Top 6 US States Every Tourist Should Visit

US States Every Tourist Should Visit

The US is the third most-visited country in the world, and for a reason. It has 50 states, each of which offers its own attractions. California, New York, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Kansas, and other states all have something for everyone.

As a tourist, the ideal vacation spot will be one with interesting activities, sights, and experiences you just might not get anywhere else. Considering this, we have compiled a list of the best US states to visit on your next vacation.

6 States You Should Visit in the US


Top 6 US States Every Tourist Should Visit

Florida’s stunning beaches with long coastlines on both east and west sides and its massive theme parks in Orlando are all that’s needed to prove why it ranks so high on America’s list of famous vacation spots.  

With so many beaches, selecting one that’s perfect for you might be a difficult task. All you need is to remember that beaches in the north are often a little bit colder, even in the middle of April. For a year-round experience of warm weather, plenty of nightlife, great food, and many cultural and artistic offerings, Miami is your best bet. If you want something more tropical, continue south to the Florida Keys. 


Top 6 US States Every Tourist Should Visit

California is home to Los Angeles, one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. Unlike New York, because it’s bigger, there is so much more for visitors to enjoy beyond city life.

If you like wine, you should explore California’s wine country. A scenic drive up the Pacific coast or exploring the dense forests of northern California, home to some of the world’s tallest trees, is also a wonderful idea. And, of course, you should check out the famous cities of San Francisco, San Diego, and Calabasas while you’re at it.


Top 6 US States Every Tourist Should Visit

This is a have-it-all state, the country’s second-largest state, larger than many nations. The Lone Star state should definitely be on your list of places to visit with its sandy beaches, deserts, vineyards, wetlands, and forests.

Travelers from other places can easily access the state through the Dallas and Houston major airports. From these airports, check out the state’s amazing metropolitan side before going on a road trip. And get ready to experience its unique blend of history, culture, and cuisine as you travel between popular cities like San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.


Colorado is the perfect place for outdoor activities all year round. Talk about a multi-day trek into the woods or simply a relaxing stroll in nature. There are plenty of hiking alternatives throughout the summer to suit the needs and skill levels of adventurers and nature lovers.

If all these do not interest you, Denver is just the perfect destination for exciting indoor activities, visiting museums, restaurants, and big sports teams. But for snow sports enthusiasts, many ski resorts and areas are scattered across the mountain range, making the wintertime a perfect bliss.


Not so popular as a tourist location because of its immense wildness and relative isolation but is unlike any other place on earth.

Alaska borders Canada and Russia and is geographically isolated from the rest of the US, so one must prepare for unpredictable weather, harsh landscapes, potentially harmful animals, and majestic mountains.

It is a popular destination with breathtaking landscapes for luxury cruises at one of its many five-star resorts. No matter the time of the year, even in the dead of winter, you will be included if you like to travel in style.


Naturally located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii boasts stunning natural scenery with its rugged coastlines, verdant rainforests, and perfect beaches. 

This archipelago of islands, physically separated from the United States by thousands of miles over land and ocean, attracts international travelers from all over the world.

Hawaii is perfect for everyone: jetsetters in search of five-star hotels and spas, foodies in search of authentic regional flavors, sunbathers in need of a ray, and thrill seekers in search of an adrenaline rush.

Tips for Visiting These States

Get Your Travel Documents and Visa

Tourists planning to visit the United States should familiarize themselves with the entry and Visa procedures. 

A maximum of 41 nations’ citizens are eligible to enter the United States visa-free for stays of up to 90 days per year through the US Visa Waiver Program, more commonly known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). 

Check Your Passport Validity Before Traveling 

You will not be allowed into the United States if your passport is about to expire within the next six months. You must make sure this criterion does not stop you from enjoying your desired visit.

For all your journeys, your passport must be valid throughout.

Plan Accordingly

Before you decide what states you’ll visit, check for how long you can stay. How many days, weeks, or months will you be available for a vacation?

For short stays, you should limit yourself to a single city or a number of neighboring cities such as Boston, Washington DC, or New York. If you’re planning to stay for a while, then it’s a good idea to tour as many states as possible.

Beware of Scams

Scams in the US are not unheard of, with millions of Americans losing money to fraudsters every year. Even locals can’t tell scams from genuine offers, so imagine how easy it is for some con artists to defraud tourists.

Among the most popular threats are credit card skimming, fake beggars, taxi scams, ATM scams, fake cops, and even smishing over the phone. 

To protect yourself, it’s important to know who you’re interacting with. If someone sends you a suspicious message, for example, reverse search the number on Nuwber to know who it could be. Or if someone tries to distract you in a public place, carefully secure your belongings. In general, you can never be too careful. 


These top 6 states are the reason the United States of America has a unique history. The astonishing nature of Alaska, California’s jaw-dropping landscapes, Florida’s warm beaches, and many more entertaining sights in different states provide an unforgettable experience for every tourist. 

No matter your interests, you can find anything your heart desires and explore the finest of America. 

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