12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

Strange Road Signs and Regulations

One of the most interesting parts of exploring a new country is seeing the signs and regulations they use to maintain order. When it comes to the road, there is bound to be a whole new library of visuals and rules to learn before you can drive confidently.

But road signs aren’t always confusing or challenging. Often, they can be so strange and unusual they doubly serve as on-road entertainment.

If you’re interested in the weirdest and wackiest road spectacles from around the world, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 6 of the strangest signs and 6 of the strangest road regulations you might see next time you take an exciting trip abroad.

Top 6 Strangest Road Signs

Road signs are important for communicating rules and warnings on the motorway. But when you’re not a local, some signs can raise more questions than provide answers. These are some of the funniest brain-ticklers around.

#1. Beware of the invisible cows – Hawaii 

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

This one looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. But in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, there’s a practical reason behind this sign on the road.

The area is known for its high livestock population (particularly cows), whose dark hides can easily blend into the background at night, rendering them “invisible.”

The sign urges drivers to be extremely careful and slow while crossing this road to prevent cow-related accidents.

#2. I am curvaceous – India

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

You’d be forgiven for blushing a little when passing by this unusual sign when traveling around India. But this seemingly mischievous sign is there to warn drivers of the extreme bends and curves on the mountainous road, which can be dangerous if drivers are not paying attention.

#3. Always check for penguins – South Africa

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

Penguins are the last thing to look for under your car. But it’s a necessary practice when you’re in certain parts of South Africa.

Around the southernmost coastal regions, South African jackass penguins roam freely and like to hide in dark, cozy places. If you park your car near a beach, a penguin could easily hide underneath it.

Municipalities warn people to check under their cars before driving away to avoid harming the penguins that live there. They also have signs set up for penguin crossings to warn motorists of jaywalkers with feathers.

#4. Deaf cat – Netherlands

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

A small town in the Netherlands has ensured its favorite disabled cat resident is kept safe from unruly drivers. The beloved deaf feline is a part of the local community, which decided to erect a precautionary sign in its honor. Make sure to drive slowly, quietly, and carefully around this sign.

#5. Salem witch parking – Massachusetts, US

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

Salem, Massachusetts, is the historic site upon which the Salem witch trials were held in the late 1600s. To this day, many reminders of the past remain.

One is a parking lot sign showing a witch flying on a broomstick. The world’s only witches-only parking zone!

#6. Swashbuckling ahead – UK

12 Strange Road Signs and Regulations from Around the World

This sign features two old-timey swords clashing against each other. As much as you might think pirates are ahead, this sign is meant to communicate that a famous battlefield is ahead.

England is well known for its preservation of historical landmarks and artifacts. So, even though this sign looks like a threat of impending danger, it is there to guide tourists in the right direction. 

Top 6 Strangest Road Regulations

With so many unique countries worldwide, it’s no wonder these strange road regulations have received attention. From whale shooting to private breathalyzers, these odd road rules will have you scratching your head with confusion.

#1. No spitting from a moving car unless it’s a truck – Georgia, US

With its 50 independent states, America is home to some of the strangest road rules in the world. In Georgia, drivers are not allowed to spit out of their car windows. Unless the car they’re driving is a truck.

#2. Dirty cars get fined – Moscow

Russians are famous for keeping their cars perfectly clean, but there’s a good reason for this. If your car is filthy, a police officer is well within their rights to fine you for not meeting their cleanliness standards. You should keep that rental car washed and polished!

#3. No in-car eating or drinking – Cyprus

Many people like to snack on food or drink while driving. But in Cyprus and Greece, you don’t have the option. Anyone caught consuming food or drink while driving could get a hefty fine for breaking the local law.

#4. No shooting an animal from your car unless it’s a whale – California, US

Without self-defense, you’d think shooting any animal from your car would be a criminal offense. However, if you’re in California, it’s legal to do so.

Unless the animal you’re shooting happens to be a freaking whale. It seems like an unlikely scenario, but there must be a reason why this road rule came to be.

#5. Always carry your breathalyzer – France

Please don’t think French traffic officers will provide their own breathalyzers when checking for drunk drivers. That’s your job.

Carrying a personal breathalyzer at all times is a legal requirement for drivers in France. It’s considered as much a part of driving a car as having the right tires or filling up with the correct gas—neither of which you’d neglect to do in a hurry.

#6. No driving on Mondays for number plates ending in 1 or 2 – Philippines

 Perhaps the strangest international road rule is this one from Manila, Philippines. Driving on Mondays is illegal if your car registration number ends in a 1 or 2.

This law came about in an attempt to reduce traffic congestion on the busiest day of the week and prevent road accidents from occurring.

A Sign Of Different Cultures

Road signs and rules help guide you to safety and maintain order on the road. But different cultures have different ways of explaining and illustrating safety guidelines, which can make for some curious occurrences.

These twelve road signs and regulations have been hand-picked for their funny or bizarre nature. Next time you’re on the road in a foreign land, look for one or two of these attention-grabbing features.

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