Krystal’s Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices

Krystal's Breakfast Hours

Krystal is a fast-food chain established in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932. The restaurant is best known for its signature “Slyders,” which are small square hamburgers.

Over the years, the menu has expanded to include a variety of items, including breakfast items, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, french fries, milkshakes, and more.

The dining experience at Krystal is built around a simple and quick menu served in a casual, quick-service setting. The menu is made for people who want to eat quickly and easily, and the restaurants are usually open until late at night.

Krystal is also known for its unique approach to fast food, offering classic southern recipes, such as its famous chili, that are made with fresh ingredients.

The chain also cares a lot about sustainability. It uses recyclable materials and tries to cut its carbon footprint as much as possible.

Krystal’s Breakfast Menu and Prices

Krystal's Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices

Here is a list of the best breakfast items offered by Krystal’s, including their prices:

  • Sausage Biscuit – $1 or more
  •  Egg – $3 or more
  •  Gravy Biscuit – $2 or more
  •  Steak Biscuit – $3 or more
  •  Chik Nuggets – $2 or more
  •  Country Ham Biscuit – $3 or more 
  •  Bacon Biscuit – $1.50 or more
  •  Cheese Biscuit – $1 or more
  •  Cheese Krystal – $5 or more
  •  Gravy Krystall – $2.50 or more
  •  Ham and Egg Biscuit – $3 or more

Note: Menu items may vary by location, so it is best to check with your local Krystal’s for availability, and also, the prices attached to the items are based on estimation, which means the actual prices for the items may either be lower or higher in value than what is shown here.

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Krystal’s Breakfast Hours

Krystal's Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices

Krystal’s Breakfast Hours

Krystal’s Breakfast Hours are typically from 6: 00 AM -10:30 AM, Monday through Friday and on weekends. During this time, guests can enjoy a range of breakfast items such as biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, and platters.

Some locations may also offer breakfast burritos and breakfast bites. It’s important to note that hours vary by location, so check with your local Krystal restaurant for specific breakfast hours.

Whether grabbing a quick bite on a weekday or indulging in brunch on the weekend, Krystal has something for everyone during breakfast hours.

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Does Krystal Have a Breakfast Menu that Accommodates Dietary Restrictions?

Krystal does offer some options for guests with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. However, the specific menu items and availability may vary by location.

It’s best to check with your local Krystal restaurant for more information on their specific options and to see if they have any dedicated gluten-free or vegetarian breakfast options.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to inform the server of your dietary restrictions when ordering to ensure that your meal is prepared to your specifications.

Does Krystal’s Have Any Breakfast Specials or Deals?

From time to time, Krystal may have different breakfast specials and deals, which may or may not be available in your area.

To stay up-to-date on the latest breakfast specials and deals, it’s best to check with your local Krystal restaurant or visit their website.

They may also offer coupons or discounts through their email or text message marketing program. It’s also good to follow their social media accounts for information on new menu items and special offers.

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Enjoy Your breakfast at Krystal

Krystal's Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices

In conclusion, Krystal is a popular fast-food restaurant known for its delicious breakfast menu. Whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast sandwich, a hearty breakfast platter, or something a little more unique, Krystal has something to offer.

With convenient breakfast hours and options for guests with dietary restrictions, Krystal is a great choice for a delicious and affordable breakfast on the go.

So, why don’t you go to the Krystal restaurant near you today and try their famous breakfast menu?

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