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15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Do you want to dine at one of the best restaurants in Garden City, KS? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re traveling with your family or just want a nice place to grab lunch with colleagues, these 15 restaurants will fulfill your every need and desire, no matter your preferences or taste buds!

The Garden City notes how significant your culinary selections are, whether visiting or local. You’ll want to eat like a local after a long day of exploration. They have flavors that suit every palette because we are a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines.

You can indulge in childhood favorites or try something a little different if you’re feeling adventurous while you’re here. Although Kansas is home to many excellent restaurants, we have selected our best 15 restaurants in Garden City.

The next time you eat out, whether you’re a local or planning a trip, make sure to stop by one of these eateries.

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

#1. Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

You’re in luck if you like Italian food. One of Garden City’s top Italian eateries is Napoli’s Italian Restaurant. This location, which serves both locals and visitors, is located at the Garden City Regional Airport.

Napoli’s is the city’s best place for genuine Italian food, whether you’re detained at the airport or want a fresh perspective on Garden City. One of the favorites, the calzone, is usually tasty and loaded to the brim. Homemade pasta and pizza are also excellent options.

Visit Napoli’s Italian Restaurant in Garden City, Kansas, at 2225 S Air Service Drive Ste 10, for a fascinating view of the jets and delectable Italian fare.

Website: Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

Address: 2204 E Kansas Ave #5, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#2. Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

One of Garden City’s greatest restaurants, Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, offers a genuine spin on classic Mexican cuisine.

This is one of Kansas’s hidden treasures, and it’s in a coffee shop’s basement. Start with their delicious salsa and queso dip as an appetizer. Chimichangas and mole enchiladas are two popular dishes among the many well-known options.

Las Margaritas offers mouthwatering, authentic tacos that any fan of Mexican cuisine would adore if you want a straightforward taco dish. Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their unique margaritas.

Las Margaritas is welcoming to all fans of Mexican cuisine and offers vegetarian options as well. Las Margaritas, located at 301 N Main Street in Garden City, Kansas, offers high-quality Mexican food in a lively, welcoming environment. 

The restaurant features takeouts, parking, reservation, seating, a full bar, table service, and gift cards. Add this to Garden city restaurants open.

Address: 1601 Buffalo Jones Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

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#3. Pho Hoa One Vietnamese Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Pho Hoa One Vietnamese Restaurant doesn’t let down fans of Vietnamese cuisine. One of the top Asian restaurants in Kansas offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for their delicious culinary selections.

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This restaurant is a favorite among residents of Garden City since it offers a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese alternatives. The eatery features table service, seating, accessible wheelchair, and takeouts.

The many varieties of pho, the fresh pork chops with rice, or the chicken with crispy noodles are worth trying. As an appetizer, don’t forget to sample the spring rolls.

Address: 713 E Fulton St, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#4. Applebee’s grill

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Applebee is one of the fast food restaurants in Gardens City, KS; it’s a renowned American restaurant known worldwide for serving delectable food at reasonable prices. At Applebee’s, there is something for everyone, which is the point.

It’s your favorite eatery and where you go for a quick bite after work. Whether it’s your first or forty-first date, it’s an amazing place to go.

You take the small league team there for lunch and to watch baseball there. Thanks to a menu that changes frequently, you’re sure to discover your new favorite dish right in your neighborhood.

Address: 3030 E Kansas Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#5. Baron steakhouse

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Baron steakhouse is one of the best places to eat in Garden City, KS, offering exquisite meals and a relaxed atmosphere. Live music, excellent steaks, and artisan drinks are all offered at Baron’s, which also has a restaurant, lounge, and lovely patio.

You’ll understand after just one visit why Baron’s is among Tripadvisor’s top-rated restaurants in Garden City. Their excellent selections include grilled swordfish, appetizers like bbq bacon-wrapped shrimp, and fried pickles, and their menu is constantly changing.

Everyone can find something to like at Baron’s, making it worthwhile to return time and time.

Website: Baron steakhouse

Address: 1911 E Kansas Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

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#6. Cabana Mexican Grill

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

There are many Mexican restaurants in Garden City, KS, so what makes La Cabana stand out? How about their dedication to serving up ample portions of real flavor?

How about the amazing dishes they provide, ranging from mouthwatering handmade posters to Tacos Al Pastor? All are top-notch.

There is no way to go wrong with La Cabana. In Garden City, they have a top-notch commitment to customer service, and the meat is consistently delicious and fresh. You should check it out.

Address: 110 W Kansas Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#7. Plank’s BBQ Restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Plank’s is your finest option in Garden City for delectable barbeque fare. Plank’s tangy ribs and brisket are customer favorites due to their big portions and delicious ingredients.

Because of the friendly and efficient service, families will also find this to be a terrific location. Check out the onion rings, pulled pork, hot links, and bone-in ribs.

Address: 912 E Fulton St, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

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#8. Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House, another treasure on Main Street, is one of the best places to get coffee, tea, pastries, and breakfast. This neighborhood gathering is located upstairs from the Mexican restaurant Las Margaritas.

Although Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, its extensive coffee menu and breakfast alternatives are its two most popular offerings.

The pastries and breakfast quiche will not disappoint you, and the coffee is among the best in Garden City. Their special features include takeouts, accessible wheelchairs, and gift cards. Stop by Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House for a brief morning visit while strolling downtown.

Website: Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House

Address: 301 N Main St #5463, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

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#9. Flat Mountain Brewhouse

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Flat Mountain Brewhouse has you covered for the best beers and burgers. Bringing a bunch of friends or making new ones here is a terrific idea. The place to go if you want to eat like a local is here.

For the complete Flat Mountain Brewhouse experience, order a great, premium cheeseburger and a beer flight.

The salads are also wonderful if you want to try something healthier, especially when combined with a pork chop or seafood meal. Try the fried pickles and hummus for an appetizer.

Website: Flat Mountain Brewhouse

Address: 207 N Main St, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#10. Dragon Express

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

One of Garden City’s most well-liked Chinese eateries is Dragon Express. With Dragon Express, you choose wisely whether you want to eat in or carry out.

Dragon Express is well-known among Garden City residents for its tasty and ample quantities, friendly service, DELICIOUS egg rolls, and affordable prices.

This is the sort of restaurant whose menu you want on your refrigerator. Add this to your list of best breakfasts in Garden City, Kansas.

Address: 1118 N Taylor Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#11. Traditions Soda and Sandwich Shop

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Take a stroll through Garden City’s historic downtown and stop by Traditions Soda and Sandwich Shop if you’re looking for things to do.

Lunch at this café with a 50s vibe is ideal after a day of touring. Traditions Soda and Sandwich Shop, a 2017 recipient of a Certificate of Excellence, offers something for every sandwich enthusiast.

With its food offerings and recreated 1950s atmosphere, this retro restaurant transports you back in time. You should try a Reuben, hamburger, or corned beef sandwich.

For dessert, the birthday cake milkshake is one of many people’s favorites, and the chocolate malt won’t let you down.

The fondness for traditions The wonderful cuisine at Soda and Sandwich Shop attracts observers’ attention and keeps them there.

Address: 121 Grant Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#12. Napoli’s Italian restaurant

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Tony, an Italian, founded Napoli’s intending to bring Garden City the true taste of Italy. Pizza, pasta, and other traditional Italian dishes are on the menu, and the service is consistently prompt, cordial, and effective.

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Because of the enormous amounts, Napoli’s is the kind of restaurant where you won’t feel hungry after eating. This is the spot for you if you’re feeling down.

Website: Napoli’s Italian restaurant

Address: 2204 E Kansas Ave #5, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#13. Casa Mariachi

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

You’ll be impressed by Casa Mariachi even before you enter. The building has a lovely adobe appearance, but the real atmosphere goes much further.

You’ll believe you’ve traveled south of the border when you open the extensive menu, which offers everything from tacos to empanadas to fajitas and everything in between.

Don’t worry if all you know about tequila is Spanish; plenty of margaritas are on the menu to tempt you to return. Try the peach, we say.

Address: 125 W Pine St, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#14. Domino pizza

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Where are my pizza lovers? This restaurant is made for you! for the high-caliber delivery and takeout you’ve come to expect from one of the most well-known companies in the world, Domino’s has you covered.

Pizza is undoubtedly the mainstay, but they also provide a wide selection of mouthwatering pasta, chicken, sandwiches, and desserts.

There is space to wait for takeout at the Garden City Domino’s and a seating area for those who want to eat. See why this pizza is renowned worldwide.

Address: 2312 E Kansas Ave C, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

#15. Jade buffet

15 Best Restaurants in Garden City KS (Kansas)

Do you detest choosing only one item off the menu when dining out? It’s Common, you enter a restaurant, and staff brings you the menu to place your order.

Do you want something different? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little bit of everything? If you visit Jade Buffet, you’re in luck!

Jade Buffet offers three plates of food, whether you want Chinese or American cuisine, rice noodles, or french fries. It is simple to understand why this is one of Garden City’s most well-liked lunch venues after visiting.

Address: 1505 E Kansas Ave, Garden City, KS 67846, United States

Enjoy Your Meal in Garden City Kansas Restaurants

You can satisfy your hunger for ribs, a calzone, pho, tacos, hamburgers, Reubens, or a hot cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants in Garden City, Kansas.

Do well to put any of these restaurants on your bucket list while preparing to travel to the city. You can also bring your families or loved ones to the city because aside from its amazing dining experience, there are many other fun things to do.

But since our main focus in this article is the best restaurants in Garden City Ks to dine in, you can decide to bring yourself, your family, or a loved one in here for a memorable dining experience.

Stay blessed.

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