cut longhorn salmon, or their slow-cooked baby back ribs. Lunch treats are even better.

You can go for an even bigger, tastier lunch, such as the half-pound steakhouse cheeseburger or maverick ribeye sandwiches with 6 juicy ounces of ribeye steak.

In addition to the great Longhorn’s amazing food selection, their drink selection is splendid. You’d get to enjoy a good drink while watching your favorite games.

Address: 605 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#4. Las Palapas Mexican Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

If you are looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Bangor, ME, then you’ve got to visit Las Palmas Mexican restaurant. This restaurant is recommended for a casual dining experience, plus authentic Mexican cuisines prepared the traditional Mexican way.

They use only the finest and freshest ingredients in preparing their food, and their food is always served fresh daily. With their extensive Mexican menu, you can find about anything to satisfy your cravings.

You’d find a fine selection of salads, margaritas, soups, and Mexican entrees. Small plates, quick bites, late-night food, and vegetarian and vegan plates are all available. Alcohol is also available.

The dining option only covers lunch and dinner; Las Palpas Mexican restaurant is great for lunch and dinner but not breakfast. Other provisions include waiter service, the bar on site, and reservations.

Address: 8 Bangor Mall Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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#5. Evenrood’s Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Evenrood’s restaurant is a stylish American restaurant offering New American cuisines, including steak, seafood, wines, and cocktail, in an up-marketing dining space. Their dining option only covers brunch, lunch, and dinner, with dessert and catering service.

Dine-in and outdoor seating are available, but you can choose to go for takeaway. The restaurant offers one of the best seafood plates in town and tasty steaks. Their dinner entrees are quite creative and delicious. You might want to try some of their entrees, including Evenrood’s risotto, chicken parmesan, and 14Oz.

Ribeye, shrimp scampi, and lobster Alfredo. When it comes to wine, Evenrood offers varieties, from red wine to sparkling and Rose wine. They also have an amazing cocktail selection, covering a lot of creative craft cocktails.

Beer is also available in both domestic and international brews. Other offerings include vegetarian plates, healthy options, coffee, happy-hour food, and drinks.

Evenrood’s restaurant has a combination of casual and romantic, which makes it flexible for all occasions. So you can come for a casual hangout as a group and even a date night.

Address: 25 Broad St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#6. 11 Central

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

If you’ve not visited 11 Central, add it to your list of one of the most charming restaurants in Bangor, Maine. 11 Central features an upmarket eatery serving elevated American fares and craft cocktails. This restaurant has a classy look with its exposed-brick walls and well-lit dining seating.

They are best at preserving local American culinary traditions, as they offer authentic American fares. They serve pizza, steaks, salads, seafood, and meat plates. For more local cuisine, try the items you find in Beginnings.

Items include steamed mussels, lamp lollipops, lamb belly, and bruschetta. Wine and beer are available at the bar. And other offerings such as coffee, vegetarian plates, and healthy options are also available.

Reservations are accepted, and I advise you make dinner reservations. You are assured of satisfying dining in 11 central; plan a visit soon.

Address: 11 Central St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#7. Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Another great Mexican restaurant in Bangor, Maine, you shouldn’t miss is Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant. This restaurant features a casual cantina serving locally sourced Mexican dishes alongside a wide selection of tequilas.

Here at Miguel’s Mexican restaurant, you’d find only fresh food, no processed food. Their food is made with ingredients from local Bangor farmers and nearby towns. They do not only serve authentic dishes, but they are also considerate of diet needs, so if you are vegan, vegetarian, or have other special needs, you’d be fed well.

If you do not want to go for a traditional Mexican dish, you can also enjoy items from their paleo-friendly sub-menu, such as grilled fish tacos with leaf shells.

Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant is perfect for you if you are a good fan of Tequila, as they offer the state’s second largest Tequila and mezcal selection. You can come by with family or friends to enjoy great food and drinks at Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant.

Address: 697 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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#8. The Tarratine

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

The Tarratine has an impressive rating of 4.8, and when I tried the restaurant, it was fantastic. If you are looking forward to dining in a beautiful location for fine dining, then Tarratine is the spot.

The restaurant features an elegant dining space where they serve elevated dishes such as charcuterie board, scallop Crudo, duck breast, ravioli, lamb pops, calamari, espresso rubbed filet mignon and lots more. Their chefs are professionals and show off their impressive skills with each creatively presented entrée.

You can start your dinner with a delicious appetizer and move on to a salad, soup, or main entrée. You will also enjoy their signature cocktail, and they are the main deal. Fine dining is not complete without a glass of exotic wine.

Tarratine serves wine by the glass and by the bottle, including reds, sparkling, and port wines. Beer is also available. Other offerings include vegetarian plates, vegan options, comfort food, coffee, and happy-hour drinks.

Address: 81 Park St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#9. Texas Roadhouse

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

For your amazing Tex-Mex combo, Texas Roadhouse is the main deal. Texas Roadhouse features a lively steakhouse offering American fares with a southern twist in a Texas-themed décor. They boast of the tastiest meats in Bangor, Maine, such as their hand-cut steaks and fall-off-the-bone ribs.

You’ll also find delicious made-from-scratch sides and fresh-baked bread. They offer unique dishes, as almost all they serve is handcrafted. One delightful thing about this restaurant is the large portions they serve for a moderate price.

Great food is not the only thing Texas Roadhouse boasts of. They also boast the finest selection of drinks, including beer and cocktails. The place is always lively, with fun activities and entertainment.

Address: 504 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#10. Kobe Ninja House Japanese Grill

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

If you are looking for good places to eat Japanese food, then you are lucky, as Kobe Ninja House Japanese Grill offers one of the best Japanese dishes in Bangor. They are known to serve the best Hibachi meals, sushi, and cocktails.

They offer an extensive menu featuring over 100 delectable dishes, including salad, soup, sushi bar appetizers, sushi bar entrees, sushi & sashimi, maki roll, teriyaki dinner, bento box, veggies plates, itame, noodle plates, pad thai, rice dish, special roll and lots more.

Trust me, the menu accommodates all types of eaters. Even a picky eater will easily find something delicious to savor. They offer dine-in so you can enjoy your meal in an elegant up-market dining space.

Takeaway and delivery are also available, so even if you can’t dine in, you’d get to enjoy the delicious dishes served at Kobe Ninja House Japanese Grill.

Other offerings include late-night food, vegan options, vegetarian plates, a kid’s menu, alcohol, coffee, late-night food, and happy hour food. Reservations are highly accepted and a dinner reservation is advised.

Address: 829 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#11. Utopia

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Utopia features an upscale restaurant that offers a made-from-scratch menu, serving fresh food s such as spanikopita, baklava, chicken wings, chicken souvlaki, moussaka, and mezze plate. The restaurant offers authentic dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients and farm produce.

The place is popular for lunch and dinner, offering beer, coffee, organic dishes, vegetarian options, vegan plates, halal food, cocktails, comfort food, and lots more. The service here is great, and the environment is friendly. You’d certainly enjoy your visit here.

Address: 96 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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#12. Ground Round Grill and Bar

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Ground Round Grill and bar is a family-friendly eatery that offers a broad menu of regular grill items and cocktails in relaxed seating. Their service is fast, and their dishes are prepared home-style.

You’d find dishes such as bbq plates, all-you-can-eat ribs, fajitas, steak, sandwiches, burgers, burritos, veggies, soups, and classic sides. Beverages such as handmade shakes, lemonades, and coke products are available.

They also serve coffee, beer, wine, and spirits. They offer waiter service and welcome reservations. The service option covers dine-in, outdoor seating, delivery, and takeaway.

Address:  248 Odlin Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#13. Novio’s Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Novio’s restaurant is one of Bangor, Maine’s finest restaurants, where they serve seasonal meats, seafood, salads, and dinner entrees. This eatery is one of the best restaurants in Bangor, Maine, as they offer excellent service, from amazing food to a great drink selection and a wonderful environment.

Novio’s restaurants have a high rating of 4.7, which is truly worth the praise. You’d find delicious items such as scallops, lobsters, pork belly, lamb chops, and rabbit crepe, amongst others. The restaurant is great for vegetarians as they serve a lot of vegetarian plates. Healthy options are also available.

The restaurant is an upmarket restaurant with stylishly designed dining seating and a sophisticated ambiance. The atmosphere here is romantic and cozy and, as such, is perfect for special dinners such as at night.

Novio’s restaurant offers cocktails, wine, spirits, beer, coffee, waiter service, and a bar. They offer dine-in, with no delivery or takeaway options. However, reservations are accepted.

Address: 130 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#14. Blaze Bangor

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

Another great grill restaurant you should visit is Blaze Bangor. They are best at serving wood-fired pizza, burgers, and craft beer served in stylish American dining spaces with a classy décor. The place is stylishly designed that gives a trendy look.

They serve popular items like duck fat fries, pork belly lollipops, the cure burger, bbq chicken pizza, fried Brussels sprouts, and lots more. They offer dine-in, outdoor seating, takeaway, and curbside pickup.

Offerings such as comfort food, food at the bar, late-night food, small plates, quick bites, vegetarian options, coffee, and alcohol are all available.

The place is casual and, as such, is great for casual hangouts. It’s also an upmarket restaurant, which makes it great for date nights and other special meetings.

Address: 18 Broad St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

#15. The fiddlehead Restaurant

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Bangor Maine

If you are looking for a restaurant with impressive surroundings, I’d recommend The Fiddlehead. The restaurant features an elegant spot where they serve high-end American cuisines with globally-inspired items, wine, and craft cocktails.

Their service options include dine-in and takeaway while offering coffee, healthy options, comfort food, small plates, and vegetarian options.

Some favorite items you might want to try include cornbread, halibut, lamb, ravioli, ribs, or chicken waffles. Their cocktail selection is wide and amazing, as they craft cocktails made with fresh-squeezed fruits, made to order.

You’d get a long list of cocktails, covering regular and conventional cocktails. Their collection of wine follows the concept of introducing different labels from different regions while specializing in organic, biodynamic, and sustainable practices.

They bring a twist to comfort-styled dishes while introducing a wide range of culinary experiences. When it comes to diet restrictions, they are highly considerate. So if you have any, you do not have to be worried in The Fiddlehead restaurant.

Address: 84 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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