Why You Need to Use a CBD Roll-On for Pain 

CBD Roll-On for Pain

The cannabis market claims to be saturated with an abundance of products supposedly catering to the ever-increasing consumer demand.

Today, you can access a wide array of products in the market. Apart from edibles, oils, and balms, CBD roll-ons are now among the most preferred self-care products promoting wellness. 

Many cannabis brands sell CBD roll-ons for pain, carefully blended with essential oils to give users the best results. But what do you know about CBD roll ons

This article provides valuable insights about CBD roll-ons and why you should include them in your self-care routine. 

What Is a CBD Roll-On?

Why You Need to Use a CBD Roll-On for Pain 

CBD roll-ons are products designed with a rollerball on the container’s neck to allow the user to apply the fluid contents easily and economically.

The roll-on is conveniently packaged with CBD oil blended with essential oils to produce effective results. Some of these roll-ons are made with full-spectrum CBD to give users an entourage effect, while others offer pain relief and relaxing effects with minimal THC content.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the major compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is derived from the hemp variant of cannabis and has many healing properties.

Unlike THC, the psychoactive element in weed, CBD doesn’t deliver intoxicating effects to users. Several studies reveal that CBD has potential health benefits that can help treat chronic ailments and manage pain-related conditions. It is also a great remedy for reducing inflammatory reactions in the human body.

You can apply a CBD roll-on directly on your skin since it is designed for topical use. Roll the ball onto your skin, and the CBD will conveniently flow in small, economical amounts.

Keep in mind that these roll-ons are for external use only, and you can’t consume the product orally or by inhaling the substance. Unlike other CBD topicals, this product is used in targeted areas with pain and is not meant for random applications. 

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How Do CBD Roll-Ons Work? 

Like any other regular roll-on, these products are packaged in cream or gel form in portable containers. You can easily apply the liquid on specific areas since the ball rolls on the skin seamlessly, leaving CBD traces. 

After application, the skin absorbs the CBD gel, and interaction with the ECS – your endocannabinoid system – occurs.

This system in the human body contains receptors that send signals to the brain, causing specific reactions. It regulates functions in the body like mood shifts, sleep patterns, appetite, pain response, and immune function.

Therefore, when your skin gets in contact with the CBD compound, the ECS delivers the desired signals to the brain within minutes. In this case, you will get immediate relief from pain and discomfort. 

However, the results depend on the type of cannabidiol oil used in the roll-on. These include:

  • Full-spectrum. Roll-ons made from full-spectrum contain all the beneficial cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. The main compound is CBD, while others include CBN, CBG, natural terpenes, organic oils, and minimal THC (under 0.3%), the psychoactive element. So, a full-spectrum roll-on releases optimal hemp properties into the skin, giving users the entourage effect with relaxing feelings.
  • Broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD roll-ons contain all the valuable constituents derived from hemp except THC. As mentioned earlier, THC is the element that causes the high feeling. Thus, you will enjoy balanced effects without getting intoxicated. With this roll-on, you will still feel the entourage effect and wholesome benefits from the other essential cannabinoids. 
  • Isolate. Roll-ons with CBD isolate contain CBD in its purest form. It is produced with only organic cannabidiol without other cannabinoids. Thus, this roll-on will give you the full spectrum of CBD benefits without interacting with other hemp components. This roll-on is the best option if you are not looking for the THC effects. 

Therefore, understanding the contents of the CBD roll-on you want to purchase is imperative. You will make the right decision depending on your CBD needs and preference.

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Types of CBD Roll-Ons Based on Purpose

CBD roll-ons deliver relaxing effects to users and may be used to manage pain and treat certain skin conditions.

CBD has potent painkilling properties, and when it is combined with essential oils, you will enjoy well-nourished skin and general body wellness. Besides relieving aches and pains, CBD roll-ons are made for different purposes. 

Let us explore the types of CBD roll-ons available in the market: 

#1. CBD Roll-On for Pain 

You can use this roll-on to get immediate relief if you have muscle aches or joint pains. Apply the gel directly on the painful area, and you will experience soothing effects. 

#2. CBD Roll-On for Anxiety

CBD alleviates stress levels and treats anxiety disorders. When feeling stressed, you can use this roll-on to calm your nerves and restore balance in your body. 

#3. CBD Roll-On for Skin Recovery             

You can access this product to treat your damaged skin or muscles. The analgesic properties in CBD will trigger recovery after a few applications. It also reduces inflammation and restores your physical performance.

How to Use CBD Roll-Ons

Why You Need to Use a CBD Roll-On for Pain 

If you are a beginner and wondering how to use a CBD roll-on, don’t panic. It is simple, and within minutes of application, you will start feeling the effects.

Below are a few steps you can follow to use your CBD-infused roll-on effectively to reap the maximum benefits:

  1. The first step entails cleaning the target area of the application. Dry the skin to allow the CBD to be absorbed properly. 
  2. Apply the roll-on by holding the applicator directly onto the pain-affected area on your skin. Remember that this product is only applied to specific areas. Roll the applicator carefully to cover the affected area in a circular motion.
  3. After application, you can massage your skin where you have applied the CBD gel. Use your fingers gently to allow the CBD to get absorbed fully.
  4. You can use the roll-on once or twice as directed by your health expert or depending on the intensity of your pain. It is imperative to read the packaging label and understand the instructions. Follow the recommended dosage and store the roll-on as advised to preserve the potency.

Since people react differently to CBD, ensure you monitor your usage to detect adverse effects. It is advisable to conduct a patch test first on a small area to check the reactions. You can stop applying the product if you experience negative results. 

Tips to Consider When Choosing CBD Roll-Ons 

Today, you can find various CBD products in the market. But how do you find the right product to purchase?

It is easy to become a victim of cannabis scammers posing as legit vendors but selling substandard products. Whether you prefer an online or physical store, you must be keen when purchasing CBD roll-ons.

Here are a few pointers to consider to help you make an informed choice:

Reputable Brands

When scouting for a cannabis store to purchase your CBD roll-on, do your due diligence and go for licensed, reliable brands. Check if the company has an address, available contacts, and a business license and is ready to answer your questions. Always buy from legit vendors to get quality CBD products.

Customer Reviews 

Look for client reviews and testimonials online to get the real image of the brand. Numerous positive reviews mean you can trust the vendor. But if you find complaints and negative reviews, you should stay away and look for another vendor.

Product Potency 

Check the ingredients to know the potency of your selected product. The package information will display the CBD and THC concentration in the roll-on. This way, you can easily identify the type of roll-on to buy.


Besides providing pain relief, CBD roll-ons have numerous health benefits for your body. It is a convenient and simple product that promotes general wellness.

Thus, CBD roll-ons are a great remedy for relieving pain and aches while relaxing your nerves. Yet, to derive maximum benefit from this CBD product, ensure you choose a quality roll-on with the right CBD dosage to prevent excessive or suboptimal use.

Apply your roll-on as instructed and wait to experience the potent effects and soothing aromatic flavors from the essential oils.

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