7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

best Hikes and Trails to do near Toronto

Looking for the best Hikes and Trails to do near Toronto? Then you are on the right page! The large number of parks and trails scattered all over its urban landscape is one of the several reasons that make Toronto unique.

You don’t have any dearth of choices as you can explore more than a thousand parks. You may not understand which parks to start with.

There are a couple of luxurious options such as experiencing a glamping site, for which you’d have to reach a camping site and stay in a glamorous tent.

Glamping trips are a bit expensive, however, you can visit such luxurious destinations after winning a jackpot. High-end tours in tropical locations, such as Bora Bora and Galapagos Islands, provide premium hiking and camping options, which allow you to relax and stay active throughout your luxury stay.

Now that springtime is in full effect, it is the best time to start discovering the natural elements of Toronto. Apart from a number of things to do in Toronto, you should try hiking and trekking.

Best Hikes and Trails to do near Toronto

#1. Glen Stewart Ravine

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

Situated at Glen Manor Drive & Stewart Avenue in Toronto’s east end, The Glen Stewart Ravine is the ideal spot to discover the natural beauty of the city. The forest of this Environmentally Significant Area is kept in order and preserved.

Glen Stewart Ravine is a hit among birdwatchers because it is home to a variety of regionally uncommon birds. You can complete the trail in about twenty minutes and soak in several landscapes while you’re at it, such as a large elevated boardwalk and some dirt paths.

#2. Edwards Gardens

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

Edwards Gardens is located directly adjacent to the Toronto Botanical Gardens and is also the northernmost park in a series of interconnected multi-use trails. This wonderful park is a peaceful area in the middle of the urban chaos of the city landscape.

You have many spots to discover, some of which have long stretches of well-groomed gardens, water features, and wildflowers. Before it was opened as a prominent spot of Toronto’s public landscape in 1955, the location was a private estate of Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alexander Milne.

The best part about Edwards Gardens is that they are only a 5-minute drive away from 46 Foxden Road & 110 Cottonwood Drive!

#3. Ontario Place Trillium Park

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

Trillium Park is an extensive greenspace of the newly refurbished waterfront on the site where once the waterpark Ontario Place stood.

One of its main attractions is the 1.5 kilometer-long trail named after the former premier of Ontario Bill Davis, William G. Davis Trail. He was the one who was in charge of the province when the park was originally inaugurated in 1971.

The creative architectural design features blended into the natural landscape and the captivating city views at the southernmost point of the park will leave you stunned.

Just in case you are looking for more space to run or ride your bike, there’s nothing to worry about: the trail is linked to both the Martin Goodman Trail and the Pan Am/Parapan Am Trails which have an astonishing trail space of 2000 kilometers!

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#4. Beltline Trail

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

The Kay Gardner Beltline Park and Trail is a unique attraction in downtown Toronto, encompassing over thirty distinct bike trails that trace the historical remnants of a former railway track.

According to NOW Toronto, this nine-kilometer trail offers an ideal opportunity for both avid walkers and those less inclined to physical activity to enjoy a car-free and socially-distanced stroll.

Situated just minutes away from various O’Shanter buildings in the Deer and Moore Park area, such as 425 Avenue Road, 42 Glen Elm, Brentwood Towers, and Deer Park Crossing, the trail provides convenient access to residents.

As mentioned by blogTO, the trail entrances are easily identifiable with vibrant tunnels, inviting visitors to capture the breathtaking blend of urban scenery and natural greenery with their cameras.

#5. Don River Valley Park

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

The Don River Valley is a hidden treasure for outdoor enthusiasts in Toronto. The hiking and mountain biking trails found in the Don Valley are among the most thrilling in Central Ontario, and surprisingly, they are located right under the noses of many unknowing locals.

It’s remarkable to discover that a natural oasis spanning a magnificent 200 hectares is nestled beside the bustling Don Valley Parking Lot.

Stretching from Pottery Road to Corktown Common, the Don Valley traces the path of the Don River, offering a splendid expanse of green space that truly stands out as one of Toronto’s finest assets.

In terms of hiking trails in Toronto, the Don Valley trails are easily accessible, well-marked, and provide a captivating display of diverse plant and animal life.

#6. Scarborough Bluffs Park

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

The Scarborough Bluffs are renowned for their hiking trails in Toronto. These majestic cliffs rise above the magnificent blue waters of Lake Ontario, reminding you of the breathtaking Big Sur in California.

Surprisingly, this location on the outskirts of the city feels like a world apart from Toronto itself. In fact, venturing on a hike at the Scarborough Bluffs provides one of the finest opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city’s noise and crowds.

Situated in Bluffers Park, near the intersection of Brimley Rd., this Toronto hiking trail allows you to explore the vicinity of the Scarborough Bluffs and immerse yourself in their stunning vistas.

However, it is important to note that attempting to climb the bluffs is not only highly perilous but also strictly prohibited. You may have to pay substantial fines if you’re caught in the act.

#7. Leslie Street Spit Trail

7 Best Hikes and Trails to Do Near Toronto

The Leslie Street Spit Trail, spanning 11 kilometers in length, is often overlooked by hiking enthusiasts in Toronto. Commencing at the intersection of Leslie St. and Unwin Ave., this trail goes through the captivating ambience of the picturesque Tommy Thompson Park.

This remarkable hiking route in Toronto offers one of the best vantage points to behold the city skyline. Additionally, the transformation of its industrial origins as a former construction dumping ground into an urban park is a heartwarming testament to its revitalization.

Unfortunately, the Leslie Street Spit Trail does not permit dogs, necessitating their absence during your hike. However, it serves as a haven for birds and various urban wildlife, making it an ideal opportunity to bring along a pair of binoculars for a closer look.

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