20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The village of Oak Brook, in the regional axis of Illinois is one which breathes and breeds sophisticated culture, which is evident in the presence of quite a few numbers of theaters, most notably the First Folio Theatre, premiere Shakespeare Theatre and the Drury Lane Children’s Theatre.

Since it is a small village, of just about 7000 inhabitants residing therein, coming to spend your holidays right over here can be very peaceful and blissful since it is an area characterized by its quiet nature preserves and picturesque estates.

Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

There are quite some few numbers of friendly and accommodative places to be at in this village of Oak Brook, reason why it is considered one of few recommendable places to visit in Chicago as a whole with a vast number of amazing tourist attractions waiting to keep its visitors entertained.

So should you be planning a trip to Oak brook either for vacation or perhaps a business meeting, just be rest assured of the fact that your little state in this region is assuredly guaranteed to be a fun one.

Ranging from having a nice time with one of its few golf courses, all the way down to its incredible shopping in each one of its malls or retail outlets, not forgetting its refined entertainment options and nice places of rest, below have been outlined the fun places to visit and things to do in Oak brook.

1. Visit the Graue Mill & Museum

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Graue Mill which originally served as the state’s two operating water-powered grist mills in the Chicago area, has now been transformed into a museum house offering guided tours as it concerns a detailed view and insights as to how vital the mills were and the purpose it served to the area.

With just a mere admission fees of $2 and $ 4.50 for adults alike, visitors gets to be part of its guided tours of educational programs on milling, spinning, weaving and and living history presentations by the museum.

Its tour package gets even more fulfilling since it also affords you the opportunities to check out its various edifices of grinding area, farmer’s workshop, and Victorian parlor; not forgetting as well its artifacts of wooden gears, buckboards, and weaving equipment.

What do they offer

The Graue mill & museums do offer some unique items and collectables in its museum shop such as gifts, freshly ground cornmeal, homemade jams, and jellies.

Address: 3800 York Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

2. Settle for a bowl of Italian Cuisine at Antico Posto

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Antico Posto is perceived generally as a major place of interest for foreign visitors, since it happens to be one of few tourist destination of which they get to take a seat and quench their appetizing demands and desires of Italian meal and delicacies served alongside their favorite Italian classics.

Though its breakfast meal isn’t guaranteed, yet visitors should be rest assured of filling their belly up with its nice bowl of meal either for lunch or dinner, with mostly its dishes of homemade pasta, butternut squash ravioli, chicken limone, pesto-roasted salmon, and some other refined Italian dishes.

So looking for a cozy Italian cafe that comes with a wine bar serving Italian classics, well the Antico Posto restaurant should be that very place you book your reservations at.

What do they offer

The Antico Pos to restaurant do have on offer on its meal menu’s; chicken meatballs with arrabbiata, brick oven pizza, homemade gnocchi with mushroom, and baked eggplant parmesan, alongside their wide selection of wines and desserts like olive oil cake, panna cotta, tiramisu, or homemade gelato.

Address: 118 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

3. Explore the Mayslake Peabody Estate

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

Stopping by to explore the nature preserve of Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak brook is also something interesting worth trying out. An estate which once serve as a country home for Francis Stuyvesant Peabody, the famous wealthy American businessman, made up of a Tudor-style mansion, a chapel, and an expansive green space.

Here, visitors are everly welcomed to come explore its building edifice and amazing architectural structures, most specifically its Tudor style mayslake hall which preaches the legacy of Mayslake Peabody Estate.

As of today, its various halls and chapels do anchors art and nature-related classes, concerts, performances, and subsequently do hosts as well weddings, memorial services, as well as private ceremonies.

Why you should visit

Aside from taking a walk a stroll within its environs, it has also got some picturesque spots to take pictures of its tranquil scenery.

Address: 1717 31st St, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

4. Enjoy the game of Bowling and Bocce at Pinstripes

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Pinstripes sport arena of Oak Brook is one that brings an experience entirely different from the rest, one which do offers the blends of sports and entertainment just in a single day sitting since you get enjoy its Casual Italian-American delicacies while also feasting your sights on its exciting games of bowling.

It is an established fact that its bowling lanes and courts are well maintained and its restaurant having a comfortable seats, meaning you get to enjoy its lively experience of bowling and dining on the go.

At your own convenience, you could also choose to spice up this very experience by engaging and challenging either anyone of your family members, close relatives or friends to its game of bowling or bocce.

What do they offer

While enjoying the thrills that comes with the game of bowling, visitors are also at liberty to feast on its wood-fired pizza or homemade pasta served alongside a bottle of ice-cold beer, wine, or a handcrafted cocktail.

Address: 7 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

5. Visit the local environment of Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve is a nature education center in Oak brook targeted at providing guests with knowledge of its local environment, one which visitors do show up at as well to appreciate the beauty of its natural scenery and environs.

This very forest preserve offers the perfect escape routes from the hustle and bustle of the city, as you go on an excursion into the far end of the forest to be part of its ever lively attractions of hiking, biking, trail running, and horseback riding.

Finally, it has also got some educational programs anchored by its Expert naturalists, of which they both embark together on a field trip to explore indigenous and migrating wildlife, of mostly wildflowers, and tap maple trees.

Why you should visit.

Here, you get to enjoy its outdoor activities of Bird watching, Wildlife viewing, Biking, Cross-country skiing and more, thou you could also try out something less energetic by grabbing snacks while having a relaxing picnic.

Address: 3609 Spring Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

6. Explore the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art is a designated art gallery of oak brook putting on display, the exhibits of the best works of lapidary art as it concerns gemstones and earth science. This should be one of few places to visit as well since you get to feast your sights on its fascinating artwork of precious stones, jewelries and some other personal collection.

Being the only dominant museum promoting the art, culture, and history of prehistoric times, there is actually nothing to hate about this very place of attraction; rather, you can only keep loving it, with its vast collection of gemstones, hardstone carvings, cameos, and intricately carved jade art to support such claims.

Easy access to this museum house is fully granted so as long as you are able to meet up with the admission fee of $10 for all ages, a fee which is really worth it since you get to explore each one of its beautiful gemstones.

Why you should visitors

Visitors gets to explore its stunning 18K gold carving of a castle from its artworks of amethyst, malachite, azurite, and vanadium.

Address: 1220 Kensington Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

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7. Go shopping at the Oakbrook Center

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

Being present at this village space of Oak Brook, there’s no better place to go on a shopping spree and have a memorable shopping experience than the shopping mall of Oak Brook Center, the very second largest shopping center in the regional axis of Chicago.

The reason behind this isn’t far fetched as well since it is one of few malls in this very region offering the blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment; of which aside from shopping for items of personal interests, visitors can also catch a movie at any one of its theaters and movie house, or perhaps.enjoy a game of bowling or bocce.

The experience that comes with being present at this very shopping mall gets even spiced up with the presence of some fast-food outlets alongside some other casual restaurants to grab a bite of the tasteful delicacies they’ve got to offer

Why you should visit

This very shopping mall of oak center do houses hundreds of clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, specialty stores, and more; meaning there’s no running out of options of things to buy.

Address: 100 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

8. Enjoy the quiet space of York Woods Forest Preserve

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

York Woods Forest Preserve is yet another reserve of the suburb region of Oak Brook, dominated and surrounded by a whole lot of oak trees, paved trails, and picnic areas of which visitors can come relax at while enjoying the calmness and peacefulness of its environs.

Basically, it has got the perfect setting to catch a good rest and enjoy birdwatching of species such as red-bellied woodpeckers, owls, northern orioles, and more. with the presence of its centuries-old oak trees acting as a necessity for providing visitors with the ideal canopy to keep the heat of the sun in check.

Why you should visit

The York Woods Forest Preserve has also got some trails around the woods of which visitors can use in taking a stroll or perhaps go hiking.

9. Enjoy the Outdoor Activities Of Central Park

The central park of Oak brook though not a gymn or fitness house is an ideal location to engage with activities more energetic, one which more like has got to do with burning fat or keeping fit through its various outdoor sports and activities.

This very park also do serve as a sporting events center for the local residents on this region, one which has got a tennis courts, basketball courts, disc golf courses, ball fields, and volleyball courts to enjoy anyone of its games you desire.

Though a fun filled arena, one which does host birthday parties for kids as well and some other seasonal events, it has also got a carved out region dedicated to providing educational programs for all ages.

Why you should visit

Visitors gets to enjoy each one of its fun and thrilling adventures with local residents of mostly walking and taking a stroll, though one could also enjoy biking or perhaps rest under its picnics shelter with some light snacks.

Address: 1510 Forest Gate Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

10. Visit the ecological site of Dean Nature Sanctuary

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The natural preserve of Dean Nature Sanctuary is another place of interest in oak brook to be at, one which many consider an important recreational and ecological component in this region surrounded and dominated by the ecosystems of oak savannah, wetland, pond, and prairie habitats.

Aside from being one of the unique ecological sites of this very region, it is also the perfect spot to wind off and be distracted from the hussle and hectic schedules with its secluded and peaceful environs to take a break.

Why you should visit

Apart from exploring and experiencing its ecosystems of oak savannas, wetlands, ponds, and prairie habitats, visitors can also come over to see the. micro-apiary for bees.

Address: 115 Canterberry Ln, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

11. Get entertained at Drury Lane Theatre & Events

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Drury Lane Theatre & Events is the pinnacle and peak of all things entertainment in Chicago, one which do anchors and hosts affordable shows of its professional Broadway-style theater productions to keep local residents and visitors alike of Oak Brook entertained.

Right over here, visitors are at liberty to book their reservations of the best seats in the house as they get awed and stunned by the outstanding performance of music, comedy and dance; one which is to bring about a lasting and memorable experience.

Why you should visit

The Drury Lane Theatre & Events is an all-day destination forentertainment, though you could also enjoy its dining experience, and ecplore its art & culture.

Address: 100 Drury Ln, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, United States.

12. Be part of the crazy experience of Escape the Room Chicago

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Escape the Room Chicago games is one that appears and gets crazier as they come. Though it might appear wild, it is also something fun to try out in the company of friends, since its adventures revolves around teamwork in coming up with clues and ideas to solving each one of its puzzles.

Here’s how this adventure plays out, a hyper-realistic scenarios is designed by its team of professional puzzle designers, theme park engineers, and set designers of which visitors are tasked and challenged with coming up with an escape plan through solving a series of puzzles while racing against the clock.

Why you should visit

This escape room is premier live-action and entertainment company offering some crazy sort of adventures that might appear scarier atimes.

Address: 60 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

13. Taste the literal classics of First Folio Theatre

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The First Folio Theatre is one designed to offer top notch performances of literary classics to the suburbs of Oak brook, one which started out at first as an annual summer only to be transformed and reformed to a year-round season staged in the Event Hall of the Mayslake Peabody Estate; another place of interest aforementioned already.

So basically, for the best of outdoor Shakespeare productions during the summer, the first folio theatre is that very place you should be headed to, with its literal classics mostly targeted at developing opportunities for women in the theatre in years to come.

What do they offer

The First folio theatre do offer Summer outdoor Shakespeare of its three indoor performances annually alongside some sort of educational touring.

Address: 1717 31st St, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

14. Grab a bite of the tasteful pizzas of Gullivers Pizza & Pub

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Gullivers Pizza & pub is yet another fast food outlet of Oak brook, that do caters for the duspensation tasty homemade mostly as it concerns snacks and pie for that very dining pleasure visitors desire of; with its other services of door delivery, carry-out and catering services being rendered as well.

Their meal menus are mostly dominated by pan pizza off exactly the same recipe of fresh and high tasteful and flavorful ingredients it has been sticking with as far back as the year 1965 to produce the perfect crust for its delicious pizzas.

What do they offer

The Gullivers pizza & pub do Offer that very Casual hangout serving stuffed pies & bar food in a wood-lined tavern setting.

Address: 17W517 Roosevelt Rd, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, United States.


15. Enjoy the game of golf at the state of the art facility of Topgolf Naperville

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Topgolf Naperville is one of few state-of-the-art facility of Oak brook that revolves around the game of golf with some touch of entertainment, offering to both visitors and tourists alike that very unforgettable and memorable experience they desire and crave for.

Right over here, visitors gets to enjoy golfing of its giant outfield targets and our high-tech balls in its climate-controlled hitting bays made up of sports bar and restaurant, of which at subsequent times do also hosts corporate, team or social events of different form.

Why you should visit

This is a Sprawling entertainment venue of high-tech driving range & swanky lounge with drinks & games, an experience you will surely love.

Address: 3211 Odyssey Ct, Naperville, IL 60563, United States.

16. Enjoy the boat tours of Seadog Cruises

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Seadog Cruises boat tours is one for fun moments on water, unlike those of other typical boat cruise company, the seadog cruises brings something more to the table, most especially as it concerns its architectural cruises, speedboat tours and thrilling rides.

Basically, they do cater for all things water related adventures way above visitors expectations. One which do take the form of its family-friendly landmark tour intersecting between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan lakefront which visitors gets to catch the stunning and ever amazing views of the city’s edifices, architecture and landmarks.

In that same like manner, visitors can also patronize their services and book a reservation of its Holiday cruises, specifically for special events during the summer season.

What services do they render

The seadog cruises do offer Public day cruise tours and private charters with its Seadog’s fleet of over five vessels.

Address: Chicago, IL 60611, United States.

17. Visit the Botanical garden of the Morton Arboretum

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The beauty of The botanical garden of Morton Arboretum lies in the amazing and stunning views of its natural habitats made up of over 222,000 plant specimens from 4,500 plant species, making up its cataloged collections of trees and other living plants.

For the records, this isn’t like the other random botanical gardens you might have come to know about, but rather it is a public garden, that also houses an outdoor museum and library, with respect to herbarium and program in tree research.

Finally, it has also got a beautiful sight to behold, one which is testament in the fact that it has got some tree lights that do actually illuminate at night of which the garden gets lifted up in different colors.

Why you should visit

Here. you get to learn more about each one of its plants species and specimens on exhibit and the vital role they do play to the environment.

18. Have a Fun-Filled Day at The Forge Adventure Park & Ziplines

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The forge adventure park & ziplines is the most prominent recreational hub and center of the regional axis of  Oak brook, a place where visitors gets to engage in events and adventures energetic in nature with its vast number of outdoor activities

Just a mere 30-minute drive from Oak Brook itself, there are a whole list of activities that should suits everyone, more particularly its visitors who could choose to engage themselves competitive games like laser tag, axe throwing, and archery tag.

What other adventures holds. here

Visitors also do gets to engage themselves with some thrilling adventures with its programs, equipments and facilities of  zip lines, rope courses, bouldering areas, climbing towers and walls, and trails for hiking and mountain biking.

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19. Experience the wildlife of Brookfield Zoo

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Brookfield zoo originally known as the Chicago Zoological Park is another place of interest you should consider being at should you desire to get in close touch with the wildlife of this very region, one which has gathered popularity as well for its innovative indoor and outdoor exhibits.

With no fewer than 2,300 animals from around 450 species being housed at this very zoo, should you desire to have an experience of what wildlife is all about, you shouldn’t be having second thoughts considering showing up at the Brookfield zoo.

Oftentimes as well, right over at the Brookfield zoo, visitors do engage themselves as well with the fun activities of feeding penguins or throwing grains for the rainforest birds.

What’s so special about this zoo

The Brookfield zoo has got an indoor dolphin exhibit and rainforest simulation which serves as the cloned version of the animal habitat.

20. Take a Day Trip to the natural scene of Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

20 Fun Things To Do In Oak Brook

The Waterfall Glen Forest Reserve is another place of recommendation for a relaxing day while on your vacation at Oakbrook since you get to enjoy the calmness and peacefulness of its environs while beholding the beauty of its natural scenery of prairies, woodlands, and savannas.

The experience of being present at this nature scenes doesn’t just end at its stunning views as per say, but has also got the best hiking spots near Chicago, where visitors can settle for the adventures of hiking, biking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing.

Finally, you can also show up at its model-craft area designed for visitors to taste their model aircraft, and at subsequent times fly a kite.

Why you should visit

Visitors gets to explore its over 740 diverse plant species and animal species in its natural scene while also catching the stunning views from its savanna bluffs and waterfalls.


In conclusion, the village of Oak Brook though characterized by its corporate and industrial background, is also one which has got plenty to offer as it concerns attractions with plenty of parks and nature preserves where you can catch a good rest and appreciate the beauty of nature.

On the flip side, there are also some places of interests as well to go exploration at, with few of such very places being its museums and picturesque estates of which individuals can find out more about the village of Oak Brook and DuPage County as a whole.

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