9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

extraordinary guest experience

Are you looking for the best ways to create an extraordinary guest experience? Then you are on the right page! We all see properties or hotels that look stunningly beautiful in the photos but have poor ratings and low occupancy. Poor guest experience can be the potential answer.

Without realizing the importance of guest experience, some vacation rental hosts list their properties online and scare the guests away with poor hospitality supplies. A positive guest experience is crucial if you want to play long-term in the vacation rental industry.

This article discusses the best tips for creating an unforgettable guest experience for your guests with essential vacation rental supplies. 

What Is A Vacation Rental Guest’s Experience?

A guest experience is the interaction of vacation rental home service with the guests that leaves a lasting impression on them during their stay.

A positive guest experience can result in star ratings, customer references, and an increase in occupancy. As the number of vacation rental homes increases globally, the competition gets so tough that the rental home has to provide an extraordinary guest experience to sustain the business for the long term.

Thus, the importance of guest experience has become more significant than ever. As a host, your service should make your guests happy and valued for the money they spend. Otherwise, they may look for other accommodation options for their next vacation.  

Tips for Creating A Unique Guest Experience 

The guest experience starts when they reserve your vacation rental home until or beyond checking out. So, make sure every interaction of yours meets or exceeds their expectations. First, order and stock up on sufficient vacation rental supplies.

Though you can manually buy them from multiple vendors, a single retailer can get you all the essential hospitality supplies at relatively lower prices. Here are some of the tips for your to follow:    

1. Think Like Your Guests.

Before you order vacation home supplies, one of the best ways to create a good guest experience is to place yourself in your guest’s shoes.

It gives a brief idea of what a guest wants and how he wants to be served. Understanding your guests and their journey will help you stay on the same page as them.

You can provide everything they might look for and thus surprise them with an awesome short-term rental service. 

2. Get In Touch With Your Guest Before Arrival

Each vacation rental home has a different arrival time, check-in procedures, and housekeeping standards. When the guests opt for a vacation rental home, they must deal with many details.

How stressful would it be when they are asked to fill out several forms after having a day-long tiring journey? It is the last thing any guest wants to start their vacation with. 

Contacting your guests even before they arrive and frequently monitoring their whereabouts can help them have a stress-free journey. It has a significant effect on the guest experience. While traveling, your guests are likely to encounter many uncertainties.

It’s always a good idea to tell as much information as possible when you contact them for confirmation after a reservation. Make the check-in process easy and smooth.

The last thing they want after spending a long tiring day traveling is asking them to sign several documents and listen to your instructions. 

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3. Provide A Warm Welcome

9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

After a long day of travel, what if someone welcomes you with lots of love & compassion? It feels like a home, right? As a guest host, this is the best time to create a positive first impression of guests on your property.

You can welcome them with an assisted property tour, a welcome letter, or any little gift to help them ease their stay.   

4. They Expect A Clean And Calm House

9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

The hotel guest experience is more than clean floors and shining bathrooms. Ensure your bedroom has fresh bed sheets, clean towels, and linens in the bathroom, along with mats and hand towels.

Airbnb cleaning supplies checklist covers all the cleaning essentials you’ll ever need to offer a clean and comfortable accommodation. The Airbnb laundry essentials will help you offer all the amenities for your guests.         

5. Keep Your Kitchen Ready

9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

Food is the first thing that makes your guests happy. While some vacation rental homes provide food service for their guests, it is not the ideal solution for everyone. Some guests may prefer self-cooking for their families during their stay.

To create an extraordinary experience for your guests, ensure your kitchen is fully stocked with the essentials. Appliances like a fridge, microwave oven, toaster, and coffee maker are what any guest expects in a vacation stay.

The Airbnb kitchen essentials include tableware items like cutlery, cups, bowls, mugs, cookware items such as knives, can openers, cutting boards, etc., and oils, trash cans, spices, etc. Keep your vacation rental kitchen checklist handy and save yourself from chasing things at the last minute.

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6. Be Flexible With Them

9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

What makes vacation rental homes chosen over hotels? The answer lies in the flexibility. While most hotels are strict with the cancellation policy, arrival and check-out times, changing bookings, etc., short-term rentals offer more flexibility over these facilities.

If your guest expresses any issue with booking, try to assist them in simplifying the booking procedure. Remember that little things can have a strong impact on building better relationships with your customers. Know their requirements and keep your vacation home supplies ready in times of need.   

7. Respond Quickly To The Guest’s Queries or Concerns

They may have doubts before checking in or face issues during their stay. The worst thing any guest can experience is feeling neglected or unattended.

To avoid this, ensure you quickly respond to your guest’s concern through the available channels be it an email, phone call, or text message.

Even if you cannot address their concerns immediately, letting them know you are working on their issues can make your guests feel important and heard. 

8. Offer Extra If You Can

People reserve vacation rental homes for a reason. They are looking for an experience that is comfortable, unique, and memorable.

Once they have settled in at your rental home, provide them with information about the area, from scenic hotspots to the best food places in the vicinity. It helps them create the best experiences in the place.

The recommendations may be simple, but they add immense value to the guests. If you have any recipe cards, offer them to your guests, and let them recreate the best dishes of the place using Airbnb pantry essentials.   

9. Ask For Feedback

9 Tips to Create Extraordinary Guest Experience

The last and most important thing in your guest experience offering is to ask for feedback. Learn about their experience at your rental home, what items they have enjoyed, and what you can improve.

Taking criticism and working on it is the fastest way to improve and grow your vacation rental business. If there is any concern about vacation rental supplies, contact your vendor or sign up with a vacation rental service agency like Inhaven.     


Let your guests create unforgettable memories at your vacation rental home. A great guest experience will attract repeat visits and references from old customers such that your business becomes a money-making machine in just a few years.

As a host, invest enough time and money into improving the guest experience and implementing customer feedback. Don’t know where to start? Let our Inhaven guide you.

They offer A-Z vacation rental supplies for hosts to create an awesome guest experience for their customers. When you renovate your entire home or single room, like a kitchen or a bedroom, using Inhaven, you will earn an assurance badge revealing that your home is equipped with the latest amenities.

It adds great credibility to your business and thus increases your bookings. Visit Inhaven and start building a quality vacation rental business today!  

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